14 September 2012

Jipaban - Dress up

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You know i am a very lazy person, right?


Hahah. I know also lah. I am so lazy, i don't iron my clothes (as pointed out by some of you guys and my friends recently =( lolol i don't care lah, i insist that not many people notice it anyway!!! Haha), i give up on skincare regime =X and i give up on haircare regime too =X That is after 2 weeks of diligence and dedicated effort and time put into both skincare and haircare regime. Sigh.

I blame it on being too busy. The thing about being too busy, is a curse for lazy people like me. When i am busy, i have no time to do anything extra to my face and hair to look good, becox, i am lazy so that means it's now more challenging to sneak a slack and i need to sneak that slack.

But when we go back to look at why i am busy, it'd usually is becox i have work which means i either have to look good, or i have to meet people.

And that means? I actually need to look better than shit. Which means, i actually have to have nice hair and nice skin. Which means? Nothing i lost my train of thoughts.

In summary, i am just explaining why i am sucking at coping busi-ness and laziness lolol.

But you see, if i have a bad hair day, i just have to bun it up or wear a hat.

And if i have a bad skin/ makeup day, i just have to photoshop haha.

But if i have a day so bad that i don't dress up, that will be when i go down. Haha. So the same applies to all girls out there. Dressing up, is like the most important i'd say.

No need say dress up atas lah, just put on something nicer than your chor-cheng (home wear) T-Shirt and PE shorts. Lolol. Say real one, for like yearssss after i graduate from Secondary school, i was still wearing PE shorts and PE shirt out O.O Sometimes i just pair the PE shirt with jeans O.O

I was 18 here i think. This red-house PE T-Shirt brought me really far lolol. My nose.. My god.

So anyway.. Back then I thought i look very chio in that picture. But now i'm just like..

Bitch please.

HAHAHA. Yeah, now i feel much chioer.

So moral of the story is.. Sometimes you think you look very chio, but you really don't.

Lolol. No lah, moral of the story is, all girls need to dress up!!!

* * * * ATTENTION * * * *

Whole outfit (Hair twist, blue knit top with fringe, tangerine shorts and mustard bag) you see on top are for giveaway. Keep reading til the end to see how you can win them easily! ^.^

They are all from Jipaban ^.^

And more items i've been wearing that are from Jipaban.

Denim dress, bucket bag and lace pumps all from Jipaban. I just thought i'd pair this simple light-blue and white outfit with a pair of interesting Daisy Duck stockings! Haha ^.^

Denim top and bag from Jipaban. I like this pose got very act or not?! Lolol.

Also i got this fade-wash jacket from Jipaban ^.^ It actually looks pretty smart until i not used to it and i decided to pair it with a tutu. Hahaha. But i am sure it'd look perfect with black denims.

Now it's YOUR turn to DRESS UP!

Your outfit. I borrow to camho to show you what you're gonna win! Only one set for giveaway to one lucky winner! Courtesy of Jipaban! =)

Okay enough of me! Now, how to stand a chance to win this whole set of outfit from Jipaban?!

Includes: Hairtwist band, Blue knit top with fringe, tangerine shorts and mustard bucket bag.
Excludes: Topmodel wearing it.


How to win?!?!

Step 1: Tweet the following
I'd like to win the set of outfits from #Jipaban on QiuQiu's blog http://bongqiuqiu.blogspot.sg/2012/09/jipaban-dress-up.html

End of story. Lolol. Yeah! It's THAT simple!!! Just one step!!! Tweet with a public account!!! If your account is private, the Jipaban people cannot see so it'd be too bad okay.

Your outfit. Dress up more okay! Let's do this together!!!

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And NEW SALES ITEMS every Friday!!! WHICH IS TODAY!!!!!


Olga Podobed said...

Hello dear QQ!
Actually, I like the first pic of you alot! Its so fresh and naive :)
I like the pic next to the mirror! That jacket is super stylish!

Lol about being lazy! My skincare routine seems to be fighting the temptation to squeeze a pimple and then finally squeezing it! Apart from that I shower every day after work out and one cant avoid it! Otherwise you'll be dry with all that sweat :) And there I do all I need for hair. Then fan dry it and then iron the front part cause its ugly curling!
But-but-but! You have such a gorgeous hair you must take care of it! I insist! lol.
Sometimes I feel so not tired but sad and down and hating myself I just push my body to the shower. Hate it!
The hardest are my soles and heels! Need to put all that cream and mask and treatment as often as possible, cause they are so dry that even can crack!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

I would like to know the brand and shade of the lipstick you re using for your pics (the one with the blue top and mustard shorts). Looks so so good.
Thanks so much.

Qiuting said...

Gunila, woah..... You really sound more in dilemma than i am sounds like you have a lot to do!!!

Anon, it's YSL lipgloss/stain.

Anna said...

Dear QQ, is this giveaway international?

Jenny said...

I really like that first pic you got there, cute :D
But you look cute now too haha~

:) said...

Qiuting ah,
I greatly enjoy reading your blog. Your naivete and straight-forwardness is irresistible. My favorite post of yours is the London Bridge one, titled something like "What Makes Me the Way I Am Today". Don't know why people never really commented on that, I think it's very endearing leh ^_^. I think you also mentioned before, if the post got no picture, people don't really read hahaha... but got people like me that do, OK! You not only look cute but have a very lovable personality... from what I can read at least.
Btw, you look really good in the blazer! Got haute fashion de look.
Keep being QIUte (cute, get it?) lolol.

Qiuting said...

Anna, yes! =)

:), i had to google that haha. It's about my prmary school time. Haha. Thank you very much. Thank you thank you thank you. For reading me for such a long time. It's a little sad that now i hardly have the time and thoughts to write something long. In fact, it's hard to find some me-time to just think about what i feel. But thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha your PE pic!!!!!!!
not bad also!!!!!!!!
yes you are certainly getting prettier and prettier!!!!!!

Helen said...

What did you do to your nose? I love how it looks now! I'm looking to fixing my nose as it's a big wide I was wondering what was the procedure that you got?

Daisy said...

Oh man I loveeee your stockings O; may I know where you got them ;D thanks!

Anonymous said...


May I know where you get your tutu skirt? :D

Anonymous said...


May I know where you get your tutu skirt? :D

Anonymous said...

The bag looks nice on you. I'm tempted to go shopping on Jipaban and buy the drawstring bag :D