05 March 2013

Laurier - Live better, live free, live to learn!

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Hello girls!!!

This post is gonna be about..

Living our days to the fullest, improving ourselves, and most importantly, to be happy! =D

We all know sometimes obstacles come along but what do we girls do?!

WE GO AROUND IT! Or we get rid of it! Life throw us challenges, we get pass it one by one, with good faith! =D Power to the sistas~ Haha ^.^

I know i can do it. I know YOU can do it =)

But you know what..

I also know that SOMETIMES, especially that time of the month..


I am not sure about you girls but i might get headache before my menses, and on the first day of my menses i actually will feel a little nauseous ON TOP of the cramp + bloated feeling all over.

This i understand is something i'd have to deal with anyway, so i'd do anything i can to make myself feel better and happier! =D If you can't fight it, you have to try to accept it and deal with it and embrace it as much as possible right =D

To add happy points.. I 'd go for warm drinks, regular meals, chocolates, nice movie at home, head out for fresh air and most most most importantly, FEEL COMFORTABLE wherever i can control.

When i first had my mense at 13, i make the horrible mistake to buy the cheapest sanitary pads for myself. Hated and dread menses super badly cox i feel uncomfortable, sticky, dirty, and smell quite bad whenever i have my menses =X And always have constant fear of leaking =OOO

And then i've switched to other brands along the years, some of it the gauze surface thingy will break one O.O Until the cotton inside all come out also =( And some just DO NOT absorb fast enough and WORST, some of them just do not absorb at all =(((( I really regret all those nasty feelings i get from menses during my younger days!!!

And then one time many years ago, i had to borrow a pad from my sister and she passed me a pad and say "It's the 1mm one, they show on TV that one" I'm like =DDDDD OKAY!!!! *grab*

That was when Laurier Super Slimguard was just introduced to the Singapore market.

Ever since then, i've converted and stayed a Laurier Super Slimguard user!

Laurier is the No. 1 brand of sanitary protection in Singapore, with Laurier Super Slimguard being the most popular. Laurier Super Slimguard is ultra thin with a 1mm ultra absorbent sheet, capable of absorbing 2x faster and is 5x drier as compared to the company’s previous range!

Laurier very kindly sent me a huge box of stuff!!! =DDD
Haha THANK YOU Laurier!!! I LOVE YOUR SUPER SLIMGUARD MAXIMUM!!! And i've supported you since forever! =DDD Thank you for the box of stuff!!! In fact i am wearing and using Super Slimguard right now!!! Hahaha. What are the odds. Okay actually the odds are quite high lol.

Anyway I love the Super Slimguard a lot cox IT IS SOOOOO THIN!!!!

And you really can forget you're wearing a pad one! Cox it's sooo thin!!! I am serious, i have a few panties that is thicker than the pad =X Lolol. Real one. Haha.

Laurier Super Slimguard hides discreetly under your fitted pants or bodycon dress, you no longer need to compromise your wardrobe just because you are having your period. Its slimness also makes it very suitable to use during sporty activities, and you are free run, jump or stretch with ease, comfort and confidence!!!

Laurier also developed a period tracker mobile app for both iphone and Android devices known as the Laurier P*Log. It is easy-to-use and free to download. More details HERE.

Don't panic. Lolol. Once you log in, the app will tell you how many days you are away from your next mense / how many days you're late. PERFECT for people like me who always don't keep track of their menses date =( I have to check my tweets to see if i tweeted about menses cramp lol.
The calendar function great for people who wanna take note of their symptoms and for people to work out their schedule. Like some people don't wanna go swimming during their period you can use this calendar for all your scheduling! ^.^ Can add a mood / feeling to that day somemore!
"Next 12" periods is great for people who maybe wanna plan holiday? Be well prepared! Reminders function would serve well for people like me =_= Always forget to bring pad out one!!! I one person don't know have how many packets of pads at home!!! Cox go out if forget to bring i'd just buy.
Oh with the app you can connect to the Laurier's Facebook Page as well to be updated of their promotions and events! =D
The box of Laurier products i received.
The one i always buy and stock up is the Day 22.5cm Super Slimguard for normal to heavy flow!
Some other cute stuff Laurier sent me ^.^ Pad covers and a cute bear ^.^ Really making all girls feel better on our "slightly less than best" days of the month!!!
AND THIS!!!!! Is the BEST INVENTION EVER!!!!! The Laurier sanitary panties.

In this picture, the diagram above with the 4 arrows refers to a slightly stiffer material at the crotch area called a pad stabiliser, which presses the pad closer to the body and prevent bunching no matter how you move.

The second picture with the two layers refer to the wing pocket, where you can fold the pad wings into the first layer so that you do not see the wings on the outside when you "zau geng" lol.

There is one more feature, which is a special seam down the buttcrack line which also fits the panty closer to your body shape, preventing the pad from shifting easily when you move hence giving more protection from leakages.

So you're protected ALL round!

BUT.. The Laurier Sanitary panties are not for sale in Singapore =(((


There will be a contest coming up in April for this redemption and to look out for it at the FB page.

Now i can feel EVEN better during my period!!! ^.^

Laurier really understand what we girls need =))

They even started a Laurier Empowered Ladies Movement in 2013. It is a movement to support and inspire women to constantly improve themselves, in body, appearance and mind / skills.

More information on the Laurier Empowered Ladies Movement HERE.

Have you been a learner?

I think i am a learner!!!

I mean other than the time i tried to learn Japanese but stopped half way through =X I WILL GO BACK ONE I PROMISE MYSELF! =D

But along the years, i've always been learning new stuff and skills ah!

Most of you might not know but i used to LOVE baking A LOT.
I went to the community centre near my house to learn baking and i dragged Gem along with me. We learnt how to make all sorts of Kueh Lapis and Pineapple Tarts ^.^

After that i baked quite often at home. Muffins, cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, Kueh Lapis etc. One of my favourite creation is my Chocolate Brandied Cherries mini cupcakes haha ^.^V

And along the year since i've started blogging.. I think i've made some improvement on my look and appearance and makeup skill!!!!
This would be my BEST makeup standard! Lolol. I used to think i am damn chio one. But now i realise maybe.. NOT AT ALL. Lolol. So you see, we can ALWAYS BE BETTER.
And my photoshop skill always damn fake and over-doing it lolol. This is like what, 3 years ago.

And with time, and after learning from magazines and videos, i made some self-improvement i think!

Also, after blogging has become my "job" other than learning Photoshop, i also learnt how to do video-editing! Not the intensive CGI thing haha but HEY HEY~
My own Youtube Channel's looking good enough for me! =D

And i am glad i keep learning stuff becox it's been proven that i can always be better =) And that all the things i've learnt have served me well =D They either earn me more praises (which makes me happy) or money (which.. Also makes me happy haha) lol.


Is there something you've always wanted to learn? 

Laurier Empowered Ladies presents - Win a New Skill Contest


Wanna learn how to dance?

Wanna learn how to cook awesome cuisines?

Wanna learn how to do makeup professionally for yourself / for others?

Wanna pick up yoga?

Wanna learn how to sing from vocal instructors?

Wanna learn how to play the guitar?

ANYTHING you wanna learn, you stand to be one of the FIVE lucky winners to win yourself a skill!

The Laurier Win a New Skill Contest is the first activity under the Laurier Empowered Ladies Movement to encourage ladies on the quest for self-improvement.

Laurier will sponsor five ladies on a course for a skill that they have always wanted to learn, worth up to $1000. Winners will also be featured in upcoming issue of Cleo or Teenage magazine.


1. Buy any twin pack of Laurier Super Slimguard and take a photo of the receipt

2. Prepare a proposal with the write-up on the skill that you want to learn which includes the following information:
a. Description of the skill/course
b. Reasons for wanting to take this course/learn this skill
c. Recent photograph of yourself
d. Class/course duration, location and cost

Proposals can be submitted in Word, Powerpoint, PDF or as an image file (eg. Jpg, bmp, png, etc.). There is no word or page limit but the submitted file should be no larger than 5MB.

3. Go to www.laurier.com.sg/WinANewSkill to submit the electronic copy of both the receipt photo and the write-up

Prizes: Sponsorship of the course of your choice of up to SGD$1,000
Contest Period ends15 April 2013

It's very simple one! I show you my example okay lolol. I'd put it in a word file. But you can write / draw / paint it ANYWAY you want so long as it adheres with the requirement!

My example of a proposal starts here~!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Starts Here ❤ ❤ ❤

Hi, i am Qiuting and i am 25 this year. I am confident and willing to experiment with different styles. I also am very outgoing and i write a blog where i share about the things i do and i am very glad and happy that i have family members who love me, friends who care for me and a husband who is there for me.. I am very blessed in life with lots to be thankful for.. BUT

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


I am not her.
Nor her.
Nor her.
But if you think this looks good too.. LOLOL, i deserve to win a ABT Sculpture fitness course!!!

So i'd like to take up Kickboxing and ABT Sculpt which consists of training with resistance band, focusing on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs and using movements like blocks, jabs, punches, kicks and footwork requiring eye-hand-leg coordination and equilibrium. It will benefit people like me who want to keep fit, shape up, lose weight, increase the metabolic rate and those with a heavy bottom or sedentary jobs.

I mean, i sit at the computer day and night, growing to be heavy bottom everyday, it's about time i do something!!!

*then you can add in the course details like where, how much and duration of the course*

And you're done!

I wish you good luck!!!

Actually you can also do in a collage way!
Like this ^.^

I am really keen in this ABT Sculpting thing leh!!! =D Actually i am more keen in dancing. Like learning pop dance!!! =DDD Think Jolin Tsai and Brtiney Spears haha ^.^ What what what.

With Laurier Super Slimguard, i don't have to worry about anything!

Even during my period, i would still be able to go learn what i want and work on making myself a better person, or even just go out to shop and walk around!!! I can do anything i want with no limitation!!!

Various types of Super Slimguard. For day / night, light / normal / heavy flow ^.^ With all these, i know i am well-covered and i can enjoy everyday of my life without having to worry about unnecessary discomfort / awkward situation! =DDD

Stay confident and cheerful! Wear what you want, any day you want!
And go do the things you like! Learn it if you have to! =D

And why not especially now you can learn it for free!!!

Go go go!!!

Links for your convenience:

Website for the Laurier Win a Skill

Laurier Facebook page

Download for P*Log application for your phone


Xue Ling said...

Wow I actually has another app for tracking my period. I just tried this app, but it seems that I can't add my past log. Do you know if that can be done? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Qiuting i think you look so much better with light make-up and without falsies!