11 April 2012

MOX Deals, DEAL!

Hello you, you and you there!!! Pay close attention to this post! Maybe no need so much attention to my camwhoring shots but the infos i'm gonna share this time is gonna make your life SUPER awesome (for a much lower price! Haha!) ^.^

Yes, enjoy life, at a more affordable + better value price - DEAL SITE!

And a good one will be MOX Deals!

They are going to be a part of your life (mine too!) and i'm sure they will only make life more awesome for us! For starters.. The yacht ride i'm gonna share about is gonna be on MOX Deals too!

Headed out for a yacht ride a while ago and here's a camwhoring shot to get the ball rolling! We set off from ONE°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove.. The feeling of being there is just.. RICH.
Cruise charter sponsored by Grand Cruise. Can see everyone's excited!!!
See the residential units at the back? On of those will be my house next time ^.^ Lolol. Okay actually maybe a bit far, maybe it can be my weekend house, that will be great.
So happy i could ask along Mich ^.^ And spot Genevieve at the back haha.
One of the best activities to do on a yacht is to camwhore!!!!!!!! The sunlight is just beautiful ^.^
One with Genevieve =)
And since we are sailing off (a bit floaty, can't do much camwhoring lolol) i'd share some of the exciting deals coming up on MOX Deal! Yeah, that's Leanna from MOX Deals talking and me, rudely camwhoring the last picture before i lose my footing lolol.

First up, we have Dynamic Fitness
Dynamic Fitness specializes in personal training which includes body toning, correcting muscular
imbalances, muscle building and losing weight. They also have Kickboxing where you can either build up endurance or shed some weight. Flabs and fats, begone!!!
- - - - - - -
If you're like me and LOVES being in front of the camera, MOX Deal have PRAE Impact Studio!
PRAE Impact studio offers offers photography services for events such as wedding and birthdays, studio shoots, and on set photography for productions. It'd be interesting to do a photoshoot with your girlfriends/ buddies!!! Even with the cute baby in your house? =D You bf/ gf? Look out for this deal!
- - - - - - -
MOX Deal even have deals that will serve your basic needs - Dental services from Tooth Angels!

Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons brings you the latest in dental technological advancement
and techniques! Their dental surgeons are trained in all areas of expertise having received training both locally and overseas. They are dedicated to deliver highest level of care at a comfortable price!
- - - - - - -
For those who love the outdoor and love exciting activities, School of Paintball deal will be for you!
Look for for this deal for School of Paintball on MOX Deal if you wanna have a colourful fun time with your family/ friends! I know of companies who does team-building at SOP! Watch out, for real!
- - - - - - -
WHO LOVES KTV (Karaoke)?!?!??!?!! ME ME ME!!! ImpactKTV is for us!!!!
ImpactKTV offers mobile karaoke systems for your special events! Karaoke in a restaurant for your special dinner in a group? Wanna throw a party by the pool side with KTV?! How about a meeting with KTV?! Or full KTV system in your house for a party?! Look for ImpactKTV deal on MOX Deal!

Now other than the exciting deals mentioned above.. You ask, HOW is MOX Deals different from the rest of the deal sites. HERE IS HOW!

MOX Deals offer you THREE different modes of payment!!! Now here's what i appreciate! Flexibility and options!!! For the Standard deal, it's like what you get from usual deal sites, pay the amount for a certain product/ service/ event, redeem it when you're gonna use it.

The Pay To Merchant will be much appreciated by a lot of us! Say the deal it's a group event, for example.. A yacht ride. So you pay a small amount to book it, and when all of you and your friends are there on that day, everyone pay their share to the merchant! It's that simple! No need to transfer sum here and there. No fuss!

Flat discount is also gives us a very good choice on HOW we want to use the purchased deal! Example, we pay $1 for every $10 vouchers from AZ Company. And AZ company provide services/ products A, B, C, D, E, F blablababla to Z. Lol. So we could choose to use our voucher on anything A - Z that AZ Company offers!

ALRIGHT! Now you know that MOX Deal is gonna bring you LOTSA fun and excitement that you should totally look forward to, HERE'S A IRRELEVANT IPCTURE OF ME. Hahaha.
Natural one leh the glare.
Everything looks beautiful from the yacht =) Actually i feel quite touched when i see beautiful sights like this O.O I feel fortunate and privileged. I am sure i'm not alone!!! Tell me i'm not! Lol.
Be warned, this is how your hair will be blown into. Lolol.
I have been so blessed to be able to keep catching all these scenic moments in the recent months!
Other than chit-chating time away while enjoying the beautiful view, you can also help your friends snap emo, look-far profile pictures for their facebook. LOL.
Me and Mich
HALLO~ Got look like rich people not this shot!!! Got right?! Hahah!
And the sun slowly set and i head inside the cabin!
Check this out!!! There's also a bar where you can prepare food and drinks etc. Also, there's KTV!!!!! Also there are bedrooms on board. I LOVE how cozy it looks like!
One last shot of the breath-taking view =)
Mich looking a bit.. =X

And then the yacht will cruise to where we can see Song of the Sea ^.^

Quite pretty actually.
And.. One more great deal that'd be on MOX Deals soon!!!!! =DDD From Shots Asia!

These pre-packaged cocktail shots would be great to enjoy at a party/ gathering with your friends/ family on all occasions! The innovative twisted shot glass allows for two separate flavors in one shot. Simple and easy right?! Each cocktail shot contains 20% alcohol volume o.O Good luck to me hahaha!
Clink! My Coffee cream and Orange Liquor with Mich's Orange and Vodka.
And we just chit chat away on the yacht, some sing KTV.. The song bank really quite huge! Got English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and other languages. COOL NOT!
And a short while later.. =DDD
BEAUTIFUL. My shooting skill also quite good!!! =DDD
After, we just keep cruising til we see the ferris wheel at Marina Bay area before cruising back.

It was a great evening! Especially love the view and love the fact that Mich was there with me =D

If you wanna plan a yacht trip out with your loved ones too, remember to look out for it on MOX Deals! Sign up an account for free and be informed of all the great deals you seen in this post and more! You will grow addicted to MOX Deals!

Follow them on Facebook for promotions and know what are the deals heading your way! =D They also updated their Facebook page with lotsa pictures from the yacht so view them there ^.^

Signing off with one top-model picture of me taken on the yacht. Lolol.


Jobless Girl said...

Wow, great sunset view with firework.

Zuj said...

Very nice post ! After reading it, feel like planning a trip too !! Haha.. U got lots of pretty photos n I think 5th one from the top is looks best ! Most natural and v happy smilez.

Anonymous said...

that first picture of you is GORGEOUS! looks like you had a lot of fun too!

Anonymous said...

Did u get braces before?

Deej the Blogger said...

Another great entry BQQ! I just love the way you blog!

Hope you can visit my blog sometime and give me some tips on how to improve it.

Deej the Blogger ~ Your #1 fan from the Philippines ^^,

Elli said...

All the good stuff is in singapore :( -.-


J said...

Your fried, Genevieve looks mixed! She's pretty! Does she have a blog? :) Nice sunset photos by the way!

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You're retty

Toh Wan Xin said...

you look very pretty with de natural look. =)

hidayah said...

awak nih cantik..!
(hihi..paham tak?)

Anonymous said...

Genevieve damn chio!!