27 September 2010

Citi Mobile - Now it's your chance to win over Time, and a trip!

You’ve seen how we had fun taking pictures with Citi Mobile in our hands, to everwhere! See it again here! Now you can do it too!

But for those who doesn't wanna go through what i did, minus the running, the competition, the getting wet, the finding angle and being creative, you can STILL win a trip to Hong Kong!

Simply Join Citbank Singapore in Facebook now and you might stand a chance to win the weekly air tickets giveaway to Hong Kong!

All you need to do is to just to be a fan of Singapore Citibank in Facebook!

To find out if you have win after becoming a fan, you need to take note of these dates!

Draw 1: 24 September 2010
Draw 2: 1 October 2010
Draw 3: 8 October 2010
Draw 4: 15 October 2010
Draw 5: 22 October 2010
Draw 6: 29 October 2010
Draw 7: 8 November 2010
One of these dates, could be your lucky day! ^.^

If you're not gonna be satisfied with just Hong Kong, and you wanna stand a chance to win a trip to ANYWHERE in the world! Here's for you! But you gotta be creative! Refer back to our video again and take something out of the box with Citi Mobile in the picture! But STILL join as a fan and don't forsake the chance to win a trip to Hong Kong hor!

 1. Submit photo title/ caption and description. 

2. Choose photo and upload.

 3a. Proceed to Citibank to submit details

 3b. Click on "Submit" to proceed.

4. Enter particulars and submit to complete registration. 

THING HERE IS!!! Even if you don't win a trip!
There are still VERY attractive prizes up for grabs!

 Of course you wanna bio the trip to anywhere in the world,
but you know, i'd be happy wity any of these!

Don’t forget to be a fan of Singapore Citibank in Facebook and stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong weekly!


Apple_1a3rawks said...

Hi qiuqiu, I tried to go to the link you given in this post, but it only bring me to facebook home website. How? Thanks.

Qiuting said...

Hello Apple, the link works fine for me. Maybe you should try to sign in with your fb account first. Then click on the link. Or simple search for Singapore Citibank on facebook =)

Qiuyue said...

Haha. You put draw date: dd/mm/yy
Like Toto/4D draw date.
Hey, c'mon am just kidding. =D

Jade said...

Hey! i wanted to tell you because it's damn loser. Miss Maxim posted pictures on her blog from 'this year's F1' and the cars are from last year's f1. So retarded. hehe