12 October 2010

Have you joined the fun yet?!

I've told you about the technical specs of how to join the Citi Mobile hype!
See here if you missed it!

To cut it all short, Citibank Singapore is being VERY generous becox they're giving away FREE air tickets to Hong Kong weekly, and all you need to do is to be a fan to stand a chance!

ALSO, if you take part in their contest (which i will tell you more about on how to!) there're other great prizes to be won like various VAIO lappies.

But the ULTIMATE prize.. Is..

So how do you win it?!?!

It's really simple! All you have to do is to submit photos like the ones you see here! But of course add in your own creativity! Idea here is, BRING YOUR BANK, EVERYWHERE with Citi Mobile! Lol. That's how i decipher it.

Here's how i would make Citi Mobile a BIG convenience for me!

With CitiMobile latest added feature "Mobile Treats"

WHO WANTS TO COOK AT HOME?! HUH! I don't! I can now enjoy greater savings on restaurants, entertainment, shopping and more by redeeming discount coupons & vouchers instantly all from my mobile phone!

Citi Mobile fund transfer and bill payment!

And say the other way round, i am on the run and i need to transfer money to the ebay sellers who WILL bug you and breath down your neck when you confirmed purchase but hasn't pay. Or, i need to pay my bills but the ATM / 7-11 / AXS / SAM machine, somehow, ALWAYS have a queue with them. But my phone, with Citi Mobile in it, makes me a winner =DDD Lol. Becox now i don't have to waste time queueing to pay out money! Hoi! Where got such logic?! I want to PAY OUT money i still have to queue ah? That is why i always delay payment for my handphone bills and insurance bills! BUT! Now i can just log on to Citi Mobile and pay bills and transfer funds on the go!!!

 Gourmet pleasures!

And for credit card holders! You can now enjoy all the great savings! Want to dine out but have no idea which to head to? Head for the ones that Cibibank Singapore offers dining privileges for Citibank Card holders! And Find places with credit card discounts or privileges to dine. Citi Mobile - Gourmet Pleasure will tell you the latest promotion, and you can even narrow down your search to the cuisine type according to your location!

Oh don't forget to add a catchy caption when submitting your pictures! =D

So go on and see where you can bring Citi Mobile, or, where Citi Mobile could bring you =)

For more details and information visit Citibank Singapore in Facebook! Join the contest! It's so fun and easy! PLUS, got chance to win prizes!!! ^.^

If you're kind enough, please vote for my entries! Hahaha.

But i know you won't lor, becox you will only be voting for your own entries!

QUICK! Snap some pictures with your phone with the mainpage of CitiMobile. And you're on your way to win the great prizes stated above! ^.^

Even better if you grab a few friends, take some interesting shots and simply upload with caption!

IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!! Why are you still here REALLY?!

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