30 June 2011

Ad: Hey, YOU-TH!

Hey yo~ Wassap yo~ How ya doin' dooood!

Okay i'm totally trying too hard to be young and cool. Let's do this again.

Hello!!! =DDD What's cooking, man?!

Shoots. Still kinda trying. Lol. I shall just be me!!!

How many of you reading this IS young?

Everyone please raise your hands. Cox to me, I AM YOUNG (sorta).

And you read me, means YOU ARE YOUNG or young at heart!!! =DDD

Props to us youngsters! Hahaha ^.^

No matter what age you are, i'm sure you have PASSION to do certain things you've always wanted to do. Or even better, PASSION in something you've been doing all this while!

What is that something for you?! Instrumental music? Singing? Dancing? Acting? Cosplay? Photography? In which way do you express WHO YOU ARE?

Mine is writing........... self-obsessively. Lol.

And if you have the passion to try and to express yourself in any of the channels, you have to know about SHINE Youth Festival!

Initiated in 2005, SHINE Youth Festival is a platform for youths between the age of 15 and 35 to indulge in their passion. HELLO EXCUSE ME, i still consider middle-youth please~ Hahaha ^.^

The idea behind this festival is to celebrate youths’ creativity and dynamism, pumping ALL the energy youths have into ONE festival, making the SHINE Youth Festival an ideal stage to demonstrate your energy to thousands and thousands of people! Let your talents and skills SHINE through yo! =D

AND WHEN IS THIS HAPPENING?! Of course in Youth Month!!! Which is JULY!!! Are you ready for the line-up of exciting features and activities SHINE Youth Festival have in store for you?!

Organised by the National Youth Council and powered by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, will run over 4 weeks from the first week of July. FOUR GOOD WEEKS of overwhelming ENERGY! Can you take it or not?!

The opening of SHINE Youth Festival on 2 July will kick off at *SCAPE with a SHINE concert showcasing Jack and Rai, JuzB, Tay Kewei and an anchor act..

By Derrick Hoh!
"Play Music/Warner Music Singapore Artiste"


Tay Ke Wei!

Not the most interested in music? DON'T WORRY! There’s something for everyone!

Some of the things you may expect on the 2nd of July!

- Street showcases and dance
- Orchard Road parade by youth cosplayer 
- Get dressed up in one of the 400 over cool costumes on site!!!
- Talent Showcase
- Pillow fight competition
- Workshops for DJ Turntablism/ Magic/ Percussion/ Beatboxing

Act fast to sign up for the workshops that day!


Link for Pillow fight

Link for DJ Turntablism by DJ KoFlow

There will also be more than 100 Flea Stores waiting for you to shop like it's the BEST passion and talent you ever have!

As the festival features four main interests of Arts and Culture, Community, Environment and Sports, this year, SHINE continues to challenge youths to take action, with its shout-out, Enough Talk, Just Do!

I too have my own experience with DANCING OKAY!!! Hahaha! Yeah! You'd think i whole day stay in at home, and have no experience with cool, youngster stuff right! You'd be surprised!

ME DANCING!!!!!! At home.. To kinect.. Dance revolution game. Hahaha! Eh eh eh, it's all the hippest song okay!

My sister dancing to something that goes "Uh huh uh huh huh~ Push it push it~" LOL.

Yong Ming dancing to some hip hop song, no shit. LOL.

So i actually do REALLY love dancing. Like if i go KTV with my close friends, i'd dance so madly, their entertainment won't be KTV anymore, it'd be watching me dance. LOL #noshame

My encounter with dancing was during the TV programme U Are The One =.= Haha. I look VERY BAD back then but!!! I picked up Argentine Tango please!!! It was totally worth it.

 Super lots of expressive moves.. Like.. Raising my hands.. Hahah! What the heck, i still dare to laugh at girls posing with their armpits airing. Lol.

See my professional split. HAHA.

Dancing really does make one more expressive i think!

No matter what genre of music you groove to or what kind of dance moves you pick up, DANCING, on its own, is super expressive! Like better then just tapping your feet, snapping fingers and clapping to the beat, right? =DD

Err.. This is just to show off my legs. Lol.

"Oh~ I'm falling (beautifully)~"

One flip and up i stand. Amazing how our body movement work when we dance!

Okay dance ended. Haha. Are you impressed by me yet?

Feeling the energy and passion?! Remember o keep a look out for what the National Youth Council have in store for you this July!

Alright i'm leaving you here. Oh, wait. One more thing for US, YOUNGSTERS, Facebook game!!! =D It's the Power 2 Shine game.

You'd have to overcome obstacles and eliminate zombie-like characters while you collect the orbs. Remember to watch your speed thou! The top 2 gamers who can carry out the entire task in the fastest times will stand to win an iPad2. If you don't win the iPad2 also don't be sad lah, got many other prizes to be won.

Check out the prizes here and play it to see for yourself to see how fun it really is! Go to power2shine.sg to check it out 

For more information on activities SHINE holds for you and i, visit www.shine.nyc.sg

Now get ready for the 2nd of July already!


煙° said...

can i request to see your dancing video? haha!
You looked super awesome in that suit, and hot and sexy leh.

Couture xx said...

Cool game :P
- Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

how heavy are you?

Anonymous said...

how heavy are you?

Qiuting said...

Yan, lol! better not!!! Haha!

Anon, 48kg plus minus! ^.^

Anonymous said...

hey dear, possible to do a tutorial on how to tie the braids you had in your recent BB episode? ^^

Anonymous said...

haha do u have the video of you dancing? really curious to watch it!

Anonymous said...

Wow never expected you to be on a dance show. You're a pretty surprising chick, heh. & you don't look bad in the pictures of you dancing la :)

Kristel said...

how cool is that! Wished we had that here too! And would love to see vids of those dancing pictures hehehehehhe

Anonymous said...

Pls show us your video on your dance!! We wanna see.

Anonymous said...

hello! may i knnow how did you do the picture/camera effect for the vivi magazine look alike pictures? thank you so much!!!!!!!

Celest said...

U and Yong Ming very close, your bf not jealous meh? is he attached?! :P i think he is so cute! and i read his blog before, wahh..can cook summore! cool!

Qiuting said...

Anon, i'd probably do it if i do youtube videos! =D

Anon, it's on youtube but i don't feel like showing cox i look too skinny way back =(

Celest, you wanna know him?? He's single!!! His twitter nick is do_ob@matthais lol