27 November 2011


So this week alone, Bf and i cook twice, which is VERY rare. We usually order takeout or eat out or delivery. So Mich was telling me how my bf will love me even more if i cook for him LOL.

That's how it all started. After Mich gave me the recipe to the world's simplest soup (fried eggs and tang hoon soup), and i ownself thought of some other stuff to cook like french bean with garlic and dried shirmp, and bencurd chicken etc.

I thought of good stuff.

But in the end i made the soup (which turns out FAIL TTM cox it's SOOO BLAND and then i accidentally added too much soya sauce to it and it's not Mich's fault cox my bf say the recipe is right but i cooked it wrong) and i improvise it by adding in fishballs lol, and ready-made otah (just need to steam) which turns out sour probably cox it's been in the freezer for 20 years, AND!!!!!! THE BEST DISH OF THAT NIGHT!!! Luncheon meat!!! No french beans, no chicken lol.

Oh, i also cooked the rice perfect =D

So my bf say "Never mind, tomorrow i cook" Lolol. I don't even know what he meant by NEVER MIND. Lol. I didn't even mind anything until he mention it. LOL.

So i guess i'm almost like doomed in the kitchen when i comes to cooking chinese food. Becox ahem, i'm pretty good with Aglio Olio (as you can see here) and i'm really good with scrambled eggs and i also can bake.. With recipes.

Shan't go on listing all the thing i can do in the kitchen becox if not it's like i'm getting very defensive BUT I CAN. Lolol.

And then the next day it was bf's turn to cook and me being TOTALLY KIND AND HELPFUL lol, i offered my help. To see what i can do for him. He say i can help him dice the carrot.

I'm thinking, this should be easy!

BUT FUCK NO. A carrot is ROUND!!! How do people cut it into half at where the diameter is?!?! So this is what happened.

So i screamed "AAAAA!! HOMG!!! I'm injured!!! I cut myself!!!"

And my saw the 'wound' and he's like.. Nothing. He just kept quiet and took over the cutting lol.

And i'm like "Omg.. Omg please, please don't be too deep. Please. Omg i really hope the cut won't be too deep"

Then i'm like "Oh, okay i don't think it's very deep. God thank you, thank you thank you. Thank you god. I mean like, really, i could have chop off my own finger?! Hor? Omg thank god"

And bf's like, "Hai.."

So anyway.. Erm.. In case anyone's worried about me, WHICH IS SADLY, hardly anyone cox i tweeted about it but NONE replied *stare*, don't worry cox it's a very very very shallow cut. Hahaha. Thank heavens we have been living with this lousy knife =D

So anyway, afterwards, with the spirit of a warrior in the battlefield, i live with the injury (lolol) and i pluck the french beans, WITH the injury. 我是一名勇士 #MeGusta

Anyway this is what bf whipped up WITH MY HELP. Lol.
Major love =))))


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Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up, you attention seeking whore. qiu qiu is such a nasty name.

Anonymous said...

can you please do a a blogpost on how you will do a super smokey eye makeup using CHEAP products than can be bought locally? since you are budget barbie haha :)


Anonymous said...

you should have lay the carrot horizontally and not vertically and cut sideways like that.

Miss dblchin said...

hope you r better now Qiu! take careeeeee!!!!!!!

shimin said...

Hi qiuqiu hope your finger get well soon..Can you share some more simple receipes because now is during holiday been eating out everyday and is sick and tired of it-.-..thank and ignore the hater they purposely do that to make you boil.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the haters! <33 I hope you're finger gets better soon.

QiuQiu said...

Thanks guys! It's no big deal =D I'm just being drama. Lol.

And the hater did come back and leave one more comment. No balls one, just saying she wants to destroy me and a few fuckyous later.... SHE IS STILL AN ANONYMOUS. Lolol.

Not scared. Touch me, i'd fucking burn you.