01 November 2012

Remember to BALANCE it up!

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Here's a gentle (and fun) reminder for you to submit your entry for MARIGOLD HL Perfect Balance Photo Contest!!!

You stand to win $1000 CASH each!!!

It's $1000 X 5 winners somemore!!! That's very generous and easy to win right?! =D

Winners will be selected based on creativity determined by Judges (60%) and public votes (40%)!

But that's not all!

When you vote for the contestants, you stand to win 1 of the 5 X $100 CASH too!!!

So submit your entries and get your friends to vote for you! Or vote away for the participants! Either way, you stand to win something out of the 10 cash prizes!!! Hahah =D

We all need to strike a perfect balance not just in the things we consume but also in our life generally!

I have been working since the day i touch down after my Taipei/ Tokyo trip. Back to back, everyday there's something to do! =O So i was happy when it was the day to shoot for our blogshop!!! =DDD

Cox Mich and Zhen and Josh are doing it with me and i am super happy about it!!! Cox life is not all about working and making the bucks!!! It has to be a balanced life filled with friends, family, love and fun!!! =DDD

TADAH~ All my pictures are in square cut cox like this easy to upload to instagram ma lol. And they say if you have a pack of MARIGOLD HL Milk in your picture, you can double your points to win. I BUY THREE PACKETS. Hahahah. True blood Singaporean.
You already heard of it before! Have you submitted your entry yet?! It's super easy!!! It can be anything! Doesn't have to to be you balancing. It could be just a picture of..

Say for example a cup of tea and a slice of cake. And you caption it.. "Life is all about achieving the perfect balance. Not forgetting to indulge myself with sweet treats while at work! #hlperfectbalance"


Or it can be just a picture of your scrambled egg what the heck. Lololol. "One portion of eggs to one portion of milk. Balance is the key #hlperfectbalance"

Wah really lor, i can win this contest hahaha. I gave you all so many ideas already!!! Isn't that what you're already doing on instagram and on facebook?! Posting pictures and captioning it.

Now if you're on Instagram, just add a #hlperfectbalance

And if you're uploading through Facebook, just upload it to the MARIGOLD HL Perfect Balance photo contest!!! =DDD Do what you've already been doing!!! And win CASH!!!!

It's perfect.

So do your thang!!! On instagram or Facebook!

I show you a bit more of me doing my thang first lolol. Quick meal in between shoot. I also wanna try my balancing skill again. Lolol. After that i actually drink the milk!

I can drink SO much milk in a day sometimes especially when i have craving! But i guess it's okay cox MARIGOLD HL Milk is gives me the perfect balance of Highs and Lows. It is HIGH in calcium, protein and vitamins and LOW in lactose and fat.

Bringing my balancing skill to a whole new level LOL.

Then we have "锁骨美少女队长" aka Collar Bone Sweet Young Thing team leader, Michie, trying to balance a packet of MARIGOLD HL Milk on her collarbone. I expect no less. Lololol.

But it keeps dropping!!! So funny one!!! When it's not dropping, once Michelle smile, her face becomes bigger and from the camera angle it looks like her face is supporting the milk pack. Lolol.

So we redo and redo!!!


Yuzhen showing off how stable her forehead is. Lolol.

Say real one our pictures not say very creative at all!!! So if you have any idea of how to incoporate MARIGOLD HL Milk into your picture, the chances of you winning one of the 5 X $1000 CASH is very high!!! Cox the winners are judged based on 60% (judges) and 40% (voting).

Alright!!! YOUR TURN!!!

Easy steps!!!

- Simply take a photo based on the theme “Perfect Balance”!

- Send in your photo along with a short caption through either:

(click for direct link =D)


B) Instagram and remember to #hlperfectbalance

Double your points when your entry features a MARIGOLD HL milk pack.

So buy a pack and start posting pictures!!! You can vote for the contestants too if you rather stand to win $100 than $1000. Lolol. What i'm saying is.. I suggest you submit your own entry AND vote for someone's entry! Or maybe you can vote for your own entry =X I think i did that =OOO

Hahaha. Good luck!!! ^.^

Contest Period  10 Oct 2012 to 8 Nov 2012

Link for your convenience:


Hanna Lei said...

Your facial expression in the second photo of you is so funny! My blog

Anonymous said...

Hello QiuQiu! I think you're super pretty! And friendly! Like you don't just mix with ppl you think are famous or can help you become famous! Just like a typical heartlander at heart, I guess? And that's probably what endears you to many! :)
Hmm perhaps I'll start judging you soon but it's quite unlikely haha cos unlike other popular bloggers, I feel that you are very similar to us readers? Hahaha all the best amd may you have a blissful marriage!