18 December 2012

100 Years of Nestle - Good Food, Good Life!

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I am pretty sure everyone knows about Nestle.

If you know, i'm sure you know of Maggi?

If not, i am at least sure everyone knows about MILO.


Hahaha. This is just a casual post to let you be aware you of the love and care Nestle has put into our food, over the years.. Over 100 years to date, to be exact! =D Nestle has come a long way with Singapore, since they first came here! Look at this timeline! Very nostalgic and interesting one!!!

Since it's sort of a year long project to celebrate Nestle's birthday, Maureen and myself were invited to the Nestle Research and Development site to have a looksee of what the heroes behind Nestle (Maggi in particular) have to do before they can introduce a sensational flavour of Maggi mee to us!

Started off with hearty chit-chat and me saying silly questions like "Omg the whole place smells like MILO!!! I am sooooo happy!!!!" O.O If i am not me, i don't know how to answer me. Lolol.
Nice and friendly staff from Nestle giving us a breakdown of the events Nestle went through!

To be honest.. I hate presentations generally =X Cox it's usually uninteresting, unbearably long, filled with words and figures and facts and knowledge that i don't have to know =X

But i swear!! The presentation they prepared for us.. IS ONE THAT I SAT THROUGH OUT, PAYING FULL ATTENTION and yet wanting to know more after that!!! =OOO

It surprises me and i feel all the relevance to it and i really feel very touched at the end ='X

Like Nestle has been taking care of us silently, always there =')))

The fact that Nestle has been adding Vitamins and other elements good for our health, aside. Over the years they have various products labeled by Singapore Health Promotion Board as the "Healthier Choice", aside.. I feel very touched becox i've been drinking Milo since a really young age!!!

I remember drinking Milo since i was still drinking from milk bottle omg what the heck~!!!!! I will be very very very truthful to you here!!! I was drinking from milk bottle (only for Milo and condensed milk with water) until i turn about 7 yro. Like primary one. Lolol. Is that normal?! I think drinking from milk bottle was meant for our night time treat lah!

Night time, whole house light-off except kitchen light, my dad will be in the kitchen, cox me and my younger sister would either ask for Milo or "Gu nee zui" which is just condensed milk mixed with water!!! And the condensed milk would be no other brand, than Nestle Milkmaid ='))))

Got see before when you were younger right =D My family better recognize and call it as "Ang Jee Gu Nee" Haha. 红字牛奶 =))) So much memories omg. Milkmaid with bread.. Bliss. Lolol.
Maureen and me listening closely as they share about how Nestle have improvised on the products over the years =))) thank you so much Nestle!!!
What what what. I am a married woman now anyway!!! Dressing up like this is not being auntie! Lol. You know what is call 贤妻良母 or not. This is my style now lolol. Kidding.

We were getting ready to enter the Research and Development site!


So after deciding with the Nestle staff about the flavour we want, Maureen chose something herbal and i chose to make..

BA CHOR MEE!!! Something that is more in the direction of the Bedok85 kind! Where the minced meat is sort of pasty kind and there's garlic bits in the soup!!! =DDD So these are the info i gave!

Months down the road.. Here i am!

Doing a taste and smell sense test! I quite fail the taste test hahaha. Like 2 out of 5 correct. Flavour-makers confirm must be damn sharp and also knowledgeable of all the ingredients, herbs, spices etc in the world!!! =OOO I thought it would be as easy as soya sauce, salt, sugar, 5 spice powder hahaha.
Us doing the smell sense test. With Chef Mark watching! Haha! He confirm thinking "noobies..." Lol. This one i not bad ah i got 3 upon 5. Lol. He is a professional chef who have yearssss of experience but is now working with scientist and food engineers to work out perfect taste for us consumers! ='O Thank you Chef Mark + all the backscene heroes making things better, healthier and tastier for us!
Then we move on to making the noodles!!! DID YOU KNOW? Maggi noodles are also made this way!!! From all natural ingredients..
Flour it, knead and roll them together.. Gabby joining us to do a dry Laksa creation ^.^
Well looking at this picture, i must say Josh made the right choice to marry me hahaha. Really look like a good wife material lor!!! Lolol!!!
Shred it into strands of noodles..
AND THIS.. Is the exact same thing you are getting (before it's made drier for shelf-storage) except..
It's made into bigger sheets of rolled out noodle sheets to cater for the high market demand.
Some of the garnishing =DDD My favourite is the meat-like one and mushrooms!!!
Flavour-critical. OMG I SEE CRISPY FRIED GARLIC *drools*
My with my lab assistant for the day.
AHEM don't disturb. I AM DOING SEROUS WORK HERE. Haha. Really is very very precise one lor the measuring we supposed to do!!! If not the taste will be different! Really don't know how these researchers do it. Must work down to the last milligram for standardization @.@
Another good wife material pose lolol. Actually i am really faaaarrrr away from being a good wife lor. I don't know how to cook anything except instant noodle and maybe aglio olio lor. Lol.
Anyway! Sauce done =DDD EH BY THE WAY, NO MSG USED!!!! The chef is damn good. Really. He concocted all the flavours for us we just had to mix it ma. And it turn out awesome!!! My was made from essence from chicken and other natural stuff like sugar and oil so nothing is artificial!!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG MY CREATION!!! Okay to be fair to the chef, it's his creation but my inspiration and idea input hahahahah. OKAY HE IS THE MAN! I am the.... Mouth? Lolol.
Emmmm~ =DDD Everyone loved mine okay thanks *flick hair* I  get a framed up packaging of my very own QIU QIU Chicken Bak Chor Mee!!! =DDD But cannot find elsewhere one cox it takes wayyyyy longer to actually develope a flavour! Cox it involves a lot more! Not just taste ah, also got to factor in nutrients, time to cook it, shelf life etc.
Maureen, me and Gabby ^.^ You see you see, Gabby eat until so happy haha!

Since now i know that behind every Maggi product and in fact, every Nestle product, lotsa love and care and responsibilities is put into it, to make sure WE get the best =))) i have decided to BE MORE HARDWORKING!!! And learn how to cook THE EASIEST, HEALTHIER WAY EVER =OOO

Afterall me and Josh can't be always eating out right =( He can cook better than me but his cooking forever damn big project one!!! Like need to wash and soak and stew/ briase/ bake for hours kind.

Plus end of the day so much dishes to wash.

Say real one, couple / small family ah, you cook like this also not say very worth it =X Cox gotta factor in the utilities leh? And time leh? Lolol. Time is money.

So i figured, the perfect solution to eat healthier instead of always eating out, and instead of always fussing over the cooking and cleaning up at home, WE SHOULD JUST COOK AT HOME, THE EASIEST (WHILE COMPROMISING ON THE HEALTH) WAY.

I am not saying every meal also Maggi noodle haha. Look at this..

A 4 dish spread. Made using Maggi cubes and other flavour mixture! But according to them, it's really easy to whip up these dishes using Maggi products!
Thanks to the chefs and lab assistants at Nestle for the fun morning! =D

Time for me to get a new stove!!!! I feel really motivated lor haha. Our stove spoil for like 6 months already =X Really is poor Josh =X Everyday eat out with me. If not we'd call for delivery =X

Okay okay okay!!! I get stove and i cook! Cofirm taste good one! Cox i will use the Maggi cubes haha. Can't go wrong with that! And got so many flavours! You should check them out if you're at the convenient store/ super marts!

Us enjoying the lunch ^.^
One with Chef Mark before we end the day!
Goodies from the visit =DDD All the Nestle love accompanying us =DDD
Baby Yurou loves Kit Kat ^.^ After this shot she keep bugging me with "Ah Pern" OPEN lah. Lolol.
My dad was soooo happy to get these!!! He say Maggi Chili and Maggi Tomato is MUST-HAVE for him when he cook us our favourite chili crab ='D
And me is this!!! But actually i prefer the 3-in-1 version!!! But this one also okay cox can add milkmaid!!! =D
Baby Yurou is not even 1.5 year old yet, but she's surrounded by Nestle Love already. I am sure in her growing up years.. Nestle is going to grow with her and be better for her as they will be for everyone! This is Baby Yurou saying "甜" when asked "西瓜甜不甜" haha. This is apparently a Taiwanese version to "SAY CHEESE" when taking pictures!!! Cute hor! =D
An alternative to party hat..  Baby Yurou says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NESTLE!!!"

Visit the Nestle 100 Years site, to see more nostalgic stuff and to find out more about what Nestle has done, is doing and will keep doing!!! You will see lotsa things that were there in your household, used by most, yearsss back! Why does old labels always look more appealing. Haha.

And you can also check out the 100 wishes of people, that Nestle helped fulfill =)

Thank you Nestle, again =))) For being there for us and for wanting to keep being better!


Hong Loan said...

Whaa! you look lovely! I love your eye makeup!


▲elaine▽ said...

Your dad is so cute! Ahaha!!!

Super wifey material right here! Those noodles look bomb *~*

Carlyn Girl said...

It's interesting seeing how noodle flavours are developed.

Anonymous said...

you really need to put on some weight, and im being extreamly honest to you and trying to do it in the nicest way possible. I know you might feel it looks nice but actually it can look very unappealing, i mean statistically you have the weight of a very sick person,please change because i think you can look so much prettier!

Salene said...


I'm not trying to be rude and I'm sure you mean well, but it's really her business how she wants to look like. Yes, also if it were unhealthy! (I'm not saying it is or isn't unhealthy, just that it's her body, therefore her decision.)

You honestly think it's ok to tell her to put on some weight or change her appearance in any way so it pleases you more?? Think again please.
It's super rude and really none of your business.