19 April 2013

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S. A. L. E - The four-letter word we most love.

Eh.. Maybe not hor? "FREE" should be the best hahahaha.

But hey hey~! SALE IS ALWAYS GOOD!!!

Mid-season sale at Jipaban.com starts now~!!! And i picked a few items i like / think is super worth it for the low price, to show you guys =DDD Of course there are a lot more on the site and..

Did you know that Jipaban.com throws a specially curated sale every Friday?  

They update the sale section with new sales items every Friday =DDD Items included other than clothes and more clothes and accessories, there is also books, movies, bags and shoes! =D

One more thing to look forward to on Friday yes?! #TGIF ^.^

This Friday, it’s all about MID MONTH MADNESS and what you can expect is..

Some of the items i've picked out for good value and style =D You may click on the picture to go to the direct product link ^.^ You're welcome lah 都这么熟了 hahaha.
This all hearts chiffon dress!!! Sweet and sexy and cute all in one yes?! $15 nee! And the design and cutting is very timeless so you can wear it a few times and no one will hiam you one haha.
Lovely blue / turquoise clutch bag for $11.50 ONLY!!! =OOO Was $23 leh! Good steal! It's gonna be a very easy to match and carry bag lah! This colour would be good to go with your colourful cordinates / brown hues cordinates. GRAB.
Skull and sweet charm necklace for the bad but good girls haha. $4.14 only =__= So affordable for online shopping standard!!! Jipaban is breaking grounds again haha. Act fast ah! This one you wear with just a simple t-shirt also will look very cute one ^.^
I WANT THIS ONE!!!!!!! So sweet!!! So full of love, literally. Haha. I want it becox i think it can be worn as it is, a necklace, and it can also be twirl around your wrist as a chainlet / bracelet AND!!! It can be worn on your head as a headpiece. Just use bobby pins to secure ^.^ Good idea hor.
For the ladies who goes to work in the office, this little black dress will be good for you lah! =D $16.80 only! The strap very unique you should check it out!
Cute shorts is what i will always love! ^.^ Especially this one is polka dots one and then the colour so easy to match and then it looks like a skirt! =D $10!!! JIPABAN LOVES YOU. Lolol.
Cheap affordable pretty shoes too!!! How to say no to this pair of floral mini wedges!!! They have it in black too so please check it out! It'd look prefect with a sweet dress! =D $15.95 only!!!
If going for something more casual and relaxed, this pair of floral sandals is what i'd pick! =D Wear denims also can match, wear lmaxi dress also can match, wear 3/4 pants also can match! $14.85 nee!

GUYS!!! Don't cry, there are nice things for you too! At very super good prices! If you're thinking of getting something for your boyfriend, take a look!
Like this backpack T-Shirt interesting! Haha. $9 only!!!!! You should get it now! They have it in different colour but i think white and grey are the nicest lah =D
Jipaban has a lot of interesting and cool graphic tees for guys as well! Mostly at $9 or slightly more!!! This NEW YORK STATE OF MIND tee comes in many different colour also! ^.^

Alright that's all i have to show you!!! There are A LOT MORE on the SALE Section!

And it is updated with new sale items every Friday!!!

So inform your friends, keep yourself reminded.

Check out Jipaban NEW SALES ITEMS every FRIDAY!

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