22 December 2012

Pump up the heat at Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party

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What's up~!!! Remember i blogged about ABCD just a few months back?! How can you not remember!!! I danced and sweated a lot in the video lolol! See post here!

Yup it's the All Babes Cineleisure Dance battle!!!

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard has held the ABCD for the second time this year!

The contestants in solo category and group category went to battle it out already and here are the highlights of the event!!! Too many exciting moments that you can only view the video to feel it if you weren't there to feel the full heat!

The judges panel, L-R, Meredith Kerr, Andre Fuentes and Kelly Manning! All of them have good credentials in the dance industry and worked with major dance studios and names like Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls! =OOO You gotta view my previous post about them! You'd be impressed too!

Click on video screenshot to view highlights of the ABCD event and see who stood out and danced so well that the judges have to stand to applause for!!! I AM PROUD OF THESE TALENTS FROM SINGAPORE WHEN I WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! Like WHaaaaat, we have such talents?!?! O.O

All the judges showed off a bit too haha! This is Kelly doing her thang! Looking very passionate and sensual! Dancers really have this artistic + sexy + ardent vibe about them!!!

Solo winner of 2012 ABCD - Carel! Congrats!!! I watched her video and she really let it go! For that she won herself $1000 + coaching classes with the judges AND a brand new Olympus Pen camera!!!

Group winner for ABCD battle - The Passionate Dancing Elders!!! THEY ARE VERY GOOD!!! The choreography, the group dynamics and please look at how synchronised their moves are!!!

So good i have to embed their video!!! See for yourself! I feel very proud of them lah!!! I bet the judges went crazy for them! They totally deserve the $6000 cash + coaching classes + camera!

For more information about ABCD battle 2012, visit their official site! They have all the pictures and highlights there! =D You can check out the dance workshops they have for registration also!

And here's the playlist for ALL the performances of the contestants that evening! Take a look! Think you can do better? IF YES..

Prepare yourself..
For ABCD battle 2013

Registration opens in April 2013!!!

So you have about 4 months to get yourself / you and your teammates ready!

The crowds will be watching!!!

The prizes will be waiting and they will be attractive!!! If you have a passion for dancing, or if you think you can be talented in dancing, you have 4 months to prepare!!! Good luck!!! =D

FOR NOW!!! If you'd like to catch the super fantastic group winner - The Passionate Dancing Elders as well as runner up Kosmic Crew perform live, and hear Cineleisure Next Online Sensation runner up, Ruth, sing live, please head down to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on 24th December!!!

There will be exciting performances from the group winner of All Babes Cineleisure Dance battle so you know you cannot miss one!!! Also there'd be games and prizes to be given out! =D

Head down Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on 24th December to join them for the Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party!!! =D
Party starting from 7pm till midnight!

If not you loiter around Orchard road also no point! Lol! Might as well go in, watch nice performances, say cheers to all the happy faces! FREE ONE SOMEMORE! Hahah! Go!

It's at the basement! ^.^ Comfortable, air-conditioned, got food, got snacks, got restroom and GOT AWESOME PERFORMANCES and games and prizes etc!!!

Haha no need to go out there and be giapped by other people lah! =D

Alright!!! Good luck to those who are thinking about joining ABCD 2013!!! =D

And have fun, those heading for the Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party!!!

Links for your convenience!

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard facebook for updates on events and promotion.

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