19 October 2012

Marigold HL Perfect balance photo contest

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But honestly, not all milk are good for you. Or rather me =X

My problem is that some milk, with everyday in-take, might make me gain weight =( I've had that problem with a milk brand before but still bought it back then cox it's cheapest =X That's like yearsss ago when i was a teenager. Haha. Yes, my love for milk is dated back since young.

Along the years i've grown (older and older. Sigh lolol) i learn that it's really important to eat and drink healthy. And we all know milk is good for us. But there are SO MANY brands on the shelve.

How do we know which one is good for us!

I'd say whichever is widely trusted, whichever has to be good!

Here to remind you of what's THE CHOICE of milk for me!

Say real one i always buy MARIGOLD HL Milk one!!! My fridge is filled with MARIGOLD beverages.

You must have heard of MARIGOLD HL Milk! Especially so if you reside in Singapore / Malaysia!

If not i really don't know what you've been doing one O.O Like do you milk your own cow for milk. Lolol. Kidding lah~ But yeah, MARIGOLD HL Milk has been a popular trusted brand for people's choice of milk, since it was first introduced as the "high-low" milk!

What is High-Low milk and why is it so good?! Why is MARIGOLD HL Milk a popular choice!

Becox.. MARIGOLD HL MILK gives you the perfect balance of Highs and Lows. It is..

HIGH in calcium, protein and vitamins and..

LOW in lactose and fat.

We all need calcium to up-keep strong bones and to carry out daily functions like for our muscles to move and for our nerves to carry messages between the brain and every body part. Almost all calcium is stored in bones and teeth, where it supports their structure and hardness.

So MARIGOLD HL Milk is high in calcium, and is also high in protein level which is necessary for the building and repair of body tissues. It produces enzymes, hormones, and other substances the body uses. Protein also keeps the body healthy by resisting diseases that are common to malnourished people and prevents one from becoming easily fatigued by producing stamina and energy.

On top of that, MARIGOLD HL Milk also contains vitamins K (needed for proper bone formation and good normal blood clotting) + D (helps control the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body, which are needed to keep your bones and teeth healthy) so you'd almost fully covered!

Hahaha. Nah lah, you're well covered for just drinking milk if you choose MARIGOLD HL MILK!

Alright enough of boring facts! =D

Just know that drinking MARIGOLD HL Milk is a great and healthy choice!!! =DDD Becox MARIGOLD HL Milk is more than a glass of milk! It is HIGH in calcium, protein and vitamins (the good stuff) and LOW in lactose and fat (the bad stuff lolol).

Now let's move on to the FUN PART!!!! =DDDD

I promise it's super simple!!!

And you stand a chance to win CASH PRIZES!!! Winners will be selected based on creativity determined by Judges (60%) and public votes (40%) so get your friends to vote for you! =D

Winners walk away with $1000 cash each (5 winners)

If you're not keen to take part, you can also vote!!!
Lucky voters get to win $100 cash each (5 winners)

Now we're talking right!!! Lolol.

Here's how you take part!

Head on to MARIGOLD HL Milk SG Facebook page and yes, like it! ^.^

- Simply take a photo based on the theme “Perfect Balance”!

- Send in your photo along with a short caption through either:

(click for direct link =D)


B) Instagram and remember to #hlperfectbalance

Double your points when your entry features a MARIGOLD HL milk pack.

So there you have! Go buy lah! Can double your points leh!!!

So i was thinking.. Maybe instead of one pack of milk, i shall try to incoporate "Perfect Balance" by balancing TWO packs of milk!!! Confirm score points one. Lolol.

And i was like It's can't be that difficult!!!"

Turns out..

. . . . . . .

. . . . . 

. . . .

. . .

. .


It's imposseberu = /

Hahaha. I tried and i tried and i tried. I just can't. The self-timer captured this when my milk packs were falling. Hahaha.

Trying with one pack lah!!! STILL a bit a bit wanna fall like this! MY HAIR GOT SO SMOOTH OR NOT!!! Until the small milk pack got no friction at all one!

Okay finally!!! Both hands off! PERFECT BALANCE!!! When you're done snapping the pictures..

Upload it to the Facebook app OR to Instagram. I chose instagram! =DDD
Remember to #hlperfectbalance okay!!!

After you have posted the instagram picture on instagram, you head back to the Facebook app and fill in the registration form and you're good to go!!! =DDD

There!!! Look at my entry!!! =DDD

Alright! While you guys go think about how you wanna snap the pictures and how creative you wanna be.. I camho with the milk can =D

Milk oh milk i love you!

Comes in many other flavours too! Like Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana etc =D

Cheers~! =)))

Alright! Thank you for tolerating with my face! Hahaha.

What's one more when you've been through 10. Lol.

Visit MARIGOLD HL Milk SG for more details of the MARIGOLD HL Perfect Balance Contest!

Go ahead!

Win the 5 X $1000 and vote to win the 5 X $100!!! =DDD

- Simply take a photo based on the theme “Perfect Balance”!

- Send in your photo along with a short caption through either:

(click for direct link =D)


B) Instagram and remember to #hlperfectbalance

Contest Period  10 Oct 2012 to 8 Nov 2012


Anonymous said...

extremely pretty!!!!!!
but i dun like milk one! hehe

Hanna Lei said...

I'm going to enter! My blog

Anonymous said...

Hello! May i know what lipstick are u using? :)

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous in this post! Can I know what eye shadow you are using? I love the way you did your makeup!

Irene Chan said...

I noticed that your hair is not as cui in this post!! :DD