28 May 2013


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Recognize the four words?!

UH HUH~!!! SALE TIME!!! With Jipaban!!!

And this time, it's BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE!!! This sale is gonna be cray-cray (yeah i am sorry, i cringed a little too when i say cray cray lolol)!!!

You saw it?!?!? Jipaban have done 15%, 20%, 30%, up to 50% discount!!!

BUT up to 70% STOREWIDE?!?!?!?!?

You can expect this massive discount on OVER 3000 items!!!!! Imagine how much you can save by shopping hahaha. This is my theory, shop more, save more =DDD

THIS SALE IS JUST CRAZY LAH!!! =OOO And i know it says "up to" BUT i guarantee you, most of the stuff are on 50-70% off!!! And that is becox they wanna revamp the site to serve us better!!!

You can almost call it a pre-renovation sale haha.

I have personally *ahem, you're welcome* sifted out the BEST deal for you! Actually they also have a lot of other very nice stuff but i only picked out the ones i like. So if you like other styles like black / white monochrome fashion / office outfits and accessories etc, feel free to browse Jipaban yourself!

But if let me choose, i want these tops ^.^ They are so casual and cute! And the denim shorts and black shorts also lah! So easy to match!!! And..
CAN YOU BELIEVE, ALL THESE TOPS ARE $5?! They are not gonna be there forever cox a lot of them are on last piece so as we speak now, it could probably be sold out already =X So if you wanna head off now to grab that first, i understand! Haha.
I also really want the knit vest!!! Cox it's so long and easy to match! And hey hey~ Was $27! Now $10 only!!! I also want this strechable denim skirt!!! I think it's great to pair with a mustard / red top and werk the summer look with a ponytail!!! =DDD
Saw this skirt too and want it!!! Cox i loveee bold strong prints and colour!!!
BTW!!! Guys ah, don't worry, got a lot of shopping on discount for you also! Clothes, shoes, games etc! So go check it out for yourself!! If you're someone's gf, you can check out Jipaban to get something for him also!!! Especially now cox if not, WHEN?! The discount is crazy now!!!
Back to girls~ Other than clothes, Jipaban also have for you tonnes of accessories and bags and shoes on discount!!! I picked out the ones great for summer + the ones i like which are colourful! =D
Fake-collars and earrings and rings!!! All looking really cute and cheerful!
And they are like $4 - $5!
BUT IF YOU THINK $4-5 is not good enough?!?!?
Don't worry!!! $2 - 3 also have plenty!!! Go check out Jipaban on your own!!! =DDD
Bags at $10 each!!!!! This shoulder bag looks good for work / shopping day out hor?!
On another note, the DVDs are on crazy discount also!!! You can't them so cheap and affordable in the shops i promise you!!! Example "UP" is selling for $6+!!!!! And of course they are original ah haha. I made a collage of my favourite movie titles from the ones Jipaban is selling on sale. Most of them are on last piece! So you have to act fast lah!!!

So you see.. With all these good discount and good stocks, the sale is probably already running wild. And this is the last chance to grab all these items on Jipaban.com at a HUGE savings thanks to all these crazy discount!!!

Jipaban is throwing a Lollipop-up bazaar party in collaboration with Zouk Singapore on the 2nd of June!!! So save the date!!! You'd spot Sophie and Rachell there, along with many other bloggers!!!

Also, they are giving away 1000 goodie bags for the early birds!

It's 1000 goodie bags for grabs!!!!!! =OOO

More details of the Lollipop-up bazaar party HERE!


Sugar said...

LOL.. it's not four words.. SALE is four letters...

ourtorontolife.com said...

your hair is super cute in this blog post! maybe a 1000 people already asked you, but do you do hair tutorials? i could use a lesson (i suck at hairstyling!!!).

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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anjo said...

Thanks for the admonition, too bad I don't live in Singapore I'm gonna miss out on the 1000 goodie bags give away . :( well, you have fun at Lollipop-up Party.

珍珠 said...

so cheap! wished i was in singapore!