13 September 2010

I got good friendssss! I got!!!

The other day i was looking at Gillian's sms and i remember she's asked "Is she your good friend?" like four times on four different girls i told her about! Lol. I don't know if it means anything (anything like.. I doubt you got good friends.. So i'm just asking..) or it's just her random question. BUT!!! I feel very questionable about myself when asked this. Lol!

It's like Yong Ming is my best buddy ever ever ever, but he always say i got no good friends (fuck you Yong Ming, you were fat, LOL) becox i like to joke about EVERY single one of my good friends. I joked about my girl friend waking up to realise her pants is on the floor (meaning she got raped) becox she ALWAYS fall asleep randomly at random places. I know them for years and we're buddies so it's fine.

But i went KTV with Genevieve few days ago and i told her "You're lucky you're still alive. Your neighbours never kill you for singing so loud one meh?" but i only met Genevieve like three times and only knew her recently. I think this is a way of showing that i am comfortable with her but what if she's some petty girl who gets offended like super easily? I mean look at the people who got offended with the fat post.


I am NOT going to apologise for the mean, fat people who got offended, becox YES, I WAS TALKING ABOUT THEM. And it's nothing wrong to talk about them if they are somewhat like i wrote. If they are like that, they are like that. Why can't i put it in words for them to mirror themselves? Ooooh.. IN YOUR FACE is offending? Then maybe you can zoom-out on my post okay? I hope it helps. If you're using Mac, you just have to press "command" and the minus sign. It'd make the fonts smaller. You are fat.

Also not going to apologise to the skinny / not fat people who got offended becox i wasn't talking about them.

And to the fat and nice people, sorry if you missed out several disclaimer i made in that post, that it's okay if you're fat and nice at heart. But maybe you should read carefully next time before asking me to rethink my life, thank you.

I am very nice most of the time but i just met too many mean, shameless and fat girls in my life that i have this opinion about them. I swear i almost cried when this ultra fat indian girl playing GK, force-hug me from the back during a netball match and refuse to let me go. She totally just wrap her arms around me like WRESTLING, and my legs were kicking in the air. Yeah imagine that, never a GS goes down like that in history. I was so totally filled with embarrassment, disgust, anger, hatred and helplessness i wish she will explode. But their coach was the referee. So LL..


And then all the same, the way my good friends show love for me if super weird. They buy me shampoo, shower gel, bath towel and sanitizer for my birthday. They have this thinking that i am dirty becox many many many times i dig my nose (like really dig, not pick) and don't wash my hands after digging and then i'd forget about it, and i'd touch them, or just pick up my food with my hands and eat it. So for all these minor things, they think i am dirty. They don't allow me to touch them or their things sometimes.

And they say i am full of germs and refuse to meet me when they are sick becox they think i am a ball of germs and bacteria.

Also, they will insist that my hair / head doesn't go near them. And they'd never touch my hair unless a crucial situation calls for it.

When they have nothing to come back with, they'd just say

"Don't look at me when you talk, your rotting forehead is pissing me off"


Plus they joke about me having CCB. Which...... I don't know.. It can be quite sensitive for me sometimes? LOLOL! You don't joke about a thing that still hurts me! Lol!!!

Might seem like i am complaining about my friends but no..
This is the way they love me (yes? LOL) and i'm okay with it!

So i don't know how i proved my point, BUT TRUTH IS, I GOT GOOD FRIENDS =D

And then good friends do stupid things with you. And i didn't photoshop myself. It's meant to look silly anyway, a smaller nose won't help. Haha!

Two normal girls get together. Can also be..

Very stupid. Lol.

I ask Gem why she look so MAN here. Lol.

And then i try to look man. Hehe.

Gem play me out!

LOL!!! She looks like shit this time! But i look good~

We're quits but Gem choose to still look like shit. LOL!!!

I got good friends.
I got good friends.
I got good friends.



GenevieveWijaya said...

HAHAHAHA. But in actual fact, I really was shouting at the top of my voice what!!! WAHAHAHHA!! Throat was a lil sore day after.

I believe my neighbours can hear me pretty clearly (esp when I go badly outta tune).


Anonymous said...

I have not I got.....