12 April 2013

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Becharmed Assortment

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Oh hi~

Before i go on rambling about how genius and creative (you'd find out in a bit hahaha) i am, can i please have a show of hands


Don't be shy lah ^.^

I get the ball rolling first. Hahaha. I FEEL I AM VERY SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.

Okay maybe, not really. But maybe. Hahaha. I mean.. Sometimes i do feel special but like other times i feel like we're all so similar. You buy something, i find it cute, i buy it too.

He eat something he say nice, i eat it too. She looks like this, i find it chio, i take her picture and show my plastic surgeonJUST KIDDING~ Lololol O.O

Okay so anyway. My point is.. It's true we're all quite similar to a certain extend lah.

But there are always little things we can do to differentiate ourselves =DDD

Some of you like to wear a certain cologne / perfume that might shout YOU, some of you keeps a certain hairstyle that speaks YOU, some of you tYpE a CeRtAiN wAy at some of time in your life to to show your friend you are cool. Hahaha. Some of us have genetic illness like having the inability to type "becox" properly, that'd be my style babeh. Lolol.

All i am saying is.. We keep doing little things to differentiate ourselves!

And i totally second that notion! To explore "DIFFERENT".

Sometimes different is a lonely road..


* ~ * ~ DIFFERENT IS FUN ~ * ~ *

Haha if you're wondering how this picture shows me being different.. THEN PLEASE.. Take a look.. At the accessories i'm wearing!!! They are priceless valuables and there's only ONE piece per design in the whole world!!!
Please take a closer look at my colourful, simple and playful-looking accessories. This one whole set cost less than $50!!! It's SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!!! I think for that quality it's pretty worth it!

Yeah well, i don't wanna be proud.. But i made them *proud face* Hahaha.

Yeah that's right, me~ I did it =DDD Hahaha. Correction. I DIY-ed it! Haha. And to me it'd the first piece on earth that'd ever look like that. I mean after that if got people want to copy that's their business lah but actually i also don't think i did a fantastic job that people would wanna copy lolol.

But i'd tell you.. In less than 10 minutes, i made myself TWO pieces of accessories that is unique!!! That no one else in the world has before me =DDD Isn't that ultra cool!!!
Change my record to 3 pieces of accessories in 10 minutes. Other than the pink and blue crystal one, i also made a purple one with the colourful charms i got =D And they all look SO simple and cute!!!

By the way! Thanks to Josh for the pretty pictures again =X If you see any nice pictures of me / professional looking pictures of the items, it's all taken by him haha ^.^ The low-light / harsh flash ones are taken by me. Yes i do take a lot of pride in my work. Thank you. Lolol.

If you're wondering why the "beads" and "charms" look extra sparkly.. They are premium quality crystal products from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!

For this advert, i get to pick out whatever i like to make whatever i like =D Haha. To be different, we need freedom and freedom is exactly what i get! So.. I picked a lot of stuff from the shop O.O Haha actually it's becox I didn't have any idea of what i wanna do to show you guys for my first ever "DIY" lah. BUT ANYWAY~ JUST DO IT!

So i picked out these bracelets and necklaces from the shop. As you can see~ I already cheated half the way through becox it's all like 90% done. Lolol. Some you just have to glue the hook on. AND, they are so affordable, like one dollar plus nee O.O For synthetic leather i think it's pretty cheap lah!

Same outfit but with hair let down, and with a girly purple necklace.. It's another feel and mood-change =D I just realise my hair colour blends quite well with my skirt lolol.

You know when i write this advert, i keep thinking about "Being different". Let me sidetrack a bit from the advert okay. You know i've been doing makeover for QWeekly right.

From the hundreds of emails i receive from girls who want a makeover.. A good half of them will mention they wanna try something different.. But you know what i think..

I think that it's actually not that difficult to be different.

But it is hard to let it shine. You know. Let the "Different" in you shine through.

Just a thought =)) I hope for everyone nice, reading my blog, that no matter how different we are, we will all shine in our lives =D ONLY APPLICABLE TO NICE READERS AH *angry emoticon*

The not-nice ones you can forever stay sad and keep leaving me mean comments. That ain't gonna stop me from chachaing~ Lololol. Like this..

Lol. Don't know why i did this pose. It's call the "chicken wings". 现在没有很流行了. Lol.

Of course we're not going to stop at one outfit haha. Let's see how i manage to create my style, be different and shine with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS BeCharmed Assortment.

Extra awesome point being, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS BeCharmed assortment has such a wide variety of colours!!! I can free play it into whatever style i usually love AND keep it within a good budget. This also means if you're creating an accessory for you loved ones using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS BeCharmed assortment you probably can easily find something they'd love according to their favourite colours and all haha ^.^ Very atas leh, Swaroski as gift. HANDMADE SOMEMORE!

Anyway~ To work out another look.. I picked these..

All in the hues of brown ^.^
AND I MADE THEM INTO THESE!!!!!! Actually it's very easy one lah. Just string them only =X But still very proud of myself!!!!!! Hahaha ^.^ Self-pride very high lol. There's a headpiece, a necklace and a double loop bracelet ^.^ And i spent only like 15 minutes on these!
How am i working the bohemian look!!! =DDD I think not bad leh!!!!!!
The headpiece is the piece i am most proud of lor!!! I posted a preview on instagram and a lot of people say nice nevermind, got a few were like "OMG I NEED THAT HEAD PIECE", "WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT!!!" *annoying smirk on face* lol.
The bracelet i made it a bit too big but can adjust one lah.
I love the idea that only i have these accessories in this whole wide world!!!! ^.^

Actually i tell you the truth lah okay, i am not very interested in DIY accessories before this advert one. Like i like to bling stuff ever since i saw how Wendy did it in her early GTL videos and blogposts but i always have this misconception that DIY accessories are hard cox you need to mess with things like pliers, rings and hooks etc.. @.@

BUT this SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS BeCharmed series is REALLY REALLY simple ah!!! =DDD

Just string them together ^.^ Other than you owning the one and only unique piece, you are also now able to explore more styles (just unhook and string other SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS BeCharmed charms for different styles!) and change the way you dress up instantly! =D See!

The white and pearl charms i picked out!
Strung them into something simple and classy like this..
After i edit and upload this picture already then i feel it looks like i am saying the national pledge =( Lol.
Got very atas feel hor. Lol. They will be awesome gifts lor i think!!! If there are any guys reading my blog, your girlfriend will love it if you pick the charms and make something for them!!! It's so easy and affordable i think you should do it =D Haha.
I LOVE THE BRACELET!!! So simple and SPARKLY!!! =DDD And then poof!

With charms of black tone from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS BeCharmed assortment
I created these! MEI LEH~?!?!?!??!?!?! Did them all in 10 minutes!!!!!
For days where you just wanna dress dark and punky. i know quite a fair bit of people love black lor, for whatever reasons. I think they like black mainly cox it's easy to match and also cox it's very timeless. So you guys can consider making these for your friends as birthday gifts! =D

You can choose to put as many / as little charms as you like so it's very flexible lah =D
Got look very badass not. Lolol.


Join me lah! =D

Join me for the BeCharmed at CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS event!

Venue: Crystals ‘N’ Beads @ Jurong Point Shopping Centre #B1-29/30
Date: 27 April 2013, Saturday
Time: 12.30pm to 3pm
Sign up HERE

Join me for an afternoon to create your customize BeCharmed bracelet. Selected participants will need to purchase a starter kit that starts from $14 and selection of items will be done on the day of event! For $14 you can own a BeCharmed bracelet made from premium quality crystals from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, i think that's pretty worth it!!! Especially if you're thinking of getting it as a gift for someone ^.^

You can select your preferred timeslot in the registration form:

What you can expect for that day..

1) Guidance (or you can always tell me"BITCH PLEASE, go away, i have my own sense of style" lolol) from erm.. Me! To customising your own BeCharmed bracelet! =DD

Be it for yourself or for your bffs (you can create bff bracelets for your bffs!), i am sure everyone will love a gift that is special, that is from you to them, one and only, right =D

You might also wanna create a beautiful bracelet for your mother since Mothers' Day is around the corner!!! =DDD I am sure she will appreciate your thoughts put into DIY-ing something unique for her!

2) Learn styling tips from local famous fashion designer, Keith Png!

He has worked with all the big names!!!!! Lin ZhiLing, Fann Wong, Xiaxue (Wendy lah ahahaha) just to name a few! So i am sure you can do good with fashion and styling tips from him!!!

I met him once before and he's really very very very nice and helpful one!!! So i am actually very excited and happy to meet him again at the event lol. He's very popular now please!!! Appearing in many TV programmes and all!

3) SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have grown the BeCharmed assortment and now it includes more beautiful and sparkling beads. There will be some exclusive “just for the day” promotions as the new BeCharmed assortment has launched! =DDD So if you wanna get the latest colours of the charms and beads AT A DISCOUNTED RATE.. Do come down on that day =DDD

4) Phototaking with Keith and myself lol. Actually you wanna take photo with me, anyday also can lah. But everytime i have an event there will be people asking "Can take pictures with you later?!" CAN CAN CAN! COME! Hahaha.

All the accessories you saw above will be showcased at the event venue on that day haha. So if you wanna try it on, feel free please ^.^ You can get all the accessories at the shop also, i got them there!


So many reasons why you should come. I think most important is.. You can create your style.. Create unique presents for your mother / bff, and be able to get them at special discount at the event..

AND.. Aiyah already so many reasons. I ADD ONE MORE LAH. Hahahaha.

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *

There will be giveaway during the workshop!!! There will be 6 sessions and each session will have only about 5 people. And EVERY SESSION, there will be winner. So you do the maths, the slots are limited and your chances to win is high ^.^


My heart and blood. Lololol. Direct translation from 我的心血.

I swear i really sweat it out when i blinged these stuff out lor. You can win my sweat also lah.

Remember i instagrammed this picture? I grammed it at 10pm. Finish at almost 4am @.@ Straight out, no break in between. Only thing that maybe got break is my neck and back. Lolol. Erm.. Okay not very funny O.O But it's all worth it lah i feel!!!


AND THIS!!!!!!!!! =DDDDD So! For giveaway~ We have~~~

One iPhone5 casing each for two winners.
One whole set of crystal-y accessories and shades for one winner. The shade got crystal cutting on the frame one, quite cool! And of course, i blinged it with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ^.^
And lippies!!!!!

These are not ordinary lippies. I got them from Korea. They are mood-lipsticks. Actually they are like mood-rings, not sure if you guys know of! They change colour according to your body temperature. But it's also a lip-stain. So the colour is pretty strong lasting.

The pink one will turn into a baby pink stain and the purple will turn into bright pink / purple-ish depending on your temperature. There was supposed to be an tangerine colour one also. But Josh help me bling that one and only item.. And he glued the cap and body together  =_________="

Good job, Josh! I think you stick to taking pictures better and don't be so helpful about other things. LOLOL. Hahaha.
So! Two blinged up mood lipstick for one winner!!! =D In barbie pink and purple! =DDDDDD

And two bottles of Swarovski Aura perfume each for two winners!
The packaging bottle already has a super big Swarovski bling on it!!!

But i added somemore hahaha. Not sure if i made it nicer or not. BUT HEY HEY~ It's my blood and sweat. Please appreciate lah hahaha.

So i see you?!?!?! =DDD
Crystals ‘N’ Beads
Jurong Point Shopping Centre #B1-29/30
Date: 27 April
Time: 12.30pm to 3pm
Sign up HERE

Come join me lah! You can make a bracelet for yourself and make a few more to send as gifts for the special ones in your life ^.^ I think my idea of a BFF bracelet is quite good lor lolol.

PLUS, your mother confirm will love this as Mothers' Day gift one! So come! =DDD

Like CREATE YOUR STYLE Facebook page! Especially if you are into DIY accessories =DDD Show some support for original DIY-ed pieces and for the fact that everyone who loves DIY is different and unique!!! =DDD

Check out the www.create-your-style.sg for more details and to sign up for the workshop!

Two more pictures to end the post hahaha.
See you!!!! ^.^


doooduuu said...

I love how Josh was so helpful. Hahahaha

❡ayle said...

May I know where you got your skirt in the first photo from? (:? It's really pretty!

Qiuting said...

doooduuu, yeah lor!!! Lolol.

ayle, from.... www.rarebits.sg upcoming collection haha.

Anonymous said...

ALAMAK the skirt is GORGEOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg mood lipsticks thats so cool!


Tiffany said...

Can I know where you get the white colour shirt and the colourful skirt? it's soooo pretty on your. And i'm one of unique but " She looks like this, i find it chio" hahhahas !

Anonymous said...

QQ, you should really consider ironing your dresses...

Manon said...

You know, if someone else loves your designs so much and buys the same beads... no longer one of a kind! Boo~
Anyway. Nice iPhone cases - if anyone ever tried to steal your phone, it would come in handy as a weapon :p

Anonymous said...

These pix should be before surgery right?

I see what you mean about your (former) angular bony face... like the way your skin stretched over your bones when you spread a toothy smile or grin =/

Minted_Heart ♡ said...

Nice post. I really like your style.


Susan Lolo Bua said...

yes,i'm special :)

Love u QQ ^^

Katie said...

Your double eye lid stickers are very obvious..should have take note of that!

Julia Wan said...

The hair piece was really lovely :D thanks for sharing!!

emid said...

ya agree with Anon in earlier comment, should consider ironing the clothes then will look more pro & chio!

Anonymous said...

I think you were beautiful before your surgery too, but I really want to tell you that they are really well done and you had reason to make surgery: you are resplendent now <3

haryanihaylee said...

OMG I love this entire post! Will try to register/come for the event cos I totally am into this whole DIY-jewelery thingy! :D

Fiona said...

national pledge is right fist over heart not left my dear qq hahaha

Anonymous said...

What brand are the moodie lippies? (:

Anonymous said...

Skirt is super gorgeous!!!! Adore your DIY bracelets!

xia0gurllx33 said...

hey qiuqiu, just wanna know for the bracelet that u made, what is the string that u used? It looked like those pandora bracelets.

Suquan Kon said...

Awww I wan this! Hope malaysia's swarovski will have these soon TT

Maple Shuh Hong said...

qiu qiu ar, I really love your blood and sweat, I wish I would come to Jurong to join the workshop and see u too! But well, I am from Malaysia, CANNOTATTENDv =(, hope there is more fu li from Malaysia reader too =)

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ,

This is my first comment, and I must say your new look makes you look younger and cuter. You boost me with the confidence to go for fat grafting. I always want to improve my forehead and nose bridge. Btw, can I ask your nose implant, do you use ear cartilage or any foreign implant like silicon? Ty. Looking forward to your reply

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!

Can you do a make up tutorial on how you achieve this blog post look? So CUTE!!

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Hi qiuqiu, can i get the bracelets and beads at the outlet itself? :)

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the DIY bracelets look like pandora's. Nice

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This is cool!