07 March 2013

CNOS2 - Entertainment Challenge

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Hello~ If you remember, i blogged about Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 2 just a while back?

Held by the Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, back by popular demand.. CNOS2 is back with a bang!

The participants have been selected and are now going through 5 challenges before the winner gets crowned, and wins the grand prize of $1,000 Cash, an Olympus Camera, a Larger than life sized poster and a year's supply of movie tickets.

And here is a post to brief them about the Leisure Challenge + give them some tips lah haha.

Eh, don't forget, i am their friendly judge afterall lolol.

So i hope they are ready~!!!

Challenge #2 Challenge Title: __________ at E2MAX Challenge

Alright! Contestants listen up! Haha.

"Max out your entertainment and e-gaming experience with E2MAX. More than just an e-gaming hub equipped with state-of-the-art gaming peripherals, E2MAX has the power to keep your senses at the edge. Your challenge is to introduce, explore and redefine the leisure experience at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard with the various entertainment options E2MAX has to offer."

Complete the challenge title and recommend milestone activities that are best celebrated at E2MAX with out of the box approaches.

Examples of milestone activities would be like a date, a birthday party, a celebration of any sort and your class gathering!!! I remember last time my class gathering sibeh boring one, forever go chalet / BBQ only. Haha.

I give you one good idea okay. Since E2MAX is all about gaming, stereo, movie, pictures, card gaming (like Pokemon), i think.. It'd be EXTREMELY FUN, to hold a theme party there!!!

Get everyone to turn up in their favourite gaming character!!! Can be pokemon, can be Mario, can be some anime character haha. Good luck with that!!!

So what you have to do in your video is..

- Complete the Challenge Title and Video Tour of E2MAX.
 I cannot think of any creative one leh, the best i could think of is like "Have fun, be entertained at E2MAX", Josh help me think of one "E2 the MAX" Lolol.

- Recommend at least one milestone activity your readers could hold at E2MAX
Like i mentioned above.. Class gathering would be great! If not you can always think of more creative ideas to encourage your readers to spend fun time at E2MAX =D

I am looking out for fun happy videos lah. Even silly is good. Silly videos makes people laugh ^.^ But importantly you gotta cover what's fun and entertaining at E2MAX! When i was it was early noon so the claw machine haven't open yet =( But i really got win something there before one!!! =DDD

There. Got this fluffy Hello Kitty from the Claw machine at E2MAX for $1.50 nee!!!!!

But say real one i only sponsor the money, it was Alaric who caught it lolol.

Alright back to you!

Content Submission

VLOG Guide - Video introduction and tour of the various entertainment options available at E2MAX BLOG Guide - Milestone activities that are best celebrated at E2MAX
*** Bonus points given for live Facebook/Twitter and Instagram updates so remember to update your Twitter / Facebook / Instagram as you go about filming okay!!! =D #CNOS2 so they can track!

Vlog: Minimum 3 minutes Maximum 5 minutes

Blog: Maximum 1,000 words At least 5 photos

Challenge Judge – BongQiuQiu

THAT IS RIGHT. THAT IS ME~ Haha =DDD I'd be judging for this challenge and will be seeing you guys on the 30th March (Saturday!!!) for the final show =D

Video embed here

I did a sample video of how you may do up the entertainment challenge video. But don't worry my one is very super make-shift mainly cox i was sick you can hear from the video, i keep "zao-xia-ing" Lol. It was horrible. I am sure you can do better!!! =DDD But mine is just a guide lah don't worry.

But i covered LAN gaming..
Freaking fun kinect!!! IN PRIVATE ROOM SOMEMORE!!! =DDD So you don't have to worry about how silly you and your friends look lolol.
Their playstation Play Ground.
This!!! IS MY FAVOURITE GAME OF ALL!!! Do you guys know what is this?! Watch the video above lah =D Very fun one, can gather your friends here and compete with each other.

Alright now you know better what to cover..
This is the Grading Criteria:
50% - Judges' score per challenge
25% - The total level of social media influence of the participants based on entries submitted per challenge
25% - The total number of votes from fans on this Microsite
PLUS any extra Tweets/Facebook posts and Instagram links put up while doing the challenge will be awarded with bonus points!

Submission Deadline: 15 March 2013, Friday 12pm

Don't be late ah! *angry face* I like punctual people lolol. And now i am going through my plastic surgery recovery you don't upset me please lololol. Kidding lah. Just, BE PUNCTUAL OKAY! =D


Who is fighting it out already?

Links for your convenience:

CNOS2 Official Homepage
You can already see who are the shortlisted contestants!!! =DDD I am excited for them!!!

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cineleisure
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/Cineleisure
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on Cathay Lifestyle: http://www.facebook.com/CathayOrganisation
E2MAX Twitter - @e2max

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