30 January 2013

Feecha - Your Neighbourhood News App

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Look which little eye monster is back..

You must know about Feecha if you followed my blog since months before!

Version 1 for Feecha launched last year to 50,000 readers in Singapore and Malaysia! You'd be happy to know that version 2 for Feecha is faster, bigger and better! Version 2 is now available for download worldwide, and that most Asian cities will have content along with London, LA, SF and New York

Feecha is a mobile app made in Singapore so BE PROUD my fellow Singaporeans!!! =DDD

Feecha is the neighbourhood news app to see what’s happening around you! =D

For example, a live band is performing at the local bar near you, you'd wanna share it with the people at your neighbourhood. Or you spot something out of the blue, like say real one, if you spot a wild boar in Punggol (where i stay lah), it's quite a scary + exciting sight O.O And you might wanna share it and also to warn people to look out for it becox if you react strongly, it might charge at you one lor! One wild boar charged at my girlfriend while she was skating!!! =OOO It's very dangerous one!!!

You see you see, she stays in Hougang and she don't know that Punggol got wild boar lolol foreigner. And nobody planted a feecha to tell her that's why! Hahaha!

So on the otherhand, if you're new to an area and need information on what to do there to kill time, what good food is there worth trying in that area, you'd wanna download Feecha on your phone too!

If you're eating a really good dish at an area, or doing something really interesting, you might wanna plant a feecha there to pay it forward haha. So clueless people has a better idea.

For me i'd be active in posting feechas related to sale, promotion and cute stuff ^.^ Haha. Cute stuff like my own face O.O Lolol. And i'd be needing Feecha when i go to areas in the West and North O.O I really knows shit about these places one! Would be great if the people there can tell me what's good to eat and what's fun to do, where.

Also ah, if you open Feecha at the right place and at the right time and you could win prizes like tablets, speakers and headphones! =OOO You have to keep reading, the prizes damn awesome one.

Here i am, kaypohing about the interesting news and happenings in Singapore lah! =DDD Mainly in Punggol town where i stay! ^.^

As you can see on the map above. Each feecha is a piece of news!!! The bigger the feecha, the more popular is it. The map shows only the biggest feechas so you know what are the MUST-KNOW, MUST-SEE news in the area you are! When you zoom out to all of Singapore, you will only see the top stories in the whole of Singapore. Click on the bigger Feechas to find out what's hot and happening in the area you're in =D

Feecha is different to other platforms. There’s no functionality for following people. We all know that’s what Twitter and Instagram is for. So the emphasis for Feecha is more on “see what’s happening around you”. You actually need Feecha and you can put it for a good use to help yourself get around better, kill time while you're in a Q, and yeah like i said, win cool prizes!!!

In case you're afraid to miss out on the good stuff people are posting on other platforms, don't worry cox Feecha pulls from multiple sources like Instagram, Foursquare and Meetup and then shows you what’s relevant in your neighbourhood! =DDD The new Feecha is indeed BIGGER and BETTER!

One good way to go through all the Feechas in your area..
See the activity selection? Click on it!
From here you can browse through smaller feechas that aren’t popular enough to make the map. But still! you won't wanna miss it becox look what i found in the activities nearby me hahaha.
From a group playing charades (lolol), to who's having BBQ at the staircase, to a cute baby steering the wheels, to a cute tiny bunny in my area =DDD Punggol is not that uninteresting afterall haha.
Another way you can browse around is through the Local Gossip button! It shows all feechas in Singapore with comments. So if you're feeling bored (lor lonely lolol =X) you can take a looksee and chit chat with the people leaving comments! =D
My turn to share something. Told you about posting up my face =X
So here's my feecha! =D People staying around me can see my feecha, people who visit Punggol can also see my feecha ^.^ You may also post video lah if you lah! =D On On the right of the picture you can see a heart right, if you love a post, heart it so it can grow bigger! =D

If you follow an animal, that animal will bring you feechas from its neighbourhood. This may be useful if you want to always know what’s happening in a certain area.

 Like you seen in my area, it's a cat. But in other places it could be other animals lah.

I think this will be useful especially say if you live in Sengkang but works in Shenton Way. Or if you stays in Bedok but your boyfriend house (which you frequent, i assume) is in Choa Chu Kang.

You know what i mean. You can always be inform of any area you want updates from by following the animal in that area! Quite cute hor! ^.^
And yes, you may own the animal by rescuing it =))) So after this post, be quick to check in your area and see if your area's animal is taken!!! Haha! =D

I mentioned about winning cool prizes yes?! You win them in Treasure Hunt contest!!! =DDD Open the app every time you are in a new area to play the Treasure Hunt and you might win a prize!!!
See my luck how. Lolol. I didn't win =/ But it's okay! Everytime you go to a new area, remember to open up Feecha and check for the treasure hunt!!! Every new area you go to, you get a new chance!
If you win something, it'd look like this! Just claim it now and follow the instructions!

LOOK AT THESE PRIZES!!! They are awesome right!!!! There are tablets, wireless headphones, speakers, gift certificates, T-shirts, caps and tote bags to be won!!!
Check out THIS PAGE for more details on what other prizes there are =D
Take a look at this video i guest-host in reelityTV with Rachell!!! We used the Feecha app to find MANY MANY cool places and omg i found a ramen shop that has the BEST ramen soup in Singapore!!! Please watch if you wanna find out where ^.^
Know what's happening around you, the fun way! =D Download Feecha now now now! ^.^ I mean why shouldn't you! The prizes are awesomeeee! And if you're in a new area, it really doesn't harm you to play the treasure hunt game and also to find out what's good, best or even bad there =X Haha!


Hanna Lei said...

It seems really cool. Glad its available in the U.S. My blog

Anna said...

God, why are you so gorgeous!! Your smile is so beautiful :) I'd check out the app but I live in Europe - anyways, I always enjoy your advertorials because you look so happy and fun :)

Abigail said...

Downloading now!Thanks for sharing, have a nice day Qiuty-Cutie!

Abigail said...

Thanks for sharing Qiuty-cutie! Downloading now =D

Anonymous said...

ur iPhone case is nice! May I know where to get it? :)

Nayoung Kim said...

I love your phonecase!
Your smile always makes me smile Qiuqiu~! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi qq! You look better with a smiley face instead of pouty fierce look.No more blow up doll lips. keep smiling ^.^

Maho said...

Great tip :) I will try it the next days, seems to be a useful app.

Lyn said...

Irrelevant to the post but your phone case is uber cute!!!!!!! Can't download the apps since I'm not SG based hehe. Looking cute though :)

Freesia39 said...

Woah! Want it!
But it unavailable in Russia. =(