26 April 2012

Liese Super Hard Hairspray

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Hello!!! Before we start! I promise you three things!!!

1. The product i'm introducing today is gonna be very useful as long as you have hair!
2. The video you'd see below is the CHIOEST ever i've done so far!!! Must watch it til the end!!!
3. Some of you lucky ones will get FREE sample of this "Super" good product ^.^

TADANG~ The Liese Super Hard hairspray!

Note Liese Free Arrange hairspray at the back. That's also an awesome product that allows you to create light and airy hairstyles easily! But today we'd focus on Super Hard!!! It's SUPER awesome!!!

Liese Super Hard hairspray helps you keep your hair in place even in strong wind, even if you move around the whole day.

Some ways you can use Liese Super Hard for:

- Keep your hair neat! Good bye flyaways~~ Please go far far away~~ =.=" Haha! All you have to do is to spray Liese Super Hard hairspray on the surface of your hair and smoothen with your fingers! This will tame the flyaways!

- Set your hair and hold up-do in place. Odango, puffy princess hair crown, any sort of hairstyles that you need to set in place, simply spray Liese Super Hard all round as a final step to keep its shape!

- Create volume for your hair! Spray Liese Super Hard at the inner layers of your hair, near the roots! I usually do a "lift, spray, scrunch" with hairspray to create volume. If you have shorter hair and wanna go for a 'fluffy'/ out of bed look, instead of scrunching it, you can fluff it with your fingers! But generally the "lift, spray, scrunch" works for me and it helps make my curls more bouncy! ^.^

And you're wondering if any other hairspray can do the same thing as Liese Super Hard does.

The answer is YES, if you want stiff and hard clumps of hair, that feels sticky and heavy.

If not, come back here to Liese Super Hard! Haha.

And if you are still not convinced, check out the video below where i have put Super Hard to the test! See how my curls hold up with Super Hard Hairspray even in the strong wind or when i run and jump! Watch it and i'm sure you'll be 100% convinced by its efficacies!

Super Hard is especially useful for me cox i have problem keeping my curls.. Curly. The curls loosen just after 30 minutes of curling =( Depends on the weather. On rainy, humid days, 30 minutes is as long as it can last. On a typical day, it can last up to 2 hours max, before it drops to soft curls = / Not happy. Cox i need at least 1.5 hour to curl it!! I've got super lotsa hair!!! Haha!

So now, i'd always remember to spray on some Liese Super Hard, on the inside, outside, and inner layers of my hair!!! ^.^ To hold the curls for the whole day and to make them feel bouncy! =DDD
One more redundant picture of me spraying the other side of the hair. Hahaha. Simply cox i think i look pretty in this picture.
Like i'd always do, scrunch it! And it's not sticky at all one!!! Quite smooth even!!! Unlike the hard and clumpy feeling normal hairspray does to our hair.
Lastly, run your fingers through the curls to spread them out and for that extra bit of volume!

Tips for curling hair
By the way, if you need tips to curl hair! Here's one! Do every bunch in a alternate direction. One inward, the other outward. This will create even more volume for your curls!
Twirl the hair bunch close and tight on the curling tool for a set of nice tight curls.

So now you have all the tips to have nice curls ^.^ Good for you! Remember to spray Liese Super Hard all around your curls (as i shared above) to keep it looking good through the day! Don't worry about windy days, or even rainy days! Yeah! Haha now Liese Super Hard sounds like a helmet lol.

If you're curious about why Liese Super Hard can hold any hair do so well, the credit goes to..

The Super Holding Agent!!!

What is it? Secret!!! Not that i don't want to tell you, hahaha! I don't even know!!!

This secret holding agent will instantly LOCK your hairstyle together without having the sticky, heavy and clumpy feelings like conventional hairsprays! Instead, it gives hair a smooth texture O.O

And better still, it keeps curls bouncy. ALL DAY LONG! What sorcery is this!

So you know the trick to having nice curls already! Here's two more hairstyles you can try out! =D

Princess Pouf
A sweet and simple hairstyle that looks classy and feminine!

Remember the most important final step!!! Spray it down with Liese Super Hard hairspray to hold the hairdo through the day! =D You don't want the nice pouf and curls to go down do you!!!
So spray and secure it with Super Hard ^.^
This is how it will look like on the side and on the back.
One camho shot before we move on to another hairstyle! ^.^

Odango Bun

Secure rest of the loose hair ends with pins then pull down the odango from the back, and secure it.
And? YES! SPRAY AND SECURE so that your odango bun stays up all day long! I feel like my bun is too big but nevermind! I'm sure you can do a much nicer odango bun than me! Try it =D
Remember to get the Liese Super Hard first! Lol.
One more ^.^V
I think i'm in love with this product!

It's convenient to use, and actually the best thing i love about it is that it's not sticky!!! And that my hair doesn't feel heavy after spraying it. Curls feels more bouncy instead ^.^ So now i know how to maintain my hairstyle and make it last all day! =D

I can now try out many more new hairstyles without worrying about it losing its shape! Just spray on Liese Super Hair and i'm ready!!! ^.^

Now it's your turn to try it!


Yes! Free!!! =DDD

Liese is giving out free samples of the Liese Super Hard hairspray and the Liese Free Arrange on the LieseSG Facebook page ^.^

Let me make this simple for you,

If you are bothered by messy hair with flyaways/ hairstyles (like curls) that won't last throughout the day OR you simply like to style your hair in up-dos, then go for the Super Hard!

If you want volume to your hair (although the Super Hard does this too but not as much as the Free Arrange can), and love the airy, 3D look to your hair, then go for Free Arrange!

They are both awesome products! So like LieseSG on Facebook and find out how you can get the free samples as well as learn more about these two products! Inform your friends too!!! =D

I hope you're looking forward to chioer-looking hair cox that's exactly what you'd get ^.^

Now watch the video i am most proud of to-date! Haha ^.^

Have fun!!! And say really, the end of my video very pretty right? Lololol.


FHYEAH said...

nice hair do.. i love both hair, i'm gonna try it some day!!!

THT Christina said...

Oh I love the hairstyles! And I don't use much hairspray, but I should because the style doesn't hold for too long >>

Vivian Ngm said...

Yeapp. The end of the video make you look so pretty. Can shoot commercial :) Anyway you look pretty all the time ! :)

JoeyJoey said...

OMG qiuqiu, this video is really nice. Especially towards the end. Keep up the good work. Stay pretty :)

queerpinkfish said...

Qiuqiu you look so chio and cute in this video. Love!!

Anonymous said...

please do a hair curling tutorial!

Jue Ngasri said...

super cute lah u!

Love from Msia :)

♫○Chimney○♫ said...

How I wish my hair was like yours ;A; .

Raine Lee said...

You are absolutely stunning! Love the video very much! ♥♥

Yuxing said...


Yuxing said...

(Opps! I think I hit enter too soon without finishing my previous comment!! xD)

Lovely video and I will give this product a try!! <3

PS:/ You look great!

lee boon said...

U really look nice and pretty
Are u going to post another posts about the makeup that u have done here
Very match with the hairstyle <3

Olga Podobed said...

wow! video is so sweet! I love your outfits in the photos and the hairstyles are so nice! Specially I found flora top is so pretty!
I think you really can be a princess lolol :)
And you hair is really a treasure :)
You know what else I liked lol - the background in the video :)

Ah Jern said...

this is actually the very first time i heard you talk and i gotta say i loveeeee your voice! and you are gorgeous!! #>w<

btw, you are one of my twitter crush! i look forwards to your tweets EVERY TIME when i've logged into twitter and your tweets always make me smile! ALWAYS! lolol

p/s: i like end my sentence with lolol too. xD

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, thanks for sharing this video! and u look great in this video and you made me smile :)) It does looks like commercial video hehe

Anonymous said...

May I ask where did you get your pink furry jacket from?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video! By any idea, do you have anymore good and affordable blogshops that sells pretty clothes to recommend? Hope to here from you soon! :)

charisngui said...

love your video alot !! you look so cute and chio in it lol xp

deedollie said...

ok qiuqiu. you have really outdone yourself this time. super love this ad. i'm glad u just had fun w/ it and owned it. keep up the good work!!

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Gorgeous!!!! Super duper pretty!!!!

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omg where is that place in the last part of the video!

Simple Person said...

I love ur smile...
So happy n natural.. Nice..

Qiuting said...

Thank you guys!!!! THank you!!!

Pink furry jacket from Bugis, last piece. $8.

Flora top and long skirt from JB, RM10 each.

Place in last part of video is at Punggol riverside walk!

Sapphirone said...

Awww I like this entry a lot!
The hair tutorials are very helpful.
And you look extra pretty here. :)

xtinyap said...

You are very cameragenic! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu!

Thank you for recommending the hair spray! It will be useful for me! Anyway may I ask whether do you mind telling me which fortune teller you go to have your name stroke change? It will be a great help! Thank you :)

Daphne Tok said...

OMG why so nice???I happened to be looking for a hairspray to keep my sticking out baby hair in place because it hafta look neat during work and idk about liese's new hairspray n wanted to check out more before getting de right one so i left watsons w/o getting anything.Now I know!Thank you((:

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U are SO (!) cute!
Let's be friends already ^^

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