09 January 2012

Pepper Lunch - Eat good food and WIN GREAT PRIZES!!!

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Was invited to Pepper Lunch for..... Lunch (lolol) few days ago and i am so so so so so super happy Michelle and Niao Niao (my sister) could join me =D

Even if they couldn't join, it'd still be awesome cox it's Pepper Lunch!!! Pepper Lunch is like default love. I almost cannot believe it that Niao Niao never tried Pepper Lunch before. I ask her why and she say most of the time she had a chance to walk past a Pepper Lunch outlet, it's always full-house.

I'm so much luckier!!! Lol. Wendy asked me along her visit to Pepper Lunch!!! That was awesome!!!
My superlove +2. Both so boring thou! Both in black.
Lai, one picture.
It's kinda hard to decide!!! SOOooooo many dishes to choose from!
Mich chose the curry seafood rice, Niao chose the rib eye steak and i chose one of my favourite, the Curry and cheese chicken with rice~~ =D I also love the cream spaghetti with salmon and mushroom!
Niao Niao super excited. Lol. And her fringe very irritating.
Mine!!! =DDD  See the cheese shreds!!! Omg major love. Noticed the little red card?!
Comes with every set meal (student meal not included) purchased! =D

Pepper Lunch wants to thank their customers for the awesome 2011 so they are giving out great prizes for the Ake Ome Grand Draw. Ake Ome, pronounced as Ah-Kay-Oh-May, means Happy New Year in Japanese! =DDD Yes i can feel the good vibe in 2012 already!!! Thank you Pepper Lunch!
This is the grand lucky draw!!!!!!! WHAT THE...?! The prizes are too good!!!

Grand Prize X 1 winner - $10,000 CASH

2nd Prize X 1 winner - Trip to JAPAN for 2!!! Visit Tokyo, Mount Fuji hot spring, Kyoto, Osaka. Including air tickets, 7D rail passes, 6N accommodation, 1D Tokyo Disney Resort passes, 1 Japanese Dinner.

3rd Prize X 1 winner - Canon EOS 600D

Other than the top three prizes, you also stand a chance to win:

$300 worth of Ikeda spa voucher X 3 winners

NESTLE hamper + Pepper Lunch vouchers X 6 winners
MAI TU LIAO. Action now!!!
Suddenly all three of us very protective of our red card. LOLOL. We're like, GO AWAY, don't touch mine. What if this is the ten thousand dollar card?! Lol.
Please let me use 10 cents and scratch a lucky ten thousand dollars out! Lol.
It's the draw code!!!

So here's how it works. Read closely! It's very simple thou!
Now watch me do it!
Step one: Like Pepper Lunch on Facebook
Fill in your details etc.

Step Two: Buy a Pepper Lunch set meal!
Go with a few friends, it's more fun like that =D

Step three: Enter your unique Draw Code to take part in the draw!
That's all! Really simple and you're on your way to win the $10,000 cash and other great prizes! More codes, more chances!!! And you know what this means?
YEAH! Buy more set meals = more little red cards = higher chances of winning the $10,000 CASH, or the Japan trip or the camera and the other great subsidiary prizes!!!
When done, you'd see this page and you will notice that you've added 50 cents to the money bag.

Each entry adds on 50 cents to the money bag.

The money bag grows together with the prize value with every code submitted. You may submit multiple code to increase your chances of winning the draw but each name submission only increase the money bag value by 50 cents thou.

By the end of this month (end of January), the money bag (will cap at $10,000) will be won by that ONE lucky winner!

And that lucky winner could be you!!!

Now the money bag has about $4500. And we have til the end of January to top it up to $10,000!!!

And have a Pepper Lunch meal tomorrow and the day after tomorrow lol.

Share the news, fill the money bag! Tell your friends, your family, your relatives, make every meal, a Pepper Lunch meal! =D
Yay! Pepper Lunch is yums and now, even more FUN than before! I always thought cooking (sort of) your own meal is already very fun, now we can win great prizes while enjoying good yummy food plus enjoy ALL the fun =D
Yes, i find joy in drinking from double straws also. Lol.
Niao Niao's chocolate ice cream ^.^
My caramel ice cream is love! I especially love the soy powder!!! Mich ordered Miso soup to make up her meal but i forgot to snap picture of it. Their Miso soup super lots of ingredients in it one. Worth it!

So now you can devote your life to getting your hands on these little red cards =D
With such a big variety to choose from, i'm sure you can keep going back!!! It's only til end of January so don't wait!!!
Thank you Pepper Lunch for having us! ^.^V
And later Mich went to cut hair and she insist that i must put a nicer picture of her in this post cox through out the whole post she thinks her hair sucks. Lol. That's all.

I hope you win the $10,000 cash or the trip to Japan!!! Or the camera!!! =DDD

But win Pepper lunch vouchers and Nestle vouchers also super awesome and practical lol.

Win the spa also good, can go chilax and take a break from the CNY buzz and all.

That's the first step to $10,000 okay.

Lolol. Good luck to you! ^.^


FiSh said...

aww so nice! why pepper lunch @ malaysia doesnt have such promotion???

Latest: From buffet to bubble milk tea; Creative JOGOYA!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where she cut her hair? Is awesome :D

LEXI VAIN said...

I like your dress, it looks lovely on you! :)

Anonymous said...

ur sister is much prettier than u! ure pretty too ofcos!

Anonymous said...

Hello. What type of false lashes are you using? It looks so good on you!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Mich looks so damn adorable.