04 January 2013

Ma Chérie Hair Care

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Remember the last time i introduced Ma Chérie shampoo and conditioning range to you?! The shampoo that smells like a fruit garden ^.^ Many have tweeted me to say they LOVE the smell of it and love how soft it makes their hair! =D I am happy it works for you!!!

I gave my sister some to try and she texted me the next day with a lot of vulgarities i can't put here lolol. "Teng the shampoo and conditioner you gave me is F****** AWESOME WHERE can i F****** BUY IT?! ******* I LOVE IT!!!" Haha. Not sure she excited or plain rude lol.

Shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment are like nourishment for your hair. You have to do it so that in the long run, it last and it grows strong and it won't break under 'pressure'.

Pressure from hot iron plate, hot hair curler, hair dye, hair bleach, blowdry, sunlight etc.

I for one.. Put my hair through LOTS and LOTSA pressure and hardship. Lolol.

A few of my most memorable hair colour in year 2012.

I've done bleaching, i've done washing the previous orangey colour off to bleach again, i've done ash, i've done gradient and point green, ruby, blue, apricot etc. And i curled these mane quite a few times a month! =OOO Even my hairstylist is surprised. He say for hair like that, in the condition he took over from my previous hair salon, it's amazing how come my hair never get fried and break after two bleaching + multiple times colouring + touchup rebonding. Haha.

To be fair, i really have to say it's cox my salon uses Japanese products and being a bit biased here, my hairstylist is a Japanese. Haha. No really, you can always trust the Japanese with your hair.

Ma Chérie is also a brand from Japan!!! =DDD
I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU! Anything Japanese = Good. Haha.

And indeed, if you'd tried Ma Chérie hair treatment, you'd know what i'm talking about.

Like i mentioned, hair treatment, conditioner, shampoo, these are daily nourishment to maintain the hair's health and condition. If you want your hair to look smooth instantly.. Like this..

It's pretty impossible if you just wanna do with shampoo and conditioner alone. Becox most of the time, when you wake up for work / school / appointment..
Your hair is like this. Okay maybe yours is not that bad. My hair is like this when i just wakeup. Oh yes, i have dark purple hair now. One more accolade for me please. Lolol. And i know, i have makeup on. You never see movie one meh. Female lead always go to sleep + wakeup with perfect makeup one. Hahaha. The navy top is really my sleeping top thou. Lolol.
So we usually do is.. Comb it.
After combing it's become less tangled.. But STILL it's more towards dry-looking! Especially for me that is.. Cox i've done so much damage to my hair =X But say real one, this standard is very good already. No blowdry somemore. Last time without using good shampoo.. My hair is like this..
Remember not. I posted this picture of my hair on my blog before haha.

It was so brittle and damaged it breaks when my finger try to run through it. It was THAT bad. But since i started using Ma Chérie shampoo and conditioner and treatment twice a week, it has become better even with the colouring and bleaching =D In fact good hair day comes to me more often!

That is of course on days where i'm not lazy and i don't go to sleep with wet hair =X But i am lazy on most days than i'm not =XXX SO!!! What if somehow, you just wake up with hair like this.

"But i need to get out of the house in 20 minutes!!!"

What if i tell you there's a MAGIC POTION that will give you tamed, lively, smooth and..
Super duper nice-smelling hair IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME!!! I've applied the magic potion on the right as you can see here..
The Ma Chérie PERFECT SHOWER (MOIST)!!! Moist is the one i chose becox i just wanna tame my unruly hair!!! I don't feel they are damaged-damaged anymore really! Cox i've been religiously using the shampoo and conditioning range. But of course there's quick fix for people with damaged hair who needs to get out of the house quick!
Left to Right : PERFECT SHOWER Smooth, Moist and Wave.

Perfect Shower Smooth ($17.90) is for people who wants smooth, non-frizzy hair! Especially goof for people with normal hair BUT with lotsa flyaway, dry ends, rough texture on hair.

Perfect Shower Moist ($17.90) is for people who wants to tame their unruly hair. Like me lah. The hair wake up is folded and out of place one =_= What have they been doing in my sleep! SPEAK!

Perfect Shower Wave ($17.90) is for people with curls. This will help you manage your curls in an instant!!! No more wispy wet-looking ultra defined auntie curls from using the wrong product please. Everytime i see people with wet-looking sparse curls i really cannot take it. Lolol. Use this one! It will give your curls liveliness and bounciness! =D Almost like it's naturally wavy and beautiful!

So now you know what you need to fix that bed hair!
What you have to do is.. Spray on your choice of Ma Chérie PERFECT SHOWER til hair is damp.
And on to the other side..
Now both sides are done, just go do your usual stuff. Brush your teeth/ go PP/ go pick your outfit of the day/ go change into your outfit, go do your makeup / go eat breakfast.. You don't have to do a lot of things.. Before you realise.. YOUR HAIR IS READY FOR THE DAY!!!
Hair not so damp anymore! I already got makeup on lah, so i just yisi yisi change my lipcolour and do up my fringe and pick and change into another top. Lol. And that's about 15 minutes in my small beauty room. If you're just going about doing your stuff, or heading out right after you applied Perfect Shower, it will dry up much faster i believe.
Tadah~ My hair with no folds. The top curly part is my natural curls i can't help with that =( Lol.
But hey.. From this bed hair..
To this.. I think you can safely say i am not wrong when i say the Perfect Shower range are all magic potion. Haha. And wait did i already say it smells heavenly becox it does =D
So yup! If you're looking for something quick, easy to use and NOT OILY (Perfect Shower is a water-based treatment =D) to fix your bed hair, you should consider the Perfect Shower range! Dislike products that leaves behind oily feeling. Super uncomfy and feels heavy one!!! And i don't like the feeling the oiliness is getting to my face =X So Perfect Shower is perfect for me! =D
Erm. Just a random camho shot hahaha. Can't help it. Hair very smooth and nice hahaha.

But wait.. WAIT.

So far we've covered Ma Chérie shampoo, conditioner, treatment.

Ma Chérie bed hair quick fix with the Perfect Hair Shower range.
What about leave-on treatment!!! I don't wanna blowdry my hair all the time after shower! I just want it to dry naturally, and still end up smooth, soft, lively and healthy looking!!!

So you need something to apply after you towel dry your hair!

One of THESE. Is your secret weapon to naturally air dry, smooth manageable and lively hair!

AQUA ENERGY HAIR MIST ($17.90) is a leave on treatment for frizzy hair! A mist is of very light texture and it will not wear your hair down! So it'd be great for people with thin flat hair to wave frizzy hair good bye but still have nice smooth hair!
Moisture level: ❤ ❤ ❤

AUQA DEW ENERGY EX $16.90) is to treat dry hair! I think it's the most awesome becox i personally witness the magic of it at the SENKA X Ma Chérie launch and the demonstrator used it on my hair and i just fell in love with it cox it makes my hair look instantly refreshed, moisturised and soft!!! Plus, this also gives some extra shine to your hair!
Moisture level: ❤ ❤ ❤

HAIR OIL ($16.90)is for extremely damaged hair. Ah, like the kind you saw i posted above, deep fried kind lol. If you have hair like that you really boh bian must use the hair oil cox that's the only thing that can help you get smooth hair and repair your stiff, dried up, deep-fried hair strands!
Moisture level: ❤ ❤ ❤

This is my choice! =D Apply it after you towel dry your hair! Leave it on, and done deal! Your hair will air dry and become smooth, soft and silky =DDD
My hair can do this cox it's so soft. Lolol.
No joke. I LOVEEEEEE Ma Chérie haircare products!!!

And seriously!!! They are sort of overachieving becox other than all the awesome attributes, one of the main thing why Ma Chérie is so popular is also cox it looks so pretty in pink and and sweet and girly in floral =DDD AND it smells so damn good.

We all love nice-smell hair. Our other halves also love us when we have nice-smelling hair.

Well, i should really reflect on that but YES I DO LOVE NICE-SMELLING HAIR TOO!!

I just need to work on my hygiene =/ Lolol.

But for now, i officially have nothing to fear..

Cox last but not least, we have the Ma Chérie Hair Fragrance ($16.90)!!! DENG DENG DENG DENG!!! *stops self from thinking that this means i don't have to shampoo my hair for forever*

WE STILL GOTTA SHAMPOO! But hey~! Now you don't have to be conscious of how your hair smells if you dig stuff like KOREAN BBQ! It's all the hots now right, Korean BBQ, Pepperlunch, and what the heck, if you smoke, PLEASE USE THE HAIR FRAGRANCE.

Nothing can be more unattractive than a girl with hair that reeks of burnt ciggy ash smell.

It'd be good for us cox Singapore is soooo humid! We sweat quite a fair bit and especially for girls with oily scalp.. You and i both know.. Some point of time through the day we gonna have that oily head smell =( I refuse to believe i am alone here. Lolol.

And for office ladies who frequent food courts, what can I say about the food smell..? =X

All you need to do is to spray some of this and you'd be PERFECT!!!!!! Nice smooth hair that smells like heaven. You'd be a walking hair fairy what the heck. Lolol. You'd be all-so ready to meet your date right after work!!! ^.^
ALRIGHT! I am proud to say that with this post, from the first Ma Chérie post, i have since introduced nourishment, maintenance, emergency fixes and remedies for all your hair woes.

Now we've all 'graduated' from this whole course of Japanese Haircare + Skincare (SENKA) posts..


You'd learn a lot of tips and how-tos. Oh and.. The goodie bag is freaking awesome, really!!!

You can see on the Ma Cherie Facebook page how much fun and how much goodies the girls who attended the Ma Chérie X SENKA workshop got! So you would really want to be there! =D

Plus this time i'd join you guys =DDD I hope i also got goodie bag =XXX

WHAT WHAT WHAT. Becox i loveeee their products so much i share it with my sisters! I know my sisters also got hair woes like me cox we all same one, got natural curls =((( So over the years we have to rebond and rebond = flat hair = boring, so we dye it and that = damage on top of damage =((

Wo men hen ke lian de... ='( HAHAHA. No lah. Now i got Ma Chérie shampoo and haircare range, no need to scared! Haha. BRING IT!!! CRAZY COLOURS! BRING IT! HOT IRON! Lol.

AND YES YES YES, the workshops are free. Sorry i didn't mention it earlier! But you can still sign up now for the 17th Jan Session!!! Limited slots so hurry along now and sign up! =D

Plus you get to win a Ma Chérie Limited Edition Hair Fragrance – Only available in Japan and in very limited quantities!!! The good people of Ma Chérie Singapore say this is only for my readers so you know you guys will be properly pampered and taken care of at the workshop!

This is how the limited edition of the Ma Chérie hair fragrance looks like. Has a royalty feel to it hor?! =DDD It smells different also!!! Cox it has got honey inside ^.^ Oh man.. It's really perfect now.. Your hair will smell like a fruit garden with honey. Haha. Need to so sweet or not.

Sign up for the workshop on Ma Cherie Facebook Page. You may also find out which Watsons outlet you could find Ma Cherie from! =D

Good luck! And hope to see for the workshop!


Anonymous said...

I totally feel you..
I have natural curly hair too.. =(
I always go to salon to rebond my hair every year.
I gotta try Ma Cherie!!! :)
Thank you!

Plum said...

oh my goodness, i need this magic potion! My poor hair has been through so much, it's like the bottom of a broom now. ;( AAAH,I NEED TO GO TO ASIA PRONTO!!

SIMONE said...

Hello QiuQiu,

thanks for this lovely post, I will see if I can order this stuff via Sasa or some other site. I live in Europe, so these hair products are not available here.
And my hair could do with it, wavy, long, frizzy and fried at the ends, no matter what I use :(
I made the experience that the stuff only sold in Asia is much better for me, also skincare (I use Hada Labo and Love More).
So, cannot wait :D
Good luck with the workshop!


charlenetqj said...

Hi qiuqiu! I've been looking for a great smelling shampoo for so long ): my hair gets really stinky after a hot day :X How long does the smell from the shampoo and conditioner last?

Hanna Lei said...

I really like the dark purple color of your hair, its so pretty. My Blog

Anonymous said...

I spotted a typo =x

"Perfect Shower Smooth ($17.90) is for people who wants smooth, non-frizzy hair! Especially goof for people with normal hair BUT with lotsa flyaway, dry ends, rough texture on hair."

I was like, what goof?? O.o
Haha I'm always like that with typos x.x

Looks good though :D
Hope I can try it soon ^0^/

Michelle said...

i loveeee your hair color qiuqiu! And I really need to get me some Ma Cherie products! If only they sell them in Melbourne :(

But anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR gorgeous! I love you and your blog and wish you eternal bliss with Josh *hugss*

Anonymous said...

Hey may I know if the Perfect Shower Moist really tamed your hair so much or did you use a straightener too? if it's really this good idm getting one

Kiwi said...

Wow that product really works like magic...
However, I really think you should let your hair be and stop all the curling, flat ironing, dyeing etc because even from non-close up pics, we can see the damage in your hair. Maybe you should let your hair breathe for a while.

Tonje said...

I'm so easily convinced, haha! "I want my hair to smell like flowers too!* *w*/ I also have the same issues like you with my hair, the only affordable (still quite expensive to be bought at a grocery store though!) shampoo and conditioner that KINDA helps on my hair smells like... Poop. No kidding! I'm ashamed when people come close haha. Anyways after reading this I went straight to ebay and ordered everything but the fragrance (wouldn't ship to Norway even though it says worldwide hrmph) :DD Thank you super much for this ad! Hope it'll do wonders on my hair aswell. And if it doesn't it's still ok cus I smell like flowers, right! :D

Berdy Vic said...

Purple suits you amazingly. And congats on your wedding. It was gorgeous and you looked beautiful. The hubby is a lucky man.


Anonymous said...

please stop putting that white eyeshadow all over your eye, it's unflattering. You are such a pretty girl and it's distracting. I think this kind of eye make up would look great on you http://yonasu.com/wp-content/uploads/cawaii_jun_0001.jpg

Nana said...

I also like Ma Cherie, especially their mousse! Too bad the brand is not available in the Philippines. My mom have to send from Japan.

Anyway, I first came acrosse your blog last NAPBAS, and I can say the condition of your hair from then has vastly improved. It looks healthier and more manageable :)

Anonymous said...

that day i bought the ma cherie air feel shampoo and conditioner and after i use it, my sisters all want to use!! omg >< thanks qiuqiu!!

Anonymous said...

A little heavy handed with the blush, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Your blush is too over. Look like chinese opera. Try a more natural colour and put lesser next time?

Anonymous said...

hi qiu, just a friendly reminder, you're putting on too much blusher it somehow looks unnatural :)

Anonymous said...

hello Qiu Qiu..
can i ask u something.??
pls help me.. everyday use for hairspray
which one it good for normal hair..
i can't everyday showering.. my hair is
lost and fall.. i don't how to do...
how to buy... pls help me...thank u...:)

Lara Smith said...

Thanks Qiu Qiu,

For such a nice blog and this lovely post. I feel that Perfect Shower Moist really works. I would like to try this one.

Hair Stylist Brisbane

Tasmia Hoque said...

I have oily scalp with... EXTREMELY EXTREMELY DRY hair.... is the ma Cherie moisture range good for my oily scalp?:)

Tasmia Hoque said...

I have oily scalp with... EXTREMELY EXTREMELY DRY hair.... is the ma Cherie moisture range good for my oily scalp?:)

Tasmia Hoque said...

I have oily scalp with... EXTREMELY EXTREMELY DRY hair.... is the ma Cherie moisture range good for my oily scalp?:)

Tracy Capelle said...
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