29 April 2012

QWeekly - There's always more to see

And do! You know i'm heading Japan in June right. And also i'm planning to head Bangkok in May and/ or June. Just to shop. And eat. And do cheap massage, haha.

Super curious how Bangkok is like now. The last time i was there was 6 years ago =/ And then since i'm on this craze, as what others call it, wanderlust, I also wanna visit Taiwan, China and Korea.

Like soon. Lol. But i doubt i can fit them all in this year. Maybe Taiwan, China and Korea for me can be in 2013 ^.^ MY dad can head China/ Taiwan this year thou. With a tour and my mum.

I am someone really bad for travelling. I travel, i head home, i feel.. Nothing. Hahaha. I'd be in this transition period for a really long time, like maybe even up to a week. I'd just feel nothing, do nothing much (unless i really have work to clear) and live with that bag of worn clothes and luggage for a while. The only things i'd pack out are gifts for people. The rest stays in there for as long as it takes.

After i get out of the transition then i'd really feel like "OMG THE TRIP WAS SO FUN!!!!!!!!" Hahaha. That's when i get down to blogging about it actually. So maybe i should just get down to blogging about things faster. Yeah, even faster than i do now.

I think right, you can say my soul was left in that country for extended holiday and then i only manage to call it back when i really need it. Lol. But despite the transition part, i LOVE travelling!!!

For various reasons. One, you can either dress up really casually and throw on a cap/ thick frame glasses and call it a day and still feel hot. Lolol. Really, like how superstars do.

Two, you can overdress and it's totally justifiable. Cox? You're a tourist!

Three, every country de snack also looks yummier ^.^

Four, for me, everything also seems more affordable overseas. Not that it's really cheaper sometimes. It's just i'm more willing to spend when i'm overseas. Somehow there's these slogans in me when overseas "Make the airfare worthwhile" along with "You can't find this in Singapore" hahaha.

So i am really really excited to spend ALL the money in Japan and Bangkok! =DDD

Haven't been doing much other stuff other than blogging at home, head out for shopping for Budget Barbie (this coming ep that i'm gonna film tomorrow, is gonna be the BEST ever!!!" and eat and eat.

No really, i eat so much. So much. But i'm 46.5kg and i think i know why. Cox i whole day keep obsessing about my bf's diet and cox he wanna lose weight, it affects my thoughts too. I also think about losing weight (for him not for myself). And then poof, from 50kg (which i blogged about here in February) to 47. I think everything i eat just evaporate somewhere. Like there's a incinerator in my body. OMG. Could i have fart it out cox i've been farting so much. Sooooo much i don't think it's funny anymore. Hmm. Maybe it's the fruits i take everyday. Bf and i have been taking fruits everyday for a week plus now. Okay i am so rambling already.

26 April 2012

Liese Super Hard Hairspray

Sponsored post

Hello!!! Before we start! I promise you three things!!!

1. The product i'm introducing today is gonna be very useful as long as you have hair!
2. The video you'd see below is the CHIOEST ever i've done so far!!! Must watch it til the end!!!
3. Some of you lucky ones will get FREE sample of this "Super" good product ^.^

TADANG~ The Liese Super Hard hairspray!

Note Liese Free Arrange hairspray at the back. That's also an awesome product that allows you to create light and airy hairstyles easily! But today we'd focus on Super Hard!!! It's SUPER awesome!!!

Liese Super Hard hairspray helps you keep your hair in place even in strong wind, even if you move around the whole day.

Some ways you can use Liese Super Hard for:

- Keep your hair neat! Good bye flyaways~~ Please go far far away~~ =.=" Haha! All you have to do is to spray Liese Super Hard hairspray on the surface of your hair and smoothen with your fingers! This will tame the flyaways!

- Set your hair and hold up-do in place. Odango, puffy princess hair crown, any sort of hairstyles that you need to set in place, simply spray Liese Super Hard all round as a final step to keep its shape!

- Create volume for your hair! Spray Liese Super Hard at the inner layers of your hair, near the roots! I usually do a "lift, spray, scrunch" with hairspray to create volume. If you have shorter hair and wanna go for a 'fluffy'/ out of bed look, instead of scrunching it, you can fluff it with your fingers! But generally the "lift, spray, scrunch" works for me and it helps make my curls more bouncy! ^.^

And you're wondering if any other hairspray can do the same thing as Liese Super Hard does.

The answer is YES, if you want stiff and hard clumps of hair, that feels sticky and heavy.

If not, come back here to Liese Super Hard! Haha.

And if you are still not convinced, check out the video below where i have put Super Hard to the test! See how my curls hold up with Super Hard Hairspray even in the strong wind or when i run and jump! Watch it and i'm sure you'll be 100% convinced by its efficacies!

Super Hard is especially useful for me cox i have problem keeping my curls.. Curly. The curls loosen just after 30 minutes of curling =( Depends on the weather. On rainy, humid days, 30 minutes is as long as it can last. On a typical day, it can last up to 2 hours max, before it drops to soft curls = / Not happy. Cox i need at least 1.5 hour to curl it!! I've got super lotsa hair!!! Haha!

So now, i'd always remember to spray on some Liese Super Hard, on the inside, outside, and inner layers of my hair!!! ^.^ To hold the curls for the whole day and to make them feel bouncy! =DDD
One more redundant picture of me spraying the other side of the hair. Hahaha. Simply cox i think i look pretty in this picture.
Like i'd always do, scrunch it! And it's not sticky at all one!!! Quite smooth even!!! Unlike the hard and clumpy feeling normal hairspray does to our hair.
Lastly, run your fingers through the curls to spread them out and for that extra bit of volume!

Tips for curling hair
By the way, if you need tips to curl hair! Here's one! Do every bunch in a alternate direction. One inward, the other outward. This will create even more volume for your curls!
Twirl the hair bunch close and tight on the curling tool for a set of nice tight curls.

So now you have all the tips to have nice curls ^.^ Good for you! Remember to spray Liese Super Hard all around your curls (as i shared above) to keep it looking good through the day! Don't worry about windy days, or even rainy days! Yeah! Haha now Liese Super Hard sounds like a helmet lol.

If you're curious about why Liese Super Hard can hold any hair do so well, the credit goes to..

The Super Holding Agent!!!

What is it? Secret!!! Not that i don't want to tell you, hahaha! I don't even know!!!

This secret holding agent will instantly LOCK your hairstyle together without having the sticky, heavy and clumpy feelings like conventional hairsprays! Instead, it gives hair a smooth texture O.O

And better still, it keeps curls bouncy. ALL DAY LONG! What sorcery is this!

So you know the trick to having nice curls already! Here's two more hairstyles you can try out! =D

Princess Pouf
A sweet and simple hairstyle that looks classy and feminine!

Remember the most important final step!!! Spray it down with Liese Super Hard hairspray to hold the hairdo through the day! =D You don't want the nice pouf and curls to go down do you!!!
So spray and secure it with Super Hard ^.^
This is how it will look like on the side and on the back.
One camho shot before we move on to another hairstyle! ^.^

Odango Bun

Secure rest of the loose hair ends with pins then pull down the odango from the back, and secure it.
And? YES! SPRAY AND SECURE so that your odango bun stays up all day long! I feel like my bun is too big but nevermind! I'm sure you can do a much nicer odango bun than me! Try it =D
Remember to get the Liese Super Hard first! Lol.
One more ^.^V
I think i'm in love with this product!

It's convenient to use, and actually the best thing i love about it is that it's not sticky!!! And that my hair doesn't feel heavy after spraying it. Curls feels more bouncy instead ^.^ So now i know how to maintain my hairstyle and make it last all day! =D

I can now try out many more new hairstyles without worrying about it losing its shape! Just spray on Liese Super Hair and i'm ready!!! ^.^

Now it's your turn to try it!


Yes! Free!!! =DDD

Liese is giving out free samples of the Liese Super Hard hairspray and the Liese Free Arrange on the LieseSG Facebook page ^.^

Let me make this simple for you,

If you are bothered by messy hair with flyaways/ hairstyles (like curls) that won't last throughout the day OR you simply like to style your hair in up-dos, then go for the Super Hard!

If you want volume to your hair (although the Super Hard does this too but not as much as the Free Arrange can), and love the airy, 3D look to your hair, then go for Free Arrange!

They are both awesome products! So like LieseSG on Facebook and find out how you can get the free samples as well as learn more about these two products! Inform your friends too!!! =D

I hope you're looking forward to chioer-looking hair cox that's exactly what you'd get ^.^

Now watch the video i am most proud of to-date! Haha ^.^

Have fun!!! And say really, the end of my video very pretty right? Lololol.

24 April 2012

The good things

I have no idea what to title this post except to name it the post of good things.

So April is almost over and we're moving on to May soon and as much as i had a super awesome March and April, May and June so far seem so promising, i'm not sure if i know how to breath and chill. Haha. It's TOO many good things happening!

May early, Cheesie should be coming to my place and bunk for one day (too short!!!) cox Wendy is shifting house right. And i am so excited!!! ^.^ I am heading out to get dilam (been wanting to get) from Seahorse now!!! Lol. Very kelian her, have to sleep on dilam. But at least it's Seahorse. Lol.

And May will be a pretty packed month so it's good!!! I LOVE BLOGGING

Actually i hope it gets even more packed than this ^.^

Also May got Wendy's house warming or maybe that's in June but still exciting!!! I went to looksee at her new place the other day and it's so huge! Compared to the newer HDB. And she got balcony i iz very very jelly. Lol. And her bathroom can see it's gonna be jellifying also =D

And then June is an awesome month itself cox i'm born in June lol. And Mich is born one day after me. So we can all celebrate our birthdays ^.^ I've been asking her what she wants so i can go hunt for it but this brandwhore keep saying she wants a Prada bag which cost $3k. Not that i don't love her but i don't agree to buying a bag for $3k. Okay maybe $1500 i buy for her. Lolol. That's the max i'd pay for a bag before it crosses my life principle. She's joking of course. But i'm super looking forward!!! Not to getting her the bag but to celebrate our birthday! I even booked cupcakes from Baked By Lace already! The yummiest cupcakes i've ever tried! Only the best for the best people! ^.^V

Oh if that's not good enough.. In June..


So happy and unbelievable i don't even.

Just super thankful for everything =))

Now i'm starting to collect clothes i can wear to Japan. Cannot throw face!!! Haha ^.^

Here are some outfits from Jipaban!

Simple gold mini dress. Perfect for work and night out. Yes i also know i is flat again. Lol.
Werk it.. Werk it..
Apple maxi dress ^.^ This one wear to Japan good hor?! =DDD
Flowy much.
*pout* Ke ai ma o.O
Victorian collar white top.
Perfect for work, right?!
Or maybe for Sunday brunch =D Get all of them at Jipaban!

Was at the press conference for Nat Ho's song release. Song title i bet most of you already know!

"UNLEASHED". It's a pretty catchy song!!! Sometimes i sing and boogie to it in the shower =X That's Nat doing one of the many many interview with the press and media that day.
Wendy and i at the lounge before the thing start. Yes i stole this picture from Wendy's blog. Lolol.
One with Nat!!! CONGRATS, Nat!!!!! ^.^
Look at them!!! Just like superstars!!!! =DD
Wendy's turn to share how she feel being in the MTV.

I was quite touched when Nat shared the process of getting here today, to fulfil his dream of being a singer and to answer to his passion for music. Dehell i couldn't believe he had to do so many stuff behind the scene!!! Even to chauffeuring the crew around to get things done. If i am as famous as him i am not sure if i can live it up!!! I cfm diva one, "Bring me my bird's nest yo! Chilled! NOW" Lolol.

And for all that he's gone through (one of it is to deplete his savings down to 2 digit) and come out of, still a nice, pleasant and positive person as he is today, he totally deserve everything great now!!!

And say really, his MTV is the most professionally done MTV ever produced in Singapore. Nat, this one is definitely yours!!! And your director's!!! =D

The album is gonna be out tomorrow so look out for it!!!

You can also buy the music online in iTunes or here.

Now watch the MTV and enjoy the music! And look out for Wendy hahaha. I always laugh (now i don't laugh already, i smile/ giggle only) when i see her. It's just surreal to see your friend in a MTV!
And don't forget to LIKE this video on Youtube ^.^

22 April 2012

QWeekly - I can be a judge o.O

New Budget Barbie episodes ^.^
Budget Barbie blogshop special! A few of the blogshops i'd always check for updates! Their stuff are cheaper than almost all other blogshops around. Watch where you can find fake eyelash with really soft lashbone, handmade and natural-looking at 10 pairs for $2.90!!! Also where you can brand news outfits for as low as $7.40. Or even lower if you buy just 2 more other pieces! Enjoy! ^.^

Budget Barbie Polyvore ep. See how i use less than $100 to do up an exact same look on Polyvore, that will cost about $2800 plus!!! Nuff said, watch and learn lolol.
- - - - - - - -
Judging for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation
TADANG~! #MeSupasta ^.^ Shit. Side by side i look quite different. Lolol.
Me and Brad arrived earliest and started fooling around with the backdrop. Lolol.
Still at it.
Zoe joined in a bit and that the three judges!
Told Brad to snap a "professional judge" shot for me. Lol. I fail. Professional judge always overdress + dress to steal limelight. My sailor kitty cannot fight with those SYT contestants lolol.
One more.
The contestants and Noah the guest appearance haha. He is actually quite funny!!! Fella dance and swag to music like a todler would, uncontrollably o.O Lolol. No to be exact, like a hyperactive todler.
Soo Wei the host. She is FUNNIEST ever host i've seen!!! Also, she deserves plus points for being pretty, and for being a lady. Usually funny hosts are guys. Also not as funny (and witty) as her!
After like 15 performances from the different teams, the winners are revealed! Second prize goes to Ruth Miao Ru! Congrats!!! Third goes to team Taffi but they couldn't make it that day.
First prize goes to Kitty on a Spaceship!!! Congrats!!! The top three teams deserve everything!!!

Also Ruth who won Cineleisure's Overnight Sensation title, they all deserve to win!!! Becox they worked a little harder than the rest of the teams, and did a little better. Also with a little luck, voter's support and their own 'whoring' out on social media, they managed to win. Simple as that =)

And i'm happy for them! They worked so hard for all the three challenges! I'm happy for all the rest who joined too! And i'm impressed by a lot of their performances that day! Some were really good at acting, some singing, some are just very likeable on stage. Haha. Good for you all~ Keep going! ^.^

But let's not forget who worked the hardest!!! Chris (second dude fro the left)!!! Thank you!!! It has been super super fun and interesting for me! Thanks to the people at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard as well! ^.^ Surely i'm looking forward to next year's! Haha. Promise i'd wear something nicer =X

20 April 2012


Say hello to my sapphire ring =)))
It's clearly blue haha. Size 0.78carat. It's RM1488 ($614). Was RM3600 =DDD

Was reading The Magic and it gives insights on how essential gratitude is in all aspects of our lives.

And i realise the whole time i feel like my life is awesome despite the many things i've yet to achieved and accomplish is becox i am truly very super thankful for all the things i have now!

Initially i couldn't grasp the concept of the book. They keep asking us to love what we have and be thankful for it, and by doing so, we will be able to get what we want. I couldn't really see the link.

I didn't understand that, becox i don't know how i can love what i have now, if what i actually want (and would love most) is something i have yet to get but know that that's what i want most.

But now i understand already! The whole idea of it is to be a thankful, grateful person! If you're not happy with what you have now, you'd never be happy with what you're about to get. Becox nothing will satisfy you, nothing is ever gonna be good enough for you, if you're not thankful. The connection between gratitude and achieving your life goals is "Feeling".

For example, i want a million dollar.

But right now i have $1000 in my bank. If i am thankful for it, i'd feel good about money. And when i feel good about money, according to the law of attraction, i will only get more money.

If i am not thankful about it and i keep harping on the fact that what i want is a million and i don't have that million dollar yet, then the feeling i have towards money is negative, is lack. I won't feel good about money. And with that, i won't get more money, i will even deplete the $1000 in my bank, and have lack of money. Becox i have bad feelings towards money. Right?

I can totally understand it now! Becox i try to put away all the fanciful terms used in the book and complex theories in the 'teaching' and look back at my own life.

Before i had earning capabilities, i thought of money as something i always lack. Something my family always lack. I even wrote a post about it. So i grew up not having the best feeling about money.

I remember how each time, if the teacher say we need to bring extra money, say for example, $15 to pay for the subscription of whatever newspaper, it will literately spoil the rest of my day.

Not like my dad won't give it to me, he will but it's not like he can give it to me freely.

Fast forward to when i was a housing agent. Whenever a big cheque comes in, i'd be very happy for a while. But shortly after i'd calculate what we need to pay for and then i become worried that we won't have enough money. And true enough, i never had enough. Or to put it in more correctly, i never felt like i had enough. A $10k cheque can run low in less than a month. And then i'd feel frustrated.

"Why are there so many things to pay for!"

"Why are there so many things i can't afford?"

It doesn't make sense cox the chances of getting rich should be very high cox i was working under a very successful boss who gives positive motivation. But i didn't feel happy or thankful! No really, zero feeling of thankfulness that i was working under him, zero thankfulness that he motivates us often, zero thankfulness that he's a nice and successful guy who sincerely want us to be successful too.

I mean i know that i was in good hands, but i just didn't believe that i could be good in what i do. I didn't believe that i will get rich therefore all i did was to force myself to go through the motion. Cold calls, print flyers, get people to throw flyers, viewings etc. Everything to me was forced.

Now that i think about it, my attitude sucked. Maybe that line wasn't cut out for me, but couldn't i have at least try harder?! But then again, if i didn't dislike being in that line, i wouldn't be me now ^.^

Oh thank you, me!!! I much prefer the me now!!! Haha. I can wear the clothes i like and talk the way i talk and goof around anytime i want. Haha. And not have client's kids calling me auntie. Thanks!

So my point is, when i was a housing agent, the money was okay, really! And the potential to make a good living out of it was great. But the fact that i was ungrateful about the people i have who are trying to push me, and not thankful nor appreciative about the money i was earning, and instead, feel bad about the money.. Caused me to go off track in the end. I just slack off.

About 4 years back (when i just started as a housing agent) i went to have my Chinese name changed. It's supposed to bring me better health and luck. And i was told a diamond/ pearl/ sapphire ring would be great for me. Any sort of colour related to water, will be great for me too. So i've wanted a Sapphire ring since then. But becox of me feeling like money is always not enough, even when i had money, i didn't think i could actually afford the rings i saw. They ones like like range from $1200 - $1800.

Somewhere towards the end of my housing agent phase, my humble 1 year old personal blog started to have more people reading and the rest is history. A while after that I could earn a income from blogging and i cannot emphasize on how thankful i am for this =) I am truly lucky and blessed.

I try to think back on when did i get lucky. It was when i could blog (something i really enjoy doing, and have been doing since i was 17 but on various blogs i set up and closed, and changed links on =X) for a living. Becox being able to do something you like, and getting paid for it at the same time, is priceless, almost. So i as i go along, i became more and more grateful.

I get super touched when people are being nice to me. I feel extra grateful each time i get an advert. I feel thankful each time i cash out a cheque from Nuffnang. I feel happy each time i see a good episode of Budget Barbie. I feel overwhelmed whenever readers show me love and support.

Not sure if i ever shared this before but i feel like if someone has neutral feelings about me (i.e don't really mind me, don't care if i'm there or not), i already feel like it's quite good already. I count that as 50%. Neutral. Okay. So if there's anyone who's nice to me, like 51% i'd feel like this is bonus!

Cox i always remember nobody needs to be nice to me. If people choose to be nice to me, it's something i gotta be thankful for it. Somehow blogging brings me to meet more nice people than nasty ones. Of course there are still the nasty ones, but they are just like garnishing, can remove anytime. The spice and meat of my life is still very super awesome =D

So you'd have know that i have incorporated the things i learnt from The Secret (Thanks to Wendy!!!) and its sequels into my own life. And i've been doing it for about two months. Some days, i feel good. Most days, i feel super great!!! Some other days, are so great, i feel like tearing just thinking about how lucky, loved and looked after i am. Lolol. I told Wendy maybe i practice until i 走火入魔 already.

Hahaha. But i especially cannot control how thankful i am when i think about how people are nice to me. My family members, my friends, my boyfriend and all the Nuffies who helped me =)))

Oh my god i don't want to do this one but i am soooooo filled with emotions now!!! Happy emotions!!! I need to list down everyone i especially love!!!!!!! 我太感动了!!! *punches keyboard with both fists*

I love my dad!!! He is the man i love most (okay maybe same same as my bf if not i scared he'd be angry HAHA). And i thank him for giving half of my life to me. And i thank him for loving all of us sisters. And i thank him for being a good role model and taught us to be good and simple people.

I am also learning to be thankful for my mum. For giving me another half of my life to me. And thankful that she's healthy. Also thankful that she's been an okay person for a while now.

I love you Er Jie!!! Thank you for being strict with us when we were younger. Thank you for taking over the disciplinary part. Thank you for all the birthday present you got me every year without fail. Thank you for standing up for me in primary school when i get bullied. Thank you for loving me.

I love you San Jie! Thank you for being the kai xin guo of the house, you're such a natural clown lol. Thank you for caring about me when we stayed together. Thank you for sharing your (expired) snacks even though those snacks must be as precious to you as your life. Lolol. Thank you for loving me.

I love you Si Jie! Thank you for being the sister who always support me, 100%! Thank you for bringing me to the makeup counter and pay $40 for someone to do my makeup, before you accompany me for Teens model search audition, where i learn that i should be confident. Thank you for accompanying me for singing audition at Ocean Butterflies. Thank you for booking a bus to charter the whole village to go watch me at the TV station. Thank you for printing the banner and posters. Thank you for being so selfless on so many occasions. Thank you for Baby Yurou. Thank you for loving me.

I love you Niao Niao! Thank you for having a good heart. Thank you for wanting to be better in life. Thank you for all the time we spend just eating McDonald's and laughing together. Thank you for all the memories of my childhood. Thank you for letting me bully you! Haha. Thank you for loving me.

I love you Ah Cas, Ah Bong, Naoki and Baby Yurou!!! You four will grow up to be good people!!! Thank you for all the joy you've brought to the family. Thank you Baby Yurou for letting me change your diaper. Lolol. I badly need to do it if not i feel like something is missing in my life o.O Hahaha.

I love you Mich and Zhen! Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for talking to me everyday on 豆花妹s group chat ^.^ Thank you for feeling for me and standing by me whenever i have saga with other people online =X Thank you for being part of my growing up days. Thank you for going through thick and thin with me. Thank you for late night supper/ KTV trips we make after work last time. Thank you for i can share everything with you. Thank you mostly, for all the jokes hahahhaha. Mm, your fall and your long skirt. Zz, your bleeding tongue and the prawn. LOL. Thank you for loving me.

Thank you all my good friends from Poly!!! I just made a post the other day about how thankful i am for you guys so long story cut short, thank you for being the only treasures i manage to dig out of poly! Thank you for loving me even though i might not be the cleanest friend you guys can have!!! Haha ^.^

Thank you Wendy! Thank you for sharing about The Secret with me! Thank you for befriending me, this alone makes me super happy!!! Thank you for telling me where and how i can look chioer! Thank you for being encouraging. Thank you for being an inspiration for girls like me who just wanna look better! Thank you for being you, i've looked up to you since yearsss ago! Thank you for nagging at me to stop using recycled bags and stop stepping on my shoes to wear them as slipons. LOL.

Thank you Huiwen!!! Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for becoming less smart when you hang out with me (or was that really you being you? LOL). Thank you for all the advice you gave when i put my feet in shit and played with it. Lol. Thank you for helping me with blog stuff <3

Thank you Sophie and Yutaki!!! Thank you for keeping me informed at SOAP*QQ*TAKI group chat! Haha. Thank you for all the jokes and laughter haha. You two really can go on and on and on.

Thank you Cheesie!!! For housing Wendy and i when we go up for treatment! And for being the best host ever! Thank you for your fashion updates cox it pressures me to dress up slightly nicer #truestory!

Thank you Clicknetwork and the people at Clicknetwork!!! Espeically Gillian! Thank you for even agreeing to start Budget Barbie!!! Thank you for making me Budget Barbie! Thank you for all the good things that follow after that. Thank you for all the good and funny episodes. Thank you!

Thank you Nuffnang!!! Thank you Jayne. Thank you Melissa. Thank you Amanda. Thank you Elise. Thank you Clara. Thank you Alvin. Thank you Chris. Thank you Lydia. Thank you Patrick. Thank you to all the ones i might not have met yet! Thank you for making everything possible. Thank you Ming! For starting Nuffnang and have these wonderful people making magic in my life. Thank you all!

I cannot thank Nuffnang more! I have an income becox i'm with Nuffnang. I feel proud being with Nuffnang. I believe great things will happen to me becox i am with Nuffnang. I know things will only keep getting better becox i am with Nuffnang. I feel like i'm in good hands. Thank you. Becox i can earn, i can afford to do things that'd make my loved ones happy. So thank you, Nuffnang.

I love you, Darling! Thank you for loving me back, more =) Thank you for being patient with me when i get impatient. Thank you for all the smiles you put on my face. Thank you for being a good man. Thank you for telling me you'd buy me a poster with beach view but no thanks. Lol. Thank you for being my brain sometimes. Thank you for listening to my nonsense everyday =D I know i am quite irritating whenever i suspect that you're not listening and i have to test you and ask you to repeat what i just said hahaha. Making you repeat things like "she's very what lah! She think she who. So disgusting and fat" is a bad thing to do ^.^ Hahaha. Thank you for helping me with snapping pictures for my adverts sometimes and for filming videos. Thank you for wanting to grow old with me =) I love you! Also thank you Tiffany and Drago! You guys make me happy and motivate me to buy a big house!



Thank you all for coming in at least once everyday (i hope you do!). Thank you for leaving me a comment when you do. Thank you for joining me at fleas, events and for joining my giveback to you! Thank you for each of you adds to the success of my blog, whether you like it or not haha. Thank most of you, for being nice and encouraging and understanding! Thank you! You make my life good, you make many people happy at the same time! =D See you tomorrow (Saturday) at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 4pm - 7pm for the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation finals and result show! =D

Some people ask me, what has come true for me by using the secret, i can list you a few good examples, next time maybe. But the most precious part of it is.. It makes me recall how wonderful the people around me are. And how thankful i am for it. And i become more aware and appreciative for all the things people do for me. And i feel very blessed everyday!!!

Now i'm on The Power. It says whatever you give out, you will receive. The way i see it is, if i send out 1 unit of thankful signals, i will get back 1 unit. So i'd get 2 units. Lol. Eh i am simplifying the whole book for you please. Don't laugh. So on my end, i'd end up with 2 thankful units.

On the other hand, if you send out 1 unit of sadness, you will receive 1 more unit of sadness. So there you have, you'd end up with 2 units of sadness. That's what i learnt so far! I'm not done with the book yet. But before i started on The Power, i was on The Magic for a while. And in the book they spoke of a gratitude stone. A stone to hold in your hands that'd make you remember to be grateful.

I thought that was too mainstream. So this is why.. I finally went to get a sapphire ring after 4 years of wanting it ^.^ And til now i feel like it's the best buy i ever got. Everyday i look at it, smile at it. Sometimes i talk to it. Okay now i am starting to sound creepy to you. Lolol. Okay, i get it.

And the changes in me, 4 years ago as compared to now, is what make me feel like i can afford the ring. All thanks to these wonderful people in my life. They made it happen for me. And i am grateful.

So each time i look at the ring, i feel this intense gratitude in me. And that makes me happy! =D

Omg i didn't expect this post to be so long i swear. I just got carried away =S It was meant to be a post to show off my sapphire ring only!!! Aka, my "gratitude stone". Haha. Alright let's get down to it!

Tadang~ ^.^ This is how it looks like on my finger!
With the ring that has my chinese name on it ^.^
Isn't it so super sparkly and pretty?! =D
The side of it.
Oh i love it i love it i really do!!!
I should end the post here with this elegant pose but that's not ME! Haha!


"Opps~ Was that too rude?" Haha.

"I can't stand it!"

When people praise you.

When people tell a joke. Hahaha! Okay that's all the showing off!!!

Talking about good things made happen by nice friendly people, you'd wanna check this out!

A project initiated by.. Seriously, i don't even know!!! They are just a bunch of happy people who wanna bring more smiles and friendliness to our world! Watch the video and find out more here.

Sorry, please bear with me. I never ever pay for something so small that cost me $614. The nearest i can remember paying for that is also small is to extract my wisdom tooth. Still, that was bigger. LOL.

I would end with this picture but it's too act chio.

Okay now i'm happy. Hahahah! Kthxbai.