10 April 2013

Hello Kitty X Tokidoki at 7-Eleven!

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GIRLS..... Get ready to squeeeeeal!!! =DDDDD

Hello Kitty X Tokidoki
@ 7-Eleven

For the clueless ones.. Tokidoki is a seamless street fashion, pop art and punk rock lifestyle. A new international street wear brand from tokidoki. Lotsa celebrities and fashion icons have been spotted with Tokidoki merchandise and it's sooo popular cox it's quirky and cute! =D

And now for the first time ever, you can find these unique collectibles with exclusively at 7-Eleven Singapore!!! =DDD They are quite expensive one leh, the usual Tokidoki merchandise!!! But now you can get the Hello Kitty X Tokidoki collectibles from 7-Eleven and it's awesome!!!

Especially for those who love Hello Kitty!!! =DDD

Brace yourselves (ourselves haha) for the 1st Hello Kitty Crossover with convenience sector!!! You can expect to find brand new images of Hello Kitty!!! Never seen before cuteness, different from previous programs you've ever seen Hello Kitty in!!!

OMG DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITING THIS IS?! It's like.. Hello Kitty is already super cute.

Hello Kitty X Tokidoki is like Hello Kitty in cutest costume + with cutest props!!! Haha.

So i went to the launching event the other day! Here's some images from the event! I didn't camho much cox.. I still had my nose splint on =( But it's okay!!! I was happy seeing lotsa Hello Kitty stuff!

Yes! Collect them all!!! =DDD

Walk into the event area and saw this!!!!!!!!
This giant Hello Kitty balloon!!!! =OOODDDD
The display box for the collectibles at the event.
Ciao Kitty i should say is one of my favourites out of the 10 =D
The event was held at 7-Eleven at UE Square and i've never been there before so i am pleasantly surprised!!! Keep reading!!!
Thanks to these super nice and friendly ladies from 7-Eleven, they made the event that evening really enjoyable and fun =D And cute of course =DDD I mean check out the giant Hello Kitty haha.
Went on a quick mini tour around the 7-Eleven outlet and as you guys might have known from my previous post on 7-11, you can almost find ANYTHING you might need urgently, 24/7, at 7-Eleven!
These are highly recommended!!!! I didn't try the beef but it's highly raved =D Quickbites at 7-Eleven is pretty awesome! Affordable and good!
Pastries and puff baked fresh in the shop!!! They also bake cookies fresh in the shop =D
Bloggers gather around while waiting for the microwave to heat up their food haha.
Each takes about a few seconds to like maybe 20 seconds. Indeed quick and easy! And you have sooooo many choices at 7-Eleven!!! Rice, pizza, pasta, macaroni, rice, noodle etc!!!
And the dessert spread is pretty amazing too eh! =D
Even if you prefer fresh fruits for dessert, they have! =D These are just some of the selection for fruits. I also spot kiwi, plum and grapes at the chiller!
If you wanna grab a munchie after meal, try their waffle!!! Smells like heaven for sure! And the staff all say they major love it, i trust them! Cox their recommendation for the meal was yummy haha.
I also bought this for myself and for Baby Yurou ^.^ Haha. $2.60 for such a big box!
Oh oh oh. THIS IS WHY I AM IMPRESSED!!!!! This 7-Eleven outlet at UE Square, has this food counter that serves really affordable and yummy sides and noodles!!! Look a combo is only $2.50 where you get noodles + sides!!! =OOO How affordable!!!
My lunch ^.^ Butter Chicken with bryani rice ^.^
Bloggers from Nuffnang Glitterati plus enjoying their meal also =D
With all the G+ bloggers along with Sophie, Yina, Nadia and Esther! This is the only proof that i was at the event lolol. There, i am the one looking sweet with flowers on my head, long let-down hair and lavendar skirt ^.^V Lolololol. Outright trying to steal Sophie's body. Lolol.
One of Amanda and the giant Hello Kitty =D Cox she is a Hello Kitty fanatic lolol. She really control very long. She wait until after the event and most bloggers gone then she squeal "Eeeeeee my turn!!!!" Hahaha. Very professional this Nuffie lolol.

Few days later..
Me with the Hello Kitty X Tokidoki set from 7-Eleven =DDD My nose is still a bit swollen so i got photoshop ah, boh bian. Lol.
Erm.. One more of me in the almost similar picture becox.. This whole post Hello Kitty is stealing all my attention. Lolol.
But they deserve all the attention!!! Look at them!!! These figurines are limited edition, exclusively sold at 7-eleven!!! I hope you can collect them all!!!
These two are my favourites!!!!! =DDD This Cow Kitty so cute one eating lollipop some more omg damn act cute!!!!! Both also are winking!!!!!!! =DDD They both are of the clip-on clasp one!
So you can hang them to your key bunch / bags / pouch like i did with Ciao Kitty =D It goes perfect with my $2 pouch haha. Makes it look expensive instantly =X =D
❤ ❤ ❤
Check this out~! Blushing sun, got see before not! Cute hor!
It's the Sunshine Kitty~!!! =D Got a Tokidoki hair clip some more, on its head haha.
Okay i introduce the 10 Hello Kitty X Tokidoki at 7-Eleven to you proper!!! =DDD
Cupid Kitty
Yes yes i'd fall in love i'd do whatever you say! Haha.

Ciao Kitty
My favourite ah!!! =DDD Cox it's of a sweet sweet pink and it winks!!!

Cow Kitty
Say moooo~ The lollipop is cute maximum!!!

Unicorn Kitty
Who doesn't love a unicorn, please?

Rocket Kitty with Tokidoki Base
For the geeky Hello Kitty lovers. Haha.
Mini Cactus Kitty
Bugger has fishbone on its head. Act cute max. Hahaha.

Cactus Kitty
Wait.. Is it using a 大哥大 cell phone?! O.O

Apple Kitty
Awww.. Check out its star tattoo on the head haha.

❤  Sunshine Kitty
I am sure she'd remind you to keep smiling everyday every time!

Scooter ride with Kitty with Tokidoki base

Now where to find them!!!

Each figurine will be sold in a blind pack at all 7-Eleven stores! =D

All 10 figurines will be available for purchase from the start of campaign! So you can start collecting them now! Can exchange with your friends / colleagues too if you have extra of any haha.

For every $4 you spent at 7-Eleven you get 1 Stamp and..

Every 6 stamps + $3.90 you get 1 Figurine!!! =DDD

Very easy lah hor! You saw the tour around 7-Eleven in this blogpost and the previous one already, a lot of things to buy one haha. So start collecting those stamps now!!!

If you gian bng / if you have very generous friends who don't love Hello Kitty (guys mainly) you can take their stamps lor haha. 18 stamps - 1 Free Figurine! But i don't suggest you do this lah!!! Lol.

So mafan! If i have 18 stamps i rather just get three figurines and pay $3.90 each for it! Like this can collect the 10 collectibles faster ma. They are not gonna be in stores forever~
Can you spot them in their graphic form?! =DDD

Out of the 10, these three have TKDK base! So you can place them in your car / shelf lah! =D
These doesn't have base but you can still place them!!! =D
These are the ones with hanging clip ones!!! =DDD You can carry them around!!!

I share with you one shortcut to collecting stamps is to purchase star products!!!
Maximum of 2 stamps issued for every $3 purchased of star products! And the list is as below!

27 Mar – 23 Apr 2013
The Straits Times / The New Paper / H-TWO-O Sparkling Original (500ml)

24 Apr – 21 May 2013
Giant Slurpee (22oz) / 100 Plus Original (500ml)

Some other promotions and perks 7-Eleven is holding for us =DDD

1. Present the original Hello Kitty Tokidoki box to enjoy 10% off standard tickets at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia)

Tune Hotel (Danga Bay)
4 tickets for 4 person to enjoy 2D1N hotel stay + visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!!!!!!

2. With min. spend of $5*, stand to win 2D/1N stay at Tune Hotel (Danga Bay) and 4 Standard Tickets to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia)!

This means.. Free holiday for 4 person!!!  And wait.. THERE ARE 12 sets of these PRIZES TO BE WON!!! So your chances are pretty high haha. 12 X 4 pax each.. 48 people are gonna be very happy!

Each set of prize comprises of 2 Double rooms + 4 tickets

Find details HERE!!!
You can start asking your friends and family to start collecting now lah!!! Other than the figurines also got so many other prizes to be won, that can be shared among four pax one! It'd be perfect holiday lah! Two rooms, four tickets!!! Free holiday FTW!!! ^.^

Find more information on the 7-Eleven website.


Steamy Nails said...

Ahh these are all so cute! I like the Unicorn one the best :D Wish we had cool things like these in America :P

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, I have a question... if I collect 6 stamps and pay $3.90 to get a figurine, can I choose which figurine I want? Looking forward to your reply...

Anonymous said...

OMG, your eyes - so droopy!
They were so much better before your surgeries.... So sad!

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu, please do a skincare routine post. Your skin looks really good now

Anonymous said...

Omg you really look like eurasian now. Can't wait till your nose fully stop swelling and see the actual result :)

Cilea said...

Hello Kitty is taking over the world!

Qiuting said...

Steamy nails, i am sure you guys have lotsa cute tings too lah! Haha!

Anon, it's all wrapped one leh so it's by chance and luck see what you get one!

Anon, you say ah? Cry lor. Lol. I am not sad leh. Cox it's the way i stick the lashes i didn't do anything to my eyes.

Anon, it's very bad now leh =( Cox very long cannot da da li scrub my face lolol.

Anon =DDD Thank you ah!!!


Anonymous said...

Qiu, this is the first time I've seen you post more pictures of the items being promoted than your face haha. Hopefully your recovery goes by speedily!

Qiuting said...

Anon, hahahaa! Yeah i know i also noticed haha! Yes hopefully!!! =DD

Anonymous said...

How much is the nose surgery?

Anonymous said...

Hey pretty, may i know how much was the nose job??

Mrs Ang said...

From wat i c ur whole face had done surgery including ur eyes! confirm 100% u done! I m a very observing person. Haha!!!
Why so many woman wants to become Angela Baby?

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ,

This is my first comment, and I must say your new look makes you look younger and cuter. You boost me with the confidence to go for fat grafting. I always want to improve my forehead and nose bridge. Btw, can I ask your nose implant, do you use ear cartilage or any foreign implant like silicon? Ty. Looking forward to your reply.

blackberryfashion said...

everything is so cute <33 I like it :)

Nana said...

QiuQiu u look more prettier after fat grafting :D

Nana said...

QiuQiu u look more prettier after fat grafting :D