15 October 2012

Bugis Street - BFF Contest

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You already know Bugis Street is MY favourite hangout and shopping place in Singapore.

Favourite!!! It's unique in many ways and the shopping experience and ecstatic feeling i get from shopping at Bugis street is just different from anywhere else!!! I think this is why there are like 80 pictures in this post =X You've been warned. But you'd love them!!! It's chio ^.^ And got Sophie!

Alright, back to why i love Bugis Street!

First things first, competitive pricing. VERY competitive pricing there at Bugis street. Expect to find anything from $3 - $15 for clothes, bags and shoes, watches and anything! And accessories can cost as low as $1 - $2 typically @.@ I know right, it's insane.

People always ask me things like  where to find affordable this and where to find affordable that. It ranges from gothic jacket to work wear, to outfits suitable for school, prom dresses, sneakers, boots, ANYTHING related to fashion, i've been asked times and times over and over again.

And i stopped answering them becox my answer will always be the same - Bugis Street.

Which brings me to the next reason on why i love shopping at Bugis Street. The varieties of styles and the super wide range of choices. Whatever your style is, whatever you're looking for, you can get them at a more affordable price from Bugis Street.

I am actually pretty proud to introduce Bugis Street as the shopping heaven in Singapore!

I mean it's air-conditioned, it has ALL the styles you can find, it's accessible and it's ALWAYS so super lively  and vibrant!!! Fashionistas who love to change their styles all the time, Bugis is one great place that can let you change your outfits often without burning your pockets!!!

Hi, it's me. Lol. One camho shot to get the ball rolling. You better be ready cox 80 pictures awaits! One down, 79 more to go! Lolol. Eye-feast starts now.

Follow me on this e-tour around Bugis Street! ^.^
Earrings at 8 for $10. This is located right at the entrance when you enter from the DBS atm side.

Necklaces you'd find for AT LEAST $8 else where. At Bugis, it's 2 for $10!!!

I bought this vintage necklace and another one (show you later, keep scrolling) a collar choker!

As you walk around the first floor, you'd already notice the different styles you can spot in just one stretch within Bugis Street. Something smart-casual that can never go wrong? There are shops that sells just black, grey and whites. If you like sweet graphics, there are shops that caters to that too! And and, floral and bohemian can never go wrong, can it! =D

While you look out for styles, i look out for pricetags. That's just how i shop. And at Bugis Street i always always look out for boxes like this!!! You'd be pleasantly surprised by what you can find!

Picked out some vintage tops and denim for $5 each!!!

Guys, you must go to Dragon Street on the first floor. Teeshirts, shirts, pants, shoes, bags, jackets, anything you need for your wardrobe, you'd be able to find it there at a much lower price ^.^

One of the shop i love to visit is CUPID (first floor along Princess Street i think). It's two stores joint so you won't miss them! One thing i love most about them is (if you can spot it) they have two $5 sale rack and it's ALWAYS updated with new sales item =DDD Also the rest of their stuff are $15 max i think. Mostly $10. And they have new items very often!!

Browsing at CUPID. Bought a $5 high-low top from them! See the getup i did below~ =D

Collar choker necklace with studs from first shop mentioned above! =D $5!!!

Whole outfit for that day. I don't think anyone could tell my top, necklace and bag is $5 each. Lolol.

Yes this bag is $5!!! From Bugis Street, i'd share where i got it from, keep scrolling!!!

And then Sophie joins me for shopping and thanks to her for helping me snap some of the pics!!

We thought this was not bad so i got it ^.^ $5! It's the shop directly opposite Montifs @ BLQ/A34, first floor of Bugis Street! Anyway i don't think you can actually spot the shop number but i'd try my best to describe where it is okay!

How does the top look on me ^.^

My hair rope tie is from LUMI. This shop, you MUST go!!!!!

Accessories at 1 for $2, any 3 for $5!!! Go crazy!!!!! This is one of the must-go shop for me!!! Enter from Wo Ai Tai Mei (snack store, if you don't know, ask people!) and walk in a bit you'd see!

Sophie at LUMI. As you can see, the rope hair tie comes in various colours! All 3 for $5!!!

I bought these vintage rings from LUMI as well ^.^

First floor is the most bustling floor within Bugis Street i feel! Food and drink all there also!

Taking a break to get my favourite drink, birds nest drink haha. It's just agar agar but still i love!

If you're wondering where exactly is Princess Street within Bugis Street, look out for signs! Between the food store and watch store, you enter can already! And please, this watch store super awesome!!! I bought a few cute watches at $3 / $5 from them before!!! ^.^

Moving on to the second floor! First shop we walk into already very love!!! All these unique chunky necklaces, glasses at $5 and fake collars!!! ^.^

Grab a chance for a self shot while Sophie shops at the back ^.^

A few shops that you have to visit on the second level of Bugis Street if you are looking for unique items! This shop sells REALLY vintage and fun outfits! You can't miss them!

And for all sorts of bags you have to visit Luna. Sometimes their clutches go as low as $8!!!

All the things i've bought from level 1 and 2 ^.^ Now moving on to.. K Street on Level 3!!! Exciting! Cox i guess most of the time we need like half a day or more to really browse through level 1 and 2 cox there are just soooo many shops! Now you gotta cater some time for level 3 cox it's exciting!!

Part of where the excitement are!!! The all-new K-Street!!!

A minimart along the way to K-Street selling snacks and drinks from K-Street ^.^

Right behind me, shelves after shelves of neatly arrange fashion accessories and bags etc!

You really need A LOT of time here.

And more..

Spot anything you like? You can only get them at affordable prices at Bugis Street!!!

A picture of me and Sophie at the back both camhoing away haha.

Strings of hearts with sweet notes written on them all =)

A closer look. Someone call Celine wrote something in Korean language. What does it say! Lol.

Me and Sophie. One before we both wonder off different direction cox we got so distracted haha.

Don't miss this shop if you love vintage and interesting bags and accessories!!!

And i spotted another $5 basket!!! Hahaha. Right inside the shop. Bought this flora pants and denim top at $5 each from them ^.^ Love love love!!!!!!!

Yuzhen help me snapped this picture one. Mei ma?!?!

Look like i have extra long legs. Lolol.

And also on the 3rd floor at this colourful shop, you can find Korean style bags and very super nice quality pieces at affordable prices!!! #03-28! Don't miss!

Here is where it gets interesting!!!!!

Bugis Street is holding a BFF Contest!!!

You stand to win $500 Bugis Street Shopping vouchers!
As well as $200 K Street Shopping vouchers!

How do you do this?

Very simple! Just head down to Bugis Street with your bff and then shop, and then wear them and snap pictures in them!!! Or any other creative way you might wanna submit your photos, DO IT!

Since Sophie is also doing this post so we decided to do the BFF contest together!

So we went to snap pictures together ^.^

I bought all the items you see in this post with $85. Nett. I actually bought more but i really can't show them all to you cox that will make my post super duper long as if it is not already lol.

Imagine how much you can buy at Bugis Street with $500 Bugis Street voucher!!!!


See how we do it, i am sure you can do better easily!!! Just look matchy/ happy haha ^.^

I am the white ($10 dress from the shop featured right above #03-28 at Level 3)!

Sophie is the new epitome of black. Haha!


Composed. Lolol. Sophie looks chio right?!
And then we went to Montifs @ BLQ/A34 (first level of Bugis Street). And got us another set of matchy outfit ^.^ She got pink and i got green =))

Sophie's pinky nude dress, hair accesory and shoes from Bugis Street!

My 3 for $5, 1 for $2 hair accessory from LUMI, $10 dress from MONTIFS and $5 bag from DE-EDGE all within Bugis Street ^.^ Sophie too tall lolol, she angle me like a huge-head midget she just can't help it lolol.

Oh hi, pretty thinker beside a sheep lolol.

One more of Sophie.

And then Yuzhen help me take more pictures =D Hat from TOP BAGS (CSL4 Level 2 Bugis Street).

Act emo lol.

So yeah!!! If you enjoyed this mini e-tour i brought you around, of Bugis Street, do like Bugis Street on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for all the promotions they are running!!! ^.^

Importantly, if you wanna win the $500 Bugis Street vouchers, do bring your friend to Bugis Street and join the Bugis Street BFF contest!

Click on link to join.

Super easy lah! I am sure Bugis Street is also the favourite hangout and shopping area for most of you so find one day dress up chio a bit, head down with you and your friend and then snap some buddy shots together!!!

And And then submit your entry HERE.

You can do it in any creative way. Would recommend you to snap pictures together with your bff!!! But me and Sophie just snap pictures of each other in matchy clothes. So you know where we went wrong haha. Do it right!!! =DDD

And then after that you can choose to collage it! ^.^

You can put any text and collage it any way you like! Scrapbook way, photoframe it, do anything you want to the picture! Anything to make it stand out ^.^

Remember okay! To snap picture WITH your BFF too! =D

I just counted and i mean really!!!!! I only spent $85 on ALL the things you see i feature on this post, do you know how much you can buy with $500 at Bugis Street?!?!?! Please, go crazy!!! =DDD

Just snap some pictures and stand a chance to win!!!

Alright, i shall leave you here.

By the way, this is the MUST-GO shop for me. De-Edge on the first level of Bugis Street! This is where i got the black and brown bag at 2 for $10!!!!! Seriously?!?!?! Love.

Thank you Bugis Street! For being my favourite shopping since i was 16 =DDD I know everything about you!!! I know exactly which shop will have a corner where all the $5 and 3 for $10 clothes are placed. Haha. Thank you for being affordable cox.. My money is always better mine than yours! Lololol.

If you wanna win the $500 Bugis Street vouchers, do bring your friend to Bugis Street and

Links for you guys de convenience ^.^


Chloe-Lenne Kuroi Nishikido said...

U become more and more chioer. If chioer is a correct singlish word :/
Really pretty :3
If i ever fly to singapore, I sure go visite this Place and going shopping :D

Anonymous said...

The Korean words say "u-kiss". It's a Kpop boy group.

Lileth said...

"A closer look. Someone call Celine wrote something in Korean language. What does it say! Lol."

She wrote U-Kiss. That's a K-pop group. :)

Ahhhh~~~ This is one of the many reasons why I wish I live in SG. Why is everything so pretty and inexpensive. :'(

ღ✰ ハルキレイ ✰ღ said...

OH MY GOD! Reading your entry makes me feel like heading to Bugis Street immediately! The clothes, the shoes & the atmosphere are just...WOW! And now it seems more interesting with the existence of K-Street! I always head this place whenever I come down to Singapore! By the way, you & Sophie look so adorable in the matching black & white dresses! <3


- Haruki Rei. =]

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

soooo chio! :D i didnt realise there are 80 pictures though. but awesome shopping!


dakota said...

qiu qiu! what is your recommendation for cellulite !?!?!

daphne said...

Hello! where did you buy your white tulle skirt from? thanks!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!! Super super super pretty!!!
can't believe the prices!!!!!!!!!

Dacarouselyn ♡ said...

Yay UKISS <3 you should listen to their new song StopGirl ^^ anyway qiu , will you be holding giveaway ? ^^

Icygirl said...

Hi qiuqiu:) Is sophie the sister of electricladyland8 on youtube by any chance? They look alike! :)

Hanna Lei said...

I love the high low skirt! Hanna Marie Lei

Wing said...

QiuQiu I love all your posts! They're always super fun to read, and always filled with pictures! =) haha I'm so jealous, I wish I was at Singapore too!! Shopping at Bugis Street would help me save soo much money! Too bad there isn't a place like that in LA. =( lol

-Wing <3

Wing said...

QiuQiu I love all your posts! They're always super fun to read, and always filled with pictures! =) haha I'm so jealous, I wish I was at Singapore too!! Shopping at Bugis Street would help me save soo much money! Too bad there isn't a place like that in LA. =( lol

-Wing <3

Wing said...

QiuQiu I love all your posts! They're always super fun to read, and always filled with pictures! =) haha I'm so jealous, I wish I was at Singapore too!! Shopping at Bugis Street would help me save soo much money! Too bad there isn't a place like that in LA. =( lol

-Wing <3

Wingsie said...

QiuQiu I love all your posts! They're always super fun to read, and always filled with pictures! =) haha I'm so jealous, I wish I was at Singapore too!! Shopping at Bugis Street would help me save soo much money! Too bad there isn't a place like that in LA. =( lol

-Wing <3

Hina said...

waa that shop would be one of my faves if i lived there..
why can't there be any awesome and cheap shops here in norway, my style is so different from what is in the shops here :C

I'll visit Singapore some day and would totally visit this place!


Anonymous said...

this is a really great post! I have been waiting for someone to write about bugis street as it has been so long since i've been there! Now i know they have $5 bins! How low can they go man, super love. n kudos to findng ur denim top and flora shorts! i bought my denim top at $15 and i tot its the lowest!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks so dryyy.. :(

Jullie said...

I'm from msia and think i went bugis street through mrt bugis station. why does your bugis street don't look like what i've been a few weeks before? i can't find the one u went to. mind sharing?

Avril said...

I would love to drop by singapore! :) Glad you got so many stuff! <3

Avril from OZ.

Dilys Yeak said...


Dilys Yeak said...


Lyn said...

Other than U-Kiss, below also written Lee Hong Ki FT Island lol.
Both are Korean boy group. Is it a place to send your love to your Korean bias? O.O

Btw I'm not from Sg but I came to Sg quite many times but I never come inside Bugis Street!!!!!!!!! I thought the Bugis you kept talking is Bugis Junction T.T #fail

Dona said...

aaaa I so want to go to Bugis Street again. last time i visited S'pore i didnt have the time to explore it D:

gel said...

Celine wrote "U-Kiss", which is one of the Kpop bands. Wahh I didn't know there are so many good finds in Bugis Street! Will definitely take a look when I'm back in Sgp!

Ann Cao said...

If I ever ever go and visit singapore, I will definately go visit this place.
I love the way you put fashion on yourself, you are so YOU.

kwaaaajiesi said...

I think you can get so many cheap and pretty stuff because you look good in almost anything!!! I always go to Bugis but I can never find anything so cheap and pretty :(

Stella said...

Qiu qiu, where did you get your black sandals from in the picture of you with the $5 tank top and $% bag. Please tell me?

elizabeth said...

omg i really want to head down to bugis street RIGHT NOW! can i know what day you went shopping? the last time i went, a lot of the shops were closed :(

Eliza Goh said...

Hey there! It would mean a lot to me If you could just take a minute to help me like this pic http://blog.nuffnang.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/264/2012/11/tumblr_m55v4q86SZ1qbwidxo1_500-1.jpg at http://blog.nuffnang.com.sg/bugis-street/gallery/ Thanks alot!^^

Anonymous said...

Hello.May i know were you get those ankle boots?

Meera Bala said...

Thanks for the super-informative blog post :D
Definitely going to come down to Burgis street next week when I visit Singapore :)