10 February 2012


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This is gonna change your life!!! Social media life, or in real life, Feecha is gonna change your life!!! =DDD For the better of course!

You gotta prepare for the change by expecting the below

- MORE interesting happenings that you'd be informed of
- MORE social interactions with everyone around you, WHEREVER YOU ARE
- MORE love and attention being showered on you

Feecha is a mobile application where people put up anything they find interesting about a particular place/ hangout/ area. So it's like..

"ANYWHERE YOU GO-OH! FEECHA WANTS TO KNOW-OH!!" Lolol. I hope you didn't sing it out loud O.O I get a bit of goosebumps singing it. Lol.

Say you're hanging out at Bugis. See something cool, example, the fruit juice stall uncle doing a chacha dance, or the tutu kueh auntie looking exceptionally chio today, or realistically, you find a shop that sells the prettiest ever dress for $5. You feecha it!!!

Anything that seems yummy/ cute/ chio/ funny/ wtf/ lame etc, ANYTHING, or something that we don't get to see every other day, you feecha it! =DDD

And it'd be planted in that area for other people to learn about!

Similarly, whichever area you go to, say for example Orchard Road! And you wanna know what are the interesting stuff to look out for, be it a good bargain, or a cool street performance or *touch wood* if somewhere got flooded etc, log in to Feecha and you'd get firsthand news of happenings in that area!

Simple. Download "Feecha" onto your iPhone from the iTune store. FML. I haven't change my profile picture at that point of time. Lol. Now my profile picture in feecha is chio one O.O Really. Lol.

There will be 10 interest you'd follow by default but i changed mine lolol.

The tags "chio, fail, sian, wtf" is i ownself add in one O.O You can tap on the interest to follow/ unfollow.

If your friends already have a Feecha account then good lah! Great minds Feech alike O.O You can follow them by searching for their usernames =D

If they don't have a Feecha account, MAKE THEM angryfacememe.jpeg Lolol.

Before we move on, PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON FEECHA!!! =D

Search for @QiuQiu!!! You can see my singing video with my sister if you have yet to O.O And if i update about some good bargains, you can know about it soonest!!! =D But wait, read on first!

When i first log in, i was around my dad's place. And at every point of the Map view that you are (zoomed in or zoomed out), the top 20 most interesting feecha will be reflected on your map. So you don't have to fear being flooded. You'd see only zee best!!! There's also the List view where the feechas of the people you follow and the feechas near you, will appear accordingly on your feechline.

My first feecha went down like this. Very simple user platform. By the way! At Feecha, you can type AS MANY WORDS AS YOU LIKE. Type til the cows come home! There's no word limit!!! =DDD

After you click "Ready", you'd be prompt to ask if the location is where the feecha should be. In most cases you can just click set and you're done cox you're most probably in the location where the happening is happening O.O But if you moved on to another place and would like to feecha something that happened earlier on at the original location, you could still move the map around to set it to where it happened =D AWESOME FUNCTION!

The last step will be to tag it and select at which social media platform(s) you'd like to share your feecha on. I chose Twitter only and that's how my feecha link looks like on Twitter!

So you get the gist of Feecha now??? =DDD

Feecha is like a good combination of Twitter and Foursquare but without the irritating check-in feeds that you can't care less about. Lolol. The most useful part of Feecha is that we can plant a feecha in a place, and people around that area can see relevant feechas within that area!

People use it to follow topics of their interest too. So when a feecha is tagged under a topic that's of your interest, you will be informed firsthand ^.^

When i'm at a certain location, i can view what's going on in that specific area! =D Hip or not!!! Now i know how i can past time when waiting in the Q to draw cash/ buy food/ waiting for the train. I drop in to Feecha and see ALL the Feechas around me ^.^

If you damn bohliao you can also kaypoh the conversations in the comment section of any Feecha you see to interact with the people in that location/ talking about that particular topic! So you know what this means..
YES!!! Get in touch with people who share the same interest as you!

YAY, make ALL the friends in your area if you want, and not be #foreveralone anymore!!! Lol.

But the part i LOVE MOST about Feecha, is that it's a very useful tool to create awareness for anything!

I've used it to spread awareness for Gentlepaws, planting a feecha in Pasir Ris and then linking it to my Twitter to tell people there are doggies up for adoption, and that this non-profit shelter welcomes donation of any amount to keep the shelter running.

Things like that, nice people on Feecha will refeech and more people will know about your cause! =D

So imagine, if there's a lost dog, or a dog found, you feecha it in that area. And people around the area will all help keep a lookout for it. And my callout will be answered soon! I'm a genius, right =D

I've also used Feecha to share good snacks and food i've eaten in different areas. So the next person to check in that area, will know what's tried and tested to be good!


Okay if all that you saw above was blablablablabla, i simplify it for you, download Feecha on your iPhone. Will be your best decision made ever. Lol.

Feecha needs more people to feed it with feechas!!!
Some meme faces i try to mimic, can you guess them! Lol. Doesn't matter if you come across something that make you smile, shock you, scare you, impress you, satisfy you, or make you go WTF(?), doesn't matter! FEED FEECHA!!!
If you see nice flower, what do you do? Feecha it.

If you see something that looks good (LOL, me, in this case) what do you do? FEECHA IT.
If you see a way overage girl acting cute with a pink tiara.. You feecha it!!! Lolol.

Look! I was at Tampines the other day! And if you notice, the bigger the feecha 'monster' is, the more popular the feechas around that area is! So feed the feecha monster with interesting stuff and it'd grow with the number of people clicking on it! ^.^ When i click on the big feecha monster, on the right is what i see. Neat clean-cut feed about happenings around the area.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know i discover this STOREWIDE $2 shop!!!!!! They have A LOT of Mickey, Minnie, Hello Kitty stuff =OOO I can go mad. All got labels and authenticity stickers one so i think they are real O.O And only $2. It's like a mini Daiso lah! But with more makeup products than Daiso. Wanna know the location, download Feecha, see the location i planted feecha in! ^.^

This is how active Feecha-rers are!!! Your feechas gets love, refeeched and commented on!!! My Twitter followers hardly give me that much attention lolol.

Below is the singing video i recorded with my sister lolol. It's nonsense but if you don't mind my blog.. you won't mind this lol. Click to see! When you click on my twitter link of the feechas, did you notice "WIN $8,888 with great stories like this"?

It's true!!!
You can win $8,888 CASH if your feecha is the most popular!!!

How do you make it most popular?! Super easy! Just share it with people!

Get them to view it, share it (anywhere! Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, anywhere!) further! Just make sure your feecha gets all the limelight! As much limelight as you can get it! =DDD Cox the more people share it, the more people get to see it, and then share it! It'd never end, you prepare to go to Hollywood ba! Confirm famous one! LOLol.

Or that's what i think. What do you mean my singing video is stupid and lame? Okay it is okayguy.jpeg Lolol. But anyway!!!

Better still if people can LOVE your feecha!!!

Get feecha on your phone, when you click on someone's feecha, you'd see the heart at the top right hand corner, click on it and you add one love to their post ^.^ Btw, if you wanna know the location of a feecha, click on the arrow on the top right corner to "See location on Map" =D

Yes you can gimmie some love after you follow me on feecha. Remember ah, @qiuqiu okay. No "bong". Lolol.


Even if your feecha is not the most popular, let's say it's the second most and third most popular, you still WIN CASH!!!!!
Top Feecha - $8,888
2nd - $888
3rd - $88
This is the leaderboard. You can click HERE to keep track of who's leading. Unfortunately (or not) now it's me. But i'm sure you all can catch up easily!!!

Hurry up start feecha-ing now!!! The contest ends on 18th February so you have more than enough time to make your feechas popular ^.^

I'm super happy that i'm introduced to Feecha and even have the chance to share about this app with you guys leh =D Cox i really do enjoy using the app. It makes me feel like i'm closer in touch with whoever lives around me, and whoever is around me at different point of time.. Not in the creepy way thou. Lol.

You know how when we meet people in real life, we're normal conservative human beings. But when we're talking to each other through social media platforms, all the expressions and emotions gets multiplied.

"LOL. THIS IS SO FUNNYYYY!!! Super nice of you to share this with us =DDDD Thank you!!! ❤❤❤"

If we met in real life in our neighbourhood, it'd just be.. Nothing happened lol. Cox i'd walk past you and you'd walk past me. Lol. True story.

So Feecha is one great way to bring everyone in the community closer together, not just that, it brings people of similar interest together!!!

BEST PART, it keeps us updated of what is happening where!!!

So when you see something, feel something, hear something, touch something, wanna say something, you Feecha it!!!! =DDD

Let's not forget the BESTEST PART..

You stand to win $8,888 easily!
See details here!
Contest ends 18th Feb 2012.

Feecha recently launched and is in beta. It's available free in Singapore only for iPhone!
Expect it to be launched globally in April.


Aiko said...

You are so sweet! (^_^) I like your photos!

Julie said...

Just wanted to say that you look really pretty in your pics QiuQiu!! What are those lenses that you're wearing? They are really gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

may i ask where is the shop that has disney and hello kitty stuff selling at $2 per item located at ?

Anonymous said...

Love your eyelashes in this post they are really long and looks nicer on you! Plus, they make your eyes look so much bigger. Normally in pics I don't really notice them.

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu you look so cute and pretty! I downloaded Feecha, definitely going to follow you ^^

Qiuting said...

Aiko, thank you ^.^

Julie, thanks! It's photoshopped on actually, i don't know how to wear contact lens =(

Anon, download feecha and click on the feecha and then arrow down to view location on map =D

Anon, yeah really?! =D This is expensive lash All-belle or smth, from taiwan one =D Thank youuu


Nicole said...

Want to download feecha but its not in android market!! :(

Anonymous said...

Heyyy you look greatt girl!! And I can't download feecha!)); can I know the $2 shop please~);

Qiuting said...

Nicole, it will be! SOON!

Anon, it's at Century Square =D

Anonymous said...

I am Seira.
I am Japanese.
Now i live in Hiroshima(Japan).
I watched you on TV!TOKYO CAWAII!!
You are sooooo sweet!!!

I have lived in Singapore for 14years.
So Singapore is like my hometown!lol

Qiuting said...

HELLO SEIRA!!! =DDD I haven't seen the ep at all!! =O

How do i look how do i look?! Lol.

You're here in Sg but i'd love to go visit Japan!!!!

SEIRA said...

thank you for returning a comment!!

you look like JAPANESE!!
and I like your small and cute face!!!

I think Japan is good to visit, but not good to live(>_<)

I am not good at speaking and writing in English, but sometimes i want to try to write some comment to you!!

Qiuting said...

Seira, no worries! Yeah sure!!! Looking forward to your comments ^.^

Hope you settle down here in Singapore with a sweet family lah!

Anonymous said...

Hihi, can I ask that how do I tag a person when I'm replying someone? Someone told me its from the peraon's name, but I couldn't. Could you share with me?
Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hihi, any idea how to tag a person when replying a comment?