24 January 2011

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Hello~~~ Have you gotten your CNY clothes yet?! Or you shop all year round and now your drawer is filled to the brim with old-new clothes? You know, clothes that still has tags on them, but it's been there for ages, so it's old-but-new clothes! Hahaha!

DON'T WORRY!!! It's normal! Hahahaha! Girls CANNOT have enough of shopping! The day you stop shopping for more new clothes and girly stuff, is the day you become yellow-face-grandma aka 黃臉婆.

Lolol!!! It's a term used on women who are married and not maintaining their looks, but i think it's more like ANY woman who decided to disown and unlove themselves.

SO, in order not to be a yellow-face-grandma, we got no choice. We HAVE to shop, shop, shop and SHOP MORE!

You all know i am very aware of the price tag when it comes to shopping, in fact, sometimes i buy pricetag, i buy becox it's cheap, and that could be the only reason.

BUT!!! For CNY you all will have angbaos please! So don't be niao (stingy) in preparation for CNY!

You want more angbaos, you dress up more nicely. Hahaha! Uncles, aunties see your effort, also paiseh to give you $4. They'd think "Oh, this girl puts in effort. If i give $4, she'd be devastated. I'm gonna give her $2 more." Ta dah, 50% increase in your ang bao monies =DDD

Not saying that clothes of higher prices are better and the more affordable ones are not, definitely not talking about this! I think i got great buys on Budget Barbie! And they are all affordable!

I'm saying for Chinese New Year, you'd might want to consider some factors before heading down to the typical crazy cheap shopping area! BECOX, IT'S GONNA BE A WAR-FIELD THERE.

 Otherwise shopping paradise, Bugis Street. Paradise can get too crowded!
And i really don't like getting in contact sweaty people =X

 See, i never bluff you, to get to Bugis street alone, is a headache.
Don't know how many sweaty people you have to touch before even reaching Bugis Street.

And of course there's Chinatown for this CNY! I LOVE CHINATOWN!
But still, the crowd for Chinatown during pre and post CNY, can be quite scary!

So if you wanna shop comfortably, for outfits for all the events / gatherings you're heading for this CNY period, here is a perfect place you might already know of, heard of, BUT NOW, you really need to shop with - JIPABAN!

At the comfort of your own house, your bed, your study table, your coffee table while watching TV prog! Or even better, go to your girlfriend's place and shop on Jipaban with them! Eat and snack in their house (then you don't have to clean up like mad, it'd be their job) lolol. Hahaha!

You girls might be going to bai-nian together right? On the third day or something? Plan your outfits together! Dress to kill! Hahaha! And take lotsa chio pictures together for your blogs!!! =DDD Yeah, camwhoring with gams, angbaos and pokercards is gonna be cool. LOL. It's gonna be very Lady Gaga. WHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


And importantly, NO MORE CROWDING!!! No squeezing! No pushing, no being pushed around, no body gonna step on your toes!!!

NO STRANGER GETS TO BREATHE NEAR MY EARS!!! I find it fucking gross some guys and girls do that!!! Especially when there is a human traffic jam and everyone is sticking on everyone else body. You face up or down to breathe, you don't breathe while facing another person!!! EWW!!!

So in many ways, thou i LOVE cheap deals out there, there are downsides to it. So for those who follows me on twitter, you'd realise that i am a online-shopaholic as much as a shopaholic at actual shops! I can shop online til almost morning! =S

Besides shopping being more hygenic (lol), peaceful and relaxed online, Jipaban brings you the Exciting as well!!! SO MANY SHOPS!!! I'm sure you seen the entry Xiaxue did about Jipanban IT SOUNDS SO FUN RIGHT?!?!?!

Having your own 'mall', and only seeing the shops that you placed in your 'mall'! It's like you can build a shopping mall that sells only things you like to see. YEAH~ And from time-to-time there will be exclusive promotion on Jipaban from your favourite online stores!

And other than the convenience of having ALL the best blogshops at one location - Jipaban, to build your own mall IS FREE!!!

Yes!!! FREE! So you can start placing your favourite shops in Jipaban to shop for your CNY Day 1 - Day15! Hahaha!

Wait, Valentine's Day around the corner too right!!! For the girlies attached, be a dutiful girlfriend! Dress up thoughtfully! Pick a lovely dress, brush your hair, shave and makeup!

For the single ladies, pick a even MORE gorgeous dress! Go hang out with your girlfriends who are free on that day! Celebrate singlehood. Really! Get together with your girlfriends, play some dress up, camwhore, photoshop, look chio on Facebook and your blog, be famous and get hitched. Hahaha! No lah, just dress up, go eat, and be normal. LOL. Don't listen to me when i'm excited!

And i am excited! Becox Jipaban is coming out with their CNY, Vday catalogue! It looks like this!

 GUYS! Jipaban has you in mind too!!! ^.^

 These Tees will make a simple and cool choice for CNY and Vday!
 For the modern-traditional look, you may get the dresses from Fairebelle!

View more from the e-catalogue which can be found on the Jipaban Blog!

OMG!!! So good!!! Eh, fashion trend information for free leh, you be a cheapskate, don't buy also can reference please. LOL.

Here are a few outfits i spotted on Jipaban that suits MY budget! Of course if your budget is $18 up, you'd see a whole new level of paradise. Haha. Let's see!

 From Fairebelle, i got..

 Alba Diamonte Dress! There are other colours but i'd choose the coral one for CNY!
Dressy cutting that shows *AHEM* my cleavage, with the happy bright colour!
Would be perfect for CNY day one visiting! ^.^V
BEST PART IS?! $11 only WTF?!?!?!??!!?
It looks like a dress suitable for red-carpet please?!

For other days of CNY, i still wanna dress cheerful and bright! CokeFromTheSky has to offer..

 Acacia bustier dress in bold floral with a matching sash.
Great for CNY home-visiting with girlfriends!
Happy and not too over-dressed!
Not missing out on the festive-feel as well! And $15 only!!!

As for my Valentine's Day, i'd prefer something more.. SEXEH.. Hahahah!
And i found it at INDIESIN something that when my bf brings me to atas place,
he won't find me xiasway (embarassing) one. LOL.

 Hush Contrast Bustier Dress would do the job!
So different from my usual-self (colours, act-cute preens and polka dots -.-)
Might even get me married on VDay! LOL.
A dress so chio to make my bf want to marry me: $14
A lot of hard liquer to make him drunk enough: $XXXX

Jipaban is definitely a One-Stop shopping mall for me to get all the clothes i need for CNY and Vday! With this kind of budget i can find decent clothes for these two occasions! You spend a bit more on each outfit you can have choices and spending power like a princess on Jipaban please! =D

Go go! See the e-catalogue for CNY and Vday and see what you're gonna grab!

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