12 July 2010

Fashion Euphoria and my little grey dress!

Below are just a small teeny weeny part of the fun and nonsensical pictures i took with CC1, CC2, Gem and Emmy (Whom i really prefer to refer to as, NiaoNiao) at the HTC Wildfire launch at Zirca.

Me, Niao2, Gem, Carrie
My grey dress is from Euphoria!
Totally love how comfy it is and the way it drapes over my body.
Like not wearing anything! Lol.

Act drunk.

Carmen says this picture she took got Sex in the City feel.
But i say Sex in the City, the girls don't carry recycled bag like i do.

Getting my HTC Wildfire in Euphoria's dress. LOL.
Totally cool right?! But at least my heels are mine.
But they are broken after servicing me for 1.5 years. That's the life for a $5.90 heels.

I don't know, people there seeing my 'artwork' on the screen sure think,
"How old is this woman man? Looks adult but why her work so primary school one?!"

Me, CC2, Niao2, CC1, Gem

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