17 August 2012

Rachel K - See the Difference

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Went with Mich a few weeks ago, to the Rachel K skincare line launch event! =D

I am sure most of you have seen Rachel K's makeup line selling in Watsons. And might have heard of their CC cream (Colour Control) cox it's their best-selling product i think! Show you later! ^.^

Rachel K is a cosmetics and now, skincare firm founded by Miss Singapore Universe, Rachel Kum. Rachel K retails exclusively at Watsons Singapore and Hong Kong, and will soon be expanding to the region, China and Malaysia, and more!!! Apparently their products especially the CC cream is quite in demand in the USA! Cox it's something that up the BB cream lol, and it delivers great results!

For more info, visit Rachel K webpage or the Rachel K Facebook page!

The lady behind the Rachel K cosmetics and skincare, Rachel herself and me at the event!

Who would be the best ambassador of Rachel K products than Rachel herself right!

I swear, her complexion is flawless. No oil shine but yet it's super glowy. Kinda make me understand and finally see what is "晶莹剔透", a term forever used in advertisement. It sort of means crystal clear and bright and translucent. And that's how Rachel's skin looks like =( Jealous.

Mich the lucky woman who won 1 of the 3 goodie bag that night!!! Inside got one Rachel K product spa voucher and then Mich use the serial number to go buy 4D (auntie much? lol) and SHE STRIKE!!!!!! =OOO How unbelievable is that! Double lucky!!!

A bit of background info on why and how the Rachel K skincare line is unique from the others.

In most of their products, there is an ingredient that makes all the difference.

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica – the first plant stem cell known to protect the skin stem cell.

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica is a liposomal preparation of Swiss apple (renowned for its longevity) stem cells developed by a novel, patent pending plant cell culture technology. PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica provides a revolutionary anti-aging performance for real rejuvenation as it protects longevity of skin stem cells and delays senescence of essential cells to combats chronological aging

So this super ingredient added into Rachek K skincare products does three wonders:

PROTECTS your skin all the way down into the cellular level
DELAYS aging of your skin and at the same time
FIGHTS and and repair the damage your skin has already been exposed to

Talk about multi-taking, try beating PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica. Lolol.

Some of the products i received from the event to try out ^.^ Gonna introduce one by one to you! Also, i'm trying out the product for 4 days! You'd see for yourself in this post!

Forgot to warn you, this post is filled with makeup-less pictures. My face is really rough =(

Okay lah c'mon, it's not THAT bad. Lolol. The only thing is my complexion looks dull, yellow, dirty, uneven and filled with huge pores and blemishes and my nose is filled with blackheads and my dark eye rings are really dark but if you look pass all that, my face shape is okay. Lololol.

Okay say real one, it's time to take some action. Wo ming ming is pretty de, why am i so lazy?!?! Lolol. How can i let the decent face i am born with down. Lolol. So let's roll!!!

First step to good skincare regime, CLEANSING. And then toning the skin to prepare it for better absorption of more skincare goodness.

A close up shot of my face now. All pictures of complexion won't be edited other than my face shape and nose and eyes okay. Lolol.

The Stem Cell Purifying Cleansing Gel

It kinda looks like this. A little bit greenish cox it contains chlorophyll. One thing i already love about all Rachel K skincare products is that they all smell soooooo good!! ^.^

It is formulated with PhytoCellTec™ technology that boosts the natural performance of human skin stem cells, prevents loss of moisture and maintains your skin’s balance naturally, cleansing it without the use of foaming chemicals. And there's witch Hazel and Aloe Vera to soothe and refresh.

So yeah, it doesn't foam up when you lather it onto dampened skin but the after feeling of your skin still feels fresh and clean! And in fact, softer and smoother O.O And there's no tight-feeling to it!

Supreme Whitening Lotion

Also known as toner lah. It whitens your skin and takes it from dull to brilliant.

Some super ingredient added into the lotion if you're keen:

Octadecenedioic Acid (ODA) whitens skin by regulating tyrosinase within skin cells. Clinical tests have proven it to be as effective as Arbutin, but without the damaging effects.

DelentigoTM puts the brakes on age spots by regulating the formation of lipofuscin and melanin.

WhiteTM is an encapsulated TGF – Biomimic peptide which corrects the MITF cellular pathway to decrease various types of pigmentation.

Finally, SEPICALM VG decreases regular pigmentation induced by inflammatory stress, and Basal pigmentation caused by genetic ageing.

Aloe vera extract refines skin and reduces pores

IN SHORT. It's a all-rounded lotion. Lolol - Whitens without damaging, stops aging signs and spots, reduce pigmentation and reduce blemishes if your STUPID PIMPLES burst and is on its way to recovery. And it reduced the size of your pores!

I would know best what "inflammatory stress" means. It means your pimple burst and then you are very stress about it becox it won't go away! Lolol. No for real, nowadays after my pimples heals, they leave marks here and there =( I think it's gotta do with age =((( So now i am pinning all my hope on this lotion.

Results are supposed to show in 2 weeks but i have been using it for 4 days now and i already feel my skin is much much clearer! You'd see! I guess Rachel K skincare line is the only one in the market that under-promise. Lolol. Usually people over-promise right.

Oh poop my face really look very rough. Lolol.
Just squirt it on a cotton pad and then gentle pad it on your face! And when you're done cleansing and toning your face, it's ready for punches and punches of goodness!!! =DD

Rachel K - See The Difference Day Cream, Night Cream, Booster serum and THE eye cream!
Youth Eye Complex

Next is eye cream!

The Youth Eye Complex nourishes the skin around your eyes with a potent certified organic formulation. Made with active ingredients extracted from algae, and enriched with certified organic Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive Oils and Squalane.

This anti-ageing eye cream harnesses the regenerative powers of nature to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and delay signs of aging. It reduces puffiness, dark eye circles and fine lines!

Special design applicator that massages the eye area to increase blood circulation, reducing puffiness and dark eye circles. I love how it can fit into the contours of the eye area!!! =D

You know i have easily tried more than 20 different kinds of eye cream, eye gel, eye mask, eye this, eye that. None of it hits the bull's eye. Lolol. I don't have the problem with puffy eyes i think. But i have huge problem with dark eye ring =( And also fine lines =((((( But you'd see, this eye cream REALLY REALLY works!!! For my dark eye ring!!!

Youth Spell Day Cream

Re-generates and turns back the time on your skin with revolutionary all-natural PhytoCellTec™. Using outer Stem Cells derived from plants, it encourages skin Stem Cells to perform at optimal level, decreasing wrinkle depth, rejuvenating skin and fighting against chronological ageing.

PhytoCellTec™ uses a rare Swiss apple (we talked about this haha, this magical apple is renowned for its longevity) that protects skin cells against oxidative stress and repairs damaged DNA. PhytoCellTec™ contains phospholipids that deliver apple stem cells deep into the skins matrix, allowing your skin to renew itself.

Now the amazing part about this product is that, even if you have combination skin, i.e some parts feels extra dry while some parts feels oily, DON'T WORRY! The Youth Spell Day Cream balances oil secretion in skin. It moisturizes drier parts of the skin and the oilier parts of the skin will be kept less oily. So it's great for humid/ cold weathers!

This is 15 minutes after using all the above products, to prepare my face before heading out.

Please, just look at my cheeks!!!!!!! ^.^ And my forehead especially!!! I don't know is it i xin li zuo yong or think too much, but i feel there's a significant difference lah! Whole face become much brighter and the dullness from before is gone and omg my cheeks ^.^ Rosey one leh, love!

Since i am at it. I might as well introduce the star product of Rachel K cosmetics line.

Rachel K is best known for the innovative CC Cream (Color Control Cream, made in Korea), which is a more refined version of the BB Cream. You can read from the packaging..

Contains SPF 35 PA++
Smudge-proof and water proof

I guess this is why it's the Beauty Queen's makeup secret!

Comes in original and neutral tone!

This is how i look with JUST the CC cream alone! No concealer, no other makeup products on my face! HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?!?!??! I QUITE LOVE LEH!!! Matte matte one! I mean, my 3D pimple is still cannot cover lah but still! The rest of the skin is so nicely covered!

For people who don't like to put heavy makeup or for days where you just wanna go with a quick solution to look better and leave house ASAP, CC cream is definitely a great choice to last you through the day! It makes your skin looks better and healthier and it's just a one-step thing! =D

If you want a smooth and "finished" look, pat on the Mineral CC Pressed powder!

Before i pat on the pressed powder i applied some concealer for my undereye, and then after the pressed powder, i fill my brows in, put on mascara and lipbalm and some blusher and..
DONE! ^.^ Quite clean and natural right! =DDD All ready to head out! This is like 1pm.

This is like 2am =X Yes i like to nua around in the house before i go wash up even when i reach home that day in the evening =X

No touch-ups in between. And the pressed powder, CC cream and all the skincare products before that help keeps my face oil-free and matte and fresh ^.^

After washing off the makeup, i massage on the Booster serum followed by the night cream!

Intense Multivitamins Booster
Combats the effects of time and nourishes your skin with a high concentration of Vitamin C that promotes collagen renewal and helps to lighten and brighten skin!

This formula is further enriched with seaweed and Zinc to stabilize skin, Vitamins E and F to soothe it, and sunscreen to protect it.
- Vitamin C (High Concentrate) – Promotes Collagen Renewal and Brightens Skin
- Vitamin E – Protection from Environmental Free Radicals
- Vitamin F, Seaweed, Zinc - Skin Stability, Soothing, Sun Repair

Midnight Miracle Night Cream
Improves the quality of all skin types, especially oily and irritated complexions.

This cream contains ResistemTM (a break-through ingredient that helps the skin to naturally decrease its level of pro-ageing agents), ACNACIDOLTM BG, EVERMATTM and RonaCare® Bisabolol that work together to detoxify and soothe skin, leaving it even-toned and regenerated. Daily use will decrease shine and the appearance of redness by improving your skin’s overall moisture balance.

So this Miracle Night Cream is great for irritated skin as it helps to reduce redness and bumps overnight and it reduces shine on skin.

Difference can be seen the very next morning.

I wouldn't believe.


Really one! I have been doing this "take picture before sleep", "take picture when i wake up" routine for days and the first day i woke up after using the Midnight Miracle Night cream, i really gave myself a pleasant surprise!!! I didn't even look into the mirror before that. And then after i snap the picture and then check back, i was like =OOO My skin looks sooooooo much better!!!

Gotta say this is my favourite product in the whole line! Although i also really quite love the eyecream cox it does reduce my dark eye circle!!! Did you notice?!

Night time after removing makeup. There, condition of my dark eye circle obviously improved. Still there, but i'd just keep using the products and keep working on it ^.^

After showering and after cleansing and toning my face.. Brace yourselves for THE mask.

Radiance Illuminator Hydrogel Mask
This mask delivers 11-18% more moisture than traditional skincare sheet (paper) masks.

Made with Stem Cells extracted from the lotus flower, it promotes the division of skin cells, enhancing the skin’s ability to renew itself.

Most interesting part is the texture of the mask! Its gel-like texture contours to your face leaving it soft and hydrated, while refining fine lines and wrinkles. For normal, oily, or acne-prone skin, its natural extracts clear out pores without irritation, while its hydrating ingredients deliver oil-free moisturizing and radiance!

Comes in two pieces like this to fit anyone's face better! 1 whole Sheet (30g) of mask like this contains the same amount of essence in 1 Essence Bottle (30g)!!!

Hydrogel melts unto your skin, reacting directly to your skin’s temperature. It effectively locks in moisture, while its Trans-Dermal Technology allows hydrating agents to penetrate at levels twice greater than other moisturizers. I am happy but they say you can't smile when you mask. Lol.

After a cooling and refreshing 35 minutes later..

Le me showing you how supple my skin is. Lolol. After the mask you can't instantly see visible results but you definitely can feel instant results! Skin feels much much more smooth!!!

I was saying you can't see instant visible results from the mask right.

But you definitely can SEE VISIBLE results the next day!

Next day, my face. Pores are small, skin is bright, love the rosey cheeks, love it that i sort of become fairer!!! =DDD And it's sooo smooth one the face! ^.^

Close up of my face after just 3.5 days of using the Rachel K skincare line.

My personal thoughts on it.. Is for sure, i'm looking fairer lol. Skin looks brighter and MUCH MUCH less dull and uneven.

My pores are MUCH smaller!!! Especially so on the cheeks and my nose O.O It's really quite impressive and amazing like that.

My dark eye rings, omg this one, you ownself can see please. LOVE the Youth Complex eye cream! But nothing beats the Midnight Miracle night cream.

Of course the mask is good too! And best part about the mask is.. It's ONLY $5.90!!!

In just 3.5 days.. I am hopeful that if i keep using it, my skin will as flawless as Rachel herself. Lolol. Or half as good as hers i'd be very happy already. Lol.

Not gonna end with makeup-less pictures am i. Lol.

Good luck to you and me, those who are in desperate need for better skin! I know how you feel! Here's one to better skin! *clink* ^.^

You can get Rachek K skincare and cosmetics from Watsons!


Two pieces of good news in fact!

Get a FREE Lip Plumper worth $32!!!!!!
For every $30 spent on any Rachek K products. Lip plumper can be redeemed from Watsons at Ngee Ann City Takashimaya. Please show receipt okay! ^.^ This promo is only valid for two weeks from today! So act fast! I mean really, you spend $30 on good skincare/ cosmetics + get a $32 lip plumper for free. HOW AWESOME PLEASE? While stock last, hurry!


Get a FREE Collagen + Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask
Simply by liking Rachel K Facebook page!!!!!

How easy and simple is that?! You just have to like their facebook page, and they will mail the Collagen + Stem Cell Hydrogel mask ALL THE WAY TO YOUR HOUSE!!! =OOO

Too good to be true leh!!! Where got so good one! O.O But it's true!!!

Find out more and like Rachel K Facebook page now! Got free awesome mask i really don't see why you're still here. Haha. Go go go!


Anonymous said...

Which under eye concealer are you using and where do you get it?

Anonymous said...

I went to like Rachel K's facebook page and they told me to register? How to redeem? Just like can already?

Anonymous said...

Ok i clicked like!
happy happy happy!!!!
trying my luck coz i'm in malaysia.

ツYWJX欣 said...

May I know what is the brand of concealer you used for your dark circles?

-Yvonne Jace

ツYWJX欣 said...

May I know what is the brand of concealer you used for your dark circles?

-Yvonne Jace

Carlyn Girl said...

Looks like a good product.

Tina said...

I've been using phytocell serum for about a year now and one of the things it does is protect hair follicles from aging and also rejuvenates it. Use it around your eyebrows and it starts growing rapidly the next day! At least the serum I use does lol Love it!

Evelyn`Wann said...

I think I wanna try the mask, it looks really good.

Corinne said...

Thanks for sharing this! Was very useful!

Anonymous said...

quitting if u want a flawless face, try to buy Meiji Amino collagen from guardian / watson. It does work for me. My face are flawless now :)

Kimmy said...

How brave having no make p on in your photos! Beautiful without it anyways. That collagen mask looks good, I'll check out the site.

Kelsey (Kittentummy) said...

Wow, you sold me!!! I want it lah~

Anonymous said...

Hello qiuqiu. Is the free mask only for singaporeans? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How much is the whole range? It looks really effective!! :D you look really good after using it.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu ! I went to Ngee Ann City watsons already and i'd spent $30 on Rachel K skincare but they only gave me Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask not the Lip Plumper ! ):

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu ! I went to Ngee Ann City watsons already and i'd spent $30 on Rachel K skincare but they only gave me Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask not the Lip Plumper ! ):

Qiuting said...

I am using Candydoll concealer, the lighter one ^.^

Anon, go to the tab FREE MASK! =)

Tina, interesting....!!!!! I shall try it on my eyebrow ends!!!

Anon, for full price range i think you might be able to see on their Fb page!

Anon, i think cox lip plumper is while stock last? Perhaps you can check with them on their facebook page! =)

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu , i was comtemplating to buy Rachel K CC cream. after reading your blog, i'm hooked and convinced. thanks for sharing, you look great! i can't decide on Neutral or Original. are you using Neutral? i have tan skin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't find the tab Free Mask. Can u kindly let me know where is it located at? Thanks!

Sunburst said...

After reading your review on the products, I headed out to buy the serum. If it's good I'll get the other products too! By the way, you look pretty even without makeup. Prettier with makeup!

Anonymous said...

omg i think you're really brave to post close-ups of your face without make up! admire you! :D

ZY said...

Hey QiuQiu,

LIKE the anon above said, I think you are really brave to show your makeup-less photos, not many people or bloggers are able to do that! This is what makes you so special! You are always so true and real! continue to be yourself and rock on babe! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello qiu qiu! You must have used this product for about a week already and how is the process? Able to blog about it? You're so pretty by the way =)