12 March 2012

SMRT Makan Session - Holland Village

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First of all, THANKS TO THOSE WHO CAME for the makan session! I hope you had fun like i did!

And also thanks to SMRT for making a session like this possible and convenient for everyone staying anywhere in Singapore!

Have you explored all the stations along the Circle Line and find out about all the attractions, happenings and uniqueness of ALL the stations?!

I have yet to, too =X BUT I WILL!!! Eventually! =DDD Cox every station is soooo conveniently located why am i even mentioning it, it was MEANT TO BE convenient. Good bye cars. Hahaha.

In case you didn't realise, although i cab a fair bit from time to time, i do take trains and LRT REALLY often!!! I used to be really crazy about getting "The Prime Seat" hahaha. The seat in the middle-est of a row of seats. You know.. Further away from the priority seat, the better O.O Lol.

So far other than ALL the interchange Circle Line sits in, i've only been to Bras Basah where Clicknetwork office and filming studio is, Esplanade to find my brother-in-law at work, Marymount to get dog supply!

The Circle Line system map!

Looking at all the places i frequent, given that i stay in ulu Punggol (=X), everywhere is far to me!!! So i'm happy that the Circle Line help me save A LOT of time and MONEY!!!

Having explore some of the stations that sit in the Circle Line and was impressed about how convenient it has made my life, i was really excited about visiting HOLLAND VILLAGE for makan session =DDD
Circle Line makes our life EXTRA FINE! =DDD I made that line up. What do you think? Lolol.
One more and off we go!!!
Us marching towards the food place from the station! Took less than 3 minutes to get there. And with all the varieties of shops along the way at the underpass of the station, i really would also love to spend more time inside the station O.O Got aircon some more!!! Lolol.
Love this shot!!! The group look so excited and happy haha.

There we are!!! Heard the food is pretty awesome so I WENT WITH EMPTY STOMACH! Hahahaha. Eat ALL the food! =D Address is 211 Holland Avenue #04-01, Holland Road Shopping Centre
Everyone a bit shy initially lah, so there sat at four different tables. One shot with each table!
Me trying to be boss and take order hahaha. The Nuffies were doing it but i offered to help, can get to know the participants that day also! So LAI, YAO CHI SHEMO. JIANG JIANG JIANG. Lolol.
Actually it's really a bit confusing but i can do it!!! With Lydia helping me, i can! Haha.
My determined face and Melissa encouraging smile. Lol.
The Nuffies caught a shot of this and it reminds me of the Too D**m High meme. Hahaha!!!
Amanda, Melissa and Jayne all get a heart here (Lydia would have one too if she's in the picture! Haha) becox they all are super love that day. Help me so much lah!!! A lot of the pictures you saw here are all taken by them. Thank you thank you!!! You guys are the nicest! =))
Chatting like a boss O.O Most of the participants have REALLY exciting profession!!! 
How's my hair! =D My fringe is finally braidable haha. The accessory also cute hor? From Daiso KL.
After a while i find it tiring i have to shout across to talk to different tables so i say we JOIN TABLE!!!
See, join liao everybody look happier haha.
Food was awesome!!! I tried the Salmon and the risotto for the chicken, it's =OOO Yums!!!
What's there to snap about food if there's not a picture of me with the food. Lolol.
Everybody nomming off.
Dessert time. And this picture looks perfect and it's taken by me. Excuse me, Brad. LOL.
There's also a short quiz to see how well the participants know about the Circle Line!
Miss Tan and Miss Goh marking away. Haha.
Sharing all the correct answers!
And here we have ALL the winners!!! Top 5 gets a book "The End of Char Kway Teow" by Dr Leslie Tay while the rest gets Churpie from Churp Churp and a surprise gift from SMRT! Congrats! ^.^
The Nuffies packing all the goodies SMRT prepared for us into goodie bags!!! =DDD

One of the items inside the bag, out of many! Says I CIRCLE LINE =D Cute!

Later on most of us went on to camho in the garden while the rest continue chilling out and chit-chatting. I love the camhoring part!!! Hahaha! Everyone's so sporting one!!!

It's so nice to think of how we could have so much fun that afternoon! All of us came from different areas, different fields of profession and are of different age etc.

We are all different but what brought us together that afternoon, is SMRT.
And what have been bringing us around, is still SMRT =D
Thank you SMRT for bringing us together! Group shot before we end the day!
With the Circle Line, going around is made easy!!! ^.^o
A little bit about Holland Village if you're dropping by!

With many restaurants serving cuisines from different countries, you'd have a hard time deciding which restaurant you wanna hop into when you're at Holland Village!

If you're more into local flavour and would like to have a equally great meal with a wide range of food to choice from, there's also a food market! I especially love the Carrot Cake (Cai Tao Kway) there!

Love froyo? There's frolick for you after meal! ^.^ There are many cafes/ casual dining bistro etc, so go down today with a few of your good friends and have a good time! TAKE THE TRAIN AH. Haha!

Oh oh, spot Provence bakery? I LOVE THEIR BREAD!!!!!! SO SOFT AND FLUFFY ONE!!! They have the best mini chocolate croissant!!! Also their mochi cheese bread is nice too =OOO Want.
One of the many rows of bar/ bistro.

I know one of the main reason people love Holland Village is the night scene. Not the boisterous loud kind, more like the cool chill out and enjoying company of your friends kind.

But the traffic on the road can be really frustrating at certain time! To get there to Holland V after work could be a dreadful chore, traffic is bad, taxi fare is expensive. To get there on a Friday night, or on a Saturday night, traffic is equally bad cox that's when everyone heads there.

And then to go home pass 11pm, there's extra charges if you cab.

Ah then if you drive? Worst. Have to bear the traffic. And you gotta watch what you drink and if you drink at all, how? Troublesome!!! No drink-driving please!

BEST IS? Haha yes, take the Circle Line to get there.

For example, it only takes 14mins to travel from Bishan to Holland Village via the Circle Line! Before the Circle Line is up, you'd need to take at least 31minutes! Just like that, you saved 17 minutes of your life! Haha!

Or if you say in Tampines, instead of spending 40 minutes to get to Holland V, if you take the Circle Line you'd only need 31 minutes! Awesome!

Save time, save money. Be safe after drinking. You're going to be a successful person. Hahahaha!

I captured this on a random afternoon at the Holland Village carpark. See!!! No bluff you one! Hahahaha! Driving there IS mafan too! Imagine the parking situation during peak hour of the day?
So that's that! Go explore the Circle Line ba! ^.^

I'm gonna head Tai Seng station soon! Heard there's an awesome roasted meat shop just beside the station! A reader told me the Xio Ba (roasted pork) there is the best in Singapore =O WANT.

Okay enough about food food food! If you're more into shopping, here is the list of shopping malls along the Circle Line ^.^

Like 'ride SMRT' on Facebook to participate in their online contests to win free gifts and be among the first to be updated on their promotions and latest news!

Know more about the places you can go to on Circle Line HERE!

I'm happy for the people who have to brace through the morning traffic on the road! And also happy for the students who have to make their way to school at anytime of the day! Now with the Circle Line, everyone can sleep more O.O Have more time to get ready, and best part is.. SAVE MONEY ON ERP!!! =DDD

Hope to bump into you one of these days on the Circle Line!
Do the Okay sign at me if you see me. Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

what's your hair colour ahhh?

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Visiting your bloggy with love :) Nice photographs taken!!

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do a vlog on braiding fringe!

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Pretty hair.Love!

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Qiuting, your brown bag is very pretty. Where did you get it from?

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Nice braided fringe. How about a tutorial of it? (:

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Haven't visited your blog for awhile! Love your hair in the new post ^___^ So pretty.

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Your hair is absolutely adorable! Can you please do a tutorial on how to braid the fringe like that??? PLEASE!

Nymphea Rose said...

Really nice post! :)

What is the circle line?

ps: I'm an italian blogger and I really love your style!

Deborah said...

hallo, I live near Holland V, and I just wanted to say that there's an AMAZING cupcake shop called Plain Vanilla (same street as NYDC/Everything with Fries) on the second floor! you need to try it. they're closed on Mondays though.