23 January 2013

Lady Jayne

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Be glad you don't have to pay a lot of attention this blogpost becox ALL you need to know, is..

Hahaha. Kidding lah. No for real, you have to come meet me!

This Saturday @ NEX Guardian 4pm - 7pm.

But you also have to give me some attention here. Cox i'm gonna show you how you can change your style freely with just a few 'click'!


Me. Me. Me ^.^ I know a lot of you would love to explore different hair colour and try different hairstyle / hair length too, but are worried and are not doing things to their hair for various reasons.

Some are worry about having to bleach their hair to achieve a certain colour, which would then damage their hair. Some are worried that when the colour fades it's gonna be unsightly. Some are worried about the cost of colouring hair at the hair salon.

For those who want longer hair or fuller looking hair, might not be receptive to hair extension cox maybe they heard it's a pain to maintain, it's a pain (for real) to remove. And it cost hundreds of dollars.

Most, are just worried about how it will turn out.

HOW ABOUT, YOU DON'T WORRY ANYMORE AND JUST CLIP ON / REMOVE, whatever colour and style you want!!! =D If it's nice, great! If it doesn't look so good, keep trying at no damage to your hair!!! =DDD

With Lady Jayne hair extensions, you can achieve all the looks you see in this post, AND MANY MANY MORE!!!

THIS. Is not all my hair! I'd say definitely the volume is from Lady Jayne hair extension!!! =D
Some of the products i received from Lady Jayne to try on. Hair extension for volume and length, THE ONE I USED TO ACHIEVE THE HAIR YOU SAW ABOVE =DDD And Hair Extension for length alone. You will see how you can use it differently for different styles =D
More hair extensions! For fringe in Purple, and for highlight streaks in red and blonde ^.^ They have many many more colours but i picked these to demo only lah =D

ALRIGHT I HOPE YOU ARE READY!!! I'm gonna show you quite a number of styles!!!
From the Hair Extension for Length set. There are three pieces of hair extension inside!
All of superb quality. You see, even got these shorter hair to avoid the lift and see scalp problem. Lol.
 BY THE WAY, you may blowdry / curl / flat iron Lady Jayne hair extensions!!! Extra love for their hair extensions!!! ^.^

Before i try them on i need to curl my hair a bit first! =D Unless you wanna staighten your hair extension, you also can do it lah, then you don't have to curl your hair. But i prefer to curl!
DONE! =D If you don't want to curl you also can braid and leave it on for a while. When you remove you'd get natural pretty curls ^.^
Now HOW TO USE?! Easy like mad please! Just click the clip open, and click the clip close!
Section your hair, click open the clip, when in contact with your own hair, click it close! DONE! Since there's three pieces, you may put one each on the side, and one at the back ^.^
Done! Immediately hair looks longer ^.^ Now find a nice simple accessory.
Just band it near your hairline and you're rocking the boho chic look already ^.^ Lengthy flowy hair!
Pardon me. Hahaha.
Now to volume and length hair extension!!! You can see there's double tier of clips, so don't have to worry about it dropping off. You can dance / groove away anytime with it =D
This is also very easy to use! Section your hair, clip on the hair extension as accordingly from one side to the other. And you're done!!! =D If you like, you may use a fast-grab to grab the sectioned hair on the top so you won't clip the extension on it accidentally ^.^
This volume + length extension from Lady Jayne gives a dolly look and a Jappy pouffy airy touch to my curls lah i feel =DDD Also it looks very natural, not like those hair extension that looks exceptionally shiny and plasticky lol.

While wearing the volume + length hair extension, you can easily change your hairstyle! Grab all your hair up (real and extension ah lol) like you would do so as if tying a ponytail, except you pick out a smaller part, wrap it around the main ponytail. Wrap til the tail ends where you like it, pin it.
And this is what you get! =D
I KNOW CNY IS AROUND THE CORNER!!! =D So i picked this red just to give you guys idea ^.^ What you do is.. Section your hair wherever you want your extension to be.. Clip on!
DONE! Not too over the top nor drastic, just a streak of red highlight hair extension! =D
It looks nice even when you tie up your hair! =D
Other times it's just now you see it now your don't. Haha.
There's also the blonde highlight! =D Same thing, section, clip, DONE!
You may of course leave it like this.. OR you can..
 Grab a bunch of hair including the highlight extension, and then braid it! =D
THEN. You can leave it like this.. OR..
Grab it around and pin it to another side! =DDD NICE OR NOT!!!! I THINK I QUITE LI HAI!
Finally there's the purple fringe!!! =DDD Similarly, there are many other colours available, you should check them out in stores!!! So what you do here is.. Part your hair to the extreme side. THEN, section your hair around the centre and then clip your fringe parallel to the hairline =D
And this is what you get. I apologise for not combing my hair =X But anyway!!! PUNK BU PUNK?!
This purple really spice things up doesn't it! =D
Another way to clip the fringe extension especially if you have bangs or side fringe, section a little line as seen in pictures. Line is parallel to the.. Ground? Lolol. Just a horizontal line lah! Clip!
I choose to tie up my own hair.
And you're done!!! I LOOK COOL OR NOT!!! =DDD

Now here's why you have to come meet me this Saturday @ NEX Guardian, 4pm - 7pm!!!

- Lady Jayne carry many more different kind of hair extension products, you can check them all out. I really believe it will be very useful especially for those who doesn't know how to style their hair for occasions! =D


Look! We had lotsa fun at the last Lady Jayne event ^.^
We had fun at the dressing table full of Lady Jayne Hair extensions and snapped lotsa pictures!!! =D
Even little girls also love it please haha ^.^ Thanks to those who came the other time! =D Hope to see many many more of you readers this Saturday =DDD

And one more reason why you must be there!!!

There will be a giveaway at the event!!! While stock last so you guys better come like 3.30 or something =X Or you better volunteer yourself to let me do your hair lah haha. Or you volunteer to come up and we cooperate to do your hair also can, you do some, i do some hahaha ^.^

It's gonna be fun!!! =DDD COME!

26th Jan this Saturday
Guardian @ NEX
4 to 7pm

Check out Lady Jayne's Facebook page for promo, hairstyling tips and events update! =D

You may get Lady Jayne Hair Extensions from selected Guardian, Watsons and Sephora.

To find out more on where and pricing of the different hair extensions and other styles they carry, visit Lady Jayne Facebook Page =D



Anonymous said...

How much did the vintage floral dress from JRunway cost?

Jenny Ye said...

Oh my gosh I love this post :D! You look corgeous^^

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Hanna Lei said...

I would love to try hair extensions. Great post. My blog

Michelle said...

so pretty and chio

Anonymous said...

hi, may i know where you get the crystal head piece from?? love it so much~~~ =)

Maho said...

You look so adorable and those red lips are awesome!

cardiac said...

Makes me wanna buy some <3

Anonymous said...

Hair's damage beyond cure. Still pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu.

ckim722 said...

Long tim follower, but I had to break my silence and comment that in some of these pics you look just like Goo Hara!

Kristel said...

Oh my, I'm in love with the pictures with the colors in your hair. They look awesomely amazing! Looks good on you

Michelle Putri said...

I hope jipaban will able to ship orders to outside sg soon!


Anonymous said...

great extensions but your hair is super damaged so it doesn't look right--like you can totally tell which is yours and which are the extensions. the purple bangs look came out really nice though

Anonymous said...

The purple in the bangs looked awesome on you! Do it for reals! :D

Anonymous said...

You kinda look like a blow up doll when you wear heavy make up and red lipstick, I think that's because the shape of your lips is like a blow up doll's lips. You're still pretty tho looking at the whole picture instead of concentrating on one part of your face lol http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_9xsnZ-wNWqY/TR6grV_XJEI/AAAAAAAABiQ/UGWusB7qO34/s1600/blow-up-doll.jpg

steLLa said...

Hi qiu qiu... where can i find the head piece u wearing... super nice...

steLLa said...

Hi qiu qiu... wheere xan i find your hair piece... super nice...

steLLa said...

Hi qiu qiu... where can i find the head piece u wearing... super nice...

steLLa said...

Hi qiu qiu... where can i find the head piece u wearing... super nice...

Anonymous said...

my comment sound,well.. Quite mean wtf cringing inside from reading it...the blow up doll one. :x sorry qq ah,your lips obviously doesn't look EXACTLY like a blow up doll's... that was me being a twerp. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Please show us how you did the eyemakeup> Please :)

Fion ☮ said...

the purple hair looks AMAZING on u <3 <3

Fion ☮ said...

the purple hair looks AMAZING on u <3 <3