07 May 2012


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Do you LOVE cultured milk drink like i do? ^.^

If you do! This post is for you!!!

I've been drinking a bottle of VITAGEN daily since two years plus ago and i must say it's something i look forward to everyday!!! What is your favourite flavour? =DDD Mine's peach!!!

Come to think of it.. My house only has soya bean milk, plain water and VITAGEN. Healthy not! =D

Before i read up more about the various cultured milk drink in the market, i had no idea how each of them are different from each other except for the packaging.

And here's why my favourite has been VITAGEN for yearssss:

- LOVE that it's of a bigger size than the rest =D
- LOVE it for how smooth the texture is!
- LOVE how it doesn't leave powdery residue on tongue (mentioned this on Twitter many times!)
- VITAGEN auntie in my neighborhood who sends VITAGEN to my place is very friendly haha ^.^

However, do you know that not all the cultured milk drinks are the same?!

Taste, packaging, size and flavours aside, do you know how the different brands of cultured milk drinks are different?! I DON'T! Not until i read up more about it, to share with you ^.^

What's special about VITAGEN that makes it different and.. BETTER? I'd share in a bit but for now..
"V FOR VITAGEN~!" Hahaha gotta do it! I love VITAGEN since young! So imagine how happy i was when i was told they wanna work with my blog!!! HONORED TO SHARE GOOD THINGS!

You see the little red pyramid on the packaging? It's the Healthier Choice logo!!!

VITAGEN would totally deserve it as the criteria for the Healthier Choice logo is it contains less than 1% of fat per 100ml and less than 10g of sugar per 100ml! It has 50% less sugar than regular cultured milk drink! And.. BEST PART? It's completely fat-free!!! =DDD

I'm sure many of us would appreciate anything that has "less sugar" and anything that is "fat-free". Other than wanting to stay slim (for us ladies especially ^.^), it promotes a healthier lifestyle.

If we do our part to cut down on sugar and fats, we reduce risk of having to face obesity and many other health issues related to obesity. Heart diseases, diabetes, high-blood-pressure, and stroke.. And this is just to name a few =X

Long story cut short, VITAGEN is the way to go each time you're picking up cultured milk drink =D

Here's a simple table!
Take a few seconds of your time to go through the simple table!

You must have noticed from the table, that regular cultured milk drink only contain Probiotics while VITAGEN contains probiotics and prebiotics! What exactly are these for leh?! O.O

A little bit more details:

Every bottle of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR has billions of live probiotics cultures (good bacteria).

Probiotic cultures (good bacteria) that VITAGEN uses are specially imported from a world leading cultures laboratory in Denmark called Chr. Hansen. These cultures can withstand stomach’s gastric juice and bile and reach the intestines alive to fight harmful bacteria.

Benefits of drinking VITAGEN:

1) Aid in digestion
2) Suppress growth of harmful bacteria, thus
3) Improve gastrointestinal (intestines) health
4) Maintain a healthy digestive system

Taking a step further for a even healthier digestive system and thus a healthier you, VITAGEN includes prebiotics (Inulin) in their cultured milk drink.

This will help support growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates (dietary fibre) that will help maintain a better intestinal environment. It will not only aid digestion, it acts like food for probiotic cultures and help to promote the growth of good bacteria.

So as you introduce good bacteria into your body, VITAGEN also introduce prebiotics to your body which will in some sense, help your body make more good bacteria! It's an on-going process!

Probiotics and Prebiotics are our twin defence against digestive disorders.

So by drinking VITAGEN.. You'd have DOUBLE DIGESTIVE POWER!!!

If you are facing digestive disorder and experience constant abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, and/or bloating, you might wanna start taking care of what you eat and drink!

And VITAGEN can only do good for your digestive system so do give it a try, DAILY!!!

CHEERS TO GREAT HEALTH for you and me ^.^

Now i know i've been drinking the best =D It's easy and convenient to incorporate yummy VITAGEN into your life if you have yet to! I drink it when i'm reading/ browsing magazines. Slow small sips ^.^

Shu Nu or not O.O Haha ^.^
 These bottles of happiness will be a great healthy beverage to serve to your guests!!! From my years of experience, NO ONE EVER TURNS DOWN VITAGEN one!!! Never ever!!! Haha!

I wanted to do a photoshoot with my gfs drinking VITAGEN but it didn't happen so here i am #foreveralone trying to act like a commercial print ad model. HAHA. Got pass or not! This is how my day will pass. Either lying on the bed or nua-ing on the sofa drinking VITAGEN or sometimes if i have to leave the house in the day time, i will leave with a bottle of VITAGEN.

This is close to reality except you gotta vision me without makeup hahaha. And not looking so smiley becox if i smile like that alone in the house, i'd be mad. Oh wait, i do that sometimes. I AM MAD =O
AND THIS?!?! These are all the VITAGEN stickers i've collected!

For each pack (of 5) VITAGEN you purchase from home delivery, you get a sticker. It's awesome!!! I have a new stash of stickers now =DDD Waiting to collect more and then maybe exchange for a pot..... No, no, too auntie, maybe exchange for other MARIGOLD products! I love their yoghurt drinks too =D


Here's a summary on why VITAGEN is a better, yummier, healthier choice!
THERE SHOULD BE NO COMPETITION!!! ^.^ This is your choice as it is mine =)
It's like what people say "For our own good". VITAGEN is for our own good!!!

You may find VITAGEN from all leading hypermarts, supermarts, convenience stores, petrol kiosks, provision shops and minimarts!

Although i feel the best is to have it delivered to my doorstep =D Can collect stickers to redeem for stuff also! And so convenient! Every two weeks i have VITAGEN delivered directly to my doorstep! =D

And the cost to healthier living?

1 pack (5 bottles x 125ml) $2.85
Single bottle (125ml) $0.65

It'd be the best choice you ever make. For real! ^.^

One more time.. "V FOR VITAGEN~!"



Anonymous said...

love ur dress! where did u get it

Simple Person said...

V not for victory?lol
I love the grape purple color....

nicccchang said...

All the photos are so lovely! CAn you do a tutorial on how to do the braid for fringe? I always try but failed. :-( btw, vitagen lover here too! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu! Awhile back I rmb seeing your twitter that you're finding luggage and I just happen to see one from gmarket, on sale right now and its really pretty! Just telling you cause I thought it suits you :)


Pang jie jie said...

I buy from the aunty that every week come to sell too. But recently instead of giving sticker they give small pack of milk as replacement. :(
Love the peach flavor the most. Thumbs up for vitagen.

sarah c. said...

im sold!! QIUQIU SO CUTE!!!*go buys whatever you are drinking*

Anonymous said...

Whats the nail polish and color u're using? Love it!

lexi said...

so tiny! never tried this drink before but it seems yummy

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know what camera are u using??? :D

Wen Xuan said...

Yay! I love Vitagen also! Especially the one with the green apple flavour. I live in Punggol too, so maybe we got the same auntie sending to us. XD
But nowadays she never give the sticker, instead they give a packet of milk? Strange huh.


Anonymous said...

After reading your post a few days ago, then yesterday I suddenly got craving for Vitagen, then i think wtf, must be QQ lah! keep saying the peach one very nice must try so I really went to buy. Last time I only drink GRAPE or APPLE, never drink the peach (cos it look like orange :X) So after trying the peach I must say the Peach one is really NICEEEE :DDDDD lol OK NOW PEACH I ALSO LIKE!!!!

Qiuting said...

Dress from JB, SGD4.

I'd try to do the braid tutorial but i'm really not very good with it!

Thank you for the luggage link! I think i'd go check out chinatown/ mustafa first!

Pang Jie Jie, yeah now i get milk also. Better than nothing lol.

Kimchi said...

Gosh that photo of u sitting on sofa is stimulating. I did zoom in that pic to have a nice look