05 September 2010

Budget Barbie Ep3 - Bugis Street!

I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME SHOPPING THERE!!! Becox Bugis Village is like a a collage of CHEAP. Lol.

You guys can watch the video at www.clicknetwork.tv

Super a lot of people say my curled hair vair nice! =D Thanks to Juno and Artica! I went to tong my hair before filming! But now i bought a Watson hair curler already. So if the next ep i look ugly in curls, at least you know why. Lol.

It's like right, people praise the hair, but nobody praise me for putting on liquid eyeliner and fake eyelash for filming this time! Genevieve advised me to do so! Say will look more awake and sharper. Haha! I LEARN HOW TO PUT ON LIQUID EYELINER JUST FOR YOU ALL! Be thankful!!! Lol.

So here's what i love most about this Ep.. At the end when i put on five items..
This is how i look.

Very much like my sister..

Song Hye Gyo


I think i'd do the side sweep pony next ep.
HAHA! Chiooooooo.

My ex boyfriend. Mr Hor (rain).

Okay okay! Bye!



Unknown said...

QiuQiu, I laughed so hard when I read this post!!

QiuQiu said...

Thank you! I will! ^.^ Jiayou~

Anonymous said...

sorry but you don't look like song hye gyo at all...!

yotanyaA said...

i find this very funny too...keep dreaming girl :)