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So the number three Milly girl went to do her nails! Lol. That's me! Am i right? Am i number three Milly girl? One is Esther, two is Nadnut. Anymore you guys know of before me??

Crystal is number four and Silver number five! =DDD

 These and more.. Like A LOT more.
There's a good reason why DIY is fun but shops like Milly's can earn it big servicing others.

I went to the Bugis outlet and the do-up is so sweet!!!

I feel like a princess already ^.^

Very excited and start to look like a anxious chihuahua.

Greed will always take me over when i look at pictures like that.
WHY CAN'T I HAVE 300 fingers to have ALL the designs at one go!

Okay lah, 我認命 to only have 10 fingers! HAHA.
My SUPER COMFY TOP is from DirtyBling!!!

Remember Gina??? Click here to see how different she looked in Jan this year!
She cut her hair! Still super chio!
But i'm kinda insecure becox all the girls at Milly taking care of you, has small face =(((
Don't believe later you see okay!

I totally enjoy letting Gina touch my hands and zhng my nails.
*pervert grin* LOL!!!

And at the same time, i got my toe nails taken care of =D

I feel like a dowager okay.
Super taken care of and so many people to talk to! Never bored!

Tina made my feet look so much better!
I can't even show you a before picture of my feet!
You'd think why i get my Ah Ma involved in the write up.

Ready or not here we go!

I feel so much more chio already!!!

And i can handle anything with my chio pair of hands!!! HAHA.
People will like me more.

I have cashiers / receptionists / sales girls telling me my nails are very nice and ask where i did them. Now this looks like a set of nails that will bring me to a bright future, with the fame that comes along as "Lady Jing-Ga" Jing-Ga means nails in Hokkien lah. Haha..

Anyway, this also looks like a set of nails that will type its way to two fold viewers. Then two more folds, then two more folds. HAHAHA.

I believe in Angels~ When the time is right~ I'd cross the stream~

Err.. Okay. The next time i go back to Milly's i wanna STILL do a pink one!
But only ribbons and glitters! =DDD

Hope to bump into you guys there!


linjie said...

Very pretty nails!

ice-angel said...

From what I know, still got Fidelis and Jessica! Don't know if Peggy, Miyake and Celestina are still in, cos I very long never see them blog about it already.. So, you are number 5 or 6 or 7 or 8!! Heh. Big family!!

韋雅萍志 said...


Qiuting said...

linjie thanks! Go do yours at Milly's =D

Esther! I dont mind being top 10! Lol.. Maybe the next time we could all flood Milly's outlet together and CAMWHORE!!!

ice-angel said...

I usually go bugis outlet! Maybe can catch you there some time :D