03 December 2010

Still Hooked on to Fashion Hooks!

I love accessories! Any kind! And of course when you can't afford the ones that comes in blue or red or light pastel green, you'd be like me. THESE are what i got from Fashion Hooks before!

I LOVE to buy accessories even when i only wear them for filming or when i feel really hiao that day. Haha! Becox they are all so cute, i think i have 5 times more accessories than i'd actually wear! =D

 The "Love" ring

 Fashion Hooks sent me this ribbon ring in Gold too! ^.^

 Black star bling necklace.
For the rebels. Haha! No lah, for the rockpunks/ stylos! =DD

 Comes with matching ring too!

My favouritest! Haha! The owl ring!
It signifies me lor. Nocturnal =((
But i love it anyway!!!

Hop on now to Fashion Hook for VERY affordable accessories ranging from rings, bracelets, to necklaces and earrings! Got cute little stuff like hats, shades and belts etc! ANYTHING CUTE and Fashionable, you can find it at Fashion Hooks ^.^

They carry clothes and bags too! OH I LOVE~ ^.^

Half the products you'd see are all instocks! Another half with arrive by 12th! ^.^


Xtine said...

eh,since when u wear contacts huh!! haf u actually met ur idol XX before? u two tweet to each other so much. ma chiam BFF loh!! hahahaha

Qiuting said...

I dont wear contacts lah. Lol, don't dare. And no, i'm like a VERY HARDCORE fan. LOL. No lah, just another fan.

Anonymous said...

where u get the star ring?? i cant find it at fashion hooks.

Anonymous said...

this blogshop close down alr ah? why now selling clothes and not rings alr...

Nicole said...

Now only sells clothes, 2 bracelet and 2 necklace only... Why different from your budget barbie-online shopping??