03 September 2010

Photoshop can only help you this much.

Okay so a few ask if i could do a tutorial sorta post about how i photoshop my pictures. Actually right, i don't look THAT bad. Just.. I just look VERY SUPER FLAWED and a little bit dirty becox of my pimples, ance, blackheads, whiteheads, scabs from pimples that burst, pus oozing out from pimples that just burst. Other than that, i have flawless skin.

LOLOL. Plus, i am super good at comforting myself so.. Yeah.. I can do without photoshop.. Err.. YES I CAN. Shut up!

I'm can't tell you about the technical part, becox it's so difficult to type them down, i'd just try my best on that. But the idea of it is to show you my steps.

So here's Seven Steps to cheating the whole world and lying to yourself.

Self-denial is going to rule the world. Nobody will buy books like the Dalai Lama's or
"Know Your True Self" or
"Find the Soul in you" or
"10 keys to Self-Improvement"

Screw 10 keys, i give you 7 steps to lifelong perfection (online).


So here you have.. Me untouched. My 3 year old Canon IXUS60 not bad hor?
Step 1: Crop and resize your picture.

This picture is not cropped, but it's resized to 2.6" at 300 pixels per inch, nobody wants to wait for your 4mb picture to load.
Image - Image Size and adjust from there.

Step 2: Pulling the levels and tuning the colour

This is very subjective cox some pictures might look more moody (in a good way) if it's dark and dull. But in this case, beauty shot always bright and contrasted =D Also remember to get rid of the dull yellow asian skin tone. I have that, don't know about you.

To pull level
Image - Adjustment - Levels

To tune skin tone, lasso/ select the area, feather, then tune.
To Feather
Select - Feather
To tune skin tone
Image - Adjustment - Selective colour - Yellow - minus yellow - minus black - Neutral - Minus

Step 3: Liquifying

I always only use the push tool, which is first in the list. Used to use the shrink tool or bloat tool four years ago but it's quite hard to control.

Filter - Liquify

Step 4: Sharpening

After liquifying, there might be some details blurred out due to the pushing and all. So remember to sharpen whatever you pushed off. For this case it's my hair band and my eyes.

Use sharpen tool it's looks like a sharp triangle or cone like thing.

Step 5: Add the drama
Download eyelashes, contact lens at deviantart.com

Add them one by one in layers. So you can erase as according if it's too big for your eyes, or doesn't shape in well so you can still liquify it.

Step 6: Clone off the remaining flaws
In this case it's my armpit lines and the loose hairs on my cheeks.
Remember to sharpen after cloning edges of two different parts.

Step 7: Blushers!

Brush tool - Hardness 7% - Opacity - 10%
This is my personal preference only!

Ta Dang!

So basically, i just need a a boob job, thicker fake eyelashes, jaw and cheekbone reduction, eye job and nose job. That's about it. Nothing too much.

If you don't know how to get your hands on photoshop.. Don't worry!


You can just forever envy the ones with it.



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