26 June 2013

Meet you at Space Invasion!

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Meet me at Space Invasion!

Space Invasion is a flagship pop-up retail store powered by For Flea Sake. You already know from my past flea how awesome For Flea Sake is. I've talked about them many many times becox they are a bunch of really energetic, creative, fun and organised team of people! And they all did a really good job putting together cool and exciting flea markets and events!

And this time they put together a pop-up store with many popular bloggers (most of them i'm sure you'd heard of!) who are also blogshop / business owners and together~

They bring you SPACE INVASION!

This space.. Will be filled with LOTS AND LOTS of fashionable, interesting items from 20 over labels, and on the opening day.. It'd be packed with people. And you'd still wanna come becox other than being able to see items that is exclusively launched beforehand at Space Invasion, and other than being able to meet and say hi to your favourite bloggers..


Eh, but but but, you see me is good one!!! Lol. Cox i am bringing you goodies!!! =DDD


Have a look at the freebies i prepared for you!! =DDD

Boxes and more boxes of 217 eyelashes!!! Handmade from Taiwan.
I love it max becox the lash bone is super soft and the lashes are criss cross and long short, so it's very natural when you put it on ^.^
Brand new Tony Moly nail polish in Sparkly Aqua, Pastel Banana, Sea Blue and Pale Turquoise.
AND REMEMBER JELLY PENS?!??! The one i played with in this blogpost. Where you can do nail art with pens!!! Draw anything you want! It'd stay on very well!! You don't even need top coat actually. But if you want also can lah.
Biore limited edition nose pack. The resort series smells like spa heaven!
Masks i bought from Korea and i bought from Secretive. The Soya Milk one and the My Melody series are my favourite ^.^ But the caviar and platinum gold one is highly raved in Taiwan!
LOTSAAA SUNNIES!!! =DDD I love the green ones a lot!!! They are like dark jade green.
Studded leather wristlets!!! Adjustable in two length! I bought them in pink, camel, olive and purple!
#peace #armswag lol.
Floral hair wreath!!!
Velvet heart ring in fuchsia ❤

And lotsa green tea nose pack from Etude House!!!
And many many hairbands~!!!
The neon ones are so love!!!
But the brown ones are timeless haha.
All these rainbow floral head tie and reflective sunnies, will belong to you guys ^.^ For free!!! Haha.
And some huge neck charm.
CUTE NOT!!! Pastel nail police in ice cream cone shape from Etude House!!! ^.^
And MY ULTIMATE MUST HAVE in the bag!!! Biore Sara Sara powder sheets. I bought these for you guys cox weather sibeh hot and humid now. One sheet and you'd feel like you just shower. Lol.
And these!!!!!! Eyelid stickers, the best kind ever. From 3M Darkness. I really is buy the best for you all lolol. You're welcome ah. And the lipgloss from Docile SMELLS LIKE CANDYLAND.
The double sided eyelid tape the effect is.. PARALLEL EYELID!!!! As you can see marked by pink.

You see i bought sooooo much stuff for you guys, YOU FEEL LIKE SHOPPING YET?!?!?

YES RIGHT?! Haha. Come down then!!! On this Sunday!!!

I am mixing these up and make 20 sets of goodie bags for the first twenty people who come to snap pictures, say hi and it'd be really nice if you can say Happy Birthday to me lah ahahah =DDD

I buy all these myself one ah, actually cox.. You see.. 28th June is my birthday.. So i take it as i am wrapping 20 party door gift for you readers lah =D But the real reason is..

I just cashed out my Nuffnang cheque and i feel rich. LOLOL.

No lah say real one, just to thank you guys for reading my blog and for following me on other social media platform okay. I can't possibly buy 10,000 gifts but i am starting with 20 anyway.

20 good sets of items for the first 20 people in line to come say hi to me lah.

Anyone after that can still snap pictures with me one! So even if you're not the first 20, we can still snap pictures and shop in the shop together ^.^ I'd be hanging around til 2pm so anytime i'm there i can help you mix / match a little if you trust me!

Haha ^.^ Sounds fun.

So i see you??? This Sunday ah!!!

VIP launch – 11am to 1pm (This time will be for media, label owners and invited bloggers)

Public launch – 1pm till 10pm (This is the time you can all shop til you drop!!!)

I'd be at the VIP launch before i see you guys 1pm - 2pm!!!

The Cathay Level #03-15 / #03-16
30 June 2013, Sunday
11am till 10pm

Details you need!


Prepare to find a wide variety of fashion products, from apparels to shoes to bags and many other exciting products. There over 20 labels at Space Invasion. Of which, most of them could be your favourite online-brands but now you can go touch see feel for yourself what you're actually buying!


And not forgetting, you get to say hello to some of your favourite bloggers there ^.^



So come!!! =DDD Come out and shop!

Enjoy a movie at The Cathay, shop some at the opening special at Space Invasion, come say hi ^.^


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Anonymous said...

I wanna come and give you a cake :D But I'm not in Singapore that day ><

Anonymous said...

See you!! Waves happily ^.^

Anjo said...

Wish I could be there, sound like fun.

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wah so many goodies, all look cute and nice! Btw so paisey la I rem the wrong date! Lol ok tmr I wish you again!!!

ms.bulat said...

You so sweet, your birthday but u are Santa clause that day!

LIM JIA WEN said...

How much will the price varies from ?

Anonymous said...

Sadly i'm not in Singapore anymore ): Happy Birthday QiuQiu, pretty gorgeous girl!!

enabalista said...

U are super inspiring Qiuqiu!!! Your own business, magazine and now giving gifts to your readers. :') x Ena

Anonymous said...

Be there at 11 got chance to get goodie bag? Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu,

Would like to ask where did you get the biore powder sheet? (: