01 June 2013

Datsumo Labo

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Hey you, before you start reading this post.. May i ask you.. To stroke your legs, arms, armpits lolol, face, stomach and just think about that area down-south =X

Are they all hairy / prickly?

If yes then i have a good, affordable and all-rounded solution for you!!!

A hair removal salon that has 27 branches all over Japan!!! And have Japanese bloggers, singers, actresses and actors celebrities loving their hair-removal treatment!!! they are really popular among the stars becox each of their aestheticians have a certified license authorized by JMEA!

Now that it has come to Singapore, many Singaporean bloggers have shown support and liking for Datsumo Labo too! =D You can trust them to provide the same standard of treatment here! =D

And i was there to try out their service also =DDD

Hi, me~ Haha ^.^

The inside of Datsumo Labo Tanjong Pagar branch! They also have another branch at Orchard Road ^.^ So it'd be very convenient for everyone to visit for treatments! =D

Consultation area, clean, bright and tidy! That's really important for me!

Before i introduce more to you, just wanna find out what's the method you use for hair removal?

I used to shave (a chore cox i have to do it every 1 - 2 days), and then i tried over-the-shelf wax strips (messy cox lotsa leftover to clean up after) and then i tried epilator (most painful shit ever) and then i tweeze (time-consuming) and then i went for QPX which worked but i stop going after 4 session =X

Here's a quick guide to some of the conventional method for hair removal and then side-effect.

Please be careful before you decide to adopt any of these method!

At my one-to-one consultation with the aesthetician at Datsumo Labo! She is very very friendly and knowledgeable!!! And she shared with me lotsa information about our hair and it's very useful for me to better understand how the treatment will work!

Yeah, this is me looking serious.

And me continue yabbering on about how i usually remove unwanted hair.

Filling in details for them to better evaluate if i am suitable for the treatment. Becox if it's beyond the acceptable skintone, laser treatment could burn someone's skin. BUT many clinics are doing it regardless. And it's very bad. But at Datsumo Labo, if your skin is not suitable for their treatment, they will tell you during the consultation so you don't get to go through agony and pain!

So you see.. Consultation is VERY important! They are more focused in making sure the treatment will do you good than to earn your money by hardselling! So don't worry about pushy sales talk etc!

One picture with the friendly girls at Datsumo Labo before we get started!

Actually i already decided to do which parts! I wanna do my legs and underarms (armpits lah haha) and belly button surrounding!!! =XXX So if i show midriff i won't be showing a bunch of hair haha.
But look! Soooo many many other places you may choose to do the hair removal treatment on! =D
Lol at O-Line =XXX Haha =XXX I am so childish.
Inside the treatment room, clean, tidy and simple!

Datsumo Labo's policy to use highest quality treatment gel and machines and providing good quality on the service, without having to let customers bear the cost of unnecessary expenditure. So other than hair removal equipment, they only buy the basic necessity so whatever they can save, the savings will be pass-on to us consumers via lower prices!

Hi, the one and only luxury item in the room, me. Lolol.
Ah ah ah, the special gel! This is one crucial part that makes the treatment at Datsumo Labo better than most other hair removal salons!!! Read on!

Datsumo Labo adopts the latest hair removal method that is based on "Smooth Skin Control"

S.S.C treatment controls the function of the hair with the effect of the gel and the irradiation, and when used in the treatment together with the "Krypton" (a machine developed for Japanese market by DEKA in Italy), hair will gradually change to thin and inconspicuous hair.

So it doesn't matter what hair you have at first, it will all become almost invisible! Kinda like baby hair, soft, thin and sparse! And it will at the end of the course of treatment, become totally unseenable by naked eyes =DDD Awesome!

So this is what's gonna happen!

First they remove the edge of your hair with a special trimmer that is gentle on your skin.

The gel is applied! And it's specially imported from Japan. It's $17 per 1kg (VS the ordinary gel most salons use, which is $5) O.O Quite expensive hor!

It contain fillinieve that whitens our skin and weakens the hair! Skin becomes smooth and will be lightened by whitening ingredients in the special bean gel! And it won't do damage to the skin =DDD
And it's not painful one!!! If you do IPL before you will know there is a bout of short sharp pain using ordinary hair removal treatment, this is becox the irradiation damages not only the hair root, but also the skin. So you'd feel pain like a ant bite / short sharp burning pain. AND WORST PART IS, after the treatment, you might get dark patches on your skin =OOO I've seen dark armpits from IPL before!!! Looks bad. It just looks bad. I rather you have some hair than to have dark armpits =X

However, S.S.C Treatment has minimal pain thanks to the gel it feels gentle on my skin! Like a shot of warmth to the skin! Quite comfortable ad therapeutic actually! =D

On the other leg..

Sup haha.

Now the front of my leg..

Super duper cooling gel that will soothe the effect of the treatment and direct the laser to the follicles and not the skin! So you don't damage the skin!

And what’s more, the treatment at Datsumo Labo also has these benefits:

Skin-whitening - increases metabolism and change of skin cells creates collagen. Newer skin is always brighter and fairer as it's less dull-looking!

Moisturizing - improves cell regeneration

Improve circulation of blood - by removing active enzymes anti-inflammatory / anti-allergic increases immunity

And to top it up, good friendly and comfortable services provided by the Datsumo Aestheticians! This is one of them wraping my legs in cold towel to further sooth the skin! It all works! After the treatment i don't feel any sting at all!!!
You may also do for underarms and..

Same thing. Cold towels to sooth the skin =D

And my tummy!!! More like belly button area. It's quite hairy haha. If you like to wear cropped top / two-piece swim wear, this would be useful!

Also don't xiao kan this machine! Datsumo Labo is applying the treatmen using machines produced by DEKA in Italy that cost 600 million yen for one PS Krypton!!! Compared to the ¥100,000 - ¥1,000,000 machines made in China, used by more than 80% of the air removal salons here =X

So now if you're still hesitating if you should go try out the treatment, here are more reasons!!! And i agree with them all!!!
Get it done and over with + you get healthier skin after hair-removal treatment at Datsumo  Labo!!!

Are you convinced yet?!

If not..


$49 for 2 body areas!!!!
Here's a quick breakdown of the awesome prices for you!
2 areas S$49
7 areas S$99
15 areas S$199

Click HERE for more details and for their June promotion!

Call Datsumo Labo for enquiries and bookings!
Orchard branch - 6836-2140
Tanjong Pagar branch - 6538-3053

I would suggest you take this lah haha. You think, legs, arms, armpits, female moustache, brazillian, belly button etc.. Whyyyy do body hair exist~!!!! Haha.

My legs after the treatment =DDD You can see, no scarring / redness ^.^ Except the 5 cent 10 cents i got from before, i think my legs look pretty nice? Hahaha.

Hi, my legs.
You wanna go for safe, gentle and great quality hair-removal services trusted by over hundreds of Japanese pop star, actresses and actors and celebrities, then you know where to go! =D
Thank you Datsumo Labo for the leg hair removal treatment! =D
Stay confident and open in any pose you like! ^.^
I am a giraffe! Haha.
Best and cheapest promo ever for hair-removal service!!! From a Japanese brand name who uses only the best quality gel and machines somemore! Has to be good =DDD

TEL: 6836-2140
Email: dlinternationalbuilding@datsumo-labo.com
Address: #01-13 International Building, 360 Orchard Road (S)238869

TEL: 6538-3053
Email: dltporchidhotel@datsumo-labo.com
Address: 1 Tras Link #02-02 (S)078867

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Anonymous said...

I have a question! How long does it last?

珍珠 said...

Whoa! I wished they have this in America! Is the hair removal permanent tho?

Wayu said...

Looks so nice!! And so cheap!? 99singapoeran dollars for a month to keep yout areas hair free!? So good :O

I want that >o< But I live in Sweden and there's no such thing here :x

Can't they come to sweden with their cheap hairremoval salon thingy!? <333

Ahh, I guess I have to stick to waxing :x



Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu, love your blog :) just checking if it's a typo: 600 million yen is 75503400.00 SGD leh. zhun bo?

Audrey said...

Hi qiuqiu, qpx claims to be the newer technology of hair removal unlike IPL. Since u have tried it before, is there any difference between this and QPX?

Audrey said...

Hi qiuqiu, qpx claims to be the newer technology of hair removal unlike IPL. Since u have tried it before, is there any difference between this and QPX?

Anjo said...

I wish I was in Singapore now so I can try it out. They should come to America especially at the Mall Of America becuz it's pack there.

Yukina said...

Nice feature! Will try their service too!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit!

Chermaine Hoo said...

Is it permanent?

zeera lily said...

perfect photo..
may i know what type of camera & lense ur using?