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This post is gonna be long. Wordy. And most likely non-relevant to 99% of you. Or wait, i count. Only maybe 5 persons are involved for real. That means only 0.00067% of the people reading this are the ones who were actually involved in it and would then be keen.

But despite the low demand for it, i'd put in 200% heart just so that i can share the truth, once and for all. And not have to deal with drama anymore when people come tell me a different story that they heard, each time.

So Silver blogged a longass post about me.

Now brace yourselves, becox..

So you better get comfortable. It's gonna be long. Like REALLY long.

And it's based on a true story. No no, it IS, in fact, a true story.

7 years ago
When we first met at the school pageant, i already thought you were a charming, attractive and confident lady. Your moves were so swift. Everybody likes you. And then we started off with SMS-ing each other more after you graduate. And then we hang out to meet for the first time. It was at night. Like late night.

You had problems with your relationship. I listened.

Months down the road, i had my first bf turn out to be an asshole. You listened. And then i listened to yours.

And then i listened to yours. And then.. I listened to yours. When we meet up, we only meet up during the night time. Sometimes we sit in your car. Once we went to Mustafa. Once while waiting for your other half to contact you, i invited you to bunk in with me at my parents' place. My sisters and mother all thought you were so pretty! Everybody likes you. And it comes so naturally.

Sometimes we sit in the 7-11 at bencoolen. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. Most of the time, we sing in your car. I'm sure our emotions were raw. We had lots to offer despite the rejections we get. They can hurt us but we dared to Love. We.. were young.. I admire you a lot, for how much you can love your other-half, with no reservation.

And then i recovered from the heartbreak with the help of my other girlfriends.

Same time, you had some competition at the TV station. I helped pass out tickets to your fans sometimes. I was so proud of you. I thought you'd go places.

And then through that competition, you met your next bf. And you continue seeing him for another 2 years or so, you were flying, you were fine. We don't meet up that often anymore though we sometimes keep in touch over SMS. Which is good! Cox that means you're doing fine, i'd assume.

4 years plus ago
Then your relationship became shaky. You asked me out. We went for karoake that night. You drank quite a bit. You sang til you cry. Then you wanted to send me home. I said we should take a cab. You said no, and you insisted. I was foolish enough to go along.

We were on a straight road but you went left and you went right.. And we almost bang into something, twice. I think there must be a reason why we both survived til today to do this trash out. I asked myself too, why did i let that happen. Endangering both of us that night. But you were so.. Wild with emotions.

We got to my place somehow. We chatted for a bit more and i asked you to stay over. You said no and then you said

"Alright.. You should go back in.. At least you have someone in there, waiting for you to go home.."

"Unlike me.. I have nobody.."

And then you started crying and..


Yeah, that was you banging your head on the steering wheel horn.

So i held you tight so that you can't move forward to do that again. And we both cried and..


Yeah, that was you banging your head on the car window.

So i had to hold you tighter. I mean jokes aside, i felt your sadness. I did. And next you fist punch your own head. And i manage to calm you down after that.. For a while.

So in the short while that i have, i called my boyfriend to come out and help me help you inside.

He came out. I got out of the car too, with your handbag, so that i could go over to your side to help.

He opened the car door. Said hello to you. And he reached his hand to take your car key so that you can't drive off and hit someone down along the way or injure yourself. So that we could all get into the house.. And you went


The effort you put into your singing lessons, they paid off. So you screamed. Like. Really. Loudly.

And within split seconds you started hitting and punching him and then you pulled his hand closer and then you know this part,


So you bit him on the fingers and then you snatch the keys away from him and then you drove off.

So i needed to call someone. And i took out your handphone. I called your mum, she didn't pick up. Then i called your home, nobody picked up. So left with no choice, i had to call your bf, who was staying less than 5 minutes away from my house at the time.

Within minutes, you drove back for your handbag. I refuse to give it to you. I told you to come out of the car and stay for one night. You didn't want to. And then your bf came..


And then i sat outside my house with my boyfriend.. Just watching your car bouncing up and down, with you inside knocking, kicking and hitting on anything you can.. And him holding you down and getting punched and hit by you every now and then. Since we're talking about it now, i'd like you to know that, i too think that he totally deserve it. This one, we're on the same track.

And then occasionally there will be the BORBORBORBORBOR and then the KONGKONGKONGKONG and AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~

If i was watching a movie in the theater, i probably got the best view plus the most supreme sound system then.



So the first police car with two policemen arrived..

You were just stoning. Not replying much of their questions. But when they turn their back to talk to me, you started your drama again.

So then came two more police car with four policemen.

You really draw crowds. No, you do. You gotta keep that. Haha.

And the police wanted to bring you back to detain you for until you're at least sober/ calm before taking your statement.

I asked, SHIVERING, I SWEAR, "Can you please not?" =OOO Fuck, that's extreme courage dude!!! I REQUESTED TO DENY A POLICEMAN'S INSTRUCTION! Watch out, we got a badass over here!!


So the police asked me how can he leave you here when you are in such a violent condition.

And i cried. HAHAHA. I don't know!!! I was just so scared that they'd take you away to some shitty lock up and then you might hate me for that, forever!!! So i cried!!! And i said "But she'd be fine.. She's just a little upset with the bf, that's all"

And then the police didn't agree or disagree to not bring you back to the station.

He digress to ask me a question that made me stutter.

"Was she drunk-driving?"

=OOOOOOO I'm thinking inside me, FUCK THIS SHIT I'M NOT DOING THIS!!!!!!! I'm not gonna lie but i'm not gonna say the truth and get you into trouble!!!!!!!

So i said "By the time she got worked up, the car was already here. So she sat in there and she became really agitated when the boyfriend came"

I am so smart =D I siam-ed the policeman's question and told him something else to divert his attention lolol, which was, still the truth =DDD But i didn't lie! Lol. But i was stuttering so badly and sweating like a pig cox i was so scared O.O

In my head, there was only one thing.. The police have to go. Cox 1) You cannot go get lock up. Cox your debut single album was gonna release next week and you cannot have these nonsense happening to you at that time 2) Fts, i don't wanna be the bad guy! If you really got taken away outside my house, it'd be like i am the one who let the police take you wtf. No, i don't want to take that under my name!

And the police told me 10 minutes later "Are you sure i can leave her with you? Becox if she gets hurt, or if she hurts someone, the responsibility will be on you. Becox i want to bring her back to the police station and you don't want this to happen. So you gonna be held responsible if anything happen, do you understand this?"

So i said "Okay, yeah, i'm sure she'd be okay"

Right after i said that, me and all the policemen turned to look at you, you were knocking your head against the window still. Haha. It was dramatically funny. So i said,

"Err.... Maybe not now. But later, she'd be fine later"

The policemen all left. They had stayed for around 40 minutes. Pretty long. Too long.

I sat by the koi pond.. With my bf.. Just watching you and your bf in the car. We didn't dare to go in. In case you guys need us to help you with something. And most of the time you're just crying and shouting at him.. Next you guys hug.. And then the cycle goes on..

At 4.21am, he hand signaled to us, to tell us to go in and gave us a okay sign.

I am not so sure.. We went up and i was watching your car from there, until he drove you off.

And then too soon, 6am came, my bf had to go prepare for work. I'm more lazy, i called control center earlier on to cancel my flight. Reporting at 6.15am would mean i have to get ready at 4.30am. Lol. Not gonna make it.

And i text you the next day.. And the next day.. And the next day.. You didn't reply. So i had to ask your bf who then, soon became ex bf. He really didn't treat you right but at least he could assure me that you are physically safe and he told me to give you some time alone.

Months passed. No news.

My bf didn't fancy me hanging out with you in the future cox he thinks it's really selfish and inconsiderate, reckless and immature of you to put me and you through the danger of drunk-driving and then later create all these scene when you were already not drunk-drunk anymore.

And i remember weeks after the incident, he once asked me, "Did she call you? To apologise or anything of sort?"

So it's not like he didn't want to 'FORGIVE'. He did look forward to what you have to say. But you never came along with it in time.

3 Years Ago
I joined a TV competition. Towards the end, you got in touch. The first time i saw you after not meeting you for ages.. Was at my 21st birthday gathering they organised for me. After the gathering we went for yakun toast at the airport. Great to finally see you in a time zone other than during wee hours.

It was different. It felt different. I thought.. Maybe it's just normal, since we haven't got in touch for so long. And that incident happened. None of us spoke about it. I actually thought you should apologise to my bf at least, if not us both. But of course, the valid time frame for an apology would be a few months after the incident. And we were way passed that.

I was okay with you. If not, i wanted to be okay with you again. I wanted the friendship to work again.

And my bf knows that. Although he doesn't give the widest smile when i talk about you but he respect that i still wanted you as a friend then.

And somewhere along the way, i started this blog.

2 years ago
Then you started your blog! I was happy for you and for myself mainly! Cox i could catch up on your thoughts and your happenings. I even linked you up on the sidebar with your picture, told people to visit, who cares if i only had 500 readers a day! It doesn't matter! It wouldn't matter between us, i thought.

Then i told you i wanna go camwhore at Haji Lane. And you said you'd join, you need picture for your blogbanner anyway. So we went. And we camwhored a lot. I photoshopped all the pictures and you're free to use them. But you watermarked all the pictures with your blog address. And then you sent that whole big bunch of pictures from your camera to me for me to photoshop them for you. They are like 80% your camwhoring shots.. Say whaaat?

Yes you did blog about how watermarking pictures can draw some people to your blog, if someone chooses to use your picture and their readers might be curious and then will go visit your blog etc. I know.. Hits are important to you. I know. You always look to climb, you always talk about how you wanna move forward in life, be bigger things. Go further miles. It's good that you're so ambitious.

But really, this is a friendly advice, please don't watermark your blog address on pictures that are not yours. Haha. When we went to meet Liu Qian the magician, you did that too. And on many other occasions, You took the pictures i took and that i photoshopped, that i put on my blog, you took it and watermark it with your blog address. I mean you probably didn't think much of it, but since you have so many advice for me on your blog, this is one friendly advice for you =)

Then the post i blogged about to retaliate hateful comments got picked up and got blown out of proportion, about me wanting a boob job sponsor if there is a clinic who's keen. I got slammed and flamed by STOMP, by netizens, by the newspaper.. Calling me a begger. Begging people for things. It wasn't exactly happy time.

When we were talking about it.. I was trying to be positive, and i said, "Haiyah, whatever lah. They want to give me news.. I take it as bad news is better than no news lor" and you told me that it's not bad, saying something controversial and then driving lotsa traffic to the blog. I said yeah, but it's traffic leaving nasty comments and it'd die down anyway.

And you told me to imagine if a kids' show TV host like yourself, were to even say anything vaguely vulgar on the blog, people will go mad jumping on you and your language and how inappropriate it is.

NEXT THING YOU DID, you shifted your birthday wish list post that was moving down to the previous pages, back to the top post, opening acceptance to anyone who wish to send you gifts.

And then the next post (still below the birthday wish list post cox you scheduled the post to be the top post for quite a while), you posted a long angry post, filled with expletives and vulgar language to the core, asking whoever owes you money to return you the sum. Even putting in their full names.

Like i said.. It's good for me that you started blogging.. Becox if not, i'd never known you past your heartbreaks.. And past how you deal with your love relationships. I've only seen you vulnerable.. I've hardly seen how you react to things and how you handle things on normal day-to-day basis.

I don't know what's your favourite food. I don't know what's your favourite colour. I don't know much about you. Except that you are someone with a lot of drive in you. Always ready to take a step forward in whatever things you want, you get.

1.5 year ago
I went for an audition at Clicknetwork. They asked me if i would be keen in doing Bored in Bikinis 2. I said i might consider ONLY if i have boobs to start with if not i'd never wear a bikini. And they knew about the asking for boob job sponsor on blog hooha, so they casually ask, "If we could find you a boob job sponsor, you'd consider doing BiB2?" I said, yeah find me the sponsor first! LOL.

And then they ask me if i were to do BiB2, do i have an ideal partner in mind who is of the same frequency as me.

So i told them about you. They asked me, what are you good at.. I told them you're really pretty. And you speak really well. And you're good with hosting, and that you've hosted several TV programs before. And you can sing too. And you used to fly, so i'm sure you'd have some good knowledge about beauty/ skincare and whatnots.

Few weeks later, you went down for your audition. They told you about the boob job i'm looking at and then you said you'd like to do liposuction then you'd do BiB2. And you told them you could do all sort of genre of shows. Travel, food, beauty, music, shopping, lifestyle, anything. And they asked you what do you think i'm good at, you said i could buy cheap stuff and make them look good. Thank you.

Later clicknetwork was interviewed in an article on Straits Times URBAN. About new personalities online who dare to bare and flash for attention.

So Clicknetwork introduced both of us to be interviewed. The article is about me wanting boob job and you wanting lipo before we do BiB2. And we both got onto the front page of URBAN. That was neat. And becox of that, people look at us as a pair. Like a BFF blogging buddy.

Not long later, i started doing Budget Barbie. My blog daily unique readers went from 700 (thanks to URBAN, it jumped and increased by 200 steadily) to 1500 instantly. You will constantly ask me what my stats is. So that's how i remember then. That i was 1500 when you were 700.

And then a skincare/ beauty company marketing girl, D, asked you to arrange for a meetup, with me and her. Woah this part, is complicated.

D used to be from another makeup company by the way, and she emailed me before she jumped to this skincare/ beauty company. And i couldn't make it to her event but i did say she could contact me next time if there are other events.

But you went for that makeup event and that's how you two got each other's contact.

And one day you called me saying D's company ask you to arrange a meet up with me, you and her cox her company wanna re-brand and wants to contract us as their online ambassadors.

I told you, "It sounds good! You go ahead ba. I don't think i wanna be tied down to one brand"

I'm sorry i lied.

My face was in a ultimate disastrous condition at that time. Look. Lol. So i badly needed a facial/ skincare sponsor. But i said no to you becox you've done all these things recently that i mentioned above, that i thought i don't quite like.

So then you said okay, and later you call me back. You said you called D and she say she'd still prefer to speak to both of us at one time. So i said okay in that case, I'd go.

And so we went. During the first meeting, all the terms were discussed. Then D went back to send a confirmation over email to both of us. Then she prepared the contract, email it for both of us to go through, we had no problem with it. So so we arrange for a second meeting to sign the contract.


We were having lunch and casual convo, D and her associate, me and you. And then you were saying how much NN offered to pay you per advertorial if you sign your blog with them. So i said, "WOW. That sounds like a super good deal lah!!! Sign lor! What's holding you back!"

And you said, "Yeah, it's not bad right? I mean.. Look at you, it's better than you having to do like what..? Five? Or Seven? Five to seven ads before you can earn the same amount"

Awkward silence..

And then i said, "Yeah, but those are blogshop ads, need much lesser effort as compared to the proper full length adverts lah"

And you say "Yeah, but still.."

"And anyway i can't really do blogshop ads cox my blog is more like a artiste's blog so not so nice"

And then we went on to talk about blogging in general. I LOVE THIS PART THE MOST. It's the most unbelievable part before i realise more unbelievable parts later on.

You went on to say what kind of blogger you are.

"I'm very different as a blogger.. In the sense.. I am also an artiste.. So if you look at Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin, Jeanette Aw's blogs, when you look at their blogs, it's always safe, prim and proper.. Mainly about updates of their up and coming shows.. Some behind-the-scene shots.. That's about it. It's very 2-Dimensional.

But when you come to my blog. You see me for who i am. AS-IS. Yes you might have seen me on TV as a village girl, as a lawyer, or even as a rape victim, but when you go to my blog.. It's a totally different side of me that you see. It's more 3D. I am just who i am, and i can blog about all these things that the rest of the artiste don't. So in this sense i'm very distinguished as a blogger or as an artiste."

*round of applause*

Nice marketing speech for yourself after putting me down.

By the way, you were probably feeling insecure then cox you asked me for my stats and i told you i have 1500 daily and you told me oh, not bad, you are a 700 but moving upward. But do you have to do this? Cox we were each offered a contract.

It's not like we have to hardsell ourselves to fight for that one contract. So i really don't know why you have to do that. Remember after that in the night time, we were sitting at the coffeeshop around my place? You asked me what's my blog stats again. And i told you the same.. 1.5k daily.

And then i signed the contract that day itself. You said you have to bring it back for your artiste manager to go through. So you didn't sign it. We were each offered $2k cash, $7 worth of services, for a one year contract.

Within a week, you told me you are not going to sign the contract with D's company cox you were offered another skincare/ beauty blog assignment from another company. $1.2k for 6 weeks of weekly blogging. So you told me that you'd take up that $1.2k for 6 weeks first cox the money is better, the term of contract is shorter, and when it's done and over with, you'd come join me at D's offer.

Both companies are doing almost the same things, offering almost the same services, selling their own products. And you wanna take up the offer from the other company cox the money is better given that's only for 6 weeks, it's fine, that's your choice.

When D was informed by you, she told me that in that case, we could proceed with the ambassadorship with me alone first. And so we did.

Then clicknetwork found us a keen sponsor who was willing to help me for my boob job and you for your lipo. We went for the first meeting, and during that, you repeat the whole 2D mediacorp artistes, 3D you thing *yawns*

So be it. I told you since that day, you should inform your artiste management company about this. In case they don't agree. You told me not to worry, you'd talk to them.

Come November, one week before the scheduled date for the procedures, you told me your management company said no. Stern no. And you told me your contract with them will end in December, and you are still deciding on whether or not to renew your contract with them, so now is a good time for you to negotiate for better terms with them. If they sign you, they have to give you better offer, if not you'd just go ahead with the whole click offer, lipo, and BiB2 and be freelancing on your own etc.

That's pretty classy! Using my body and your body, subjected to go under the knife, as negotiating chips for better terms to your renewal of contract. I sure appreciate that. In the end, you pull out of the lipo. Which is totally fine by me, not my body, not my decision. You do or don't do, it doesn't bother me. And i told Click that i'd still be keen to do it on my own, having Click film it still, and i'd blog about it and that's that! The doctor was okay with this arrangement. So we arranged the dates etc. Got it rolling.

Meantime you kept telling me that you'd like to sit in, through the operation and blog about it. You told me on Twitter DM, told me on msn, told me on SMS etc. I have never once replied to that.

Not becox i'm mad at you for pulling out. Becox i'm sincerely turned off that you want to sit in, and watch me go through the boob job, so you can blog about it..

You kept telling me, "Hey Dear, i told them i'd sit in the operation and help you guys blog about it"


Your keyword, that made yourself feel good, was HELP.

Help what? No really, enlighten me, help what?

You knew that Click will be documenting the procedure on video. I have my bf helping me snap pictures. He's a professional photographer. I am the blogger who'd blog about my own boob job experience. And i have a professional doctor who'd do the procedure. Another doctor to do my G.A. Last but not least, a nurse as a chaperon and to help in the theater room.

Now let see what i'm lacking..


That sure makes sense! *rolleyes*

So i announced on Twitter and my blog, just the night before, about going for the boob job the next day. And then immediately you DM me and text me to ask if it's actually happening tomorrow.

I didn't reply. Cox.. Er... I tweeted and blogged that it IS happening tomorrow. I mean.. What was your question for really?

And the boob job happened. I woke up from the nap at home.. And the anesthetic wore off. And it was really quite bad, the discomfort. I could barely move. Just lying on the bed. I could feel my heart beat, more obvious than ever. Or was it the throbbing pain from the boob job. I don't know.

Then i log on to Twitter and i saw your DM, "Hey dear.. How you feeling?"

I sincerely thought you care for me. So i replied you a few DMs, to tell you how the pain/ discomfort is like. And that i'm just pretty much bed-ridden for now.

Do you remember what you reply me after that? Here, "I thought i was supposed to sit in and blog about the whole procedure? What happened?"

You sent me that. When i told you how much pain i was going through. So i ask you now, what do you care about? The blog material, or me and my boob job? Only you know the answer.

So i replied, telling you that although it's a filmed thing, but it's still a proper, professional procedure. And that even my bf wasn't allowed to sit in.

And then you told me that you had arranged with them and they had agree to let you sit in to blog about it. Oh yeah, then go question whoever said yes to you. Cox i definitely wasn't informed that someone (other than the filming crew who were all female, my doctor, the nurse, the GA) is coming to see me half naked, with a camera in her hand.

So i didn't reply you after that. And you sent me another DM to say that although you are very disappointed that you didn't get to sit in to blog about it but you are still happy for me and that you know that this is something that means a lot to me, and something that i've always wanted.

Yeah well, thank you. But if you wanna talk about FEELINGS, i'd tell you i don't feel that you're even happier than a random Twitter follower who sends me his/ her well-wishing. I got hundreds of well-wishing that day. Every single one made me feel better than your "I'm disappointed i didn't get to sit in to blog about it but i'm still happy for you...."

Then later you were quite busy with your filming. And it was quite blast that show. I mean you had lots to present for your acting career in that role. And then once you came to talk to me on msn once, and you told me to go suggest to the producers of Budget Barbie to do a special episode for Little India. And you wanna be the guest/ co-host for that episode cox my viewers will definitely be able to relate since you're acting a relevant role. Yeah, that is if they view that serial drama =X

And you msn, wassap, DM me, MANY times, to put back up your blog link on my blog sidebar. I used to do HOTLINKS where i link up other people's blog, with their pictures, and i put them all on my sidebar. I removed yours. And you noticed. So yeah, your bugging me time and time again to put up your pictures, just make me NOT want to put it up more and more. And when i finally gave in to your bugging, i said, okay, send me your picture. You told me to go pick a nice one from your blog. Well, i did.. But days later.. I removed everyone. Becox i just can't stand the sight of you on my sidebar.

And then i hardly reply you. By that time i already stop picking up your calls and i hardly reply your messages and even when i do, i took 2 - 3 days to reply. You know that i don't do this to people.. Other than the people.. I wanna get away from. You should know it, i mean, since you keep talking about me like you know me so damn well =)

And then you msn me one other time later. I asked wassup and you told me

"Your dp looks very bad la =P"
"You still use it on Twitter and msn"
"Time to change it!!! You look so much better now"
"And it's been too long since we last went out to camwhore =P"
"Let's do it again!"

Okay, excuse me. Number one,
I personally, humbly, sincerely, do not agree that this looks bad. Lololol.

No really! I even actually thought "Ohhh, sexy" HAHAHA. Kidding lah. But it doens't look bad what!!!! But maybe that's just me.

Number two, even if it's not chio like mad, it does not motivate me enough to go do a photoshoot with you, where i'd snap 100 pictures of you, and you'd shoot 20 pictures of me, and then i'd photoshop ALL the pictures, and then i'd post it on my blog, and then you rip it and watermark it with your blog address, and then you post it.

Nope, it definitely doesn't look that bad enough for me to go through so much effort =D So i'm good with it being my dp! In fact i used it for the longest time just to show you how much i love it. Haha.

Then i have to attend a same event as you one evening. I was with Sophie. Do you remember? If you don't, Sophie and i can help. The PR personnel walk over to chit chat a little with me, we introduced ourselves and she asked me,

"So what do you do full time? Do you blog full time? Or?"

And before i could answer, you (sitting beside me on another table), help me reply,

"She's a full time housewife!"

And the lady went "Oh wow! You look so young!!!"

If i really was a housewife, i'd be a damn act-cute one. Lolol.

So i laughed and i said, "Yeah! I have two doggies in the house! And they are like my babies. Haha. So i stay home most of the time to look after them"

And then me and the lady continue to chit chat a little bit more, and she was asking me, "so what do you blog about actually? Cox i'd never have anything interesting to share about my life!"

And before i could answer, you replied the lady, "Her life is also not interesting! Haha. She tweets and blogs about shit. Like literately shit-shit. How the shit looks like lah, the colour, the shape. And you'd be surprised that there are actually people interested! She's candid in her way"

THANK YOU!!!! =DDDD BEST INTRODUCTION FOR MY BLOG EVER!!!! All that i ever wanted people to know about me and my blog, was that =DDD THANK YOU!!!!!

And you are now, like right now, blogging about how a casual joke made by Wendy was rude to your godsis *cold chill down the spine each time i type this*? Really?

And then i got a chance to hang out with Wendy more around this time or slightly later.

Half a year ago
Your filming assignments ended. You got lotsa free time on your hand. Lotsa free time for your thoughts to go wild.

You might have noticed i've been doing random things like girlie photoshoot with a few girlfriends, do silly makeup and play with wigs randomly, have parties organised by my sponsor etc. Go for events every now and then with the girls.

And i have never asked you along and you never had a problem with that, for about TWO years. You had no problem with that.

And now, after i got slightly closer to Wendy, and you have more free time on hand, you totally gone bonkers. You were angry on Twitter, complaining about why you don't get to do your liposuction and how hard is it for slightly chubbier people like you to survive in the entertainment industry.

Anyway, i don't think you're chubby. And i don't think being slightly more chubby is why you find it hard to survive. If you're having a hard time getting, or finding something, then you look within ba. Stop look outwards. That's all i'd say, i won't dish out anymore advice to you in this post, or in the future anymore.

Anyway, with all the free time on your hand, you start to get creepy. You grew sour and bitter.

The first tweet i saw was "Feel like telling somebody that whatever she has now, everything, was all linked up by me. At least have the courtesy to invite me to their event! Geez!"

You tweeted that the next day after i blogged about the event i attended with other girls, organised by my facial sponsor. Nice.

I remember i tweeted something back, but never direct it to you, something emo and angry, in chinese. LOL. I know, i'm a bit gross sometimes. Hahaha.

But i left it there and then. Until.. Days later, Geck Geck came to tell me you called her out and you were crying when you told her about how i treated you, like all the ignoring you and stuff.

Then you really don't understand me at all. I've ignored guys, ladies, ridiculous request etc.. I ignore, but i'd hardly go all out to confront and ask the person to get the fuck out of my life. And with you, i practiced A LOT Of chances, patience, but you keep pulling my hair out. I had to get away before i dislike you to a point we can never be friends again.

And i've obviously ignored you for a long time. Look at this post.. People kept commenting to ask if it's you. I deleted all of it. I thought you should know, i mean.. SINCE YOU KNOW ME SO WELL, right? And then you have to come ask me if i'm blogging about you. I told you no, becox i was sick of you at that point of time, i don't even want to give you the chance to explain your gross actions.

So IGNORING, is the best tactic that i ever mastered since a long time. I'd ignore UNTIL things gets better! That's what i do! I ignore, and if our path ever cross again next time, there might be a chance for us to get close again. BUT.

You didn't let it rest. Instead of being sad purely becox we drifted (for good reasons), you went on to tell Geck Geck that i don't even know that Budget Barbie, my facial sponsor and the boob job, was all your effort. And that you helped me get those stuff.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT? That you help me get these stuff??? Oh, i'm a nobody, that's why everyone would wanna give me all these. And in return, i'm sure i don't have to put in effort, time and thoughts to make all these happen and maintain it well. I'm sure.

After i had first-hand experience on how you deal with life (other than your love life), times and times again, i decided that you're not someone i'd like to deal with on a regular basis. Simply becox i don't like drama. I don't like confrontation. And i give chances, after chances.

I don't mind, one more friend, is always better than one less. If you had left things where it was and just get a move on with your life.. It's not like i hate you or anything, why do you have to go around telling other people about these stuff???

Geck came to me telling me you have misunderstood me quite a fair bit and encouraged me to go clear the air with you. I said no i don't want to. Cox i am still angry that you could even think that i owe everything that i worked hard for, to you.

And then we left it there. AND THEN, you went to blog a longass post about Friends.

And i quote you in your post

"I don't want to be made to feel like because I'm no longer of use to you to get any higher, you decide to just toss me aside."

How, tell me how have i used you?

By photoshopping nice pictures for us, and then have you use it and watermark it as yours?

By introducing you to Click and then ended us both up on the front page of URBAN?

By putting up your bloglink with a nice picture of you on my sidebar since you first started your blog?

By agreeing to the facial sponsor meeting with you BECOX they only want to talk to BOTH of us?

And becox you told the producers of Budget Barbie that i'm good at sourcing out cheap stuff?

Is that why you think i owe everything i have to you? And that i've used you?

BTW, just to clarify, BUDGET BARBIE $100 / EPISODE idea was not yours. They had that idea long time ago, waiting for someone to fit in. FYI. So you don't have to keep thinking that that show was meant to be yours just cox you said you can do shopping show out of the 10 categories of shows you said you could host and live up to.

"Maybe she's caught up in the popularity contest and she feels I don't belong in that league."

No it's not the popularity contest. What popularity contest? What world are you living in? Not everybody's head is full of these stuff. Perhaps you raised that point cox you and your friends think so. You keep telling me "A lot of people came to tell me you've changed too"



And i'm sure the people who actually KNOWS me, will not think i've changed in the way they tell you. So i'm 100% sure that people who'd go talk to you about how i've changed, are not, and were NEVER close to me.

So why do you keep telling me that people say i've changed like it's a bigfuck point?!?!?!


My friends and i are still close. My boyfriend still loves me. My family loves me even more. My blog is doing fine. My doggies are healthy. SO WHAT CHANGE? And is the change bad or good? I'd say good since i'm a happier person than before.


What bothers me is you keep saying it like just becox YOUR side of the people told YOU i've changed (and god knows what you've said to them to make them come tell you this anyway) then i'd have to be convinced that i'm a bad person now? Doesn't make any sense.

If i were to be affected by you telling me so-and-so said what to you, therefore i should do what and what, if i had listened to everyone who buys your sob stories, i'd be a total screw-up now.

So i emailed you, and tell you that i saw your blog post about Friends and that i know you're talking about me. And i told you i'm surprised you even think that way cox i dare say i've never made use of you. EVER.

(BTW, i can insert screenshots of most of the things but this post is not for you guys, this is for YOU and you know what you did so i don't have to use screenshots to prove my points)

BUT THIS ONE, is classic.

In your reply, i quote,

"I guess it felt like I was losing you to people you thought more interesting. I want to be part of that, and I hope you know it."

OOoooOOOOoooooohhhhh. NOW WE ALL KNOW. The root and early cause of this whole saga now, is cox you want to be a part of the interesting people i mix with?!?! And you hope that i know!


You want to friend people like Sophie, Wendy, Yutaki, Eric, Kaykay and the rest? GO FRIEND THEM YOURSELF LAH!!!!! They like you or not is another thing right??!?!?! I am not there to control their thoughts!!!

You tweet them everytime they still got reply you what! Not good enough you ask them out lah!!!

You can't put it on my tab and expect me to introduce you to all my friends, and expect them to like you right back. Right?! Besides, i never seen you keen to be a part of Mich, Zhen and myself? I never seen you keen to be a part of me, Yong Ming and Ming Zhou?!?!

And now you wanna be a part of the people i thought is more interesting. And i didn't hang out with those people cox they are more interesting, i hang out with them cox they are nice + have common topics and frequency about stuff. And we just can clique, HOW COMPLICATED you want to make this sound?!

So i left it telling you we should both go find people who influence us for the better. And told you to take care.

Three months ago
You DM me like a plea-shoutout, almost begging me to just tell you what is it exactly that i'm unhappy about. And to not treat you so coldly cox you can't take it anymore.

So i said okay, msn and we'd talk.

So we talked. And i told you 70% of what i'm unhappy about (refering to most of the stuff mention above in this post) and you either

1) deny all of it and saying that that's not your main intention

2) Saying that i think too much and read too much into things.

Okay! So let's save our time. And i'd go deal with myself, i'd be fine. I've been perfectly fine everytime, until you come disrupt my peace.

You go deal with yourself.. OH, NOT FINE. You are a human, you need reassurance, you have feelings, you can't take it that i treat you so coldly, i am someone still close to your heart.. BLABLABLA.

YEAH ALRIGHT, i get it! You want me to pretend like "Oh, i've been too sensitive this two years, i thought too badly of all her fucked-up actions, okay! She actually still treasure me a lot as a friend despite all the shit she does! Lai, let's be BFF again!!!" =DDD

It's not gonna happen.

Here are some of the things i told you during the 'showdown' and how you responded to them:

- I told you about the facial sponsorship thing, and how unhappy i am that you go around telling people that i owe it to you.
You told me you introduced me to D if not D didn't know about me.. Oh yeah i'm sure. SHE EMAILED ME when she was working at the previous company!!!!!!! Want to lie also get your facts right first. And you told me that YOU convinced D to loop me in too. Oh, THEN TELL ME WHY 1) She's only keen to meet us BOTH and not when it's you alone? 2) In the end the ambassadorship went ahead with me alone. You must be so important, like you think you are.

And truth to be told, D is such a nice person.. But becox you wanna validate your point that i stole something from you, you made me out to be the bad guy, but you failed. So then you make up another story, saying D said i persuaded her to sign me cox i'm a better choice. And saying that D told you i manage to swing her to my side.. You're such a dirty little liar. D was nice to BOTH of us. In fact D was one of those nice quiet girls. And you could stuff all these shit in her mouth. You win.

- I told you about how Budget Barbie wasn't YOUR idea.
You told me "Do you know that they asked me what i can host? And i told them blablablablabala 197320 categories of shows, and that i was the one who told them you are good at buying cheap stuff and making it look good. And that maybe we could do something together. But in the end you got Budget Barbie."

- I told you that part i'm unhappy with regards to the boob job saga is that you asked me how i am, i replied describing the kind of pain i was going through, instead of caring for me, you immediately jump on how upset you are that you didn't get to sit in to blog about it. And you went on questioning me about why nobody inform you. And how disappointed you are.

You told me you helped me persuade my doctor to do the boob job for me after you pulled out for lipo, OH REALLY?

My doctor is a professional and he does this to help me, purely out of goodwill, WHY WOULD HE GO LISTEN TO YOUR PERSUASION??? And then you continue to tell me you got into depression becox you felt that you let me down cox you couldn't do the lipo. Dude, your problem. Why would i be angry cox YOU can't do lipo on YOUR body? Doesn't make sense.

And then you told me you admit that you are bitter and sour becox you are angry. Angry that somehow all the good things that brushed against you, turn out to be mine. And that you ended up with nothing.

I understand your frsutration.. BUT DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON ME??? Can????

- I told you that my bf discourage me from hanging out with you for whatever reasons mentioned above in this post.

And then you were so persistent in wanting to get to his contact and talk it out with him.. I ask him on the spot while we were trashing out, he said "Don't bother lah. What for?" And i told you.

And you insist. And you insist. And then i told you what makes you think he'd be bothered to talk it out with you, when he can't even bother to talk it out with the more important people in our lives who had problems with us.

Which you, with much EVIL INTENTION,  added into your blogpost dedicated to me, with details and all. How could you share something like that about my bf (who is a very private person) on your blog?!?!

And you make it seem like my bf was the largest barrier between me and you. PLEASE, it's YOU. And you never wanted to apologise for three years. Suddenly now you want to get closer again (for whatever reasons only you know) and i said no for various reasons and out of which, you wanna bang on my bf as the main reason for it?!

But i am thankful, that my bf knows and understands what kinda person we're dealing with here.


You form your own thoughts. And you live and believe in them.

Which is all fine, i mean, i set my mind to ignore you as much as i can already. So this 'showdown' was becox you were asking for it so badly that i felt bad for you. And true to what i thought, you will not admit or even agree that you were being a less-than-nice person.

Cox you know, in your SSparkly world, you're always the nice one. Trying to be real. Trying to show your blog readers the 'truest' side of you, the real you, AS-IS *rolleyes*

Here, take this post, help yourself to it. Since they love the real you. Like they love how you paint me and my bf out to be in your post about me. They jumped on it. And they commented the worst, most nonconstructive, hurtful comments about me and Wendy. And you approved every single one of them like it's a trophy in your blogging portfolio.

I know, i seem so calm. But wait, i'm not done.

Now you're a changed person again! It's good lah! Since your "play victim" technique didn't get you far. It sure piss me off a lot when i hear it from people but that's about that. I didn't even wanna bother much about what you said. Cold, ditched you for higher grounds, done making use of you etc. Yeah, heard it all. Next time maybe filter who you tell things to.

Or did you purposely tell them so they'd come tell me?

Now you take on another approach!!! *another round of applause*

You were the middleman for some blogger event and you invited lotsa bloggers to attend. And then after that you guys hang out for a meal.

And deng deng deng~ You told everybody what?!?! You said

- I took the facial sponsorship from you becox? "You know lah, when girls hang out too much, and they start talking, this is what happens" You told them i tried to get closer to D, then persuade D to sign me and not you.

DUDE, THERE WERE TWO FUCKING CONTRACTS!!!! ONE FOR YOU, ONE FOR ME. YOU FUCKING WENT TO ACCEPT ANOTHER COMPETITOR'S OFFER, then 6 weeks later you wanna come back to this, you think what? Like your character? Can flip around and all round?!

AND YOU TOLD THEM YOU MISSED A FEW MEETINGS, OR WERE LATE, and i ended up being closer to D becox of that. Liar, you knew there were only TWO MEETINGS, and on both, you were present. Late for a bit, yes, but you were there. Say until you fucking missed out on lotsa of meeting and i had a chance to backstab you like this. Pui.

And you were so gross, you told them there's no way i could be chosen over you cox you had more readership than me at that point of time. You never had more readership than me. Fact. Why don't you tell them the truth?!?! That you chose to do competitor's brand? And then when you're done, and you wanted to come back, D didn't want to sign you. She did tell me why thou, from business point of view. It's bad for their company to just accept you over now, and it's also bad for the previous company you advertised for, if you just jump in a short period change, like that.

And i don't understand lor!!! Higher readership makes you feel good is it?! Okay that i can understand (lol), BUT COMPETING WITH YOUR FRIEND?!?!?! NI FAN BU FAN?!

Keep asking me for my stats. And even during the 'showdown', you told me you search my blog on alexa, and that my stats is doing a lot better than yours blablabla. And say that Wendy's blog is top how many. And that she really deserves a goddess title etc. Things you care about - Interesting. NOT.

- And then you told them that my bf hates you becox you had depression. HA. HA. HA. And they asked you, how is that possible cox depression is not contagious. And what did you say? "I DON'T KNOW! I am already so cham (pityful), got fucked over by my ex bf, and her bf down there don't allow her to meet me"

Oh. You don't know. But i told you during the show down what. You don't know? YOU PAISEH TO SAY, THEN DON'T SAY!!!!! When i confronted you about that, what did you say? You said "Then what do you expect me to tell them??? That i bit him?!?! That i was out of control and i drunk-drive you home?!"

NOPE. That's not what i want you to say although THAT, is the truth. I don't care about controlling you or what you are expected to say, or not to say. I'm not your mother. But if you choose to say it, tell the truth. Telling them my bf hates you cox you had depression, is as bad as, for example,

I slept with your husband, and then i slept with your son, and then i contaminate your makeup and made you grow 50 pimples, and then you slap me and scold me "SLUTWHORE I HOPE YOU DIE" after you realise. And then i go tell the whole world,

"She slapped me and then hope that i die =((( Why? I don't know~~~ Wuhoo.. ='((( I treated her as someone close to my heart.. I hope she knows that, that i still love her as a friend.. A lot. Wuhoo =(("


You discounted and omitted all the things that happened in between. Why? Cox you feel shameful of it, maybe. I don't know. But since you told me in our confrontation wassap messages when i asked you why you told people shit about my bf, you replied "Oh excuse me? I didn't know our history is to be kept a secret"

Oh yeah? Here you go. This whole fucking blogpost just for you.

Online feuds are online feuds. But when you pull in my loved ones.. You were looking for this post, right? Bookmark it! I spent a lot of time on it. And it won't interest anyone else but you. Since your letter to me, was a blog post. I thought my letter to you, should be a blogpost too =D Yay~ This is how we roll, right?

Oh oh, that's not all! What, did you think i was gonna leave out the fact that YOU ARE A TWO-FACED BITCH?!?!?!?!?!?!

Wait, by now it should be TWO-FACED PSYCHO BITCH.

During NAPBAS, you tweeted a WHOLE lot of nice stuff to Wendy. And then when we met in the toilet, you went "女神! 女神~ 我要跟女神拍照"


Totally fine, right? And then you went on, to blog a whole lot of nice stuff about her and her winning, i quote you,

"I super major love her pink hair and full-sequinned blue dress that night. She looked a million bucks, yet still maintained a cutesy-pretty feel about her. =)"

"I was hopping so excitedly at my table in my supposedly-elegant dress that I thought I must have looked ridiculous. But I was genuinely happy that she won. I mean, come on, every single product she advertises for, SELLS. And I mean, SELL LIKE MAD kinda sell. If that is not influential, I don't know what is."

"It hasn't been an easy journey for her, but Xiaxue is where she is now, and I am truly very very happy for her. She, plus Qiuting, were my very very first inspirations to start blogging. =D"

"女王, 这个名称, 我不是乱叫, 也没有白叫.  我会永远支持你!!!!!"

OH. BUT that's not what we heard!!! Was it? What did you tell those bloggers?

You told them that Wendy will be a nobody if not for her being popular online. Cox she's so short and unnoticeable in real life. And that's why she have to dye blonde and now, pink hair.

So you said you don't understand what is there for her to be so yaya-papaya about. And that she's so arrogant cox you tried so many times to be friends with her but she always gave you this attitude.

What got into you........ I mean you're psychotic, bitchy, mean and act like the one with a bigger heart all the time, BUT NOW YOU ALSO DO LIES????

You wanna lie about such stuff??? You lie about me and how i snatch things from you to people, and you lie about my bf hating you for the wrong reason, and then now you wanna be two-faced about how you feel for Wendy?!?!?!

On all the occasions that Wendy met you, i was there. And btw CNY open house, SHE WAS FUCKING FRIENDLY with EVERYONE lah!!!!!!! Even the bloggers whom she had saga with previously, she still spoke to them during poker and card game. As much as she spoke to you.

That aside, why, she must be extra friendly to you is it? Cannot accept that in life, not everyone will adore you, is it? What is wrong with you! People never reciprocate your friendship then you like this talk shit about people.

If you truly like and admire somebody, you don't start to talk shit of that person just becox you tried to be friends and she didn't show you back the same kind of friendliness you shown to her.

You don't say nonsense like "I like her personality and her blog but can't say the same about her character thou" Yeah, but in your blogpost on NAPBAS, you said you will FOREVER SUPPORT HER???

In your blogpost about me, you even dare say i twisted your words from the conversation you had with those bloggers, then tell Wendy another story about you. Haha, you think i'm you ah?

I can't name names of the others who told me details about what you told them that day, and on other occasions where you met them, but Yutaki came to tell me to clear the air with you cox you seem really unhappy about me and the past. But he doesn't know what happened between me and you in the past so he don't want me to know about what he heard that day. Cox i've never told him about it. And he was afraid that if he told me that you told everybody, i'd get major pissed.

So he just say ask me to talk to you since you have lotsa misunderstanding about me and Wendy. And i'm sure he has his own way of looking at it but..


I'm sure you don't need to read lah, you definitely remember what you said. And what Yutaki blogged about, triangulates with what the others told me, so who could the liar be but you?!?!?!

Telling them that D and i got close becox you were late on several occasions?!?!?! REALLY?!?! WE ONLY HAD TWO MEETINGS. And you CHOSE not to sign the contract and go do competitor's advert first. Now you blame me and D for it. Really.. You.. Are hopeless.

And telling them i'm angry about you not being able to do lipo with me while i do boob job?!?! Bitch, i told you EXACTLY what i'm unhappy about during the showdown.. What's your point of begging for me to tell you why i'm unhappy, and then you go tell people another story?

The past few days, you get confronted with the shit you do and say, and after attempts to deny failed, you'd give up and say "Yes, i said that, but i don't mean blablablablabla"



Okay? Don't try to cook up a subtle and gentle side of what you said as an excuse for all the shit you said behind people's back.

Everytime in your post/ wassap, you start off righteous and angry and then you wanna end of with "no hard feelings", "I don't want any more drama", "You still have a special place in my heart"

WELL, I'D TELL YOU WHAT, if i'm like what your post made me out to be, so awful and manipulative and mean and no sense of self, and copies Wendy etc, if i'm so bad, i say you give that slot to someone else.

Please, give it away, please.

And before this ends, i wanna talk about your godsis and Wendy's incident. You brought this up during the lunch with the rest of the bloggers. When you were talking about how arrogant Wendy is. I think you thought that this would prove your point that Wendy is truly an arrogant person.

Here's what happened, AND I BET YOUR GUTS, even your godsis can't remember it well.

Your godsis didn't went to pick up leaves on the grass patch (as what she commented and then disclaim that she can't remember exactly what happened), she was packing up some rubbish on the floor in the studio/ office cox we just had McDee and some people were still eating, but she was just clearing up the rest of the bits of rubbish hanging around that wasn't placed inside the rubbish bag yet.

Which is really a nice gesture!!! I agree!!!

And then a girl asked her "Why you keep clearing up those stuff!"

And your godsis went "职业病".

Which means it's a habit she picked up in her job.

Stupid answer. Nobody knows that you're a producer who habitually packs and organised stuff lah okay, anyway you said in the filming profile that you're an aspiring singer. Then how we know?!

So Wendy jokingly said "Huh, 你的职业是清洁工人啊?"

The joke was there!!! She had to go for it! I mean, what other job could her job be if she said cleaning rubbish is something she picked up in her job? And NO, nobody thinks it's a kind of discrimination to joke that her being a cleaner is of negative reference. Why? You ownself think being a cleaner is very low is it? That's why offended?

Had your godsis been posing, and people ask, "Why you keep posing!" and she say 职业病, and then Wendy reply "You're a model huh!" THEN HOW? NOT OFFENSIVE AND RUDE ANYMORE?


It's not like your godsis IS a cleaner, and yet Wendy go poke fun of it. CLEARLY, she is not. So i don't see why you guys have to kick up a storm, for something small that happened months ago.

And everyone laughed over it. But of course to you, Silver, it's a big deal right? Something that you can blow up and feed on, when people agree with you that Wendy is a rude and arrogant person.

You godsis called you to briefly whine about it, and then you took this and make a big deal out of it at the conversation with the bloggers.

And after you're done, WHAT DID YOUR GODSIS SAY???

"Oh yeah, if you didn't say, i'd have forgotten about it"

Yes i'm sure it hurt her and scarred her as much as you made it up to sound like.

I'm not here to prove to the whole world that you did this this and this. I'm here to remind you of the things you did.. To remind yourself of all the things that you conveniently forget, to be able to think of yourself as a victim now.

Whatever you do.. Stop cooking stories and then play victim. I'm not gonna end this as nice as you did. Truth be told, i did this post JUST FOR YOU. To leave me alone and to get out of my life. You did so many things and you could flipped words around just so they work in your advantage.

I kept quiet through the months and didn't blog a single shit about it nor approve a single comment telling me you blogged about me in your Friends post.. Becox i thought ignoring you.. Would make you leave quietly.

If you honestly think that our friendship means so much, that letter on your blog now would have been an actual email in my inbox now.

But you chose to put it on your blog, and said all these shit (mostly untrue) and then pull in my bf. And want people to look at him like he's this petty, old and sad man.

You lost your special place in my heart when you invited me to go on a yacht with a rich guy in the gaming industry who invited you and one of your sizzling hot girlfriend on the yacht set sail for a luxury resort in Bali for just the three of us.

Thank you for telling me that "when he said hot girlfriend i immediately thought of you =)" but no thanks to such indecent proposal when you know i'm attached to this petty, old and sad bf.

And, last thing, you said so much about how you see a lot of Wendy's style in my blogpost, the way i do advertorial and even the way i photoshop my pictures, you told me so much advice on how to blog and be myself over wassap, and on your blogpost. I'm thankful!

But i'm not the one having to spun stories, tell lies, twist facts and omit shameful details about myself, just so i can get barely over 2 thousand hits from my daily 700 - 800 hits.

But since i've blogged about you, look at your stats! =DDD
Happy ma? =D You care so much about stats, you confirm happy right!

Let's look at our motives individually for wanting to start this saga now lah, okay.

Your motives for creating all these saga with Wendy and i:

- Like you said in your email, you want to be a part of the interesting people i mix with for whatever reason i don't know, and for a fact that it seems like it's not happening, or not happening soon enough, you decided to take another approach, this saga.

- You whole freaking time so super care about blog stats, even went to Alexa search me and Wendy etc, so i guess you wanted this so you could have your stats go up. Look at the graph! Wendy tweeted your name, and your stats went from 700/800 to 2000! You blogged shit about me, and your stats went from 1400 up to 2200 again! Congrats! Now that i blogged about you, your stats went to? 8000+. And yet you still keep taunting me and Wendy on your Twitter.

- You mentioned to me during the 'showdown' that your acting/ hosting gig request is decreasing and the income is really low. And that you can barely survive on it. So now you are keen to take up blogshop adverts, and that's why you told me to send you the template on how i charge. I guess you think this fame can make you call for more money from advertisers.

My motives for creating all these saga with you:

OH, NOTHING~ Cox I wasn't the one creating saga!!!!! You talk shit about people to so many people, and then we tweet to ask you to stop it, cannot?!??! I didn't even mentioned names!!! Yes Wendy did but DID YOU NOT SAY SHIT ABOUT HER TO BLOGGERS?!?!?!?


You did! And this is not the only bunch of people you tell to. ADMIT IT. We just don't want to name names like you did during our wassap conversation. At first sign of me confronting you, you mentioned FOUR NAMES. One of which is Brad (ladyironchef) but he's how fucking innocent in this case please. He only met you once and he didn't even say anything about you to me. And then when you finally admit to saying stuff, you quickly pointed out that Christine and Yutaki and Brad also said a lot of shit about me and Wendy as well. Sigh..

I honestly do not believe that Xtine said anything with mean/ evil intention like you did. She was probably commenting, gossip session, expected. No biggie. BUT LOOKS WHO'S COMMANDING and manipulating the gossip session, and leading people to believe what she wants them to believe? YOU. Yet you go dish out other people's name when being exposed.

YOU ARE A LOUSY PERSON. So stop offering the special spots in your heart (which is not that big lah, please. Big hearts don't go for dramas like you have been dashing for) to people.

I guess you can also keep the advice you have for me about my blogging, to yourself. Run out of things to say shit about me? SIMPLE, pick the one that people always pick on me about, that i copy Wendy. If you're so into originality, stop asking me to send you my template on how to quote blogshops. You asked once when you started blogging, then you asked once more right after the showdown.

And then out of nowhere, you're doing magatorial too! Nise!!! It's okay, don't have to credit magatorial to me even thou i strung that word together =)

I will not respond to any of your blogpost after this, or discreet tweetacks/ sad tweets directing for me to see etc. Becox reading your tweets is like watching you act, so unnatural. I QUOTE YOU AGAIN, you tweeted "Sorry, I don't know how to tweet sarcastic/horrible/nasty things abt u the way u can about me. I just cannot bring myself to do it."

BITCH PLEASE, YOU ALREADY DID SO, ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS, blog shit, twice, tweet shit, freaking so many times! I know you're tweeting those to show people how much exactly you value me even though you write so much shit about me on your blog (confusing).

Now, tell me, when was the last time you had your mental state checked? You need professional help. Tell your doctor "Wuhoo.. Everybody is against me.. I just wanna be friends! Qiuting is so mean! Wuhoo.. =((" URGH. SAVE IT.

How long will the anti-xx and anti-me feed on this? You interesting enough ma? Not interesting enough for the long run, you gotta find something else to bang on already. I mean, afterall Wendy and i both gave our best to you liao.

Oh and.. You keep saying Wendy 'took' me away from you. No she didn't.

I walked away. Too slowly apparently. I mean look at how long this worthless post is.

Oh, that's not all! Someone emailed me to tell me she left this comment your blog, but you didn't approve it. Here's what she commented:

"Wow! *clap clap* Mediacorp has trained you well. Talk about twisting everything to become sinister and creating the world's biggest pity party for yourself.

Aren't you the saddest little dimpled girl just wanting to be a true friend to others?

But here's what I think, reading between the lines. First, let's talk about the "depression". Please don't insult that word with your boyfriend melodrama. Dating married men and feeling so sad? Oh honey, were you the victim who deserves true love? Please, depression is a medical condition. Yours is just you seeking attention, perhaps training to be the next Best Actress. If God exists, he wont torture the next decent man by introducing you to his life.

Then you talk about Qiuting's bf as if he is the main catalyst in the destruction of your oh so precious friendship. That he is the world's pettiest man, refusing to "clear the air" with you, and of course you validate this by exposing that he is in bad terms with his own relatives, something Qiuting told you in confidence.

She has always been very private about her bf. If you are a true friend as you claim, you should know better than to talk about him against her wishes, moreover exposing little secrets she told you. Have you thought about jeopardising her relationship with him if he reads your post? "Why did you tell Silver about my relatives?" - Noooo... You don't care, you just want to play the victim. Why don't you post his pictures while you are at it? That should piss Qiu off, she deserves it, doesn't she?

You wished to clear the air with Qiuting's bf. Why would he want to clear the air with you after you fucking bit him like a psycho bitch? You are NOBODY to him, there is nothing to salvage or fix. You showed him your true colours and he decided he doesn't like you. That's that. Sometimes people don't want to fix stuff because... Well why bother to fix a $1 chair? After fixing it's probably worth $0.20 - not worth the trouble.

You write as if Qiuting decided to stop being friends with you because her bf forbade her. Have you considered perhaps she was just using that an excuse to stop hanging out with you because you are a shitty person?

And then the two other reasons - XX and Click, combined with Qiu's rising popularity, made her so arrogant that she decided to neglect you. No. Sure, she did become friends with XX and got more popular, but she started to neglect you just then because it became more and more apparent you were jealous and uncomfortable with her fame, which was beginning to eclipse yours. You also idolised XX, but XX chose to be friends with Qiu and not you. Dammit, you were a celebrity first, what happened? Why should people pay more attention to that flat-chested girl than you?

You became toxic. She didn't change... you did. Nobody wants to deal with a green-eyed monster who puts them down all the time. You just chose to believe you had no part to play the demise of the friendship.

Speaking of friendship - it is so easy to just keep going on and on about how sad you are to lose this one. Were you a true friend to her?

What have you done for her, really, to make it such that she should have tried her best to salvage her friendship with you because it's so worth it and you are so fantastic as a friend?

Did you visit her after her boob job to see if she is ok, or buy food for her to heal quickly? Or were you just sulking, sour you didn't get to sit in on her surgery to get a slice of the attention pie? She complains about migraines - have you even googled remedies to help her deal with her pain or introduced good doctors to her?

And now you paint her as this worthless, fame-seeking, grovelling lackey with a petty crazy boyfriend for the world to see. Are you pleased with the comments insulting her? Feels good?

A fantastic friend you are indeed, someone should give you a fucking trophy for your efforts. Now you see why everybody wants to be friends with you! XX and Qiuting must be idiots"

WELL SAID!!!!!! Why did i bother blogging this whole shit man, that comment would have summarised my blogpost!

And why you like this! People say i lackey and that you're prettier than me, you approve. They say hope that Wendy will never be able to reproduce, you approve. They say shit about you, you no approve. That's not nice! Please learn how to respect people's feelings leh. Trollololol.

Okay it's not like i look forward to putting this post up, it's about 12,000 - 13,000 words long, nobody is keen. So i don't look forward to it. But since you wanna be so insane, and keep pretending by telling people you don't know why we drifted, and tried to push it to my bf, to Wendy, to the change in me after i got close to Wendy etc. NOW THIS POST, shall serve as a reminder. Each time you wanna think "I'm so innocent~ I don't know! I didn't do anything! I was young! Wuhoo.. =((" THEN YOU READ THIS AGAIN BA.

By the way, YOUNG is not an excuse to all the shit you did. However young at whichever point of time you were at, remember i was two years and 13 days younger than you. Now stop sulking.

When i knew from your comments that you were coming up with a closure post, i thought you would at least apologise to Wendy for talking shit about her to people. But no.. You went on to talk more shit about me then wanna sign off with telling me i still hold a sepcial place in your heart. Now i know why your heart whole fucking day kena hurt, COX YOU KEEP WHORING IT OUT and it loses its worth.

Please, if it's so close to your heart, keep it close, keep it hush, keep it within you and the other party. Don't whore it on Twitter and your blog. After the confrontation, you admitted that you said stuff about my bf and then said you'd just shut up next time if people ask about our history. But look what you did next? Put up a Letter to a Dear Friend.. Filled with insults and your own self-pity and pulling my bf into this.. Tsk.. You've crossed the line. And i tweeted this, you know it's for you..

你敬我一尺 我敬你一"仗". 外加预赠你 "三思" - 后果, 后路, 自负.
So for all the things you did the past years and especially recently, you really can't blame me for how things turn out this way. Blame your own big mouth, insecurities, lame expectation of people you're nice to to be equally nice to you, and your desire to rush your way to be a part of the "interesting" people like you mentioned, also your fake niceness and screwed mentality. Oh no, this is not a war anyway, not a PK, right? But i'm sure you'd come back with something cox that'd help your blog stats to grow =) Go ahead and prove me right. I rest my case here.

I don't have to make people think i'm the good guy here, but at least i can tell the truth.

You have to really stop telling lies.. Since the post's been up, people keep emailing me to tell me things about you. I'd never post them. But i just hope you'd back off. Don't taunt us anymore.. Don't keep pulling Mint into this. I sincerely feel bad for her.

Okay. You know what will make this cool despite it being worthless to most of you who are not the ones involved? If i seal my 7 years story with..


Isabel said...

Really just wanna say that i truly admire you being so brave and true to keep it hush from your side even though the other party said shits about you. Thank you for being so true to all your fans out there and also being so cheerful and crazy-ish all the time from wht i see. I LIKE YOU!

Ryan said...


A punch which a jealous bitch deserves, or in another case, it's called Karma. It's great you stepped out and tell your side of the story. People are just lame when they listen to one side of the story, and go bonkers about shit, because why? They don't have a life of their own. She's a hungry tiger. Dropping names, pushing the blame, whining into making herself a priority just because she has nothing much on her plate, low-life.

Walking away from such a person, while having good friends, a great bf, and a warm family, you don't lose nothing, she did! *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

You must be really annoyed that she's spamming you with twits. Hang in there! :) cheer up!

Alvinology said...

Epic storybook.

MochaFrapp. said...

Read this super long post

I do really feel extremely sad for you. I bet you must be thinking this siao blog reader why feel sad for me!
But, I do understand and can relate to it. When one gives all to a friendship and the other party USES it to their advantage AND keeping using you over and over again! Also, twisting around the facts.

I do hope this scene goes away, fear not QQ you didn't lose a friend, you lost a person who didn't know how to appreciate you.

Hopefully, from this day forth, you can take a deep breath and don't have to keep thinking about this -ve thing.

Stay happy QQ :)

<3 Jole

Anonymous said...

damn son this is super long i'll read it on pc later. i noticed you from xx's blog and i thought the way you say 'becox' is very cute. watched some of your videos. cried when i see your expression on the boob job video. it was very touching! you're down to earth & funny that's why i keep reading. don't care about that bitch. some people will try to pull you down when they feel incompetent. Loves :)

Anonymous said...

I read your whole entry despite being 1 of the 99% that does not relate to me. So coherent and straight to the point, unlike hers which had horrible meaning in between the lines.

I read her entry dedicated to you before yours and knew she was extremely selective on writing the truth just to flame you.

All along everyone can tell that you are the simple and nice one. I can't believe you crossed path with her. This is a true definition of TOXIC friend which you can do without. Xiaxue may be candid and a little vulgar at times, but those who spoke with her before knew she had no airs even as a famous blogger.

To bring your bf and family affairs into the picture is extremely disgusting and she probably had no other excuses/reasons for that low-blow action. She meant to hurt you damn deep with that.

Getting her out of your life was your best decision you ever made in your life.

Sharlyn said...

Definitely sound the more sincere and truthful version. To be honest, it did cross my mind that this saga is all about readership. But, you'd proven that you are able to separate what should be aired to the whole world & what to keep private.

Love how you address this saga. Keep up the good work.

ps: Disgusted by her reply to my comment.

edaong said...

u go girl!! i finished reading the whole thing and seeing she is arrogant, (and i hope she is seeing this) she should REALLY go watch this video..

Nikki said...

I actually read the whole entry, and that's one hell of a story. I really admire you for being so brave and candid about the 'friendship', and you deserve a closure. (: love your blogging style and your character btw, it's different from xiaxue! (I'm a loyal blog reader of hers too)

jasmine said...

WOW!!! Awesome post!!

jasmine said...


xueyi said...

i agree to what isabel said!! and i think because of your post, her blog view will go up again! it makes me curious to see what she is blogging about! this kind of person dont need to waste your energy! like my friends said, you can be really good friends with someone you know recently than with a friend whom you known for over 10 years when she isnt true to you! which i think is really true, and cheer up!! I like your blog!!!! XP

Naomi said...

Just want to say that you will always be better than her in many of your reader's hearts! The fact that she is sweet-coating stuff to keep her blog 'safe, prim and proper' and cast herself in a good light while you step up in a genuine and honest sounding post about how you really feel is something you should be really proud of :) Nobody has a more GENUINE personality than you do, and keep the cheerfulness!

Anonymous said...

I feel sad that this whole saga will probably bring her undeserved readership .. :(

Good job on this post!

Anonymous said...

hey qiuqiu, I m so astonished to read this!!! I really thought Silver was the VICTIM and is super sincere in mending the friendship with you.. I was like so touched by how much she loves u as a friend (or rather faking it)... After reading this post of urs, I m thinking back about those blog posts where she made me (and other readers) think that she's such a wonderful person! Like so fake. Like I suddenly dunno the real her anymore... So scary how online personas can dun seem like what it is...

vanilla said...

Whoaaa this is one hell of a long post! I salute you, seriously you can write this long? I can't read all, i tried but i can't! hehe.
You sound like a really good friend, still talking to her after all those drama, i really salute you. If i were you, i wold have really get her out of my life, its too much!!:(

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favourite post of yours~You're really brave.
I can totally relate to your story, thought it's not as dramatic as yours.
Really love this quote of yours, cause it's exactly how I it was for me. "You keep saying Wendy 'took' me away from you. No she didn't.
I walked away."
Anyway, stay strong and awesome! (:

Rachael Lim said...

man... she is psychologically troubled.

Shirley said...

qiu jie2 can I ask what you use to track your stats? Is it nuff nang ? Cox I have a blog and want to track the number of visitors. I am only in sec 1 so I am not good with computers .. Thank you! I support you all the way!

Ash. said...

I had once came across Silver's blog and never really got hooked onto her blogging style. The little messages that she leaves behind before signing off are cringe-worthy and I find it, for the lack of a better word, lame. I was surprised to see her blog pop up from this post because all this time, I thought she was another wannabe blogger. (Never knew she was an artiste either. Wtf)

I think it is really goddamn awful as to how Silver and her supporters seem to portray XX as some devil influencing you not to befriend her.

It's disgusting, really. It is as though she believes that you have no mind of your own whatsoever.

I applaud you for telling your side of the story. Don't bother about "friends" like her. If the relationship is unhealthy and it makes you upset every time you think about it, it's best to let go.

Continue being strong and happy, Qiu Qiu! You still have your loved ones and readers supporting you!

Ash. said...

By the way, people who like playing the role of the victim should just get a life. It is, ugh, so fucking annoying when they start emotionally blackmailing people when they don't get things their way.

Can't they just see that the world doesn't revolve around their pouty lips and tear-filled eyes?

yanneng said...

This is fantastic! I applaud you Qiuqiu!

Xtine said...

How come no one commented about the sound effects?!?

I totally loved it and laughed out loud at the FX Dolby Surround Sound.

Anonymous said...

Hi I think you are a really genuine and sweet person(: read both blog posts and I agree that she's psychotic :S just your luck to get tangled up in such a mess. keep your head up and move on with life!(: you deserve closure to this saga

Anonymous said...

I like the part where QQ goes: bor bor bor bor bor bor borrrrrrrrrrr!!! Then kong kong kong kong kong kong!!! LOL! hilarious!!!!

yutakis said...

i m gonna link this post up on my smoke and fire post, so that people could have better ideal, wad happen... ;-/

Lianne said...

Wow! This is one hellapost! I admit I went on to read the whole thing coz I was bagua at first, then after that it was coz I felt so unjust for you! Omg, if you were killed in a car crash (CHOY!) then I won't have your episodes on click and your blog to read (which I both really enjoy and watch/read EVERYTHING)! =[[[

Chill girl! People who make you so upset is really not worth your emotions. Go hang out with the other nice bloggers who are more sincere and ACTUALLY LIKES YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND NOT COZ YOU'RE INFLUENTIAL. *cheers to you!* =D

Lynnz said...

Yea! I've always disliked Silver Ang! I remember there was once she criticised bloggers who posted photos exposing half their boobs and then she did the same thing, and wan bao/xin min wrote about it. Disgusted. Wonder why Mediacorp gets her to host children programmes lor! Now more disgusted by her after reading your post!

Anonymous said...

super like this post... silver ang is also damn short ma, still dare to criticize about pple. she should grow up and stop acting like a teenage girl.

and she should also stop claiming that she was a hwachongjc alumni when she was only there for first three mths but eventually couldn't stay cos of her points.

Anonymous said...

Finally after reading your blog did I understand what exactly happened!

Only those who have nothing to hide will dare to speak out in the clear and publish every single thing, without leaving out details. Silver is obviously trying to cover her lying tracks with her latest letter to you, but she fails big time!

It's good to know you have all along been true to yourself all these years, respect you! :)

Hope Silver closes down her blog soon.. :p

just-michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
just-michelle said...

pb: psychotic bitch
bb: budget barbie.

having been with you through so many episodes (drifting apart from PB, filming BB, drifting further from PB, getting boob job, drifting EVEN FURTHER FROM PB, befriending XX, and totally leaving PB outta your life), i dont understand why PB (psycho bitch) keep saying you changed, ever since you got closer to xx.

my point is, you've always been the dear and sweetest QQ that zhen & i ever had and known since we became friends.

love you! =D

ps, can you also dedicate such a loooooooooooong post to me n zz? hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I flew with Silver in the past and I agree that she looks sweet on the outside and is really ugly on the inside. She still owes me what she promised me. This is after making use of me.

Meryl-Ann said...

This entire saga took me 2 hours to digest, directing myself from one page to another to another, just so i'm able to justify the facts right from both sides.

I am based in Australia, but i do come back to Sg once a year for a holiday. And i rmb about 2 yrs ago, i accidentally chanced upon "Attica" @ far east and went ahead to do my hair since i badly needed a hair fix. You and Silver came in to pass Juno cups of bubble tea! I found Silver familiar, but that was when Juno told me about your blog and subsequently finding myself very engaged with your blog contents.

I love how you're so real and not afraid to tell the whole world what kind of person you are even if it might sound disgusting to some. I appreciated your effort to even find and replace better vocabularies when people complained about your speaking in Budget Barbie. I mean c'mon, you worked negativity as a form to improve yourself. Good on you!

Silver well, i've lost respect for her as a blogger/artiste. What comes around, goes around.. and if she still doesn't understand the root of all these problems, she's pretty much a nutless shell.

I feel sad for her. Hopefully she finds someone patient enough to poke the bubble she's been living in. Otherwise, heck this shit and rock your bodddaayyyyy.

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Just 5 words.
Silver is trying TOO HARD.

Anonymous said...

i'm supposed to sleep but i spent 1 hour+ reading this super long post that is very, very interesting.

Thank you qq, I'm gonna head to sleep or I'll be damned for school tmr. :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't know she was such a bitch. Well done, qiuqiu to blog out the truth and shut her bloody lying trap up. Anyway, thanks for opening up my eyes and all the best for your bright future ahead! :)

Anonymous said...

hey there:) definitely believe your story has no reasons to lie and believe me there's so much more supporting you! wdv youve suffered in this friendship take it as a learning point to chose your friends wisely in future! i believe you make a genuine good friend:D keep going quiqui!:s

HitomiNeko said...

wooo that is a super long post~ I can’t read it all ~ but I have to say I do hate liers~

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

.____________. said...

Hire me to kill her. I'll be more than happy to get rid of her. It doesnt matter to the society that such a person like her is gone right? :) Jiayou ah bong! I admire you! You're not afraid to show to ppl that you're a cheap skate!

Anonymous said...

I read through all the 12000-13000 words and i must say she has always seemed so fake on tv etc..thanks for telling the truth!!

Joy Chong said...

I was about to slp until I saw yutaki's tweet about ur post. I flipped my iPad, got up and grab some CNY love letter plus pokka green tea. What an interesting 'story'! Btw, I like you! 加油!

Anonymous said...

i think she only wants attention to get people to her blog since she knows a war is coming.
People will flock to her blog to read what she typed.

shelovesDBSK said...

oh my...ive always been a silent reader but this time wanna show my support! in life we always meet shitty "friends" i just hope she stop hurting you and creating things that are not true. hang in there! and i love your blog btw!!!

A said...

Lol who is Silver? Is she even famous? I'm a Singaporean and I never heard of her zz. Lots of people should be googling her name now to find out who she is.

Not gonna go her blog and make her hits go up cause I'm not interested in reading fake stories.

Seriously this Silver (lame name) girl is making herself look like a joke. Perhaps she doesn't even mind being seen as a joke since that's probably the only way she can be famous.

Mich K said...

Even though people may not know the lies she spun about her love relationships, people now know the lies she spun about her friendships and most of her life. That act victim ploy didn't work and now her attempts to deny/coverup/digress will be useless. All those fucked up things she did to you seriously aint what you'd say "a BFF" would do. You are much better off without all these drama and explaining. You have your LOVING BF and family!!! Her psycho mind and life only have blog stats.

P.S: Im still laughin about your "BOR BOR BOR BOR BORRRRRRRRR and KONG KONG KONG KONG KONGGGGGGGG, so hard to fall asleep!!!

Evangeline said...

It's obvious tt Silver is leeching on this saga's attention! She is the one using everyone to gain traffic to her blog. I knew it the moment I lay eyes on her "friend" post. Selffishness, Hypocrite and Fake are just hard to hide!

Anh said...


She isn't even anywhere near pretty!!! O.o?

Anonymous said...

12000-13000 words and yet I still read it!!! I think you're really nice to be able to put up with such a fake person for so long! Wise choice not accepting that special place in her heart hahahahahha!!!

Keilyn said...

I really wonder who this Mediacorp actress is, she really is a bitch. Anyway, good that you cleared the air and that you finally let the truth out, you can never go wrong with the truth!! Kudos to you for taking so much effort to put up this blog post, personally, I think she isn't worth it. But it helped us all see her for who she truly is, (which, ironically, is not her 3D self as she claims to be). YOU ROCK.

R said...

10,000 words blogpost - read every single word. successkid.jpg

Anyw just wanted to say well done, qq! Always disliked Silver and find her ugly and now realized she's a crazy psycho fame-craving bitch LOL. Sad life she has. Rock on qq!

Anonymous said...

OMG I stayed up until 2.30am to finish reading this post. I followed Silver for so long and SORRY from her posts I thought you were such a horrible person!!!!!. Gosh you are totally right..when you tell the truth, you tell the whole truth. You are really awesome!! I enjoyed reading this so much!!!!

pivaxi said...

Wow, can't believe I read all of that till 3am.

QQ, I really admire you for coming out and sharing your story. Quite frankly I hate people who are your "friend" but seem to think the whole world revolves around them, and that EVERYONE does them wrong and you end up the bad guy. Believe me, I've experienced it recently too. Pretty much the same "Oh Valerie, You're such an attention seeking bitch, blah blah, you're the one who's making it bad for yourself" and when I shut down that stupid bitch group I got sent "I hope this teaches you a lesson" Lesson in what? How to kill bitches with fire? (That story probably needs more context lol!)

QQ, you're an amazing blogger. I hope cockroaches never bug you again. :) (because they just never die!!)

p.s. and Budget Barbie is amazing, even if she upsell you by telling click you buy cheap stuff and make it look good, I still think no matter what. You're the one with Budget Barbie and good friends and followers who will back you up and an awesome boob job. Keep Smiling QQ, you're the best. <3

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu

Omg, I spent 1 hour to read this long post of yours! Don't give ur attention to her anymore, she doesn't deserve it!

Stay happy and I love ur blog!

Gunila said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Such a drama of... nothing!
I can't understand understand that point about "I want to be friends with smbd and they don't"/ How can you force your company onto smbd? It's like stalking people! Some people get along and became close others just don't! Person doesn't own smbd to be friends with!
I think, this Silver is really a hard person better to keep away from her! So I'm happy you brake all the connections, she seems really dangerous!
And the other point I totally don't get! It's ridiculous to say that Wendy wold be... if not popular or not has her blog and so on. But she IS. It's what defines her! She's popular blogger with striking look, all this appearance, hair, style and so. It is what she is. How can one tell what if... It makes no sense. Like, this book would be nothing and nobody read it if it wasn't only so super interesting! LOL

the virtually unknown said...

omg i spent 2 hours reading this! and it's nearly 5am @____@ YOU GO GIRL! GIVE HER ALL THE ATTENTION THAT SHE NEEDS. after this she might nv be able to live a smooth life liao. but if anything were to happen to her, like if she attempts suicide, DO YOU THINK PPL WILL BLAME YOU FOR IT?? (it's her ploy of cos!) tsk. i mean u should go temple pray pray. pray for this kind of xiao ren to vanish from ur life. LOL

Anonymous said...

Quiqui, you really shouldn't even give her the time of day or space on your blogpost. With you putting in a whole lengthy post about her, she is sure to become more you said, you are best with ignoring, this time just ignore her, ignore all the way and remove the post. She may use it in the future against you leh; not so good. And you posting this is deeming a war over blog and might in return cause her to get more blog views. These people are bloodsucking leeches, take credit for things, actions, fortune, welcoming, and even pictures not theirs. I say just drop her, from your life forever.

Anonymous said...

Qiuting... 越早走越好!!! 快点跑啊~~~ This one scarier than seventh month horror movies.

~Zhenna~ said...


如果能够彼此之间通过电话或见个面 (if she had called you instead of penning in black & white), 澄清事实;i am sure 结局可能就不一样。。 【毕竟7年的友谊,words cannot explain all emotions, like holding your hand & clearing up e air etc 。。】

Hopefully everyone can move on... after all, LiFe is short :).

Mochi said...

Wow! Apart from this being a sad and upsetting part of your life (I think anyway), this was really a good and interesting blog post.

Can't help myself but taking your and xiaxues side in this.

Hope this issue is done for you know!

Anonymous said...

did silver ever study in perth for a really short time during high sch? i knew a girl back then also named silver and shes exactly like the silver u blogged abt... weirdly coincidental.

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu, I've been reading yours and Silver's blogs for awhile, and I think that your this post is a bit too harsh. As a friend, or not, I think you are the one who couldn't let go. You remember everything with such detail, and frankly speaking only people who holds grudges do. She never mentioned those things in detail perhaps because she didn't know those people well enough to tell them the everything? I know I wouldn't.

Take a look at yourself and ask if you've really read too much into things, or viewed things in the mistaken context. I've met Silver and spoken to her a few times, and I can say that she is a very straightforward person. Very transparent. And her straightforwardness never meant any harm. I don't know her very well, and I don't know you either, but I can see that she is trying. Even though you don't give a damn. You don't give a damn enough to make sure that you kill her with your words on cyberspace.

Not once has she said anything bad about you, maybe to people whom she thought are her friends, but never online. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

If I were QQ, I'd definitely stay far, far away from Silver. Silver needs to get her mental state checked. Pronto. QQ is dsmn patient lor. She may be holding grudges but anyone in the right mind will feel hurt after having to put through your supposedly best friend caring more about her blog hits then your health. I believe QQ decided to just let it be, keep quiet and walk away. Until this psychotic woman decided to act kelian making her and XX out to be evil bullies. It's only natural for Qq to write a detailed lengthy post to clear her name.. Just take a look at how S is handling her tweets after QQs post. She immediately went crazy and left so many tweets to QQ and the way she replies to ppl who side with Qq, is rude and unprofessional, coming from someone supposedly famous on tv. And once again Qq decides to ignore. You go girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ,
I'm totally on your side. I've read SA's blog and her posts about Friendship and PK is so fake. (I have also commented on her blog, but she didn't approve. So much for saying on Twitter that she approved both positive and negative comments). She is so fake. She is really a bitch. Outside, look so sweet and demure, inside, twisted and fucked up. That is why, "God is fair". I think she also got hide a lot of things even though she claimed her blog is totally honest. I just wish she can just fuck off instead of 'dwelling' on it. Just MOVE ON and fuck off from QQ's life. Lol. Just for laughs, I have a feeling she is a bit lesbian for her to say that you still have a spot in her heart after what have happened between you guys (which is a lot of shit). SA, if your reading this, please leave QQ alone. QQ doesn't deserve your shit friendship. IF you are really her "friend", PLEASE let QQ happIER with her life.

QQ blog reader and BB viewer.

fyeee said...

you > anyday

Muffin said...

Maybe she's bipolar, like you know, her namesake from 90210

M said...

Silver had just written a new post to defend herself. Let there be a ceasefire. Too many personal attacks are coming out into the open!

Meli said...

RE: "QiuQiu, I've been reading yours and Silver's blogs for awhile, and I think that your this post is a bit too harsh. "

- That Anon must be delusional, Qiu. Remembering details makes you a lucid person, and there is nothing wrong with that. If people were talking shit about me and twisting my words the way "Saint Silver" is, I'd sure as hell want to set things straight by reminding that person exactly what happened. You were very patient in dealing with that psycho!

And, ANON, it's better for her to remember what really happened, instead of "forgetting" what's convenient for her to not remember, don't you think? It's not about holding grudges, it's about knowing what's real. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to remember details when you are not out to tell lies #justsaying. Also, did you ever stop to think that Silver never "mentioned those details" because they were too close the to truth she was trying to conceal / twist?
And, what if she never said anything bad about Qiuting "online"? What difference does it make, you tell me? Her person and her thoughts are poisonous, and she kept throwing her venom at Qiuting. So she only maybe said bad things about Qiuting to her people "she thought were her friends"? (Wow, very noble. Good job, Silver.) Are you saying that just because it's not out on the Internet, or for everyone to see/hear, it shouldn't bother Qiuting that that bitch is making a bad person out her to everyone who'll listen? Does it make it right for people to bitch about others as long as it's not out in the open?
Think about that.

Sidhearta said...

Judging solely on your blog post and that silver girl's? Yours is fcking epic! Reminded me of a scene in the movie 300 but this time you and that silver girl replacing the characters.
QQ blog post vs SA:
SA: This is blasphemy! This is madness!
QQ: Madness...? [shouting] THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!
[Kicks the SA down the well]

From Canada with love!

p.s. I don't usually finish reading your posts cos you tend to be long winded ._.v but this one got me hook,line and sinker. I guess that's because I'm nosy like that =_='
In all seriousness, it looks like you have been trying to walk away from her gracefully and I applaud you for that. And now for that Silver girl for being too clingy, this is what she got. Moral of the story: There's too many! Can't enumerate one by one. Maybe that silver should do a blog post about it to redeem herself lol ._.v

jilliancat said...

QiuQiu, I read until eyes tired but still manage to finish it (very 8 gua here). :P Support you okay!

Sidhearta said...

Judging solely on your blog post and that silver girl's? Yours is fcking epic! Reminded me of a scene in the movie 300 but this time you and that silver girl replacing the characters.
QQ blog post vs SA:
SA: This is blasphemy! This is madness!
QQ: Madness...? [shouting] THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!
[Kicks the SA down the well]

From Canada with love!

p.s. I don't usually finish reading your posts cos you tend to be long winded ._.v but this one got me hook,line and sinker. I guess that's because I'm nosy like that =_='
In all seriousness, it looks like you have been trying to walk away from her gracefully and I applaud you for that. And now for that Silver girl for being too clingy, this is what she got. Moral of the story: There's too many! Can't enumerate one by one. Maybe that silver should do a blog post about it to redeem herself lol ._.v
Sorry if you got this twice!!! Not sure if the first one went through...

Anonymous said...

When I read her blog, I already have a gut feel about her. If she is sincere, she could have talked to you FACE TO FACE. Instead, she blogged about it to the whole world but not to you. Friends on the public, where is the sincerity?
So many people tried to provoke XiaXue so that XiaXue will talk about her and drive traffic to their blog.
Is this one of them, if so, she has succeeded.
Cannot stand people acting demure.
Cannot stand that stupid act cute face on the kids' show, so artificial.

Anonymous said...


Life's like that. We meet people of different sorts. You don't actually have to do this (waste your time getting angry and irritated), people who matters, will know who you really are.

The next best thing you can do, forgive and walk away.

rosalie said...


Anonymous said...

I actually commented on her blog that I really know nothing about the truth of the situation so I can't judge but if she really valued your friendship she would have emailed on sent you a real letter instead of putting both of your private business out for the world to see and gossip about. Obviously it never got published and then she ended up removing comments from that post.

Anonymous said...

The silver posted sth again zzz

tititing said...

what is exactly happening..?? Calm down gal....

Anonymous said...

Guess that girl is reading all the comments to your post. She's just jealous with you. Don't worry we will support you.

Unknown said...

Hey, ive always been reading your blog and all. I think that you're a nice person, humble and good character. So dont bother about what the party says about you and the more people try to step you down its all because of jealousy and they find themselves small. So they just wanna be you. thats why they bother to even do all the physco things. And i believe she's trying to agitated you to post about her so that everyone will read her blog and her stats will goes up instantly. She dont bother even if she goanna be famous in a bad way, as long as she's famous, she happy.

Jing said...

What a long post.
Its indeed interesting..

Anonymous said...

Nicely done=)) a hug for you for "tahan" so long with her before posting this^^ *hug*

Anonymous said...

QQ, I believe your side of the story more. But on her latest post, she's saying that you lied. Like the part where you said she pestered you to link her, and the part about her wanting to sit in for your boob job for the hits. You said you have the logs, PLEASE post them to SHUT her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, I feel that you are a bit mean to Silver.

Adeline Tan said...

Qiu Qiu, support you! Awesome long post!Silver is so pathetic and such a psycho, please stay away from her for your safety. She might be pretty and famous but she is so rotten that she will be eaten up slowly by ugliness!! Take care QQ and keep doing your great job :)

Grace said...

I didnt like Silver when she was in project superstar ( should be that one right? ) and i still dont like her now =.=

Damn pro! i spent damn long reading the entire blogpost. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu! This is actually the first time I've ever read your blog >__<" but the post was awesome! I would be super frustrated with her too.

I read her blog and tweets after finishing your post and I think your side is more believable, especially when you mention that she is always caring about her blog/stats/etc over your comfort... I also agree with many people that her post endings are kinda creepy lol and doesn't feel meaningful at all.

Her recent tweet to someone said said "There's my reputation at stake here. And she has decided to do shit like this?" and I just could not even believe it... lol. She only solidifies what you said about her by mentioning only her reputation.

By the way, the fact that someone would want to sit in on your surgery to blog about it disturbs me. LOL

Anonymous said...

omg what a freaking long post about a bitch .. didn't know she's such a person !! Read till quite sian to find out she's like that O:

Anonymous said...

she might have wanted more blog stats because after you blogged about her, people will go visit her blog! bad advertisement is better than none, right? i fell into her trap! i went to search for her blog :(

Anonymous said...

You go, girl <3

Anonymous said...

i read the nuffnang awards post from her blog, seems like she really really wanna POR XIAXUE. Really, "proud of Xiaxue"? were she even friends with Wendy?

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu,

Love the part where you ignore her when she was insulting you and scolding you on twitter , blog etc. It is really not easy to ignore her when you get all upset and insulted of the untrue stuff she said.

Im happy and supportive of you writing this blog post out to shut her mouth up because you ignoring her does not seem to make her stop spoiling your reputation.

I have also known a friend similar like the two faced psycho bitch you met. I can totally understand the feeling of you not wanting to be her friend. Up till now, i have been ignoring her and she still continues to spread untrue stuff about me.

Reading your post makes me feel that im not the only one who experience this kind of shit ass ppl and its nice to know that someone else knows the feeling too. Reading your post kind of reflects my feelings too. I wish i could be as brave as you to say out how you feel!

Lastly, i would like to wish you all the best in your life and You are really awesome! and i will continue to support you =)

Ana said...

omg she wasn't joking when she said the post was gigantic haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu!

I'd rarely comment on blogs but after reading this whole saga, OMG WO REN BU ZHU LE!!! I think that Silver is just someone that's DAMN selfish and only cared for herself and her reputation(or lack thereof).

It's not the blog posts that influence me, but rather, it's the way she treat her friends now. It's very obvious that she's trying to pull Mint down with her by linking everything she said and think to Mint and yet self proclaiming to be 'helping' Mint to seek grievances from being bullied. #bitchpls.jpeg. If she really wanna address the issue sincerely as a friend, she will not publicize it because it might just put Mint in a very bad light, the same thing goes for her letter to you, its not a personal heartfelt letter if SHE DECIDED TO PUBLICIZE EVERYTHING. & I think if XX decided to be friends with Silver I don't think Silver will even give a shit about the passing comment XX said to Mint.

& when Mint was 'tweetacked' by XX yesterday, Silver did not speak up for her AT ALL, all she did was to add fuel to fire by tweeting stuff to provoke XX and adding Mint's name in. #facepalm.jpeg

Dear Silver,

Anyway Qiuqiu, I am on your side on this even thou I am only a small sad anon commenter hahahaha. Ignore that psycho sad person!! LOVE YOU & YOUR BLOG!!! :)


Carrina said...

Volcano eruption eventually, 忍是有限度的. Hopefully this saga will RIP & 2012 will be a good year for you :) Popularity need to earn with integrity, not using bitchy tactic. Maybe you cant forgive her been invading your privacy but please look at the good side that she actually sees you as a VIP that worth to sparks up all this drama. I know you blogging this is to protect your loved one, great job!

Anonymous said...

She was a backstabber during her years of flying.
It is an open secret that she is a psycho.
Glad you finally see the truth in her.

Theng said...

I read every single words of your post!I super like you lo..


She needs to go for her mental state check-up. Her 'Ki Siao' scenes in the car is enough to prove it.
Cannot blame her bf from leaving her, if I were her bf, I would have left her long ago..

I find 1 thing very annoying about her. She keeps saying she's a public figure, actress, and ve many MVs shoots.. Can somebody ask her to wake up?

Public Figure - She's well known of her thunder thighs and fats (still dare to comment ppl short? *faintz*)

Actress - KA LE FEI Roles (So and so's gf, friends.)

MV Shoots - This is the hilarious one, all the MVs are so low budget and from FRIENDS. Her friends have got not enough money to hire a real actress hence ask her to 'stand in' that kind?

And she's so proud of her indian drama and keep mentioning that role is a big success.. walao, who actually watched the show? So desperate..Channel 8 has got no KA LE FEI role for her that's y bo bian go act Indian Drama and yet still so proud of it? *Faintz again*

QiuQiu, don't ever delete this post, you've to let the world know how she treated u. Don't ever bother about her reputation at stake, she deserves it. Or else ppl will still think she's the victim. Leave her in her own world ba..

dukadukes said...

Wow, what a long post.
But I read ALL of it.
I hope this will just shut her up and make her leave you alone.

Starry Eyed Princess x said...

Hey QiuQiu!
I was so surprised to see this post back up tonight, but I really respect you having the courage to stand up for what you believe is right which is telling the truth about Silver.

Eventually people will see through her and all her drama and everyone will know you as the true, sincere, sweet person you are.

I love reading your blog and I meant what I tweeted you, never lose your writing style because you put so much heart into it. You and XX are my inspirations for starting my (crap) blog and you will never know how much I enjoy reading you guys every day.

<3 !

Anonymous said...

Since XX always like to complain about others, I see no reason why Silver can't say anything she likes on Wendy. An eye for an eye herein this case.

Wendy having pink hair is a fact, not a lie.
Silver Ang has her own rights to express her own views, be it negative or positive, on Wendy, relative to Christine's workaholic lifestyle which was put in a crude form by Wendy. I am glad Christine behaved graciously not to take such trivia matters to heart.
Well, it seems to me that BQQ is bringing out old grandma stories to attack Silver. While I often like her cute humor, I don't think it's right to hurl hurtful past to someone who is trying to getaway from depression.

BQQ, treasure this friendship. It's the strength, not weakness, one gives to another that makes a person a true pal.

Anonymous said...

i am not sure who is right or wrong in this situation. i tink perhaps both u and silver are in the wrong . only u guys will noe. but i tink u are quite fake and hypocritical sometimes.. especially the blogpost to bootlick xiaxue becos she is the most famous blogger. it disgust me and throw me off. and the fact that everyone is defending xx shows that people always defend the one tat is most beneficial to them. human nature i suppose

Anonymous said...

I was the anonymous who posted at 20/01/12 10.43 am
Silver is a 2-faced bitch, fyi, i know her personally. I am not making remarks based on stories on the i heard/see.
In fact, i am her training batch girl.

Her nose was high up there when she got the contact with WaWa. Always telling us she is gonna be a high flyer "actress", n being a crew is so embarrassing to be added to her profile.
Gosh, need you put us down? I mean we were still colleagues at that time, and i am your freaking batch girl!

Omg there are so many stories to tell. All of which will speak for your personality and your upbringing.

Anyways, i really like to shout out to her future BFF. Be careful of what you share with Silver. She is a TOXI girl.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you can have some words to XX on her tweets about cat lovers & "lonely" girls. Think she got lotz of frenz, huh?!?

Very offensive ok.

(Being random here)

Anonymous said...

someone should storm this for investigation of drunk driving. freaking irresponsible! so much of being a public figure and being fake to maintain a prim and proper front.

lozku87 said...

Wow. I mean WOW.
Speak your mind girl!
Can totally identify - sometimes you just got to walk away from those sorts of people.
Keep rocking it out QQ :D

Anonymous said...

dont act like you always approve all the comments that talk shit abt you? and you expect Silver to approve them? stupid spongebrain.

Anonymous said...

I'm a silent reader like others! But what i would like to say is that YOU'RE AN AMAZING FRIEND.

If I were you, I don't think I would even be able to last so long as her friend.


Qiuting said...

Bitch please, to that one loser who keep leaving comment on my advert posting, OF COURSE I WONT APPROVE LAH. Besides, your comment also fucking lame. Want to leave, leave in this post, stupid. And I APPROVE ALL COMMENTS ON THIS POST. Except the ones sharing events with names of people in Silver's life. Or if there's any comments mentioning names of ppl in my life, i also wont approve.

Kate said...

No one needs a toxic friend, I read all your post and I have been caught up with someone very similar. You've handled it really well, consise and to the point. If im honest I don't think she'll ever stop trying to get your attention or using you for more blog hits because she needs you. Without that bit of drama shes trying to create her life would have nothing and clearly shes unhappy that you're moving forward on your own merits.
People like that have to use others to try and furthur themselves because they couldn't do it on their own.
Chin up and keep blogging. Ive been reading your blog now for about a year and I love it. Well done and rise above it, from the UK :) x x x x

jesslyn said...

Took quite awhile to finish this post but im glad that i did. Qiuqiu, i really admire you for your patience and kindness.. you have already given her so many chances but she took it for granted. Just wanted to say, jiayous & stay strong (:


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was junior of Silver when she was studying in SP. I heard quite a lot of my seniors dislike her as well. She is pretty but a little too fake and likes to act cute. She seems mentally unstable. If she want to drink-drive and harm herself, she should do it alone and not drag u in. I would think it's not her first time doing crazy and stupid things after a break up.
She wants to mix with your friends to get attention. Afterall she is not popular in mediacorp. :p

Little turtle said...

Hi. Although I dun know who ur talking about but u made me realized that there's this kind of person living within us. So scary. But I'm glad tat u realized this and stop being a foolish! Jis you! I want to see you more on how to be prettier! I like when u kept saying that ur pretty when u just started ur post not long ago! Go xx and qiu ting! More more pretty stuff for chubby girl also can???

Anonymous said...

个说个有理... ...
如有不爽的事, 马上摊出来讲, 不要累积恩怨, 于多年后撕破脸, 彼此公开对方隐私, 攻击彼此, 植对方于死地... 这是所慰的最毒妇人心?

Anonymous said...

always had the feeling that silver is very fake and your post proves me right.....ignore her qiu qiu....she just has low self-esteem and wants pple to pay attention to her all the time

S said...

Your entry seriously reflects the story of my life I also had such a fucked up ex-bestfriend before, and every once in awhile I would think about how I may have made a mistake in ignoring her and disappearing from her life. Your post has reminded me of how fucked up some people can be, how they always talk shit no matter how they pretend to be best buddies with you. I am proud of myself for ignoring her and ditching the friendship for good, likewise I am so happy for you that you have a new bunch of friends now that are not as crazy as this bitch is. Also, am guilty for the fact that I also went to read her blog after knowing about the drama, sorry for contributing to her stats LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just saw this link. Thought you should know.

Anonymous said...

URL to the cache version of Silver's letter to Qui:

Anonymous said...

silver ang is such a bitch. i thought you and xx were in the wrong. she made it sound as if she's the victim.

Anonymous said...

Silver's reply to Qiu's post that got deleted by her:

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu ah.. grow up. -_-

Amy said...

I hope that Silver thing would live a happier life! (Pfft, she messed up her life... and I admire her for that!) She's just a *censored*. She needs to fix up her life. She can go bnlog about all the :iconphailplz: victim experience. At first I was like, this person that Qiu qiu is talking about sounds really nice! In the end... I was like... "wtf... why did Qiu qiu be so nice to her and started off the blog saying such nice things about her when she's NOT"

Qiu jie jie~ You're the best! Me is forever supporting you! (I need to learn from you to stand up for myself T^T) Qiu qiu jie jie! Happy 2012 :D that Silver thing better just fix up the !@# that she cought herself into!

M said...

I thought you and silver brokered a peace when both of you simultaneously removed your posts about this matter. But, I'm glad to see this post up again! Jia you in your blogging! Support you here!

Anonymous said...

i thot u remove the post wif silver cos u two make peace. then i went to see her twitter she is still scolding u indirectly say u all 虚情假意 means fake n pretentious in chinese n scold wendy directly, when u all never scold her anymore.

its good u put the post up again if not pple like her never will stop.

Anonymous said...

i admire your courage. all the time i spent reading this post was worth it! :) don't give a damn about that fake bitch and let her continue living in her own world =D

Anonymous said...

longest. blog. post. ever.

Anonymous said...

omg. didnt know that she's such a person!

way to go, QQ!

Anonymous said...

after i read your post, i wanted to go to her blog and sees if she wrote any post to defend herself. but for a moment, i realize idk her URL. HAHAHAHAHHA

Anonymous said...

Wow. Didn't know silver is such a person.

yl510 said...

I just read her blogposts that got deleted for a while and I don't think she's a really bad person. If you treated her as a best friend like she did then maybe this wouldn't happen. I think the reason this shit happened is that from the start, you regarded her as just a friend who meets you sometimes at night. So yeah I guess she expected you to be her BFF but you weren't. The stealing your photoshopped pics thing is really blown by your sensitivity imo. She did mention you photoshopped it and you were really good, so it doesn't sound half as bad as how yuo portrayed her to be in your post. I read your post before hers, so I think you thought of her a little too harshly. Maybe you two aren't meant to be friends bah ): That's my opinion on this issue, but anw I respect your decision, maybe you didn't like her as much as she thought you did in the first place, so that's miscommunication. I think she probably didn't have as many friends as you which is prob. why. Whatever it is, I still like your blog but for this particular issue, I think you definitely was a little too sensitive about the events that happened. But I do understand it, since I felt that way before too, but because me and my friend both treated each other as best friends, we could patch up easily. Whatever la omg my comment is so longggggg._.

Oliviaaaa said...

Qiu qiu, I spent really half an hour reading everything and I think you're really good man! If I were you, I can't tahan someone for so long you know!kudos to you:)

Anonymous said...

she deleted the posts about you... nonetheless, life goes on:) stay happy no matter wat:) happy cny

¨†¨ ケイラ·KAERAHLyrkaLenr// said...

, don't be affected. xx. it's good that you posted this though, as when I read yutaki's post I sincerely thought it couldn't be distorted too much. humans.. now that you had posted this. throw it out of your mind :)

Jamie said...

This post is hilarious- the sound of the car horn and window-knocking made me chuckle. Your post on Silver is (pardon the pun)...GOLD. Something we can all learn from abt the toxicity of certain friendships. I guess the term frenemy is as real as it gets huh?

Anonymous said...

QIU QIU! Stay strong!! You're awesome. Don't ever let SILVER brings you down! Stay the way you're right now. Thank god you are not her friend anymore and is living a much more HAPPIER life than her. She is pathetic. ROCK ON!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

To be honest, I really love your post.

Love how honest you are with your feelings and in a way, I'm really glad you blogged this post because it just means that whatever ill-feelings you had deep down inside, accumulated since eons ago until now, has all been unleashed. I hope you are feeling better now!

Golden Banana said...


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for telling the truth, i used to like her and though she is innocent but now i felt she is so disgusting and will never support her ever again. She will get her own medicine soon.

Anonymous said...

thank you for telling the truth and i now find her very disgusting and ugly, hope she get her own medicine soon.

Anonymous said...

from the first time, i read your post, i find that you are a very real and sincere person. jia you in what u r doing and dun b affected by such pple ya! here's wishing u a very happy CNY! Cheers!

Huien said...

Wah.. How did you tahan for 7 years!!!! No wonder you last time got pimples, must be all the stress she gave you!! (Sorry just kidding don't angry ok :( I also got a lot of pimples!!!) But I must say, you really ren qi tun sheng for so long, never say anything, really very good.

I never knew she was so attention seeking.. Last time when I saw her on Project Superstar, she didn't really catch much attention also.. Guess Mediacorp's training must have worked and transformed her really well..

Kinda sad though like how you want things to end in a nice quiet way.. But she made things come to such an ugly state. Oh wells!

Anonymous said...

she blogged abt you ??? WHERE ?

xin said...

really , frankly , truthfully , I ADMIRE YOU FOR THIS POST.
how you actually pour out everything after so long..
qiuqiu, WHY YOU SO NICE !?!?!

Andrea said...

I was about to give up...TL:DR. BUT this hit close to home for me as I just recently went through something similar with a close (dear) friend. I was tempted to go to Silver's blog but thought, "Nah, I will not give her the satisfaction."
Good on for doing this and although it almost feels like you should have done this sooner, there is a never a better time than now.

Support QQ ALL the way!!!

kim said...

Omygosh I sympathize over your situation for having such a hypocrite as a friend. Doing this to you is too pathetic, I believe your honour as a honest and down to earth personality as a blogger. Your an awesome blogger and glad you posted this! There may be people who have lower IQ and need to reread this to process this in their too-slow-to-function brain, to actl continue believing in so much manifested lies. Happy chinese new year ^_^

Lilien said...

even though i don't know you or silver personally, this blog post of yours was very engaging. i actually read through the entire thing even though my first thoughts were omg tl;dr !

initially when i first started watching you on clicknetwork budget barbie i was quite entertained by the way you presented yourself, then i went through this phase where your singlish grated on me (sorry, not a personal attack, its singlish in general i'm not used to).

but got to reading your blog and found, hey, you're actually a genuine girl despite the boob job/budget barbie because i found your posts about the dog shelter very interesting. the fact that you dedicated quite a few posts to the dog shelter(and still do) means that you have a social conscience. plus being thrifty is good, goodness knows how much money i could've saved if i'd gone the budget barbie way ;)

silver, sadly for her, sounds rather needy and insecure. i cannot stand it when people feel the need to bring others down just to make themselves feel better. its disgusting. why bring down someone just so you can benefit? sigh. bit pissed off she thinks she's "chubby". stupid girl is skinnier than me and i don't think i'm chubby. hope she wakes up her idea. deception is a slipper slide...

Dorothy said...

I actually searched her up.

In all honesty, QiuQiu, you're WAY BETTER than her, inside and out. And if you were not, you'll never have arrived at your achievements today. :)

HER. :D said...

i think she's had enough of that negative attention because she removed her longass post about you. coward.

Anonymous said...

Why are you able to remember The incidences so clearly?

cheng said...

best post ever!

Anonymous said...


thumbs up for the endurance, qq!

Anonymous said...

Grls have this ability to turn tables 360 deg around and make the story shed good light on them even if theyre at fault. we ea have been there with excuses 101 but she brought this to a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

live your life to the fullest. u r great in your own ways. ignore her and let her rot in her own deeds.

Anonymous said...

That bitch deserves 2 tight slap!

Anonymous said...

U know what the beginning of ur stories were rea;;y touching,,

i thought u gonna write a long post about the friendship and harship u girls have been through...

Anonymous said...


Gold said...

That SILVER is such a Loser! It's better to have no friend than to have a friend like her. No wonder she's a nobody now. Erm... who is Silver btw... huh!? ahahaha

you you said...

amazing post! long time lurker, first time poster~

popsncouture said...

I know each side has their own story but I really feel for you QQ. I once had a so called best friend like this too in Sec school and and another one that follows her around like a puppy too. They took advantage that I will clear trays for them, I am supposed to listen to her, skip my eca to accompany her to her 3rd lang lesson...if I explained i can't go she goes into this tantrum and said I am not good enough to her etc...of course after I left sec sch met more friends...i realised what a yes person I was and am so silly. wa the story goes on but I come to realised some insecure frens tend to drain energy off their friends who gives in to them.
As to those who asked why she remembers all these crap : that's because it hurt her. We remember things that hurt us not so much to bear grudges but because at that time the person really mattered to us. You mean if you boyfriend lie to you about chatting intimately with some woman and your friend came to tell you what went on or you witnessed it. Say if you forgive him , you will not remember a single thing from it?

Daphne said...

I think I very no life sitting in front of my laptop reading blogs on chu1 er4 haha but after reading I feel so unjust for you, Qiuqiu!!! >_<

At least everyone will know the true story now and it's good to get rid of the BAD before the new year (since you blogged it before CNY). You have nothing to lose from severing ties with Silver, in fact I think it's a jie3 tuo1 right!

Who knows, maybe this is still yet another ploy by Silver to increase her blog hits!

No matter what, I still like you :) And I hope you go EVEN further in your blogging and everything in life! ^^

H-man said...

Fuck you. Fuck you and your stupid ideas. You're one moody hell of a bitch, and you can't make sense of your god-damned life.

Denise said...

Read the entire blog post, it is great on you to have been so patient and accomodating in your own subtle way while this toxic was unfolding on its on with the intention to hurt you.

Cheer up, just know that walking away was a good choice and it would all hopefully blow over =)

Anonymous said...

HellO! I finished reading your long blog post! Well! just heck her! All the best! Bad things will go!

lamesponge said...


Stephanie said...

hi Qiuting,
honestly i was reading her blog way before i start reading yours... i read her blog out of curiosity as i was from the same graduating classes as her in SP. Like what you said i feel she is very pretty (though she was kind of plump back in poly days), but i was still attracted to her. Oh! I thought she sang pretty well too :) Her blog wasn't really interesting, i am sure many will agree with me. What you see in her blog is all about herself, herself and herself. But i still carry on reading...
Till this saga i totally believe whatever you say and strongly think that she is that kind of person! I am not a psychologist but after reading her blog from so long, i realize she is very temperamental, unreal and perhaps i suspect she has bipolar?? Cos her writing style is very different on diff post. She can be very happy and very angst all in a single post. Quite scary! She is a children channel host and yet she post all those hokkien vulgarities! Clap Clap* No wonder she is getting lesser show now! Celebrity?? I don't think she is a celebrity at all... in short i jus feel she is those damn haolian bitch...that think highly of herself.
All i want to say i am so happy for you that she is out of your life! I will carry on reading her blog though, cos im very curious what drama she will come up with... hahahaha
And want to tell you that i really like your blog.. sometimes your photographs without makeup scares me. But i really admire you, cos you are very real! And also very beautiful! Not jus your face, but your character too! :)

Mary said...

Wow, frenemy at its best!

This was so long that I took a nap in the middle of the post, woke up, and continued to read. HAHAHAHA

Anyhow, I'm so glad you got this out of your system. Everyone has one of those friends that get jealous of you and don't want to see you do well. That's not a friend and it's great to see that you've realized you'll be better off without someone that constantly puts you down.

You can't choose your family but you CAN choose your friends. Surround yourself with people that understand you, care about you, and challenges you to be a better person. Don't worry, be happy! :)

Pinkydollie said...

its a long post!! but i admire ur courage to stand up for urself and not let it get to u!! =) jia you

Anonymous said...


I know that I'm late in commenting, but seriously, after reading this blog post, I have a new-found respect for you!! I used to think that you're the Budget Barbie from Click who isn't afraid to show the world who you truly are- you don't wrap your posts nicely in perfect grammar, tense or punctuation; you don't go all out to post pictures of every expensive looking food you eat or things you bought to show that you're living a high-life; you're not at all afraid to show your weaknesses; you don't bitch about other bloggers or show their flaws just because you're jealous; you made it damn clear that who we see IS who you are. nothing more or nothing less. I genuinely feel for you, and I'm so glad that you told the world the TRUTH and I'm so proud that you did it without dodging, missing, hiding, twisting, creating and exaggerating. Your post was so raw with emotions and I'm sure that resonates with so many of us. You're so so strong, and I really look up to you!
Love, Emily.

Anonymous said...

I rarely read silver's blog coz not sure why but I find the way she portrays herself on her blog fake but trying to act all honest and real. Thats why I never liked her as an artiste though I've not seen her shows. I mean nowdays it's not only about talent but also the personality. Her personality already minus a lot of marks lmao. Anw what I'm trying to say is that even though I cannot be 100% sure that you are a really honest and real blogger but at least I feel that your writing feels more sincere than hers. I feel sorry for you having to deal with people like her. Jia you!! And continue your awesome writing!

Anonymous said...

WOW Silver is, in a word, crazy... Well, either that or taking drugs (cuz people who take drugs become different people who talk lies like they are truths)<---Not Kidding Here.

Wells i guess the only thing this drama will get Silver is a moment of fame (that lasts maybe a few months), and then maybe she will either get publicity or be ignored :/

Amanda said...

WoW !! im pretty impressed with this post. (my 1st time visiting this blog - linked from XX recent blog post). spent almost 2 hours.. phew~ finally im done. ^^

1 word~ AWESOME~!

btw, pretty blog n on9 store u had! <3 it~

Anonymous said...


You know what? Since the first time I saw Silver on Superstar, I really dislike her. Despite the fact that she looks sweet, she always exude this feeling that she has motives behind every move. I never thought that her singing is good. When Kelly Pan was crowned the female winner and the other girls sang together with her on the finale, it was a very really bad move. The other girls were obviously jealous of Kelly and they sabotaged her by singing especially loud so that Kelly's voice could not be heard. I am very turned off whenever I see Silver's pictures around. She is not a genuine person.

Anonymous said...

All i can say is, when a tree falls, we will get three stories,
The tree,
And, me.

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' story, as it is part of human defense mechanism to subconsciously 'side' themselves. So i believe bystanders should stop adding fuel to this conflict by insulting either of them or agreeing with either of them that they are totally right.

As i said before, the protagonists will never comprehend the full story of the other party as they are in the situation themselves and each interpret it differently from other. Years pass, they are hurt, embarrassed by the past and it is human nature to defend themselves by denial or rationalization.

But this does not means I am saying either of them are telling completely the fake story, or one of them are lying. There are bound to be truth inside both, maybe half, maybe a quarter, its all the way they view it.

Commenting negative or positive comments only deepen the belief in QQ that Silver is wrong and thus creating a regret they will cringe about in future.

Take a step back and look at things as a third party's sight. Clear your thoughts, bias schemas and imagine it is a movie you watched. Do you think how ludicrously complicating this has involved from perhaps a small remark, question, intention and action?

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog post! Good job for standing up for yourself. Nice people like us always keep silent and get bullied!

Sihui said...

There's so many comments here I doubt you will ever read mine. :( But I totally feel you now. You know I seriously havent read any blog post, so long and still the same frustration throughout the post because it speaks exactly what I am feeling, how frustrating this can be.

Hahaha I would love to quote you man!!! Like how you always do up your posts with random quotes from your post!
And I absolutely love this part: "So IGNORING, is the best tactic that i ever mastered since a long time. I'd ignore UNTIL things gets better! That's what i do! I ignore, and if our path ever cross again next time, there might be a chance for us to get close again" and this: "I had to get away before i dislike you to a point we can never be friends again."

So true. I used to admire her when I saw her on tv many years back but not now anymore because I know exactly how you feel.

Qiuqiu, I love your courage because I don't have such courage to do up such posts and just give up on the friendship because there are so many implications. :(



Anonymous said...

I really want to check her blog out to see what her post was like. But then it'll give her views and I want YOU to have more views because you're more deserving..

Anonymous said...

I read Silver post before linking to Yutaki then to here.
A lesson learned... U always tot u are the vitim but nv realised others suffered much more than u.
I feel for both of u.. sometimes it is better that the truth be hidden than being told

Anonymous said...

Who's right or wrong - Doesn't it matters so much? To let it out is good but if it only make the matter worse, why told the whole world? Let bygones goes bygones. Made up both of you.

Live life to the fullest. Carrying the burden forever will only cause own self misery.

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu you are a badass :)

Anonymous said...

i trust that most of what you said r true. but i do feel there are some things that you might have misunderstood or misread due to ur already bad impression of silver. this is the first time i come across both of you so im not biased. i feel that this is just a case of xing4 ge2 bu4 he2. you guys are just not suitable as friends and things turned sour. while some of the things she do are nasty, you are also rather mean by exposing some of the things that she did and said in front of you coz she trusted you.

Debz said...

Hello qiuqiu! I've only recently started reading your blog because its the holidays and yeahh just blog hopping. Been watching budget barbie too. Anw, regarding the long story w silver.. woahh.. Shocked ttm that she is such an awful person!!!! she looks so sweet and pretty on the outside. You go girl!! Love your candid-ness and truthfulness. JIAYOU!! Don care about that bitch!! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

fuck those scheming liars and hypocrites!! u've been so magnanimous and kind qiuqiu. Confirm will get gd karma, and like be rich!?! ;)

XaviaSeah said...

awesome post! hang on QQ, really love the way you deal with your life, much more realistic than anyone.


Anonymous said...

She must have gone mad after knocking her head on the window and steering wheel. I think her brain not functioning well already, that's why she cannot differentiate what's the truth and what's not. Haha! Stupid Silver -> don't even know who you are, but after reading this post, I know that you are a just a bitch who wants to be famous, and even tell stories about your friend just to get you famous. Haha! No use lah. Only karma will get to you. Qiuqiu so good, unlike you, like so childish and all. Haha! I really feel like slapping your chubby cheeks to wake you up from your senses. Anyway, Qiuqiu, I will support you all the way. Please continue doing lotsa lotsa budget barbie, I enjoy watching them. And please, don't invite her to any episode, cos that will sure bring down the viewership. Haha! Don't know lah, but that's what I think.

Caelyn said...

Qiu Qiu love you so much. You are just so true. Being so cheerful and cute! Love your positive thinking. Go Go Qiu Qiu ❤

She is just a lame & sour girl who think she is so popular. Dun need to contact this type of people anymore.

She just know how to blame people, but never care for those who truly treat her and care her!

Like nowadays tv show got her with those kids. Saw her make me feel so disgusted. Very fake!

Qiu Qiu just forget this type of people. You have better friends to stay with.

Anonymous said...

i read silver post first then ur post. and i realised... u r very genuine.

dun bear grudges... forgive her in ur heart... this will make u a free person... and a better person..

afterall, i know u are quite logical and kind..

Anonymous said...

My first time actually reading a full blog post from you & I must say, you seem like a really grounded person who remains sincere & genuine even after becoming famous. Wow, what a mouthful! Hope that you feel better after blogging all these out! Cheer up! (:

-Shirley A.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your interesting blog for a while now, but from this post I see you in a new light. You're sucha a true friend, a person with deep thoughts and a nice genuine heart. You deserve better friends that wont hurt your feelings.

Ms. S

Anonymous said...

Awesome. *Salute*


Belle said...

qui qui, i believe you because you obviously the genuine one. virtual hug!

Bibi said...

That must had shown a lot of strength and patient on your side. Very admirable.
I have people who test my patient and I just ignore it, it's a lot harder then it looks!! And reading from your entry I can tell!! really dislike people who plays the victim all the time, especially online.
I don't know who she is but I don't want to find out because she sound really annoying and one of 'those' people I want to get away from.

Bibi said...

That must had shown a lot of strength and patient on your side. Very admirable.
I have people who test my patient and I just ignore it, it's a lot harder then it looks!! And reading from your entry I can tell!! really dislike people who plays the victim all the time, especially online.
I don't know who she is but I don't want to find out because she sound really annoying and one of 'those' people I want to get away from.

Anonymous said...

When a person isn't sober, the sane one should be the one who take charge. Isn't it? When she insisted you to take her car, you should have did everythings you could to make her sober by slapping her, splashing water at her or you could even punctured her car tyres/snatched her car keys to stop her from driving. After doing what you could to stop her, then let her be if she still persisted.. You did your best!

Instead of taking charge, you chose to take her car then don't dwell on the danger/s that she had landed you with. She was obviously not right/well/sane/sober since what she did endanger her own life too..

Maybe you're a lucky or a tough/strong woman so you can always handle relationships at a rational level but don't forget different people handle stresses/heartbreaks/emotions differently. Nobody wants to fall for a wrong person and behaves so badly.. Maybe, she is just a casual friend to you if not why do you insist her to apologise for her insane behavior during her 'rollercoaster' time? (Do you think a drunk person will have a recollection of things he/she did?) Maybe you thought she wasn't so drunk.. but come on which sober/sane one would do such a dangerous act that not only put her own life at stake but also her career life.

I repeat - 真正清醒的人因该阻止一切发生!

You were given a choice, do it or dump her on the spot without endangering your own life. Since you chose it, then blame it on fate. Fate placed you to be in a mess/danger with her but thanks goodness, Fate loves both of you and you was fine.

Likewise, is it right for people to want apologies from friends who introduce them to bad vibes e.g. smoking, gambling etc? Is themselves who make the choice and path, No?

I don't know, I'm not you so I don't know your real feelings or intentions.. If you were so pissed off by her, you shouldn't have given her chances to piss you further... don't you think it was more right of you to confront her immediately after the drunk episode or perhaps few weeks after?

Since you chose not to pursue and was disappointed by her, just snapped her out of your life at that time, then perhaps all the watermark, advertisers or XX saga won't happened???

sgrmse. said...

i don't even remember now how i got here and to this post (i must've googled something with wendy & kaykay in it) but reading this whole entire post.. (took me about 30 minutes because i read damn carefully) i have fallen in SO MUCH LOVE for you, qq. i never really understood the "hype" on you (my lil sis is a huge Budget Barbie fan and obvs, #TeamQQ lol) but now, i think i do (':

I LOVE YOU QIUQIU. xoxo, Newfound Fan/Supporter