09 March 2013


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GUESS Handbags Spring 13 collection is now in stores!!!

GUESS, the American lifestyle brand famous for its glamorous, sexy and adventurous lifestyle, introduces a new fashion forward collection for Spring;

bringing out your playful and enthusiastic nature!

What a nice theme and direction for Spring! ^.^ Spring should be all happy and cheerful =D

From punchy colors to pretty brights, the bags from this collection come in a myriad of rainbow hues.

I know we're talking about bags here but don't get TOO excited girls! Contain yourself cox end of this post, there's something AWESOME for you to win!!! Yeah lah you can guess it already, you get to win bag(s) from GUESS but that's not all!!!


Our pictures will appear on a FULL PAGE in a leading local fashion magazine!!! =OOO

Don't say you happy only, i also very happy and super looking forward haha!

And i will style you up with GUESS apparels, bags and accessories of course =D

And together, we'd both look gorgeous on the magazine!!! =DDD OMG I AM EXCITED!!!

Keep reading!
At the showcase of GUESS Handbags Spring 13 collection
With Beatrice, Sophie and Rachelle =D
Macarons the people from GUESS prepared for us =))
And other refreshment.
For Spring 13, look out for GUESS classics sprinkled with colours! This is the Skya small carryall.
I noticed the baby blue Floren group and thought they look super pretty! Especially the small satchel!!! So defined and cute =D
Took off the shelve to try haha. Which one looks nicest on me?! I think the brown one hor? Mainly cox outfit that day is brown / black. The bright pink large canvas totes with leather trim is very interesting hor?! It’s all about mix of materials, soft volumes and metal details. And cute charms =D
Floren collection also comes in brown/cream =D This is a lot more easier to match thou i love the baby blue one more! =X Haha.
But for those who loveeee neautral easy matching dress bag, GUESS Handbags Spring 13 has plenty of choices for you! You gotta checkout the details on these bags! Really intricate and pretty ^.^
I love this Azadeh clutch i'm holding here!!! The colour is so pleasing to the eyes ^.^ And the black Tisbury tote looks good on me also ah haha.
Also in the Azadeh series, this small box satchel would be perfect for you to bring to work! The GUESS Spring collection is available at all GUESS and GUESS Accessories store along with a coordinating assortment of accessories including footwear, watches, belts and small leather good! So you don't have to fuss over how to coordinate your outfits if you're not super pro at it! Haha.
More classics looking colourful this season!
I heard this chrome-d Skya is very popular in stores! We do need a highlight in our Spring getup! =D
OMG WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS PLEASE!!!!!!! I LOVE IT LAH!!! =DDD Super love mint-green stuff!!! =DDD This Rumi carryall would be perfect if it's mine!!!
And then i tried that on. Along with more cute bags from the Spring 13 collection! =D The polka dot one hen cute hor?!?!?! =DDD I LOVE IT~!!!!!

I have to pick 5 of my favourite bags to feature for this advertorial but YOU TELL ME HOW TO CHOOSE LAH! The baby pink, pink polka dot, mint green in above picture + previously shown clutch, woven hobos, large bright pink carryall all very nice!!! HOW TO CHOOSE!!! =(

Out of these five, i can choose one to keep!!! =DDD

This is very important so read on with extra braincells activated now lol.

Took me quite a while to pick five cox i really love all the pink ones =((( but in the end i decided to choose these five cox i love them the most out of the rest! =D

Takota checked straw carryall! The colourful charms makes it even cuter ^.^ During the photoshoot Michelle saw this and keep saying it's very cute =D Definitely one piece to steal attention with!
If i choose to keep this i think it'd be perfect to bring it for a relaxed and chilled day out! Maybe soak up "artsiness" in a nice dainty cafe and enjoy a cup of nice drink with pastries! =))
I matched it with a sort of vintage looking dress cox i think it does look a little vintagey and i love vintagey looking stuff! =D What do you think! How would YOU match it?
Reasons why i LOVE this bag!!! Generally I just really love brown bags cox they are sooooo easy to match with almost every other thing in your wardrobe! =D

Next that i picked up, Leandra Mini Crossbody Camera Bag =DD
I LOVE THE COLOURS!!!! It's like a peachy pale pink with a milky banana strip ^.^ Makes me feel happy just describing it!
If i choose to keep this leh.. I will bring it out very very often becox i really hate it that sometimes i only wanna go around the area to get stuff but my bag is so huge i boh bian still have to carry it. If i keep this i'd just bring my wallet and phone out =DDD It's so convenient! And i think it's great if i'm going for activities like BBQ or cycling at the park! Can just sling it on ^.^
And i also really love the size lah! Small and dainty but not too small to put the necessary stuff!

And i also picked up the Rumi carryall in mint green with lilac lining =D
This totally shouts FUN and GIRLY!!!! I think it'd be perfect if you're the kind who likes to do sporty activities even!!! Bowling, swimming, badminton, gym etc. This bag would really fit in also!
But since i don't do sports ah.. =X I would bring the Rumi carryall out for brunches and hangouts with my girlfriends!!! THEY CONFIRM JELLY ONE!!! Cox my bag de colour soooo pretty ^.^

Fourth one.. Ivian tote bag.
The high-shine neon trim really is quite irresistible! You can sling it this way..
Or carry it like this! Perfect to bring out for shopping day in town!!! =DDD So striking can steal ALL the attention haha. I also like the pink flower charm that comes with it leh!
Should i choose this?! @.@ I AM SO CONFUSED! Cox this one really is very big and i also sometimes love big bags cox can throw in everything and head out feeling very secured lol. Say real one sometimes i carry small bags out and i forget to bring some things one. So if i am carrying a big bag i'd just carry the big bag all the way until i change to another big bag. HOW.

Fifth piece i picked out!!! The Azadeh clutch! =DDD
Sometimes i need to attend events / meetings and i really should get myself a nice clutch bag!!!
If i choose to keep this i'd bring it out for events and work lah. Just nice to put my camera, makeup touchup kit, wallet and phone! It'd be the first and most professional looking bag collection. So you see, i don't have anything appropriate for slightly more formal events. And that means i'd need one.
Reasons why i should keep this!!! @.@

I am so confused i feel like i am choosing a husband. Lol.

Do i want a bag that i will bring out often? Or do i want something that is super nice and i can bring out for special events. Or do i want something that i really need?!


You really have to crack your brain leh!! Becox i cracked my brain very hard and broke my own heart 4 times to decide on the final one to choose for myself hahaha.

But it'd all be worth it cox if you guess correctly, you stand to win a photoshoot session with me, styled by me with GUESS apparels, accessories and bags of course! And..

We both will appear on a local leading fashion magazine together!!!

ONE FULL PAGE just for me and you =D


You win yourself a GUESS Handbag from Spring 13 collection!

To take part, you will have to create a story board inclusive of the bag (you can add a picture of yourself if you like, i would suggest that cox i think you'd stand a higher chance to win if you add your picture in the collage!) and any other apparel that matches the bag.

Alright, step by step:

Step one: Do up a story board (collage) in any way you may like. If you think you wanna add flower, macaron, rabbits and puppies inside, you also can add. Haha. Just go ahead and have fun!

I used polyvore here but you can use iPhone collage apps lah if you are not sure how to work around with Polyvore / Photoshop.


Step two: When you caption the collage, you have to #GUESStote #bongqiuqiu follow by the number of the bag you think i had choose to keep for myself!

Step three: Post it on instagram with a public account!

Caption: I bet #bongqiuqiu will pick #GUESStote bag 4 and this is how i would style it!

AND YOU'RE DONE! =DDD Quite simple right ^.^

I prepared the cutout shots of the five bags (the bright pink one you can take from my collage above lol) for you to use in your collage ^.^ Please give it a shot!

I look forward to doing the photoshoot with you but first you need to figure out which bag i chose!!!
Note: Contest ends 24th March

It's very easy one. You can just see how others do it but don't wait too long to submit your own entry ah! =D Very fun leh! We can do photoshoot and appear in local leading female fashion magazine together plus you can win a free bag! =DDD Good luck!

I can't wait for the photoshoot to happen + for you to win the bag(s) ^.^ Actually i really just can't wait to see myself on the magazine hahaha.

Alright that's all! The GUESS Handbags Spring 13 collection is in stores now! Do check them out!

Head down to GUESS and GUESS Accessories store to view the collection. I strongly suggest you check out their Spring 2013 collection cox it's massive and i can't show you everything! =O

 GUESS is offering a
* * *
10% discount * * *

on the Spring 13 Collection handbags for my readers
! =DDD
You just have to quote #GUESStote upon checking out (Promotion period : 9 - 24th March) 

Location: GUESS ION, GUESS PARAGON, GUESS Marina Bay Sands and GUESS Takashimaya S.C GUESS Accessories Store Raffles City, GUESS Accessories Store Vivo, GUESS Accessories Store Bugis Junction

Visit GUESS for info on how to win the photoshoot session with me + the bag!


Shi Yun said...

Is there any age limit ? :)

Shi Yun said...

Is there any age limit ? :)

Shi Yun said...
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Anonymous said...

hi where did you get that blue vintage dress, always wanted to get something like that thanks!

jaecywong said...

can i join more than one time?

namigoori said...

My fave colour is mint but I super love the mini camera bag as a whole! So cute, handy and perfect ^.^ so I'd choose that for sure!

Manon said...

The peach crossbody is so cute! Nice for weekends though I would struggle to fit my daily essentials which includes the kitchen sink in there


Anonymous said...

Love the brown vest. Pretty! Where can I get it.. Thank you!

Rose said...

Qiu, I love the purple dress and peplum top, where from? You look so pretty!