03 June 2013

Air Asia X Budget Barbie goes to Koh Samui and Tawau ^.^

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Thanks to AirAsia for sponsoring the trips for Budget Barbie (me lah lol) and the producers and crew up to Koh Samui and Tawau (an island famous for diving / snorkling / trekking etc)! =DDD

First headed for Koh Samui =DDD I heard a lot about it like how relaxing it is there and how the beaches are very beautiful lah. But the flights to Koh Samui are not cheap leh. Not sure if you all know how much exactly but it ranges up to $800 plus!!! =OOO

But thanks to AirAsia, there is now a MUCH cheaper alternative way to get to Koh Samui! AND! You can choose to stop by Bangkok!!!!!!! Awesome hor?! Shop till drop and pigout in Bangkok and then hop over to Koh Samui to chillax and enjoy the sea and the sun.

Alright!!! Let's go!!! =DDD

Reached the airport too early becox i usually very scared got long queue at check-in counters so i'd kiasu a bit and go like 2.5 hours earlier =X Lolol. But then i was told about the self check-in kiosk! You can check-in and get your boarding pass here =D So i completely skipped the queue! =DDD
And there is also the AirAsia mobile app where you can check in too =DDD So if you're even more kiasu than me haha, you can use this mobile app to check in while you're still at home!

Then you don't have to rush lah. One more thing good about the app is the travel guide! =D You can find out what are the things to do and where are the places to eat before you fly over! So convenient and considerate for us users cox it's now so easy for us to plan our trip =D Do download it from the Apple store or Android Marketplace ok =D

After you checked in, if you have 1 piece of luggage / sports equipment (like your surfboards or diving equipment etc) to check-in, then go to the Express Bag Drop counter!

But if you have more than one piece of luggage to check-in then you'd have to go to normal baggage drop lah. But it's still faster than normal check-in counters becox the people in that line would have already checked-in at the kiosk or with the AirAsia mobile app.

Ripped from @AirAsiaSG instagram haha. Me at the Express Baggage Drop counter.
If you noticed, there are seats with red headrests and some others at the back with black headrests. The ones marked red are HOT SEATS!!! You may chope these seats when booking flight online haha.

At a small fee of course! But i totally think it's worth it!!!! Becox you look at me lah! Already all settled in my seat when the rest are still streaming in and waiting for the line to move.

Becox with HOT SEATS, you get priority boarding!!! AND if you're at row 1, you get extra leg room AND since you're seated quite in front, you get to alight first also lah! So all in all you save a lot of time and your trip is more comfortable without all the trying to get pass someone else and their overhead luggage. Haha.

YAY MEAL TIME!!!!!!! You all know i major super loveeee airplane food one hor?!?! =DDD Got to try the AirAsia's Thai Green Curry Chicken with rice and IT IS YUMMY!!!!!!! Do you know that they update their menu every 2 months?! =DDD So exciting one!!! Cox there is always something to look out for on their menu card =DDD Once again, I LOVE AIRPLANE FOOD. Haha.
The chicken chunks are really soft i think they use only thigh meat leh! I saw on the lid cover one. Haha. But what i love most is the green curry gravy!!!! Very very fragrant! Thick and saucey. LOVE.
And then you see, cox i get to alight first and chiong to the bus that'd bring us from the plane to the terminal hahaha. So i got to sit comfortably lah!!! If not must stand =X Hahaha. Not that i have a problem with standing, it's just.. I'd rather sit. Haha.
Deng deng deng~ Arrived in Bangkok~!!! Saw AirAsia like EVERYWHERE in the airport @.@ And their liveries are all very interesting one!!! Like this one you see here is King of Muay Thai and then the one behind says "Now Everyone Can Fly!" Just keep a look out for their planes haha. You'd always see something different and fun!
This is from my Bangkok trip just recently! I strongly suggest you stop by Bangkok!!! Go enjoy the city life and cheap shopping etc!!! Make full use of this route mah. Though you're already paying much lesser than the usual flights offered from Singapore to Koh Samui, if you stop by Bangkok you're actually visiting TWO places at an already cheaper rate haha.
I just want to tell you this tuna side dish i had at DMK airport is awesome. DMK airport (In BKK also!) is very near JJ Market so that's another plus point for choosing this route =D
Landed and took a shuttle to the ferry services. I snapped this artsy picture of Gillian and me hahah.
At the ferry terminal (Donsak Pier). Once you get here you can already feel.. Serenity O.O Real one. Whole place just very breezy and chilaxing like this.
Excuse me, what is 美景 without 美人 hahaha.
A shot of Gillian looking emo and far. Haha.
Snapped this on the ferry =) Very beautiful hor?
*repeat caption* Snapped this on the ferry =) Very beautiful hor? Hahahaha. Okay say real one. Once you board the ferry hor, QUICKLY go to their mama shop!!!!! I bought a lot of tidbits there but i missed out on the cooked food set! =( They only prepared like a limited number of packets lah. One pack cost like 40 baht only!!! Which is $1.60 O.O Inside will have rice, meat, egg / vege!!!
And so we got to Koh Samui!!! First thing to do! FIND FOOD!!! =DDD Seafooood!!! =DDD
They cook it fresh for you on the grillbar! I ordered Salmon steak with mango sauce and IT'S THE BEST SALMON STEAK I'VE HAD!!!!!!!!! Big generous chunky portion of salmon and crispy on the outside one!!!! And the salmon skin omg totally missing it now!!! I didn't take pictures of it cox i already chomp it down for filming so watch the video!!! =DDD
And when the night comes, if you walk around Koh Samui ah, you'd find little cafes, pubs and bistro all cozily lit up =))) I love night light-up!!! They look beautiful.
Next day~! The famous Chaweng beach!!!
Water is sooooooo clear and then it becomes a gradient that turns blue and then it turn turquoise and meet the blue sky!!!!! ='D Best way to describe it is.. It's very popular page worthy. Lololol.
Gillian and i ^.^
Gillian and Dan and me =D

New profile picture for Gillian haha.
And then we went for lunch. THE CHEAPEST SET MEAL THAT IS MOST VALUE FOR MONEY!!! I ordered something that is like $5. It says comes with a pork side dish i think, along with omelette and rice, and then fruits and drink. So i'd think the side dish will be small portion right. BUT NO MAN. Came in a BIG plate!!! Like those zi-char serving one!!!
And then after lunch guess where i go!!!!!!
Da Da Da Da~~~~ XIANG~
My elephant is ultimate cutest one and it's of the smallest size and her name is Cartoon ^.^ Or maybe it's Ga Doon. It was eating a big leaf while trekking through the jungle. I damn scared when she raise her trunk cox two elephants in front of her, the elephant pick up dust and then blow it at the person hahaha
Can track through water also one. And then can you see what's behind me?! It's a waterfall!!! You can go there after elephant trekking!
Zen........ Ommmmm. Hahah.

Behind Gillian there's a couple haha. Gillian look like "YO SUP. Break it up~ I don't care~!" Gooseberry.
I think i can win an award with this shot. Hahah.
Please try their taro ice cream!!! Like 60 cents only!!! It's the best!!! Chewy and sticky one!!!!! With bits of taro inside!!! Normal convenient stores have!!!
Another cozy hangout place i spotted =)))
Crepe store by the roadside! Gotta try their chocolate banana crepes!!!
We went to a buffet dinner by the beach that evening! =D
 Got live singing performance and dance and show performances one! THE FOOD IS DAMN LOVE.
Gillian getting started.
Hi me~
MINE! I went like 5 rounds haha.
And then we pop into a convenient store and saw this doggy sleeping in style with aircon haha.
Cute hor ^.^
Next day we head back off already and this time i chiong first up the ferry and bought the meal set!!!!! =DDDD 40 baht nee!!!!! AND IT'S SOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!! The pork strips super duper crispy and flavorful!!!!!
On the flight home onboard AirAsia =D
Basil chicken with rice! Another of the AirAsia inflight food specialty!
Another day~ Flight to Tawau!!! Look! I am on the Hot Seat again ^.^
With Vera and Suzie!
Arrived in KL!!!
Saw this fly-thru sign. It's for people with connecting flights to other countries, NOT HAVING TO RE-Checkin your baggage cox they will be checked direct to your destination AND!!! You don't have to checkout and check-in again!!! =DDD
Massive connections where AirAsia flies! Once you're in KL you can connect to a lot more places as KL is the hub for AirAsia!
At immigration. It's not crowded and congested like the other main airport in KL hor! Love it!
On my flight from KL to Tawau =X I ordered soooo much food =XXX
Their famous Nasi Lemak!!!! LOVE THE RENDANG!!!! Very very yums one!

OH BY THE WAY!!! PLEASE PRE-BOOK YOUR MEAL when you book your tickets online!!!

Cox if not ah you see people eat onboard you confirm drool one. Just the smell alone can kill you liao. Confirm jealous die. Haha. PLUS!!! If you pre-book, the price is cheaper also!!! =D

Their hotdog bun! Super big AND comes with lotsa condiments! AND pickle!!!
Love the frank sausage! =D
Arrived in Tawau and went to the water front!! Just to chill and enjoy the breeze. Haha.
Quite scenic cox got birds flying above the water one. And little boats in the picture also.
And then just chill and watch the sun set ^.^
Compulsory sea view plus side view hahahah.
View of the jetty at the Tawau waterfront. And then after that you cross the road..
You'd find one whole row of seafood restaurants!!! Where they sell cheap and fresh seafood!!!
Look at the prawns!!! So big one!
My drink. Haha. It's E-F-G. They name their drink with alphabets one.
The fish and that plate of vegetables is crazy yums!!!! The prawns are just boiled but they are very fresh! You can dip with lime and chili padi if you like! I like it that way! NEXT DAY!
We went to the chocolate factory in Tawau! ^.^ This skirt i bought from an emporium in Tawua one. $2 only O.O Major cheap. Oh and look!!! The in-charge in the chocolate factory whipped up all these for us!!! =DDD they are all very friendly and hospitable!
Chocolate sauce popcorn =DDD And other chocolatey stuff!
Chocolate drink ^.^
Bought lotsa stuff for my friends and family!!! A LOT of stuff is for giveaway on Budget Barbie!!! So remember to watch the video also ah!!!
My favourite!!! Chocolate paste stick from the chocolate factory =DDD
At the airport if you see this shop, remember to go check it out! Ahahah. A LOT OF FREE SAMPLES ONE =XXX Hahaha. Everything selling in the shop also got sample. Except maybe mineral water lol.
Heading home~! Look at all the people queuing behind me haha =X Lucky i got hot seat and get priority boarding.
Thank you AirAsia and Budget Barbie crew for the trip to Koh Samui and Tawau!!!

Watch the videos!

In Koh Samui ^.^ LOL at my face hahaha. YOU HAVE TO SEE the elephant ride i was scared until don't know what haha. And the beach!!!! Most beautiful!!! =))

Tawau!!! Find out where you can get cheap and super yummy fresh seafood!!! =DD AND check out our visit to their chocolate factory!!!! =D

If you're planning a trip, and wanna explore ways to save on your air tickets, AirAsia would be a good choice for low-cost carrier!!! =DDD They won the title of being the Best low-cost carrier for 4 years in a row!!! =OOO Pretty impressive i think!!!

Links for your convenience:

AirAsia.com to find out more details

Air Asia facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/AirAsiaSingapore)

Twitter page @AirAsiaSG and Instagram page @AirAsiaSG for discount and promotions on air tickets! =DDD Actually don't know how they can discount some more cox already very affordable!

Alright! GO TRAVEL and have fun!!!!!


Milly said...

Omg! It looks like a LOT of fun! The food, especially the seafood, looks soooo good /drools! The elephant is so cute!! The big ears omg!! And the dog at the convenience store shocked me for a second 'cause I thought it was my dog! LOL he sleeps like that sometimes as well XD

Anjo said...

Are the giveaways only for Singaporean or open to worldwide?

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Which hotel did you stay in Koh Samui and do you recommend?

Rain ielle said...

Hi QiuQiu! I love reading your posts! I would like to ask how you did your braids (in the hotdog pics)? It's the first time I saw this kind of hairstyle!

Thank you very much!

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Wow that looks like you had a great time!

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You're soooo perfect and flawless since your surgery !!! <3

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Omg! you look like you had sooo much fun! :D

Next time bring me along! hahahaha

PS: Love your braids! Can you do a video on how you did it? thanks!

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omg great advert! I really feel like going to koh samui for a holiday now!

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Wow great advert! Koh samui for my next holiday woot!

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You are so Chio lo.. Super like your side profile!!

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Why you look extra pretty in Koh Samui ah? Lol Anyway, nice to see the fun and happy pictures, it brightens things up, heheh.

Foxtrot said...

I am so jealous of your trip!! :) It looked like so much fun.

Could you do a tutorial of your braided hairstyle? It's SO cute, I'm obsessed <3

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wah bong. you really become so much more chio after your plastic surgery.
way to go! :)

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