05 February 2013

Cineleisure Next Online Sensation 2

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Do you enjoy it when people see your nice pictures/ videos/ postings and give you praises for it? If you love to show and share stuff online, then i am looking out for YOU =D

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Look at this video i did at home. Hahahahaha. It's very nonsense one. But it's just to tell you that no matter where you come from, how you look like with or without makeup, how messy your room is.. YOU CAN BE..


The Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation is happening again!!! Having created lotsa hypes and talkabouts last year, Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation Version 2.0 is back again this year!

But the difference is..


All you have to be.. Is someone who loves sharing!!!!!!

Sharing about the food you eat, fun you had and clothes you wear and thought you think! Am i right? This is what i do all day! =D Tweet it, instagram it, facebook it, vlog it and blog it! =DDD

Me with the promotional poster board last year. Happy to be back judging this year #CNOS2 !!!
Me at the judging table last year. Haha did botox for the first time that time so i look weird lol. How not to do botox you tell me you tell me!!! The contestants were all so youthful, energetic and fun!!!

While judging for last year CNOS.. To be honest, i felt a bit threatened O.O Lololol.

LIKE WHY ARE THESE YOUNGSTERS SO HARDWORKING!!! And funny! And so 放得开. Like very open to perform and very willing to show lah! I cannot one~ I very shy~ =X

Hahaha i know it sounds very disgusting and unbelievable when i say i am shy but I AM. In real life at least lol. But the contestants all super out-going and 超爱现 so it was quite enjoyable to watch them! =DDD Also their fashion video, my god, i actually felt really touched looking at them!

Cox you can see their effort and passion and enthusiasm put into the videos! =))) Thank you guys from last year again! =D I hope this year the participants do as good or even better! =D

Last year there was a group category and it was all exciting with all the team spirit but this year..


#CNOS2 is looking for social media savvy youths who're best able to represent the F.F.L facets of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. That is, Food, Fashion and Leisure. 

Through vlogging, blogging, tweeting, instagramming and facebooking, you can make your way to be the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation!!! =DDD

Submit your application from NOW till 24th February 2013

Competition Period 1st March – 30th March 2013

Finale and Prize Presentation 30th March 2013

If you're still thinking.. "Should i..?"

YES YOU SHOULD. Mai tu liao.

Last year winner Kitty on a Spaceship, along with First Runner-Up and Overnight Sensation title winner, Ruth Kueo, and 2nd Runner Up Team Taffi (not on stage).

After being crowned the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation, Rachell from Kitty on a Spaceship has since gotten her own online variety show and has be selected to write for various mega brands (thanks to Nuffnang also!) and she seems to be doing pretty neat in building her online reputation!

Peishi too, has been asked to share about many brands since then! Ruth has been doing well in her music and singing performances! She also released an EP ^.^ I found her original song online!!! You listen lah! It's really quite nice!!! I listened to it quite a few times! =D Almost lover~ Almost lovers~

Alright! Here's some TIPS AND TRICKS videos, from last year winners and runner-ups! They are the best people to tell you HOW to win and stand out =D

Winner team Kitty on a Spaceship from CNOS last year! =D Sharing tips with you on how to win!

Runner ups Team Taffi and Ruth sharing their experience and how you can do well in the competition!


In every competition there will be prizes right!

In this case not only do you gain exposure online, in the total of 5 challenges, with each a title to bag, you stand to win..

- Grand prize of $1,000 CASH

- Olympus Camera

- Larger than life sized poster OF YOURSELF displayed at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

- A year's supply of movie tickets

=OOOOO I WANT. I want the poster most of all. Hahaha ^.^V This is me displaying true spirit of being an online-person. Lolol. ANY exposure, ANY attention, you grab. Lol.

The top winners will also get to partner Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for a year of exclusive coverage on their exciting line up of promotions and signature events! Alright in details, the prizes!

1st Prize - $1000 Cash - An Olympus Camera - Larger than life sized poster - A year's supply of Movie Tickets

2nd Prize - An Olympus Camera - Larger than life sized poster - $500 FFL Vouchers

3rd Prize - An Olympus Camera - Larger than life sized poster - $250 FFL Vouchers

On the judging panel with me are these two super pretty ladies!!! Peggy and Beatrice! =D They are both known for their lifestyle blogs, and share a lot about food, fashion and.. Just really about how to enjoy life to the fullest! =DDD Something like my blog, but less self-obsessed and uses more sophisticated words lololol. BUT HEY HEY~

俺 is back to judge for the second year! I think they needed someone to spot the D-Factor. Lolol. Other judges can spot for X-Factor. I spot for Dingdong factor.

I mean seriously. Don't take it too seriously.

Muahahahah. You just have to be yourself, try your best and be happy with what you do!

If you love to put yourself online, for people to look at you, talk about you, compliment you, invite you to events and even shower you with freebies =X If you love for it to happen..

Then it probably will =) And the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation will be a great platform for you! ^.^ Come! I urge you guys to join! When i see my readers at flea / events, A LOT OF YOU are very cute / good-looking / funny / sweet!!! So why don't you come join me! =D

It's gonna be fun!!! I swear i swear i swear i am very easy-going and lenient one! =DDD Hahaha! Hey hey~ I iz your friendly judge remember. Lolol.

But then again, Peggy and Beatrice both very friendly also. ALRIGHT~!!! You know what this means?! It means THIS IS GONNA BE A EASY COMPETITION FOR YOU, BUT TOUGH FOR US TO JUDGE. Lolol. Does this make sense. You do your thang, leave the headache to us! =D

All you have to do is to fill in your details and include a short video introducing yourself and your special memories at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!

All shortlisted participants will be notified by email, announcement will also be made on http://blog.nuffnang.com.sg/cnos/ and various social media platforms.

Here's a little tip for you! Keep the video sweet and straight to the point! =D Say who you are, what you like, what you don't like even, haha, tell us about your interest and even what kinda music you love! JUST TALK ABOUT THINGS THAT EXCITES YOU! Not too hard right?

Becox when you're excited, we're excited ^.^V Makes sense? Do it and you're on your way to winning a total of over $10,000 worth of prizes and an instant shot at fame, there's no reason to wait! Pick up the camera and start filming your registration video! It’s Gonna Get Sensational!

Alright before i leave you to resgister.. I just wanna say..

Just now the video i film i only walk out and look nice for 3 seconds only =( Becox the idea is to show you that i like this laopok laopok at home, i can still look good online just cox i truly love to share about myself online haha ^.^ So GIRLS AND BOYS!!! GEAR UP! You can do it too!

Now please let me post my vain pictures cox if not really, i put on makeup for 3 seconds of glory very wasted. Lolol. Hang on tight~!


Okay thank you for your cooperation and patience for looking at me. Hahahaha.

Alright! For real! Go sign yourselves up! It's gonna be fun! I'd be watching you guys!

WAIT WAIT. Another HUGE tip. All hopefuls should follow @Cineleisure on Twitter and Instagram for updates and hints pertaining to CNOS2 =D You would love the edge over others eh!

It's gonna get Sensational! Psssss... I'd be.. Watching you.

Links for your convenience!
CNOS2 Website and Registration: www.blog.nuffnang.com.sg/cnos
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/Cineleisure
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/cineleisure
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard’s Facebook www.facebook.com/CathayOrganisation


Hanna Lei said...

The prizes for winning are really cool! Hanna Lei

TySh said...

you are so skinny, please eat be healthy!! QiuQiu!

Rene, Gucci's mom said...

Haha you are funny Qiuqiu..the moment you say "Hi!" I laughed. =)

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Qiuqiu you like like a Western when i see your picture on first time at Rachel Tan's blog, it's how i find your blog, i thought you are Western :)

you are beautiful <3
have a bless day

Caren said...

This sounds like a good contest. Very interesting. If I was younger and had more time I would have joined but time is a bit squeezed right now for my online fashion shop in Singapore.