02 March 2012

Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation

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Be known online. Be recognized on the street.


Cathay Cineleisure Orchard could make it happen for YOU! =D Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation is a social media competition organised by Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!

Technically, i can make it happen for you too becox..

I'D BE ONE OF THE JUDGES!!! megusta.jpeg

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard to me, has always been the place where dreams come true.

For real. I major super love SH!N the rock band from Taiwan years ago. And then the first time i ever see them for meet-and-greet and autographs, it was outside Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!!! I still remember how i go wet my hair in the toilet in hope to look more neat and chio lolol and then i told my friend that i hope Ah Xin will notice me and tell me he wants my number. HAHAHA. Okay i saw Ah Xin, shook hands with him, dream sorta come true but he never ask for my number thou. Lol.

And then when i was going for the audition for some tv program, the audition and first round of selection was also held at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.
Top left picture is taken outside Cathay Cineleisure Orchard =DDD

That program didn't bring me anywhere except that after the show i felt a need to start a blog to keep in touch with the nice supporters! So here it is!!!! THE AWESOME BLOG YOU'RE LOOKING AT. Hahahaha. The things im doing now, i enjoy a lot. And i make a living out of it. And i'm truly thankful for it. For this i can somehow link back the start of this blog which brings me so much great things in life, to where it happened - Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!

When you're young, you're bolder. When you're young, you feel like you have a lot more to give and to receive. I guess whenever i go to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, i feel young. When you feel young, you can be anything, anytime. And anything can happen when you take the first leap of faith and courage!!!


You'd wanna know the prizes first right? =DDD Each member of the winning group will receive:



Be featured in a larger-than-life-size advertisement
in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for 3 months!

Now i imagine this to happen to you, with your face of course! Lol.
 Okay lah this one a bit kua zhang lolol.

This one also good =DDD

AH THIS ONE does look a bit more like Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!!!

Those are the prizes for the winning group! If you come in second and third, it's STILL AWESOME!

2nd Prize
- OLYMPUS PEN EPL-1 cameras
- Shopping vouchers worth more than $2,000

3rd Prize
- OLYMPUS PEN EPL-1 cameras
- Shopping vouchers worth more than $1,000

Before we get carried away, some things you need to take note of!

You can join this competition as an individual or in a group of not more than 3 members!
So start to think of which friend(s) you wanna ask to join together ^.^

You have to be aged between 14 - 24 years old as of 2012!
=( 24 turning 25 years old like me cannot take part =(

There goes the chance to ever be on a huge poster for me. Lolol. But i get to be one of the judges so okay lah still very fun! Haha. And hey! Becox of my blog, i got to appear on huge bus ad and newspaper ad and magazine ad!!! =DDD Quite big also one!!! Social media platform is reaching out to everywhere!!!

And now, this is your chance to have great things happening for you too!!!

After you’ve decided if you wanna be part of this as an individual or with your friends, now all you need to ensure is that you (and your team mates if any) must have all of the below:

- A Blog
- A Twitter account
- A Facebook account
- And a YouTube account

Even if you don't have any of these, you can still sign up one lah! Easy peasy.

But if you already have all four of the accounts, good for you!!! You probably love attention like i do already ^.^ So this is YOUR time to show the world what you have!!! GO GET EM'!!!!! =D

To see how good you are with the various social media platforms as mentioned above, you will go through challenges related to Lifestyle, Food and Beverages as well as Fashion! =D

SO I SAY, WHORE YOURSELVES OUT!!!!!!!!! And leave the rest for the judges to get headache about! I foresee ALL of you will be so interesting and fun-loving that i'd have a hard time judging!!!

Confirm i'd be the nicest judge cox i very chin-cai (easy-going) one lolol. But i doubt Brad (ladyironchef) will be a nice judge =X He has high standard for everything!!! Hahaha!!!

So what you have to do is to show how Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is an awesome mall in many ways! Well it is! And it's very much self-explanatory that this mall has all it takes to be a cool hangout!

The entertainment factor is fulfilled with its movie theatre, Karaoke, billiard and pool studio etc!

The food, even more no need to say!!! Chinese food, jap food, western bistro/ cafe, fast food, snack bar!!! I saw the queue for Best Fries Forever and i want to cry =((( So long one, i never try before!!! Anyway, what i'm saying is, food wise, Cineleisure has a WIDE variety lah! Even if you're on a tight budget, no need to fret! Got foodcourt and fast food =DDD All the rest of the food outlets would be a great place to chill thou!!!

But of course the part that excite me most, is the shopping =DDD Other than the good renown brands we all know of, there are also many designer concept stores taking spot at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! Don't forget the pushcarts at the first floor and basement too! ^.^ Show you some of my buys later!

Guys will be happy to know that Cathay Cineleisure Orchard will be a great place to go shopping with your gf!!! Or friends lah. They have A LOT of stores catering to males!!! I'm very surprised lah! Like really, no other malls i've seen has cater to guys as much as to the ladies! This is awesome isn't it?! =D You will never get bored while your gf shops! Cox you guys can shop TOGETHER!

I made a visit to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard to show you the latest! Last time i was there was 1mth ago! So here's my short shopping trip =D Yes, this is also the part i think is redundant becox you already know how much a nice place Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is but SEE still.

I always have this impression this place has lotsa young people hanging out so i purposely go buy a act cute specs to fit in. Lolol. Got cute not O.O*
Look how vibrant the whole mall looks. The cheery upbeat vibe makes me happy! =D OMG. Start to imagine where your larger-than-life size poster will be hanging =OOO I iz jealous.
Hipster shot of the gelato parlor outside Shokudo. I love the rum and raisin one but this time i try their rock melon! Not bad!!! Just a bit too milky-tasting!
Rock melon ice-cream and me =D
Bought 6 sets of bangles at $2 for each set =OOOO WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. So cheap!!!
6 pairs of fashion glasses at $1/pair *shakes head in disbelief* DON'T KNOW WHY SO CHEAP!!! The tribal colour headband is $2. Vintage rings at $1! Two T-Shirts and two pairs of tights for total of $22! Cutest bibs for baby Yurou at 3 for $10! So with about $50, i bought ALL of the above!!!
See the $6 T-Shirt and the $5 thick baby blue tights ^.^ Simple yes, but nice quality!

This T-Shirt also very basic lah! But all you need to know is how to match them with other stuff =D

I randomly videoed snippets of the shops at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard and the shop that sells $2 bangle sets and $1 glasses, is the shop name Beadstreet on Level 2! You could see it in the video ^.^ The rest of the stuff are from the basement, you could also see the shops the video!
After shopping i went to the basement to Es Teler 77 to dabao food! I tried their chicken wing for the first time after Wendy introduced it a while ago!!! VERY YUMS ONE!!! And quite cheap!
While waiting.. Lol.

Since i'm 'waiting', i shall live by my self-praise of having the potential to be the nicest judge haha =D I shall tell you what what qualities i think Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation should have!!! So if you want high scores from me at least, uh huh~ You know what to do! Haha ^.^

I’d be looking for individual or group who put in the most effort for what they want! Effort is something we can all see from a piece of work!

Be very Positive and Optimistic!!!!!
When you're positive and optimistic, anything that happen to you, everything that you do will seem to be great!!! And i'd love to see great stuff in your tweets/ blogpost/ videos/ facebook posts =D

Be Daring and try all the fun, fashion (and food)!
Be spontaneous! When you open up your mind to say yes to most things, you'd see A LOT more possibilities and will have a much more creative perspective =D

Be Energetic!!!
I'd be attracted to what you wanna put across if you inject a dose of energy into it!!! If you sian sian i also sian sian and won't feel the heat to give high marks lolol. YOU JUST KEEP TALKING LIKE CAPS CAPS CAPS THEN IT'S LIKE YOU'RE TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING EXCITING AND I'D FEEL THE RUSH AND I GAN JEONG AND THEN I'D BE LIKE: 10 UPON 10!!! Lolol.

So be Positive, Optimistic, Daring, Energetic, that's not a lot to ask for right? =D

P.O.D.E!!! Be POH-DEH!!! Hahahaha. Omg i'm so funny i'm gonna die. Lololol..

*realises awkward silence*

Anyway! The most important thing on top of all the above qualities, you gotta be yourself! Afterall if and when you become Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation, it's all up to you to maintain the attention showered on you =D

I do know that i'm one of the few who got lucky and got things happening for me through my online exposure on various social media platforms. But if i had joined contest like Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation before people know me, i'd probably be recognised for my effort much earlier!

Don't need to go bang head around making all the lousy choices.. And don't need to sit there thinking "Hey i am quite good at what i do! Why is it that too little people notice it!" Haha.

Whenever there's a contest, there will be news and there will be the public giving their two cents worth, there will be commotions. And with this, i'm sure it'd be a perfect stepping stone for you to go greater heights if you're really keen in making yourself a spot and be known on the internet.

Please don't do drastic degrading stuff and go for negative news!!! Those won't last. Passion, talent and effort will bring you a long way thou =) And and!! A bit of luck i think! =D
Last picture to end the ramblings. Haha. I don't look very great in this picture, just so-so, but i'm still putting it up cox can see cleavage. LOL. Oh cleavage, i hardly see you, where have you been hiding!

Alright! I'm really excited to be one of the judges for this!!! =DDD Looking forward to see how you guys claw it out! Hahaha. No lah, don't fight okay, play nice =DDD

Hope you and your group mate(s) will win the YEAR LONG SUPPLY OF CATHAY CINEPLAXES MOVIE PASSES + OLYMPUS CAMERAS + be featured on the BIG poster for the world to see!

GOOD LUCK on being Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation!

To find out more and to sign up, VISIT HERE.

The closing date for registration is 12th March and the first challenge will start on 16th March! =D

Quick, grab your friend who loves attention just like you and secretly wanna be a superstar, just like you!!! Lolol.

Follow Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on Facebook and on Twitter @Cineleisure to be updated of any promotion/ giveaway of tickets to cool events etc. Yeah i see they do that! It's cool!

Bye! ^.^


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the geek spects with the bow ? (:

Anonymous said...

the outfit with the specs, what bottoms do you pair it with? shorts or jeans etc? :)

Lully Ning said...

I live in the U.S... Boo ):
Good luck all! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting, am I able to send you an email to ask for your blogging rates with no obligations?:) TQ!

Anonymous said...

the hello kitty specs are so cute! where did you get them from?

Anonymous said...

1. Cute hello kitty specs!!
2. OMG the pretty bangles at that kinda price! :O
3. You really are a budget barbie, finding all that super pretty stuff at prices like that.
4. You are awesome!! :D

Aiko said...

You look with your ribbon-nerd-glasses freaky pretty! Can I say this? I hope you don't understand it as an insult! I mean, you are looking very pretty!

Qiuting said...

HELLO ALL! Specs from Far East PLaza! Basement. $5 i think!

Anonymous said...

The two t shirt and tights is from which shop?

Anonymous said...

the outfit with the specs, what bottoms do you pair it with? shorts or jeans etc? :)

Qiuting said...

Anon, shorts. Tees n tights from basement pushcart.

Minako ~~ said...

how tall are you ? ~~