11 December 2012

SENKA Makeup Remover(s) ^.^

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In which way do you like to remove your makeup at the end of the day?

Do you prefer using oil, gel, foam, or liquid form kind of makeup remover?

I'd tell you which way i prefer, really.

I prefer the no-need-to-remove-makeup-just-go-to-sleep way hahaha. Kidding lah!!!

Removing makeup for the day is like a HUGE burden off my face. But sometimes i remove makeup liao i still wanna hang around to nua in the house and don't go shower!

But it's not very comfortable for me or for anyone to do that becox most of the makeup remover that promises you to even remove waterproof mascara, will leave this oily veil behind on your face.

If not, they will leave your face dry. If not, they will leave your eyes stingy. I swear, these are true stories. Cox it happens to me every other day hahaha. I must be doing or using something wrong.

When i need to have makeup on, i usually put full makeup which will look something like this.

Things on my face, foundation, concealer, loose powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, falsies, mascara, eyebrow filler and concealer, bronzer and nose shading powder, highlighter, lipstick, blusher.

Then, i'd have problems with the eyeliner (i use waterproof eyeliner most of the time, and so does everyone right??) But some days i only put light makeup like BB cream, concealer, blusher, fill eyebrows, frame eyes with pencil eyeliner and then some lose powder to fix it.

Some days i touch up and add on to my makeup about 2 - 3 times a day if i happen to have a photoshoot. Or if i come home to do an advert. Then the makeup will be really thickestest lol.

So i feel for different days, with me using different sort of makeup, i naturally would need the correct and most appropriate makeup remover lah!

Something that can remove the makeup effectively and that will be good for my skin too!

I have combination skin =( Like cheeks area very dry, T-Zone area is dry until oily, sometimes peeling + oily i also don't know what is going on!!!

Rest of the face (like chin, jaw, temple lolol, very sad, i am trying to find more places on my face that is more okay one haha) is normal skin lah. Like not tight and drying, not oily.

So to cater for all the different needs we might have for removing makeup..

I'm happy to share more about SENKA Makeup Remover range with you!!!

Don't freak out!!!
(because everyone gets overwhemed with like not 1 but... 5 cleansers!!!)

One of it is a mochi-mochi foam cleanser and the other four each has specific qualities! And all has multiple effects to help remove makeup while at the same time keep your skin sleek / moisturised!

Let's find out more okay ^.^

My face with makeup still on ah. For now take a good look at my nose!!!

You see lotsa tiny little uneven bumps, like horny little plugs coming out from my nose hor?

In my theory i call it whiteheads. A little less serious than blackheads but THEY ARE SOOOO easy to kena especially if you don't remove makeup properly. And they are pretty hard to remove cox they are so small ='( And i am plagued with this problem. Actually ah my cheeks area also have lah, but i am saving cheeks area to show you how powerful another makeup remover is.

So for now see my nose ah!!! See those disgusting spikey little bumps!!!
Introducing the PERFECT OIL~

As you'd see from the graph, how the PERFECT OIL works is..

It seeps into our pores, with it's dead skin cell sensor ingredient and the lubricant quality of the cleansing oil and super micro water, it detaches the whiteheads (tiny little plugs) and then when you wash it off with water, you wash everything off together!!!!!!

The PERFECT OIL is most perfect for those facing major clog pore issues. Like me =/

I would use this most frequently for now i guess!!! Until the clogged pore situation gets better then i'd switch to another one in this range! ^.^

And it's really easy to use!

Massage and rinse off! It can even remove waterproof mascara and don't worry about oily veil that stays on your skin. Once you rinse it off, it's off for good! PLUS, it has a moisturizing serum in it so your skin won't feel tight / taut after rinsing ^.^

No photoshop on nose texture. It just appear much much smoother after using the PERFECT OIL!

One more! Look at my nose nose nose ^.^
- - - - - - - -

Introducing one more awesome product from SENKA!!!

The secret weapon PERFECT GEL holds is the smooth mirco-oil gel!

I know some gel remover might have a sticky after-feel but guarantee you this one won't have! In fact, it will retain your skin moisture! It is thus suitable for dry and dry combination skin! ^.^

And it's soooo easy to use!!!

Squeeze a blob enough for your face ah =D

Tadah. Actually i snap more pictures in between is just cox i don't wanna go bare face too soon lolol.

Use a piece of tissue.. You can just rinse off also but tissue is as good!!! More convenient also!

Wipe the makeup off your face just like that. Heavy makeup, no problem.

All gone in seconds and no sticky after feeling!!! In fact quite refreshing and light!
You can see the distinct line of makeup and no makeup hahaha.
One more ah sorry haha. The PERFECT GEL can be used to remove masacra and makeup too so yeah, it might be a good option for you especially if you are of dry skin type! =D

The Perfect Gel would be PERFECT even when you're travelling!!! Just squeeze some and wipe makeup off!!! Super simple and fuss-free! =D
- - - - - - -

One more wonder product - The SENKA PERFECT LIQUID
To show you how different it is from other oil removers..
The one with SENKA, almost all cleaned. The one with other oil makeup remover brand, makeup is mostly removed but some gets smudged all over the area that is wiped.

What happened here is.. PERFECT LIQUID is able to dissolve makeup and impurities instantly!!!

And the ingredient used has a bi-continuous structure, of which, i will share more about shortly! =D

For now, let's put the PERFECT LIQUID to the test!!!

Oh oh, how can i forget this!!! PERFECT LIQUID contains a special mascara-removing ingredient too!!! So it can remove heavy makeup and waterproof mascara like a breeze!!!

Let's see! I removed my falsies and added two layers of waterproof mascara to my top layer of lashes and one layer to my bottom lashes (which is ALWAYS the hardest to remove mascara from!!!).
Just pour a little bit of it onto your hands. It works well on dry or wet hands so you don't have to worry!!! I know some cleanser lost effect with dry hands/ face. And some lost effect in wet conditions. But PERFECT LIQUID is flexible! Wet or dry hands / face, STILL WORKS!
READY?! Cox i'm gonna remove my eye makeup liao!!! Mai zao ah!!! Lolol.

First stroke. My thick black eyeliner already gone =OOOOO
Second stroke out and third stroke in, mascara saying their final goodbyes. Took me a total of 5 strokes only before i rinse it off!!! =DDD Will show you the result in a bit! Here's WHY the PERFECT LIQUID IS SOOOO AMAZING.

The PERFECT LIQUID has ingredients to form Bi-Continuous Structures where the impurities get dissolved, detached, absorb, enveloped and then when you rinse, it gets removed fully!!! None of it will stay on your face =DDD And that's why in the test you saw earlier, no makeup smudge gets left behind on the test with PERFECT LIQUID.

A picture of my hands during my 3rd stroke. Everything coming off my face =D Haha. Much easier to rub my hands clean than to rub and tug on my face!!! Remember, rubbing and tugging your skin is bad cox it'd age your skin and stretch it and make it lose it's firmness over time!

Rinsed and tapped dry with tissue paper ^.^

Please check out my eyes ^.^ Happy leh, first time i remove lower lash de mascara so easily!!!

Last irrelevant camho shot haha! The PERFECT LIQUID is suitable for Oily/ Oily Combination skin as well as Normal / Normal Combination skin! ME LOR! It's for me!

- - - - - - - -
This will remove waterproof mascara, heavy makeup and impurities with it's gentle formula.

It can be washed off instantly with no oily after feel!!! No need to scrub / tug / rub much, the sebum cleansing ingredients and cleansing elements will do their job and melt away the bad stuff with a clean finish!!! This i would recommend for normal to oily skin and it's quite a powerful makeup remover for ALL sorts of makeup so if you just wanna get one kind, this is the one for you.
- - - - - - -

So much about removing makeup. What about the days where you have no makeup but just wanna clean your face of the daily impurities we open ourselves to, like dust on the road, oil and smoke from food centres etc. You need a good facial cleanser!!!

And here's one of the most popular choices in Japan for facial cleanser!!!

They call it the mochi-mochi cleaner cox it's SOOOOO soft and bouncy!!!

Introducing SENKA PERFECT WHIP Foam cleanser!!!
One huge tube for $12.90 only!!! O.O And i learnt that you only need a little bit of it + water to get a huge blob of very smooth, fine and pouffy texture foam!!!
Easy to understand hor? The finer and denser your foam is, the higher chance it can reach into fine pores to cleanse them!!! =DDD And PERFECT WHIP is 5X more dense than conventional foams!

THIS, is straight from the tube O.O The texture is quite hard to describe.. It has a certain bounciness in it already, i haven't even whip it. My best attempt would be, it feels like hi-chew candies but much softer than that!!! A little bit of a QQness in it. Omg okay i fail at describing you go buy lah. Lolol.

I wiped away the previous blob cox after lathering it was too much for me to handle so i blobed a smaller amount than that and after adding some water and lathering it in my hands..
I get this!!! It's really like soft mochi!!! =DDD
Contact with my face to see how it feels ^.^
Really soft soft one and it forms stiff peaks so you can see it's very super dense lah!
So dense and elastic it can reach quite far out when you try to separate it.

So yup! On days where you have no makeup on, PERFECT WHIP will be great for you to cleanse your face!!! And it will leave your skin baby soft and moisturised!!! =DDD One stone kill many birds ah. If you have makeup on, you can still use it during showers after you removed your makeup with the makeup removers!

A little note – THERE’S NO NEED TO DOUBLE CLEANSE AFTER USING SENKA’S MAKE UP REMOVERS!!! So you can save like 5 more mins before you sleep or before you rush to work!!

Sounds like a good deal to me lolol. We just want everything good, fast and affordable don't we!!!

By the way!

Do you know that Senka is created specially for you (and me!!!) becox the brand actually goes through years of research to find out what we want and then they make the product? That's why so many Japanese woman love them! And now, ITS IN SINGAPORE FOR YOU AND ME!
- - - - - - -

Quick Summary
PERFECT OIL for horny plugs (whiteheads), most suitable for skin with major clog pore issues!
PERFECT LIQUID for Oil/Normal/Combi skin, great for heavy makeup and waterproof mascara.

PERFECT WATERY OIL - Removes ALL sorts of makeup, heavy, light, waterproof and impurities! And it does so effortlessly!!! Suitable for normal - oily skin.

PERFECT WHIP - Daily cleanser that can clean down to the finest pore! Suitable for all skin type!
PERFECT GEL - Wipe off your makeup in one single action! Suitable for dry / dry combi skin!

Alright i hope you find the perfect cleanser for your skin type and for the different kinds of makeup you use!

My personal favourite out of the batch is..

The PERFECT LIQUID especially for thick heavy eye makeup =D

The PERFECT OIL what the heck it removes whiteheads WHILE cleaning the pores. Must have for a start, you clear out the bad stuff first, then you take care and maintain from there! =D

The PERFECT WHIP for my daily cleanser cox it's just soooo soft!!!

NOTE: You can use one makeup remover for the whole face actually!!! I am just showing you where it's ESEPCIALLY good for. But all the removers can be used for whole face including eyes ^.^

Next we need to do.. Is skincare. Will share more again! =D For now, CLEANSE YOUR FACES WELL!!! Cleansing is one of the most important part of the skincare regime ah! =D

Link for you!

SENKA Facebook Page

You'd wanna like them on Facebook cox they are very active on promotions and Japanese workshops that shares with people about looking beautiful the Japanese way =DDD From skincare to makeup to haircare / hairstyling tips etc! =DDD Like SENKA on Facebook now now now!


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