12 September 2012

7-Eleven - Pick your favourite brand!

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And if you guessed it correctly, you might be one of the FIVE LUCKY WINNERS..

To win a total of $5,000* worth of travel vouchers at the annual 7-Eleven Leading Brands Contest and be taken to the places you most desire!!!

7-Eleven Leading brands is a yearly campaign where 7-Eleven commemorate and recognize the top and most loved brands that are sold in 7-Eleven. In commemoration of this annual campaign, 7-Eleven would like to reward their loyal 7-Eleven customers with a contest that takes them to travel!

All you have to do is to simply spend $3* in a single receipt!!!
That will entitle you to join the 7-Eleven Leading Brands facebook contest!

Read till the end to find out more! ^.^

You know when i heard that i have a 7-Eleven sponsored post, i'm thinking "WHAAAT?! Why would 7-Eleven needs advertising!" 7-Eleven having 570 stores (and counting) in Singapore alone, is the best form of advertising for them already, i mean, if you look at the most basic marketing mix..

The 4Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion

The four crucial factors that will draw customers to any business. And i must say 7-Eleven is all out to bring us the best of all four! Follow me on a short trip to one of the 570 7-Eleven islandwide!

Oh yes, that is "Place" fulfilled by the way. It's is SO easy to find a 7-Eleven store near you! No matter where you stay and where you are heading to in Singapore!

7-Eleven is now the leading convenience store retailer, not just for last minute needs but for a wide ranging lifestyle needs such as meals on-the- go, last minute gifts, CashCard and ezlink top-ups and bill payment services. In short, 7-Eleven is there for us, anytime, for anything. Haha.

Right on the door of all 7-11, you'd see some services they provide and on-going promotion if you pay some attention! Haha. After walking around in 7-11, i do feel like they are underrated.

Cox there's so much going on in a 7-Eleven store!!!

They have their very own private label items such as Big Gulp, Slurpee, Quickbites and 7-Select housebrands. OMG? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HAD YOURSELF A SLURPEE?!?!?

We call it "icy" in my family ^.^ My favourite is the Cola flavour!!! Oh my, how 7-11 makes up my childhood. Haha. The 7-Eleven at Rochor Centre is THE hangout place for my sisters and me and my dad!!! We would go there late at night and buy 2 - 3 packets of microwaved sandwiches and share and of course a big cup of "icy" =))) Fun time!!!

When i do this post, i kept thinking about how unappreciative i have been towards our 24-hour 7-Eleven. You know when i was in Japan, i really scan through their convenience stores like i've never seen one before. Just becox i think it's cool =X

But now i have a better look at the things our 7-Eleven here sells, IT IS VERY INTERESTING ALSO LEH!!!!!! You see!!!

Things you'd expect to see, all sorts of popular tidbits.
Be spoilt for choice. Crackers, cookies, chips. Any tidbits you crave for, you most probably can find it in a 7-Eleven store near you!!!

Find limited edition items at 7-Eleven too!!! Peanut butter snickers!!! =OOO BUY!!!

Hungry at night? Cup noodles, kaya/ Nutella/ tuna spread for your bread? Good luck to your weight-loss plan! Lolol. I say that can wait. Haha.

Spot your favourite candies. My one is actually Jelly Tots! Lolol. Didn't see it until i already camho with Hi-Chews.

All sorts of magazines for men, women, teenagers and kids even! Grab your favourite drink as you go! And this is just one small part of the varieties of drinks 7-Eleven offers!


Posuer. Lolol. Yuzhen helped me snap all pictures of me one. So if any of it looks erxin, don't blame me =X Lolol. Thou i gave her directions on what to shoot haha.

Okay! Let's take a short break from food items!!! Look at these cute gift items!!! I spotted Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Winner the Pooh, Eeyor, Snow White and Marie Cat ^.^

And MORE Mickey/ Minnie Disney items!!!!! You must agree these are some good gift ideas!!! I would love anything Mickey Mouse ^.^ Okay maybe not cups for me but notepads and all, take! Lol.

I look to one corner and there are plenty of these travel accessories. Awww 7-11 why you so thoughtful?! Lolol. It's like 7-11 is trying to satisfy all our needs as much as possible!!! Say real one, the other corner has like swimsuit and swimming accessories for adults and kids O.O *thumbs up*

"7-Eleven emphasises on value and convenience and our service motto is to deliver First, Best, only to our customers 24/7.

First to launch new and exciting products and promotions to customers.

Best in value, offering our customers good attractive deals Exclusively at 7-Eleven!"

Now i really see the value!!! Who else has all these varieties of items up for you 24 HOURS A DAY!!! In a clean, comfortable environment. Where everything is fresh and neatly presented to you.

Only 7-Eleven!!!

So product, CHECKED! But i'm not even half way done!!! There are soooooo many more cute things in 7-Eleven =DDD

Coin purses, cardholders, lanyards and random stationery! The baby Donald and Daisy duckies are soooo cute!!! ^.^

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!!!!! Pastel pink and purple Minnie Mouse cardholders!!!!! I think it's only $7.90 =OOOO

More disney characters ^.^

Soft Toys from Disney. Spot Chip and Dale, Goofy and Piglet ^.^ $4.90 each only!!!
CAN YOU BELIEVE?!?!?! PRICE, CHECKED!!!! Not just the toys, look below!

Huge chunk of cookies for $1 only!!! And the in-house brand of 7-11 that everyone loves - Quick Bites! When i buy it, i'd scoop it full and high =X Kiasu. Lol. And all these affordable snacks and food are made available to you and me 24 hours a day. Thank you 7-11! ^.^

One more interesting thing i noticed in 7-Eleven is that EVERY other corner, has promotion going on. Like this chocolate shelf i'm looking at, there's promotion going on.

And all the 7-11 SUPER HOT DEALS promotions you'd notice in 7-11 if you just pay more attention ^.^ Seriously the Mac n Cheese is goooood!!! No wonder it is the best seller out of the huge selection of the microwavable products 7-11 carries!!! Promotion, CHECKED!!!








Only available at 7-Eleven!!!
And it comes in your birthday!!! Now they have July and august on sale so look out for your month if you're July - Decemeber ^.^ I realise it one month too late apparently =( My birthday is June 28 =(( Anyone wanna sell it to me not!!! =(((((

Look!!! All so cute!!! Got different colour bow and tee shirt one =DDD

And more Hello Kitty stuff out of EVEN MORE! I don't wanna kill you so when you free go check them out ba! ^.^ You might find Hello Kitty makeup items as well in 7-11!

See, this is what i mean by every other corner, there's a promotion going on.

Now back to winning $5000 travel vouchers*!!!

How to participate?
Simply like 7-Eleven facebook page and join the Leading Brands Contest.

Pick your favourite brand out of 80 brands to stand a chance to win! But first you have to spend $3 in a single receipt at any of the 7-Eleven stores!!! Find out which outlet is near you on the 7-Eleven website.

Though i really feel you can find a 7-Eleven store right in front of you by closing your eyes and walking anyhow-ly. Lolol. 7-11 is everywhere lah!!! So go, spend $3 or more and stand a chance to win 5 X $1000 travel vouchers to fly to ANYWHERE you want to!!!

Contest ends 9 Oct 2012.

Me looking at more candies and pretending like i don't know Yuzhen is shooting me lolol.

There's sooooo many things you can get in 7-Eleven so spending $3 should be as easy as a breeze!!! I can easily spend $10 at 7-11 when i go in with an intention to buy a drink. Lolol. Simply cox one thing leads to another. Drink is placed beside tidbits and tidbits is placed near to cute stuff. Lolol.

Something like that.

And this is also why i find it a bit tricky to guess which one will emerge as the favourite brand of most people!!! Lolol. It's like i'd think it's a beverage brand. Say for instant.. YEO's. I walk into a 7-Eleven outlet, i just wanna buy a ice cold drink. But then i walk to pay at the counter, i see.. For example, Ricola candies. I buy. When i am about to pay, the staff introduce me to their curret promotional items, example..

Two packs of Hershey's kisses for the price of one. I buy. I buy, ALL ALSO I BUY OKAY!!! Lol.

SO YOU TELL ME. How to gauge which brand will lead!!! All the brands are attractive in their own way to different people at different timing of the day and it's very easy to get distracted in 7-Eleven!

I don't know lah, what's YOUR best bet?!

Which will be the leading brand out of ALL the brands 7-Eleven carries?! GUESS AWAY~

Remember to first like 7-Eleven facebook page and join this awesome contest for the $5000 travel vouchers and also be updated of their on-going promotions!!! They update very regularly to keep you informed of all their good deals ^.^

Me, Zhen and Mich at 7-11 ^.^ Chips, drinks and us would be good!

Alright! That's all for me to you readers!!!

Before i leave you to go shop and go try your luck, here's something for you if you own a blog too!

Join the 7-Eleven Leading Brands blogger contest and stand a chance to win up to $2,000 CASH!

Click HERE to find out how to participate!


Like 7-Eleven facebook page to kickstart your lucky streak!!!

Terms and Conditions
* $3 purchase excludes cigarettes, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up services, tickets purchase, lottery sales, new services and fuel purchase.


Suetyi said...

where did you get those awesome heels!!! so pretty. with my size 39. so hard to find nice heels ):

Anonymous said...

Where is this 7-11??? The 7-11 near my house doesnt have any hello kitty stuffs!!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, may i know which 7-eleven did u went to..? I love the hello kitty wallets!

Qiuting said...

Suetyi, i am 39! Haha. My friend got it for me from China.

The 7-11 is along bencoolen street. Right beside is Kopitiam.

Kimberly Ong said...

You can almost do a budget barbie ep on this! hahaha I went to one of the shops you covered in the little india ep.. very helpful!! thanks qiu2! :D

Kimmy said...

I think it's funny 7-Elevens are in Singapore too. I thought it was only an American thing but Singapoore has wayyy cuter stuff than any 7-Elevens I have been to in the States.

Tassia Lopes said...

Own..we don't have 7-11 here in Brazil..so sad...I would uso this voucher just to go to singapore to buy those Hello Kitties!! By the way, love your blog,you are always so cheerful and happy, makes my day!

Haruhiism said...

i would have died without 7-11 in tokyo .____. not a single cash machine worked with my card. only that one at 7-11

CL said...

Totally of topic but damn those boots are fine!!

Wanted to ask but you already answer heheheh..

Sg's 7-11 looks way wider than one we had in Indo though :| but price range mostly the same and yes the 24 hours part is super convenient!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I saw quite a number of 7-Eleven outlets carrying those cute hello kitty toys as well, got so many stores just walk into any one see have anot:D And then can use the receipt and join the contest! Travel vouchers!!

Anonymous said...

I saw quite a number of 7-Eleven stores selling the cute hello kitty soft toys too, got so many outlets, can just visit any one see got a not:D And then keep the receipt use it to join the contest! double bonus!:D