30 September 2012

Friends or Fakes?

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I am sure most (if not all) of you here has a Facebook account.

If not you better start one now! Lolol! Pretty useful for stalking people and NOW, for testing out friendship/ relationship with the people on your Facebook! Haha! Interesting?! READ ON!!!

Introducing this app that will tell you WHO ARE YOUR REAL FRIENDS on Facebook and WHO ARE THE "FAKES"!!!

Fakes as in.. You know, people who don't really care about you but still care enough to give you a "Like" or two when you post something. Hahah. Liking a status is easy, sharing an interesting article you posted is effortless. But CAN HE/ SHE STAND THE REAL TEST OF FRIENDSHIP?!

Okay that sounds a bit too serious.

Lol. But the main point is.. You can tell who cares about you and who don't, AND earn items that YOU want, FOR FREE! Yeah, all at the same time!!! How is that gonna happen you ask.

Thank Courts for it. Hahaha. It's funny cox it sounds like "Thank god".

Social game Courts came up with that will show you who are your real friends and who are the fakes out of all the friends on your Facebook!!! AND earn you prizes along the way!

Before i move on to what this game is all about, a little bit about Courts! Courts is the leading electronics and home furnishing mega chain in Singapore. You must have seen Courts at places convenient for you and your family. Whenever i drop by Courts i'd see them running attractive promotion and offering great discounts to us!

Josh and i bought our microwave oven at Courts Megastore when they were running the hourly promotion and i also bought my video camera there some time back!!! ^.^

Oh oh oh, my electronic mixer for baking also bought from Courts one!!! =DDD The Tampines Mall outlet. I went to a few places around there to check out the prices and compare the product etc, THEN decided to buy it from Courts cox.. It was on discount. Lolol. Gotta love discounts!!!

If you want great savings along the way on the spending for your household electronics, appliances and furniture etc, signing up for membership with the Courts HomeClub would be a wise choice!!!

For their latest HomeClub member recruitment drive, Courts is creating Singapore’s first-ever nation-wide friendship test!!! DENG DENG. That is where the Friends or Fakes game come into play.

Haha. I don't know! I am nervous! Cox i am one of those who are quite unhelpful on Facebook =X

Even though i am always on the phone, liking pictures on instagram, retweeting tweets and all, but i am generally more unhelpful on Facebook becox a "like" on Facebook is easy BUT..
(Hi me, you look so cute with a phone ^.^)

As i was saying. Lolol. Getting a "Like" on facebook is easy. But when you need a teeny weeny bit more than that, to earn a prize/ prizesss of your choice, WHO will stand for you?!?! Out of the hundreds and thousands of connections on your Facebook.. Who will give you THAT vote?

Now you can find out.


Haha. How many friends do you have on Facebook anyway?! I have like 412 friends *smug face*

Lololol. Is that a lot?! I think so! Most of them are doggies account from Gentlepaws shelter or friends/ acquaintances from Primary, Secondary and Poly i vaguely remember =X

So ah, actually if they don't help me i also can understand one lah =(

Here's how the thing work.

Now is the time to take the friendship test beyond a "Like", identify the friends you can really count on who is willing to earn you REAL GIFTS, with the Friends or Fakes Facebook app.

Let's take a quick look at some of the gifts
Spot Panasonic LCD TV, Nikon Coolpix Camera, X-Mini Speaker, Apple iPod Shuffle etc!

By getting your friends to sign up as Courts HomeClub member, you can bag these great prizes.

More than one person can earn any of the prizes. And prizes are guaranteed so long as you hit the number. Sounds like a good deal for you and me already right.

The catch is, each friend can only sign up once and thus can only cast one vote to someone. So you'd have to act fast and ensure you get their votes.

Especially so if you guys all hang out in cliques and groups, and have lotsa common friends. You have to ACT FAST. If not your friends might all give their votes to another friend in the group and you will have a harder time getting new votes cox as said, each person can only sign up for HomeClub and cast their vote ONCE =OOO

But anyway ah, i look at it, to earn the different prizes you need from 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 50 friends. It's not difficult is it?! @.@ But then i look at the list, and the things i want from it are..

Blender (Josh needs one lol), Ottoman (if there is a white one) and the ION Generator. So far i already need 60 votes. And i am not sure if i can!!! Becox..

Oh no.. The more i think about it.. The more this Friends or Fake facebook app IS a test of friendship!!!!!!

Just take me for example.

Yuzhen and Michelle both also my good friends.

If i ask them both to gimmie their votes to help me earn, how are they going to help each other earn the prizes?! And then if they both help me, and they want me to help them back, WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO GIVE MY VOTE TO?!?! =OOOOO

Oh poop. You guys figure it out. Lolol. I have decided to ask for votes from everyone and to give my vote to Baby Yurou on Facebook hahaha. Cox that account also is we sisters set up one =X


Chill, afterall it's all a game to earn prizes that you want *whisper* and a game to remind you who NOT to help the next time when they ask *petty* Lololol.
Okay lah, the real test is to find out who in your current friendlist is actually helpful and actually care to help you when you ask!!! =D So whip out your computer / phone now!

Log on to Courts Facebook page



When you're at Courts SG Facebook page, go to Friends for Freebies
. . . . .
. . . . .

Grant them the access, of course
. . . . .
. . . . .

Get your unique link. This link you can keep to email your friends, whatsapp them, tweet them, or text them etc, to ask them to click through your link to vote for you!!! Which brings us to the..
. . . . .
. . . . .

Recruiting part!!! This page is where you can conveniently post on the walls of your friendlist to tell them why they should help you and why you deserve their vote!!! =D
. . . . .
. . . . .

If it's me..

I'd be putting things like..

"Dear Candy, need your vote. If not, your secret is no long safe with me"

"Hi gorgeous, help me back and you will accumulate good karma today, you obviously need it"

"Hey Sweet, i voted for you when you ask me to, in that stupid beauty pageant thing, where you eventually came in third only. But anyway, help me back?"

Lololol. I never wonder why i am unlikeable on Facebook. Lolol. I know. LOL. Kidding lah!!!

I will really be just

"I want to earn the blender leh, help me! Gimmie your vote! Thank you ah!" Can or not like this?!?!
Under the Who's With Me tab, you can see who are your TRUE FRIENDS who gave you their votes.
. . . . .
. . . . .
And under THE FAKES tab, you can see who you invited to help you, but still have yet to

You can send them a reminder. Or.. Delete them from Facebook. LOLOL. Kidding kidding!!! Please don't be petty!!! At most you don't ever like their status ever again lor. Lololol. Okay now it seems like i am the petty one here. Lolol.

Anyway! So when you're done getting the votes, it's time to use them to redeem your prizes!

. . . . .
. . . . .
When you are done, you can choose to post something on your wall to share with your friends this Facebook app and let them go find out who are their true friends lolol.
. . . . .
. . . . .
Also, for each new signups, they receive a $5 e-voucher for Courts online store! Yeah my god, quite cool right?! Online store for a home and furnishing company.

I've also come up with a few visuals for you guys to use when you email / whatsapp / tweet your friends (who might not be active on Facebook) to ask for their votes.

Put some widely loved and adorable pets. Human are suckers for these stuff. Lolol.
='( Please do so at *insert your unique link* ='(

You can take one of my marshmallow after you gimmie your vote here *insert your unique link*
Or you can be zi lian (self-obsessed) like me and send a picture of yourself and caption it..
Flower for you, vote for me *insert your unique link*
Random self-shot lolol.

You are my bestfriend ^.^ VOTE for me *insert your unique link*

Do you want to be my bestfriend of all friends? Gimmie your vote *insert your unique link*
If the real puppies picture don't work, you can take a puppy eye picture of yourself. LOL. Wah a bit gross. Caption: Preease? Vote for me *insert your unique link*

If animals and you don't work, try the last resort.
BABIES. Hahaha. Feel free to use them to help you get votes or make your own or simply demand for your friends to "CLICK ON LINK, VOTE ME". Lol.

Alright, arm yourselves up, find out who is your REAL FRIENDS and who are the FAKES using the Courts Friends or Fakes Facebook app and be warned..

Feelings will be hurt.


Lololol. I am obviously taking this too seriously.
Some links for you!
Get started with Courts Friends or Fake on Facebook NOW! Click.

Courts HomeClub - Enjoy great savings starting today! And get exclusive preview to Courts SALES! And more privileges! Join now!

Check this video out! See what this guy would be willing to do for his friend to help his friend get what he want! Laugh die me at one of his comment "$10 for pole dance, is it the market rate?" HAHAHA. You help friend is see heart one, not see market value! Lolol. I hope Courts do more of these live friendship test! I also want my friends and i to be tested! Lol. Okay, see the video! Put your own friends to the test with Courts Friends Or Fakes, and bag great prizes while you’re at it!

Sign up today at courts.com.sg/FriendsOrFakes.


Anonymous said...

HI QQ :) Where is the blue sweater you are wearing in this post from? So nice! :)

Irene Chan said...

Or everyone vote for Baby Yurou, accumulate points that way and win more prizes? Lol..

Anonymous said...

Not from Singapore but have to comment - you look so pretty in this advert! That style really suits you and your new hair color ^^

Anonymous said...

where did u buy ur iphone cover from?

Arina George said...

Good information provided.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Agree!! The sweater damn chio!!

Kimmy said...

I am not really interested in it but I like how much effort you put into the post just for a Fasbuk app lol Very creative and cute!!