20 April 2012


Say hello to my sapphire ring =)))
It's clearly blue haha. Size 0.78carat. It's RM1488 ($614). Was RM3600 =DDD

Was reading The Magic and it gives insights on how essential gratitude is in all aspects of our lives.

And i realise the whole time i feel like my life is awesome despite the many things i've yet to achieved and accomplish is becox i am truly very super thankful for all the things i have now!

Initially i couldn't grasp the concept of the book. They keep asking us to love what we have and be thankful for it, and by doing so, we will be able to get what we want. I couldn't really see the link.

I didn't understand that, becox i don't know how i can love what i have now, if what i actually want (and would love most) is something i have yet to get but know that that's what i want most.

But now i understand already! The whole idea of it is to be a thankful, grateful person! If you're not happy with what you have now, you'd never be happy with what you're about to get. Becox nothing will satisfy you, nothing is ever gonna be good enough for you, if you're not thankful. The connection between gratitude and achieving your life goals is "Feeling".

For example, i want a million dollar.

But right now i have $1000 in my bank. If i am thankful for it, i'd feel good about money. And when i feel good about money, according to the law of attraction, i will only get more money.

If i am not thankful about it and i keep harping on the fact that what i want is a million and i don't have that million dollar yet, then the feeling i have towards money is negative, is lack. I won't feel good about money. And with that, i won't get more money, i will even deplete the $1000 in my bank, and have lack of money. Becox i have bad feelings towards money. Right?

I can totally understand it now! Becox i try to put away all the fanciful terms used in the book and complex theories in the 'teaching' and look back at my own life.

Before i had earning capabilities, i thought of money as something i always lack. Something my family always lack. I even wrote a post about it. So i grew up not having the best feeling about money.

I remember how each time, if the teacher say we need to bring extra money, say for example, $15 to pay for the subscription of whatever newspaper, it will literately spoil the rest of my day.

Not like my dad won't give it to me, he will but it's not like he can give it to me freely.

Fast forward to when i was a housing agent. Whenever a big cheque comes in, i'd be very happy for a while. But shortly after i'd calculate what we need to pay for and then i become worried that we won't have enough money. And true enough, i never had enough. Or to put it in more correctly, i never felt like i had enough. A $10k cheque can run low in less than a month. And then i'd feel frustrated.

"Why are there so many things to pay for!"

"Why are there so many things i can't afford?"

It doesn't make sense cox the chances of getting rich should be very high cox i was working under a very successful boss who gives positive motivation. But i didn't feel happy or thankful! No really, zero feeling of thankfulness that i was working under him, zero thankfulness that he motivates us often, zero thankfulness that he's a nice and successful guy who sincerely want us to be successful too.

I mean i know that i was in good hands, but i just didn't believe that i could be good in what i do. I didn't believe that i will get rich therefore all i did was to force myself to go through the motion. Cold calls, print flyers, get people to throw flyers, viewings etc. Everything to me was forced.

Now that i think about it, my attitude sucked. Maybe that line wasn't cut out for me, but couldn't i have at least try harder?! But then again, if i didn't dislike being in that line, i wouldn't be me now ^.^

Oh thank you, me!!! I much prefer the me now!!! Haha. I can wear the clothes i like and talk the way i talk and goof around anytime i want. Haha. And not have client's kids calling me auntie. Thanks!

So my point is, when i was a housing agent, the money was okay, really! And the potential to make a good living out of it was great. But the fact that i was ungrateful about the people i have who are trying to push me, and not thankful nor appreciative about the money i was earning, and instead, feel bad about the money.. Caused me to go off track in the end. I just slack off.

About 4 years back (when i just started as a housing agent) i went to have my Chinese name changed. It's supposed to bring me better health and luck. And i was told a diamond/ pearl/ sapphire ring would be great for me. Any sort of colour related to water, will be great for me too. So i've wanted a Sapphire ring since then. But becox of me feeling like money is always not enough, even when i had money, i didn't think i could actually afford the rings i saw. They ones like like range from $1200 - $1800.

Somewhere towards the end of my housing agent phase, my humble 1 year old personal blog started to have more people reading and the rest is history. A while after that I could earn a income from blogging and i cannot emphasize on how thankful i am for this =) I am truly lucky and blessed.

I try to think back on when did i get lucky. It was when i could blog (something i really enjoy doing, and have been doing since i was 17 but on various blogs i set up and closed, and changed links on =X) for a living. Becox being able to do something you like, and getting paid for it at the same time, is priceless, almost. So i as i go along, i became more and more grateful.

I get super touched when people are being nice to me. I feel extra grateful each time i get an advert. I feel thankful each time i cash out a cheque from Nuffnang. I feel happy each time i see a good episode of Budget Barbie. I feel overwhelmed whenever readers show me love and support.

Not sure if i ever shared this before but i feel like if someone has neutral feelings about me (i.e don't really mind me, don't care if i'm there or not), i already feel like it's quite good already. I count that as 50%. Neutral. Okay. So if there's anyone who's nice to me, like 51% i'd feel like this is bonus!

Cox i always remember nobody needs to be nice to me. If people choose to be nice to me, it's something i gotta be thankful for it. Somehow blogging brings me to meet more nice people than nasty ones. Of course there are still the nasty ones, but they are just like garnishing, can remove anytime. The spice and meat of my life is still very super awesome =D

So you'd have know that i have incorporated the things i learnt from The Secret (Thanks to Wendy!!!) and its sequels into my own life. And i've been doing it for about two months. Some days, i feel good. Most days, i feel super great!!! Some other days, are so great, i feel like tearing just thinking about how lucky, loved and looked after i am. Lolol. I told Wendy maybe i practice until i 走火入魔 already.

Hahaha. But i especially cannot control how thankful i am when i think about how people are nice to me. My family members, my friends, my boyfriend and all the Nuffies who helped me =)))

Oh my god i don't want to do this one but i am soooooo filled with emotions now!!! Happy emotions!!! I need to list down everyone i especially love!!!!!!! 我太感动了!!! *punches keyboard with both fists*

I love my dad!!! He is the man i love most (okay maybe same same as my bf if not i scared he'd be angry HAHA). And i thank him for giving half of my life to me. And i thank him for loving all of us sisters. And i thank him for being a good role model and taught us to be good and simple people.

I am also learning to be thankful for my mum. For giving me another half of my life to me. And thankful that she's healthy. Also thankful that she's been an okay person for a while now.

I love you Er Jie!!! Thank you for being strict with us when we were younger. Thank you for taking over the disciplinary part. Thank you for all the birthday present you got me every year without fail. Thank you for standing up for me in primary school when i get bullied. Thank you for loving me.

I love you San Jie! Thank you for being the kai xin guo of the house, you're such a natural clown lol. Thank you for caring about me when we stayed together. Thank you for sharing your (expired) snacks even though those snacks must be as precious to you as your life. Lolol. Thank you for loving me.

I love you Si Jie! Thank you for being the sister who always support me, 100%! Thank you for bringing me to the makeup counter and pay $40 for someone to do my makeup, before you accompany me for Teens model search audition, where i learn that i should be confident. Thank you for accompanying me for singing audition at Ocean Butterflies. Thank you for booking a bus to charter the whole village to go watch me at the TV station. Thank you for printing the banner and posters. Thank you for being so selfless on so many occasions. Thank you for Baby Yurou. Thank you for loving me.

I love you Niao Niao! Thank you for having a good heart. Thank you for wanting to be better in life. Thank you for all the time we spend just eating McDonald's and laughing together. Thank you for all the memories of my childhood. Thank you for letting me bully you! Haha. Thank you for loving me.

I love you Ah Cas, Ah Bong, Naoki and Baby Yurou!!! You four will grow up to be good people!!! Thank you for all the joy you've brought to the family. Thank you Baby Yurou for letting me change your diaper. Lolol. I badly need to do it if not i feel like something is missing in my life o.O Hahaha.

I love you Mich and Zhen! Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for talking to me everyday on 豆花妹s group chat ^.^ Thank you for feeling for me and standing by me whenever i have saga with other people online =X Thank you for being part of my growing up days. Thank you for going through thick and thin with me. Thank you for late night supper/ KTV trips we make after work last time. Thank you for i can share everything with you. Thank you mostly, for all the jokes hahahhaha. Mm, your fall and your long skirt. Zz, your bleeding tongue and the prawn. LOL. Thank you for loving me.

Thank you all my good friends from Poly!!! I just made a post the other day about how thankful i am for you guys so long story cut short, thank you for being the only treasures i manage to dig out of poly! Thank you for loving me even though i might not be the cleanest friend you guys can have!!! Haha ^.^

Thank you Wendy! Thank you for sharing about The Secret with me! Thank you for befriending me, this alone makes me super happy!!! Thank you for telling me where and how i can look chioer! Thank you for being encouraging. Thank you for being an inspiration for girls like me who just wanna look better! Thank you for being you, i've looked up to you since yearsss ago! Thank you for nagging at me to stop using recycled bags and stop stepping on my shoes to wear them as slipons. LOL.

Thank you Huiwen!!! Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for becoming less smart when you hang out with me (or was that really you being you? LOL). Thank you for all the advice you gave when i put my feet in shit and played with it. Lol. Thank you for helping me with blog stuff <3

Thank you Sophie and Yutaki!!! Thank you for keeping me informed at SOAP*QQ*TAKI group chat! Haha. Thank you for all the jokes and laughter haha. You two really can go on and on and on.

Thank you Cheesie!!! For housing Wendy and i when we go up for treatment! And for being the best host ever! Thank you for your fashion updates cox it pressures me to dress up slightly nicer #truestory!

Thank you Clicknetwork and the people at Clicknetwork!!! Espeically Gillian! Thank you for even agreeing to start Budget Barbie!!! Thank you for making me Budget Barbie! Thank you for all the good things that follow after that. Thank you for all the good and funny episodes. Thank you!

Thank you Nuffnang!!! Thank you Jayne. Thank you Melissa. Thank you Amanda. Thank you Elise. Thank you Clara. Thank you Alvin. Thank you Chris. Thank you Lydia. Thank you Patrick. Thank you to all the ones i might not have met yet! Thank you for making everything possible. Thank you Ming! For starting Nuffnang and have these wonderful people making magic in my life. Thank you all!

I cannot thank Nuffnang more! I have an income becox i'm with Nuffnang. I feel proud being with Nuffnang. I believe great things will happen to me becox i am with Nuffnang. I know things will only keep getting better becox i am with Nuffnang. I feel like i'm in good hands. Thank you. Becox i can earn, i can afford to do things that'd make my loved ones happy. So thank you, Nuffnang.

I love you, Darling! Thank you for loving me back, more =) Thank you for being patient with me when i get impatient. Thank you for all the smiles you put on my face. Thank you for being a good man. Thank you for telling me you'd buy me a poster with beach view but no thanks. Lol. Thank you for being my brain sometimes. Thank you for listening to my nonsense everyday =D I know i am quite irritating whenever i suspect that you're not listening and i have to test you and ask you to repeat what i just said hahaha. Making you repeat things like "she's very what lah! She think she who. So disgusting and fat" is a bad thing to do ^.^ Hahaha. Thank you for helping me with snapping pictures for my adverts sometimes and for filming videos. Thank you for wanting to grow old with me =) I love you! Also thank you Tiffany and Drago! You guys make me happy and motivate me to buy a big house!



Thank you all for coming in at least once everyday (i hope you do!). Thank you for leaving me a comment when you do. Thank you for joining me at fleas, events and for joining my giveback to you! Thank you for each of you adds to the success of my blog, whether you like it or not haha. Thank most of you, for being nice and encouraging and understanding! Thank you! You make my life good, you make many people happy at the same time! =D See you tomorrow (Saturday) at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 4pm - 7pm for the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation finals and result show! =D

Some people ask me, what has come true for me by using the secret, i can list you a few good examples, next time maybe. But the most precious part of it is.. It makes me recall how wonderful the people around me are. And how thankful i am for it. And i become more aware and appreciative for all the things people do for me. And i feel very blessed everyday!!!

Now i'm on The Power. It says whatever you give out, you will receive. The way i see it is, if i send out 1 unit of thankful signals, i will get back 1 unit. So i'd get 2 units. Lol. Eh i am simplifying the whole book for you please. Don't laugh. So on my end, i'd end up with 2 thankful units.

On the other hand, if you send out 1 unit of sadness, you will receive 1 more unit of sadness. So there you have, you'd end up with 2 units of sadness. That's what i learnt so far! I'm not done with the book yet. But before i started on The Power, i was on The Magic for a while. And in the book they spoke of a gratitude stone. A stone to hold in your hands that'd make you remember to be grateful.

I thought that was too mainstream. So this is why.. I finally went to get a sapphire ring after 4 years of wanting it ^.^ And til now i feel like it's the best buy i ever got. Everyday i look at it, smile at it. Sometimes i talk to it. Okay now i am starting to sound creepy to you. Lolol. Okay, i get it.

And the changes in me, 4 years ago as compared to now, is what make me feel like i can afford the ring. All thanks to these wonderful people in my life. They made it happen for me. And i am grateful.

So each time i look at the ring, i feel this intense gratitude in me. And that makes me happy! =D

Omg i didn't expect this post to be so long i swear. I just got carried away =S It was meant to be a post to show off my sapphire ring only!!! Aka, my "gratitude stone". Haha. Alright let's get down to it!

Tadang~ ^.^ This is how it looks like on my finger!
With the ring that has my chinese name on it ^.^
Isn't it so super sparkly and pretty?! =D
The side of it.
Oh i love it i love it i really do!!!
I should end the post here with this elegant pose but that's not ME! Haha!


"Opps~ Was that too rude?" Haha.

"I can't stand it!"

When people praise you.

When people tell a joke. Hahaha! Okay that's all the showing off!!!

Talking about good things made happen by nice friendly people, you'd wanna check this out!

A project initiated by.. Seriously, i don't even know!!! They are just a bunch of happy people who wanna bring more smiles and friendliness to our world! Watch the video and find out more here.

Sorry, please bear with me. I never ever pay for something so small that cost me $614. The nearest i can remember paying for that is also small is to extract my wisdom tooth. Still, that was bigger. LOL.

I would end with this picture but it's too act chio.

Okay now i'm happy. Hahahah! Kthxbai.


Smooth Criminal F said...

wow...qiu qiu, i love the ring <3 and thanks for sharing about the book, is it the same author of THE SECRET?? :)

shelly said...

this post is truly inspiring and touching.. simple little thing can make you own the whole world!! awesome!! i love you <3

Anonymous said...

u raw ur brows too thick. very ugly leh

Yuxing said...

The last picture made me laughed! xDD

Your ring is really pretty and thanks for sharing your positivity! (*´∀`*)

I applied some to my life and I really got happier.

I love your Budget Barbie series too! You are such an adorable girl! (Or woman! xDD)

bell bell said...

hey the post is touching I read Wendy's blog first and then cheesy and then you, i come to your blog often nowadays and it is fun to read!

Ellie said...

I love this post so much. You're right, Qiuqiu! no one needs to be nice to us, and we should be thankful for all we have :D You're so beautiful inside and out! And the ring matches your shining personality :) Please keep blogging forever and ever!

Olga Podobed said...

oh! such a sweet post! I've almost teared but then I've read "stop stepping on my shoes to wear them as slipons" and i LOLed so hard! That's so you :)
Yeah! You totally deserve all the good thing! And you are right on the importance of learning to be grateful! that's the most important thing - to be satisfied!
Sure your life will keep go up and beyond! and will rock! :)

Audrey said...

When I first saw a picture of a ring, I thought your boyfriend (finally) proposed! Awww, good luck anyway! I hope the time comes soon >:)

Anonymous said...


Stefanie said...

Thank you qiu qiu!! <3

Anonymous said...

qq~, sorry if this is an annoying question, i'm not trying to be mean... why don't you use eyelid glue instead? i've never used it so i don't know if it's good or not but your eyelid tape is always pretty visible :0.

Anonymous said...

you are super duper funny!!!!!!!
thank you for the super long post!!!!!
it actually made me thankful as i read on!!!!!!!
love love love!!!!!

ms.bulat said...

Thank you for starting your blog!
Thank you for being who you are! (by being lame:D)
Thank you for making me laugh every time i read your blog!

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu,
just my opinion..
i prefer your old eyebrows.. your recent eyebrows look a bit odd.. you look a lot prettier then : )

Tiffany said...

Hi QQ! Please, I must know what lipstick you are using. It's so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

This post almost made me teared :') I think you're v genuine and God bless you qq!!

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu! What lipstick are you using in this post? I love the color!

michell said...

hello it's my first commenting on your blog. i think you are very inspiring. i shall be more grateful for whatever i have now and have more positive attitude in life like you :)

Hy//Wene said...

You are so funny Qiu Qiu!
I love reading all your posts cuz they make me laugh all the time! Thank YOU for updating your blog so often!:)

Desmond said...

this post of yours, really gave me lots of motivation to move on... thank you qiu qiu :) i wish you all the best and everything you do will be success :) ( sry i am not good in words ! :) )

kirinn said...

"being able to do something you like, and getting paid for it at the same time, is priceless" -qiu qiu

I totally agree!! ^^ And thank you for sharing such a happy post! It really made my day! xD

kirinn said...

"being able to do something you like, and getting paid for it at the same time, is priceless" -qiu qiu

I totally agree!! ^^ And thank you for sharing such a happy post! It really made my day! xD

MissNekotka said...

So nice xD This hello stranger action. Hahah.. I love it :)U made me happy. Thank You <3

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I truly think you are pretty funny and pretty but somehow I feel that you should do something about your make up. It's getting very weird and everything looks very budget. I believe you do not need expensive make up items to do up a pretty face but at least I think you should know for your face shape and features what will match your look. Especially your eyebrow, Its so thick and I can see abit of brown/black in it.. And I feel its too short, doesnt really define your entire face. Hope you dont mind me being honest coz I really enjoy reading your blog and I think you are an awesome blogger. Have a good day!

Angela said...

Hi Qiuting! Thank you for sharing all this with us! I'm also inspired to try this also because I want to be happier in life too!

I think I really need to try the method you listed out because I always had the mindset that I want more, and should have more and I HAVE TO get more. And then I forget to be grateful for what I have.

Please share more tidbits from the books if you can! ^^

Lastly, because you thank all of us readers, as a reader I would also like to thank you for putting in the effort to blog often to entertain us, to be so real as to share your thoughts with the world, and to introduce to us ALL the good deals that are worth having! And of course many other nice things that you do for your readers etc etc ^^

Just want to say that you are my favourite blogger! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ, loved the blog post but I think you should really work on your eyebrows and eyeliner TT"
It's weird to see multicoloured eyebrows and wonky eyeliner in every photo. Maybe you should try for more natural brows and a more flattering eyeliner style, perhaps something less...dramatic?

Anonymous said...

omg you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I think you should thank your haters too, for giving you nasty comments.


Because without them, you are stronger, you are actually determine to prove them wrong maybe?

Also, they hate you because you stand up for what you believe in! So i think you should thank them! hahah

Cara Pemesanan Trica Jus said...

so nice....

Qiuting said...

Thank you guys!!! Sorry i haven't been repying much on my comment box. But every single one i read!!! <333

I use eyelid tape cox fang bian lol.

Lipstick is CANMAKE.

Angela, thank you!!!!! =D

Anon, yes i am thankful for people who don't love me too. Hahaha.

Crystal said...

Hey Qiu Qiu where did u get ur blue sapphire ring? i always wanted to get one for myself too..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha love this post! :D

Lily said...

ur ring looks cheap to me, cn u choose a better 1