14 June 2011

Adonis - Nearer, better =DDD

So if you follow me on Twitter (please click and follow lol) you should know that i started going for facial again, after being lazy for about 2 months.

I LOVE ADONIS, all the detox tea, the purifying facial and the whole idea of lying down for hours and let someone do a total clean-out on your face, and the neck and shoulder massage after.. Nothing better than that.

But the main reason why i haven't been religiously going for my facial (even when it's SO SHIOK and SO EFFECTIVE) is becox it's so far away! It's in town and i'm at Ulu Punggol! Lol. I used to visit the outlet at lucky plaza.

BUT NOW!!! Adonis opened an outlet at Punggol Plaza!!! COME DANCE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WU WU~ WU WU~ WU WU~

I so lucky!!! So i transfer my account to the Punggol outlet! It's on the second level of Punggol Plaza. Go up the escalator, it's at a corner, you'd have to walk past the household product shop and then turn right and walk to the end! =D

Just opened in March! =DDD I didn't know cox it's right at a quiet corner!

Small corner but same full facilities!

At Punggol Plaza, so i go with Teeshirt and no make up. Lol.

I call this kind of specs, the specs that celebrities wear on off-days. LOL. I not celeb but i can also act like one! Don't care! Haha.

Wide range of products to suit different age group, cater to different needs of your skin condition.

Sanitizing my feet before i slip into the in-house slippers.

Can i just clarify that this is a procedure that happens to EVERY SINGLE customer? I'm not singled out for this becox i have dirty feet. Thanks. Lolol.

Hi why are you two so beautiful? #noshame

Imagine this cozy little corner, with soothing music playing at the background. Totally walking into a different world, within Punggol Plaza.

First, everyone gets a cup of detox/ energizing flora tea =DD Beauty from within, right?!

And you get a basket of stuff. Like towels, ziplock bags and comb. Can throw all your accessories and whatnots inside, and even the robe comes in ziplock! Hygiene comes first of course!

A locker for you to keep your personal belongings. So thoughtful!!!

Ready to go!

While waiting for my face to be pampered, i get a 10 - 15 mins foot bath.

And while i get the foot bath, i get my head massaged.
Double AHHHHhhhhhh....

Gonna knock out.

I apologise for the low-light pictures. This is all i have in the room and if i use flash, it'd spoil the whole relaxing mood. Lol.

While i was half-awake and half-asleep, i vaguely remember the main treatment on my face was ICO2. It's a oxygen treatment! The whole process is this multuple punch-slapping pulse of oxygen on my face.

It's kinda slow and very therapeutic. Like you follow the rhythm of the pulse and you'd fall asleep. Hahaha. Of course there was the routine cleansing, deep cleaning, detox etc.. But the BEST kind of 'cleaning' to my face, is EXTRACTION.

I have been using facial mask and cleansing products bought over-the-shelf and those are all good in their own ways and very useful for maintenance but none can be compared to a facial done by professionals and they have like thousands of steps to make sure your face is properly cleaned up for you to maintain, until the next time you see them.

And i for one, know how important it is.. See how Adonis managed to salvage my face condition from last November. You've been warned, it's gross-looking.

This is me when i had really bad complexion. It was so bad, for a few months, i didn't know what to do.

This is how it looks after Adonis helped me on my first treatment with them.

I'm really thankful i had them to help!!! Now it's all maintenance! And better that it's SO NEAR me now! I can just hop and skip over almost anytime! =DDD

Me falling asleep after extraction. I bluff one lah, people who are asleep won't smile unless they have really good dreams.

Cox people who are knocked-out and asleep, actually looks like this. Lolol. This picture was taken from when my boob job was done. This is then totally knock-out. No smile one. Lol.

All the Adonis outlets near you!

Call them for any enquiries you might have! =DD
Be it for anti-aging which i think most of you don't need (hate you all!), acne problem or skin dullness. ANY PROBLEM with your facial complexion, I'm sure Adonis can help you like how they helped me. Cox remember?


Anonymous said...

How much is per session?

Anonymous said...

hey qiuqiu ! (: this comment have nothing to do with the post though . i find your makeup skills good !! ever thought of doing makeup services ?

Taka said...

Lol i like how they don't state the price of treatment on their webbie. How much is one treatment?
and wtf they refer to you as miss bong qiu qiu LOLLLLOL ok im too easily amused.

Anonymous said...

Hi I think it would be better if you specify somewhere to tell readers if it is an advertorial.. so that readers will have more discretion on what they read

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ!! How much is facial at Adonis usuallY? I've combination skin and it's giving me lotsa headache. =[[[

Qiuting said...

Anon, depends on what kind of treatment you skin needs. Perhaps can drop by for consultation first? And see how much it'd be =)

Anon, i'm actually not very good with makeup! Just passable! =D

Taka, LOL!!

Anon, only when i'm paid, i'd label it as advertorial. Or if it's on Sunday QWeekly, or obviously a blogshop advert then i wont put advertorial.

Rachisawesome! said...

Hey May i know what camera you use? The effect is so pretty! (L) and you girls look SO PRETTY! :O