25 June 2011

Ad: Who is your favourite Candydate? ^.^

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Why are all the happy colours separated from each other?! All the colours should be united and mixed around harmoniously in bags of happiness! Right?!

Typically YES. But NOT for now! Cox there's a election going on!

It's an election to

Vote and stand a chance to win USD1,000 worth of e-shopping vouchers from M&M’s World!


Know more about the candydates first then decide which is YOUR favourite! ^.^

Before we get to know them more, do you already have a favourite?!

I used to love the green one most but that's before blue came out. I know there isn't any flavour difference to the M&Ms based on colour BUT BUT BUT, what colour we like says a lot about our characters and personalities okay.

I first liked green the most, only cox it's very rare. Lol. In every packet, there just seemed to be more brown, red, orange and yellow than green. So my sisters and i would always fight to get the green one. Haha. Fun!!! Sometimes we'd trade two unwanted colours for one green. LOL. Omg, suddenly a bit ashamed of my own past. Why i so childish one?! Haha! ^.^

And all that, is before BLUE was introduced! Then of course, as shallow as i am, newer is better. So blue became the favourite M&M's colour =DDD

See this short video clip!

Now then i realise, each M&Ms colour has their own personalities!!! NOW THIS IS HEADACHE! What if i LOVE the colour but dislike the personality?!

What if i LOVE the personality but dislike the colour?!

It's almost like choosing bf/ gf!!! Inner-beauty or outer-beauty!!! Brains or beauty?! Smart or pretty?! I don't know! Let's see shall we!

RED is a strong, independent character who seeks attention because he knows he deserves it. He is bold in his choices and cheeky in his actions, choosing to do things the more mischievous way.
Do you like him?!

"Hey dude, look here! Obvious choice, duh?"

If you're the VAVAVOOM and LOUD and CAREFREE and ATTENTION-SEEKING kind of person, RED is just for you!!! ^.^

"Get some red M&Ms and vote for us!"

BLUE is confident and cool, with nothing to prove because nothing anybody else says really matters. He is good in a dilemma as he is not easily panicked. He knows his priorities and keeps a straight head whenever decisions need to be made.

"Chill, yo. Let's just enjoy this.. Ya like Jazz music?"

"Ya know, honestly, i don't care if i win or lose. I mean.. Look at me, i'm balancing on one finger. Not tryna impress you but seriously, vote for the cool yo"

"No pressure, dude.."

"But be cool, vote blue." Lolol. Cool people do rhyme their words, don't they?!
I'm bad with cool!

ORANGE believes in “better safe than sorry.” He is cautious to the point that he comes off as paranoid and scared. He is jittery and looks over his shoulder a lot as he likes to avoid trouble whenever possible.
Neurotic human in picture: I think somebody might be following me..
Jittery orange M&M in picture: Don't drop me pleaseeeee..... I'm sooooo scared~

Nail-biting.. typical. Hahaha.

Orange is paranoid and easily suspicious of things.

"But would you take some of these Orange candies and vote for us?! I double, triple checked, with the professionals, these are all certified yummy and taste like the feeling of WIN!"

GREEN is the only girl in the line-up, she is seductive and feminine. She is sultry and knows she is desirable, so she takes advantage of that. She is charming and knows the way to a person’s heart!
"Vote for us pretty girls, pretty please?"

"Yeah i love these long white boots. Your hair looks great on you."

"Hey Sugar, you know it in your heart.. Deep, deep down in your heart.. That going GREEN, is the new black.. *blow kiss*

So take some greens? Yummiest green-beans ever, promise *flutters eyelash*

YELLOW is a character who although adorable, can be rather naïve. Of course, this is why people adore him. His simple ways and gullible nature makes him easy to approach and relate to.

Right Yellow M&M: I think people like us cox we're.. Not so smart?

Left Yellow M&M: It doesn't matter why they vote us! We just have to work hard for the votes! See, i made the best signage in the world to garner votes here!

Right Yellow M&M: Yeah it looks great! It says.. "Moll........." Never mind, i'm sure it's great!

Left Yellow M&M: Yeah! ^.^

Right Yellow M&M: We're like the best! ^.^

"So would you like some Yellow? Don't believe rumor from people trying to ruin our reputation. They say Yellow Yellow, Dirty Fellows. We're still a little upset about that!"

Now you know the characters of all the candydates! It's time to vote to stand a chance to win the USD1,000 worth of e-shopping vouchers from M&M’s World!!!

It's really simple! You may click on any of the pictures below to be linked to the voting page ^.^

First, decide on who to vote for!

After you click VOTE NOW from previous screen, enter birthdate and the charcaters as shown.

Enter your basic particulars..

And you're done!!! =DDD

They are all asking for your vote! So which candydate are you voting for??

My choice.. Is.. YELLOW!!! It was really tough to choose between Red, Green and Yellow!!! Becox i'm looking at their character (70%) and personal colour preference (30%).

Green and blue are my lucky colour but i really am not cool and chill so blue is out =(

Now we have green. She's just soooooo feminine i can't catch up with the sensuality! Lol.

And then i'm left with Red and Yellow! Of which i think my character is more of red but my inner-inner-innerest-most personality is Yellow.. LOLOL.

Yah lah, i am also saying i'm innocent and nice and approachable which is in many sense, TRUE. Lolol.

Also, it's really hard to choose between red and yellow becox whichever i choose, i'd display the picture again. And both set of pictures are so chio. LOL.. Oooh, the self-secured RED in me..

Too bad! I'm on Team Yellow now ^.^

Still can't decide who to vote for?

Do a quick personality test to find out which M&M's Character best matches your personality HERE!


poppy said...

omg i love this post! i'd fun reading through ^_^ i'd vote for red!! hehe~ very creative post!

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu, you look very pretty in all the photos! <3

hl said...

I'm orange but i hate orange, i like red -_- LOL.
Btws the wig (or is it..) in the red m'n'm picture is really chio, i love those sort of waves omg O:
What sort of waves are those?

Daphne said...

pretty ! :D

Couture xx said...

Hehe, cute^^ I'll vote for red..
- Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

hello qiuqiu! where did you get that floral singlet from? so nice and pretty!

Anonymous said...

You look cute in the wig you wore for yellow, heh :P.

Anonymous said...

why no brown mnm?

Anonymous said...

why no brown mnm?

Qiuting said...

Poppy, red?! Lol! Okay red is good! Or yellow!!!!

hl, HAHAHA! THEN CHOOSE RED!!! The one is wig yes! I think it's call.. Hmm.. I am sorry i have no idea, can show the hairdresser that pic? =D

Daphne, thank you! ^.^

Anon, got it from Cotton Con Tampines, $5 only! ^.^

Anon, brown ah.. Brown is all inside the other colours. Lol. Chocolate brown. Voting for any of the colours is also voting for brown. Lol.

Jace said...

omg~ qiuqiu~
urs is the best m&m post I've seen so far!

Lynette said...

Hey QQ, this advert is really aawesome! Can see that you put in a lot of hard work! :D I like how you dress up to match with the colour and personality! *thumbs up*

♥Vivian Ho♥ said...

hey the wig you wore for the yellow one is it rhe same one form one of the spree your organised ? Is it still available ?

GenevieveWijaya said...


karyin said...

I love your photoshop ,damn awesome esp the eyes part (Y)!!interesting post,i likeeeeeeee :D pretty & sweet of you!

Anonymous said...

hi hi ive seen sophie's blog on the M&M voting contest too.. under comparison i think you are much much more better than her....
Keep it up
I love your personality, your triftiness, ...
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