21 May 2013

Mask.. Mask.. Masksss

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Yoohoo~ Remember the last post i did about awesome masks for different occasions?! =D If you haven't read it before, you should do it now becox in that post, i introduced Silk Mask and it's one of the BEST masks i've ever tried before!

This time Secretive.sg sent me like another ten thousand pieces of mask =OOO

I am very lucky =DDD Thank you Secretive.sg! ^.^

Here's one of my most used skincare routine a day before photoshoot!

Just follow 3 easy steps and you're on your way to clear and less visible pores!

Step 1 : Deep Sebum Softener
It penetrates deeply into pores, softens the deadskin and acne so that all of it can be removed easily!

Step 2 : Sebum Purifying Mask
This is where you extract impurities, blackheads, whiteheads, oil and dead skin off =DDD

Step 3 : Pore Treatment Essence
It tightens your pores and leave it feeling soft and fresh!

For detailed directions on how to apply and time needed for each step, please refer to instructions.

I know most people use this for the nose only but i sometimes have white / blackheads on the forehead, cheeks and chin area too =(((( So i'm just telling you this is the way i do it =D


Smells super duper sweet and yummy ^.^ And the next step!

Extra brightening so that my skin will look less dull and much brighter in pictures =DDD

At the photoshoot for rarebits ^.^

And during days where i have to do stuff, after running around outside for the whole day, i'd like to go back home to my super duper trusty silk mask!!! I blogged about it HERE before! You can see from the previous blogpost just HOW amazing and translucent the LOVEMORE Silk Masks are!
The next day after using LOVEMORE Oriental Snow Lotus Revival Mask! I love how moisturised and soft my skin feels after silk mask!

Another day, for QWeekly shoot ^.^
Before makeup and preparation.. I slap on the SexyLook Super Hydrating Duo Lifting Mask
At the photoshoot haha. Makeup stay much longer cox skin feels SUPER hydrated (as the mask says haha) and it doesn't turn cakey / face doesn't oil up as fast as it usually does! I think it's cox my face is hydrated from the mask, so it doesn't produce more oil to keep my skin hydrated ^.^

Before attending an event!!!
After using the mask you'd notice your skin becoming more glowy instantly kinda like translucent crystal clear effect. But of course i suggest you don't only depend on the mask lah. Masks to me are like instant effect that can last you through a day. So i always use masking for before-occasions! ^.^

I just headed for filming at Koh Samui remember!
To prepare myself for a loooooong day of filming haha, i used the But, Becky Age-Lock and Moisturising Wild Yam mask! Got moisturising and age lock anti wrinkle effect lol. Much needed cox if not i might shrivel under the sun hahaha. We set off at 8am i think. And picture on the right is how i look at 6.30pm. Not bad ah!!! Haha.
Back in hotel room after Day 1 of filming. Me masking again hahah.

With the LOVEMORE Alps Spring and Phytoncide Moisturizing Mask
Next day in Koh Samui it's sunshine and more sunshine!!!!!! =OOO Scary thing for ladies =X So sunblock, and sufficient nutrient for the skin from masking is essential!
Thanks to the mask from the night before, makeup goes on easy the next day for beach and..
Last good through the day to evening time =DDD This is me having dinner by the beach very romantic hor lolol.

So my tip is.. For special occasions or for any day you wanna feel like "Ooooh, good skin day" haha, my tip is.. KEEP YOUR SKIN SATISFIED!!!! With the goodness from masks and becox most of the mask will moisturize your skin in one way or another, your skin will not be oily / dry one ^.^

Get your mask supply from Secretive.sg! =DDD THEY SELL IT MUCH CHEAPER =X

You may also find these products at Watsons!

Check out their Facebook pages for promos and updates! 

LoveMore 爱恋膜法 Singapore ; Secretive ; SexyLook Singapore ; But Becky Singapore



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At first I thought I preferred your previous nose and entire look but now I can see you look much more prettier now! I don't know what other people think but I do love your new look Qiu qiu. : ) XX