06 February 2013


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HELLO! ^.^ (outfit from JRunway, checked red top from COEN at 70% off at JRunway)
Photography by Josh ^.^

Not sure if you're done with your Chinese New Year shopping, but if you haven't, or if you already did but you know what they say, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH. Shopping is never enough!!! I have good news for you!!!

JRunway @ Plaza Singapura New Extension #01-54

The minimum goes down to 30% BUT if you step in, you'd know what i mean!!! Everywhere you see

50% - 70% off!!!

Especially this corner. All Japanese labels, originally $100 - $200, reduce price to even $29 nee! That's crazy cheap yo!!!!! That's even beyond 70% discount liao! I bought a lot of stuff for myself =X
See i told you! Mostly 50% - 70% off!!! =DDD
EMODA on sale too!!! They have a very good and well-mixed selection for EMODA so if you love this brand you gotta rush down to JRunway now! ^.^
Oh oh oh! Not forgetting, lotsa stuff for the guys too!! And yes!!! DISCOUNT for the male apparels and accessories and bags too!!! =DDD Girls bring your boys down!

I love JRunway cox they carry a wide range of ONLY Japanese fashion labels, from fashion labels for apparels, to bags, to hats, to accessories, to shoes, to makeup, to bikinis even, EVERYTHING in JRunway shouts JAPAN.

And if you love EMODA, good news, JRunway is the only place that carries EMODA in store ^.^V AND YES as you saw above, EMODA also got 30% - 50% off! WHAT THE HECK.

Just wanna show you quickly some pieces i picked out from JRunway that you might wanna get for CNY. Or Vday for that matter. Hahaha. Just drop by JRunway, shop, pick and go! =D
Red Checked Shirt at 70% off from COEN @ JRunway
Ah, cute bu cute lololol.
If you prefer something more feminine, they have lotsa dresses at 70% off also! Like this one i'm wearing from Royal Party @ JRunway ^.^
This cute top with embroidery details also from a Japanese label found at JRunway ^.^ Forgot if it's on 50% or 70%! You can go check it out if you like it! =D
Sorry i just have to post one more.
Sorry i have to share with you how my name is written in Japanese. It's pronounced as KewKew O.O

Oh ho ho~ One more dress from JRunway perfect for CNY / VDay!!! It's on 70% discount also!!!
JRunway also carry a good denim selection from various Japanese labels. They have all sorts of cutting and wash lah! So if you're interested please check them out! Top and Denims from JRunway. Jeans from Denim Closet, Retail price $249 (after 50% off, it is $124.50)!
This pair would look nice with a lot of things i think! Quite easy to match and make you look slimmer i think cox of the dark wash and the slim cutting.

If you're going for lighter wash, they also have. EVEN lighter ones they also have ^.^ This one seems a little of a bell-bottom to me but it still looks good somehow O.O
Jeans from Yume Kokoro jeans, Retail price $249 ( after 50% off it is $124.50)
"Oh what am i pretending to laugh about" Lololol. Okay serious one, they are having 50% off selected denim brands!!! So if you need a nice fitting pair of jeans you know where to head!
For those who love to add a cardigan to your cordinates, this red / white strip cardigan is on 70% off!!! =OO I bought the nautical navy blue one ^.^ Red one i loan to show you guys nee.

Okay that's all for my pick from JRunway on the CNY / VDay special! =D Of course they carry a lot more colours and prints than these! and it's ALL ON SALE!!! So you'd have to check it out!

So after you're done shopping at JRunway.. KEEP THE RECEIPT becox..

Here's how you can win
$888 Cash Voucher
Step 1: Download JRunway app from HERE.
Step 2: Sign up on member page (free sign up) and enjoy 5% off regular items always!
Step 3: Shop at JRunway till end of Feb 2013, keep receipt with customer ID

With the JRunway app you can be the first one to receive news (Sale info, New arrival, event, campaign, and Member closed sale event etc! And of course.. 
Stand a chance to win the $888 cash voucher for their February promo!

The storewide 30%, 50%, 70% sale is going on til end of February! =D Winner for the $888 cash voucher will be announced on the JRunway app on 28th Feb also! =D

Imagine how much clothes you can buy at JRunway for $888 haha ^.^ Think also happy already!

And one more reason for you all to download the app..
AHEM. Cox inside got a lot of me! Hahaha ^.^V
Josh shoots for their application and inside features a lot of the items and products from various Japanese labels and i modelled them! =D Along with other models also lah.

Some behind the scene for photoshoot for the Jrunway app ^.^
Lotsa flora basics and sweet pastel stripes.
With model for the day, Moyu San ^.^
Floral and crochet =
Omg this is extra super cute!!! It's like a kindergarten uniform hahaha! I LOVE IT LAH! It looks damn sweet! =D It's on sale in store now also!!! Forgot if 50 or 70%!
Two pieces also can be found at JRunway ^.^
And then later change hairstyle for EMODA part *mode face on* Lololol.
This lace top from EMODA is quite sexy ah O.O
JRunway also carries lotsa graphics and printed tees! =D Younger crowds will love i think!
Then change hair again for something i've never tried before O.O
How ah cute not lolol. Not bad hor. Hahaha. Please download the JRunway app to see a lot more pictures of the photoshoot results! =D
Genevieve, Nami San, Moyu San and myself ^.^
Then change style to something more feminine one.
Then change to some casual street style again haha ^.^V It was fun working with them! To see all the pictures for the photoshoot please..
Download the JRunway app here on JRunway site

Also remember to like JRunway on Facebook!!!

They have recently hit 150,000 likes on Facebook!!

Down the app ah! Can enjoy 5% all the time off regular-priced items and also can stand to win the $888 cash voucher when you shop at Jrunway in Feb! Remember to keep the receipt okay! =D

DOWNLOAD APP HERE! You can see a lot of the pictures from the shoot and also enjoy all the members benefit + Stand to win $888 cash vouchers!!! =D Good luck!

They update a lot on the promotion, new arrivals and store discount! Also also, a lot of interesting Japanese culture, language and cute bits! =DDD

Good luck to you guys! Go shop for the STOREWIDE 50% - 70% OFF lah! It last til end of February but good things run out fast so ACT FAST! =D


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu! May I know what camera you're using? Thanks, xx

Anonymous said...

Kew Kew sounds cute but you can also stick to チューチュー(chew chew, sounds exactly like qiu qiu) and it means kiss kiss!

Beabee said...

Josh's photography skills damn zai O.O Really looks like some campaign ad photoshoot for big brands!! :D

jen said...

VERY CUTE!! I like your red lipstick

melody said...

Super super super love this posts!!! lots and lots of happy gorgeous picss!!!
you look extremely gorgeoussss!!!!!
and sometimes i think baby yu rou looks like you in certain expressions hehe super pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu

May I know what brand & type of eyelashes you have been using ? Your eyes are always so pretty!