06 January 2013

My INVISALIGN Journey - Amazing Changes

You guys should know i've been on invisalign since June 2012 right ^.^ I blogged about it HERE. You can click to go see if you're keen to see how bad and crooked it looks initially haha.

I also shared about why you'd wanna choose invisalign for straight teeth over conventional braces if you can. So read the first post please! =D It will be the best thing you can do for yourself if you have crooked teeth!

I'm doing it at Orchard Scotts Dental, and i am very happy and honored to be doing invisalign there cox OSD has won numerous awards and accolade for being one of the most recognized provider for invisalign!!! So if you're thinking to do invisalign, you should definitely find out more from OSD!

Orchard Scotts Dental
Wheelock Place #05-08
Contact +65 6732 9939

Dr Ronnie Yap has been very very patient and nice and professional =D And the staff at OSD have all been very nice also =OOO They got me a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to congratulate me and Josh for our wedding. It's a blessing to have thoughtful people like them =D

And you must already know they have made Wendy's (Xiaxue) teeth really beautiful and then she introduce OSD to me and i am forever grateful =DDD Becox through the months my teeth have become more and more and more and more straight!!! =DDD It's very amazing one.

This was how i started. Taken late June. Top fang really don't know where to face lol. Top two front tooth slanted and one forward, one backward. Bottom teeth row total horror i don't even.

IMPORTANT (really important to me, read if you're really keen about INVISALIGN!)

I finally understand all the boring explanation of how invisalign can improve your overall health by helping you breath better, stop grinding and cause damage to teeth, help relieve jaw problem that might lead to headache etc.

Oh and, those who can't bite down and thus can't speak the S-es and F-s and what not.. There is chance maybe your top and bottom row of teeth is not aligned to bite down properly =X I am just guessing here becox that's what i noticed from the people around me especially after i started on invisalign!!! Like the bottom row have to be of a nice curve so it fits into the top row which has to be nicely spread wide enough also lah. So invisalign can actually help fix speech problem.

And for those who bite too much and too hard, it might also cause you headache becox same problem ah, top and bottom row of teeth not aligned properly.

And true enough ah, i get normal headaches much much much less often than i used to!!! Last time you don't say ah, i get migraine time to time, correct. I ALSO GET LOTSA NORMAL HEADACHE TMD. Through the months after starting on invisalign, i get headache only once in a long while, mainly from dehydration like if i go under the sun for too long and don't drink enough fluid lor. So i feel that invisalign does help with this!

On top of that, my teeth has been badly grind (by me in my sleep lol) over the years and it has to stop!!! Wearing invisalign helps a lot with this problem ^.^ Firstly, eventually when my teeth is properly aligned, i won't have this grinding problem no more, secondly, grind also grind my aligner sets, not grind my teeth hahaha!!! ^.^

Also also, it's very easy to floss my teeth now! =DDD So my gums is not as inflamed and red as before!!! Last time my gums really is red and swollen most of the time one =X

I was told about all these health benefits that i can experience with the start of my invisalign journey and i was thinking "Nah, i don't really care i just want chio-looking teeth and smile!!!"

In the end i realise i get much much more than what i could have bargained for.

Okay important finish lolol.

Now some pictures to update you on the progress of my invisalign treatment! =D

This was taken August 2nd. About 1 month odd after my first set of invisalign. I was on the 3rd set i think =D Already can use my tongue to feel the difference especially on my bottom row liao!
This was taken October 24th =D Bottom row of teeth much much much straighter already!!! =DDD I just gapped my teeth to create space for them to move. The gaps are really tiny and in this case no extraction is needed =D
This is how precise and tiny the gaps gotta be. I am scared of dental visit no more!!! =DDD So bring it! Lolol. Actually not cox i brave lah, it's cox my dentist really very good and skillful.
Still can smile on the dentist chair, i want to pat my own shoulder lol.
Dr Ronnie Yap =DDD
In action..
Done in a really short time =D
Okay let's see. October 24th.

This was taken on November 27th.

This taken on 31st December i think! I am on the 14th set!!! =DDD
One more set to go for my bottom row and it'd be perfect and done already!!! My top row still has 12 more sets to go (each set is about 2 weeks) becox the fang needs time to rotate haha.


Normal braces you need about 2 - 3 years.

Invisalign only took about 6 months to make my bottom row of teeth straight =DDD

When my top fang finish rotating my teeth will be all perfect already =DDD

I am so happy!!!!!!

Here's a timeline summary.

Orchard Scotts Dental
Wheelock Place #05-08
Contact +65 6732 9939

You may contact OSD for more information, best is to go down for consultation then you'd get more information cox the dentist can have a better look on how to improve the condition for your teeth.

They have installment program so please contact them to find out more about payment scheme!

OSD provides invisalign service to overseas clients as well so even if you're not residing in Singapore you can still do invisalign with them! I heard it's much cheaper at OSD than the providers overseas.

Before i go, i just want to share something interesting with you, JUSTIN BIEBER is also on invisalign treatment!!! =DDD Haha! I know about it from ODS Facebook Page one!


Anonymous said...

Ohh invisalign looks really good! Do you know approx how much it is?

Anw, I think you are the most hardworking blogger around, everytime I check back there will be a new post already! ALL THE BEST~

Suki.Q said...

May I how how much you did the whole treatment?=)

Suki.Q said...

May I how how much you did the whole treatment?=)

Hanna Lei said...

I wish I had this done instead of braces My Blog

Carlyn Brody said...

Wow you can certainly see the improvement in your teeth. You must be so happy.

Qiuting said...

Anon and Suki, it will range from $6k to $8k? Depending on the complexity of what have to be done and how long your treatment will take =D

Carlyn, yes i ammm =DDD

Serene said...

You pay by e installment scheme or? How much did u have to pay for every visit?

Danielle said...

your teeth look amazing! and totally not the point of your post lolol but your skin has IMPROVED TONS. IT'S LIKE ALMOST MEGA FLAWLESS NOW. HOW?!

Nana said...

You teeth are looking good. When I saw you, I did not notice your invisalign. I guess it's that invisible :p If only I can go to Singapore to do this, but it is too expensive for me. Will save up for this.

Haylee said...

Wow your teeth are so pretty! :D Anw on an unrelated note, you're on tv right now! On a Msian channel. The show's called Mad Markets, where you're with Hanis! Got excited when I saw you! Lol. :s

Anonymous said...

your teeth also got a lot whiter. nice.

Elaine said...

Wow the difference is really huge! The October 24th photo is like 焕然一新 hahaha. Happy for you!

Ghostprinxe said...

Do you pay by per session?
Is ranging for 6k to 8k for the entire treatment?

Lee Lilian said...

Is it hurt in the process???

R said...

Quote your name got any discount? :p

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I can use this. PS: Did anyone say you look like a fair-skinned Joanne Peh? O_O